Neil Duffy
Neil Duffy
Neil Duffy
● Neil Duffy, 1961 (HA)

born in Scotland

Neil Duffy was born on Sunday, 7th March, 1937, in Glasgow.

The 5' 6 (10st 10lbs) forward signed for Willie Thornton's Thistle on Friday, 30th September, 1960, having most recently been with East Stirlingshire.

Aged 23, he made his debut appearance on Saturday, 1st October, 1960, in a 3-1 win at home to Hibernian in the SFL First Division.

Neil scored his first goal for Thistle on Saturday, 29th October, 1960, in a 2-1 defeat away to St Johnstone in the SFL First Division.

He scored the last of his 72 goals on Saturday, 3rd October, 1964, in a 3-1 defeat at home to Heart of Midlothian in the SFL First Division.

He played his last game for the club on Saturday, 24th October, 1964, in a 2-1 defeat at home to Motherwell in the SFL First Division, having clocked up 192 appearances as a Jag.

His club-list included Ashfield, Hamilton Academical, East Stirlingshire, Partick Thistle, St Johnstone and Addington.

Neil died on Monday, 17th June, 2013, in Glasgow, aged 76.

compiled from our All Games criteria.
Age Goal(s) Match
23y, 7m, 22d goal.png 29.10.1960 St Johnstone [a] L1-2 (SFL First Division - game 9)
23y, 9m, 3d goal.png 10.12.1960 Third Lanark [h] W2-1 (SFL First Division - game 15)
23y, 10m, 0d goal.png 07.01.1961 Motherwell [h] L1-3 (SFL First Division - game 20)
23y, 10m, 28d goal.pnggoal.png 04.02.1961 Heart of Midlothian [h] W4-1 (SFL First Division - game 23)
23y, 11m, 4d goal.png 11.02.1961 East Fife [a] W3-1 (Scottish Cup 2nd Round)
23y, 11m, 11d goal.png 18.02.1961 St Mirren [h] W3-2 (SFL First Division - game 24)
23y, 11m, 25d goal.pnggoal.png 04.03.1961 St Johnstone [h] W3-0 (SFL First Division - game 26)
24y, 0m, 6d goal.png 13.03.1961 Dunfermline Athletic [a] L1-2 (SFL First Division - game 27)
24y, 0m, 18d goal.png 25.03.1961 Airdrieonians [a] W3-2 (SFL First Division - game 29)
24y, 0m, 23d goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png 30.03.1961 East Stirlingshire [a] W7-1 (Friendly)
24y, 1m, 1d goal.png 08.04.1961 Raith Rovers [h] D2-2 (SFL First Division - game 31)
24y, 6m, 16d goal.png 23.09.1961 Raith Rovers [h] W3-2 (SFL First Division - game 4)
24y, 7m, 14d goal.png 21.10.1961 Hibernian [h] W4-1 (SFL First Division - game 8)
24y, 8m, 18d goal.png 25.11.1961 Stirling Albion [h] W2-0 (SFL First Division - game 13)
24y, 9m, 6d goal.png 13.12.1961 Hibernian [h] D2-2 (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
24y, 9m, 9d goal.png 16.12.1961 St Johnstone [h] W3-0 (SFL First Division - game 15)
24y, 9m, 16d goal.png 23.12.1961 Dundee United [a] W5-3 (SFL First Division - game 16)
24y, 9m, 25d goal.png 01.01.1962 Third Lanark [h] W2-0 (SFL First Division - game 18)
24y, 10m, 13d goal.png 20.01.1962 Aberdeen [h] W4-2 (SFL First Division - game 21)
24y, 10m, 27d goal.png 03.02.1962 Dunfermline Athletic [a] L2-4 (SFL First Division - game 23)
24y, 11m, 3d goal.png 10.02.1962 Falkirk [h] L1-2 (SFL First Division - game 24)
24y, 11m, 17d goal.pnggoal.png 24.02.1962 Dundee [h] W3-0 (SFL First Division - game 26)
24y, 11m, 24d goal.png 03.03.1962 Kilmarnock [a] D1-1 (SFL First Division - game 27)
25y, 0m, 3d goal.png 10.03.1962 Heart of Midlothian [h] W3-1 (SFL First Division - game 28)
25y, 5m, 4d goal.png 11.08.1962 Aberdeen [h] L1-2 (League Cup Section 3 - game 1)
25y, 5m, 8d goal.png 15.08.1962 Falkirk [a] W3-1 (League Cup Section 3 - game 2)
25y, 5m, 15d goal.png 22.08.1962 Kilmarnock [a] W2-1 (SFL First Division - game 1)
25y, 6m, 29d goal.png 06.10.1962 Dundee United [h] W3-0 (SFL First Division - game 6)
25y, 7m, 20d goal.pnggoal.png 27.10.1962 St Mirren [h] W2-1 (SFL First Division - game 9)
25y, 7m, 27d goal.png 03.11.1962 Queen of the South [a] W1-0 (SFL First Division - game 10)
25y, 8m, 26d goal.png 03.12.1962 Celtic [h] L1-3 (Glasgow Cup Semi Final)
25y, 9m, 1d goal.pnggoal.png 08.12.1962 Hibernian [a] W2-0 (SFL First Division - game 15)
25y, 9m, 22d goal.png 29.12.1962 Kilmarnock [h] W3-2 (SFL First Division - game 17)
25y, 10m, 28d goal.png 04.02.1963 Morton [h] W3-2 (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
26y, 0m, 7d goal.png 14.03.1963 Arbroath [a] W3-2 (Scottish Cup 2nd Round 2nd replay)
26y, 0m, 9d goal.png 16.03.1963 Dundee [a] L1-2 (SFL First Division - game 21)
26y, 0m, 16d goal.png 23.03.1963 Raith Rovers [h] W4-1 (SFL First Division - game 22)
26y, 0m, 23d goal.pnggoal.pnggoal.png 30.03.1963 Third Lanark [h] W3-1 (SFL First Division - game 23)
26y, 1m, 6d goal.png 13.04.1963 Hibernian [h] D2-2 (SFL First Division - game 27)
26y, 1m, 10d goal.png 17.04.1963 Rangers [h] L1-4 (SFL First Division - game 28)
26y, 1m, 13d goal.png 20.04.1963 Aberdeen [h] L2-3 (SFL First Division - game 29)
26y, 1m, 17d goal.png 24.04.1963 Motherwell [h] W2-0 (SFL First Division - game 30)
26y, 5m, 14d goal.png 21.08.1963 Aberdeen [h] D1-1 (SFL First Division - game 1)
26y, 5m, 21d goal.png 28.08.1963 Falkirk [h] W3-2 (League Cup Section 1 - game 5)
26y, 5m, 24d goal.png 31.08.1963 Heart of Midlothian [a] D2-2 (League Cup Section 1 - game 6)
26y, 8m, 4d goal.png 11.11.1963 Celtic [h] D1-1 (Glasgow Cup Quarter Final)
26y, 8m, 9d goal.png 16.11.1963 St Mirren [h] W2-1 (SFL First Division - game 12)
26y, 8m, 16d goal.png 23.11.1963 St Johnstone [h] W2-1 (SFL First Division - game 13)
26y, 9m, 7d goal.png 14.12.1963 Dundee [h] W2-0 (SFL First Division - game 16)
26y, 9m, 21d goal.png 28.12.1963 Aberdeen [a] W5-0 (SFL First Division - game 18)
26y, 9m, 28d goal.png 04.01.1964 Heart of Midlothian [h] W2-1 (SFL First Division - game 21)
26y, 10m, 11d goal.png 18.01.1964 Motherwell [a] L1-2 (SFL First Division - game 22)
26y, 11m, 1d goal.png 08.02.1964 Dundee United [a] W2-1 (SFL First Division - game 24)
26y, 11m, 15d goal.png 22.02.1964 East Stirlingshire [h] W3-2 (SFL First Division - game 26)
27y, 0m, 4d goal.png 11.03.1964 Celtic [h] D2-2 (SFL First Division - game 28)
27y, 0m, 14d goal.png 21.03.1964 St Johnstone [a] W3-2 (SFL First Division - game 30)
27y, 1m, 17d goal.png 24.04.1964 Airdrieonians [h] W1-0 (SFL First Division - game 34)
27y, 1m, 22d goal.pnggoal.png 29.04.1964 Caledonian [a] W3-0 (Jimmy Davidson Testimonial)
27y, 2m, 20d goal.png 27.05.1964 Aberdeen [a] L1-3 (Summer Cup Semi Final, 2nd leg) agg: L2-3
27y, 5m, 15d goal.png 22.08.1964 Celtic [h] L1-5 (League Cup Section 3 - game 4)
27y, 5m, 22d goal.png 29.08.1964 Heart of Midlothian [a] L3-4 (League Cup Section 3 - game 6)
27y, 6m, 26d goal.png 03.10.1964 Heart of Midlothian [h] L1-3 (SFL First Division - game 6)

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