Rhys McCabe Manager(s) Kris Doolan man-kris-doolan.jpg born in Scotland 37y, 4m, 26d
mh-in.png David Mitchell; Harry Milne; Luke McBeth; Aaron Muirhead; Brian Graham; Scott Robinson; Aidan Fitzpatrick
mh-out.png Ross Stewart; Kieran Ngwenya; Daniel O'Reilly; Stuart Bannigan; Zander MacKenzie; Ricco Diack; Blair Alston
Nikolay Todorov (0-1, 5 mins); Gabby McGill (2-2, 50 mins) mh-goal.png Luke McBeth (1-1, 29 mins); Scott Robinson (2-1, 45 mins)
Charlie Telfer (0-1, 5 mins); Mason Hancock (2-2, 50 mins) mh-assist.png none (1-1, 29 mins); Jack McMillan (2-1, 45 mins)
mh-yellow-card.png Harry Milne; Lewis Neilson
Adam Frizzell (Arron Lyall, 75 mins); Gabby McGill (Lewis McGregor, 78 mins); Nikolay Todorov (Calum Gallagher, 78 mins) mh-subs.png Kerr McInroy (Daniel O'Reilly, 58 mins); Aidan Fitzpatrick (Stuart Bannigan, 82 mins); Scott Robinson (Blair Alston, 88 mins)
Robbie Hemfrey mh-01.png David Mitchell david-mitchell.jpg Scotland 34y, 1m, 3d
Kanayo Megwa mh-02.png Jack McMillan jack-mcmillan.jpg Scotland 26y, 4m, 19d
Mason Hancock mh-03.png Harry Milne harry-milne.jpg Scotland 27y, 6m, 8d
Cammy Ballantyne mh-04.png Luke McBeth luke-mcbeth.jpg Scotland 24y, 7m, 28d
Callum Fordyce mh-05.png Aaron Muirhead aaron-muirhead.jpg Scotland 33y, 8m, 7d
Craig Watson mh-06.png Lewis Neilson lewis-neilson.jpg Scotland 20y, 11m, 22d
Charlie Telfer mh-07.png Ben Stanway ben-stanway.jpg Scotland 19y, 7m, 17d
Dean McMaster mh-08.png Kerr McInroy sub-off.png kerr-mcinroy.jpg Scotland 23y, 8m, 6d
mh-sub-off.png Adam Frizzell mh-09.png Brian Graham brian-graham.jpg Scotland 36y, 5m, 14d
mh-sub-off.png Nikolay Todorov mh-10.png Scott Robinson sub-off.png scott-robinson.jpg Scotland 32y, 1m, 26d
mh-sub-off.png Gabby McGill mh-11.png Aidan Fitzpatrick sub-off.png aidan-fitzpatrick.jpg Scotland 23y, 1m, 17d
Age 27y, 5m, 27d
David Hutton mh-12g.png Ross Stewart ross-stewart.jpg Scotland 29y, 0m, 27d
former Jag Aaron Taylor-Sinclair mh-13.png Stuart Bannigan sub-on.png stuart-bannigan.jpg Scotland 31y, 7m, 20d
mh-sub-on.png Lewis McGregor mh-14.png Kieran Ngwenya kieran-ngwenya.jpg Scotland 21y, 7m, 12d
mh-sub-on.png Calum Gallagher mh-15.png Daniel O'Reilly sub-on.png daniel-oreilly.jpg Ireland 29y, 0m, 26d
Murray Aiken mh-16.png Blair Alston sub-on.png blair-alston.jpg Scotland 32y, 1m, 14d
Elliot Dunlop mh-17.png Zander MacKenzie zander-mackenzie.jpg Scotland 18y, 8m, 9d
mh-sub-on.png Arron Lyall mh-18.png Ricco Diack ricco-diack.jpg Scotland 19y, 0m, 0d
Chris Donnell mh-19.png Ché Campbell che-campbell.jpg Scotland 17y, 6m, 18d
Gavin Gallagher mh-20.png Ceiran Loney ceiran-loney.jpg Scotland 16y, 1m, 24d

teamline notes
  • Teamlines derived from PTFC / SPFL.
  • Both sides generally in playing order.
attendance notes

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