2nd Mar 2024 Partick Thistle 1 Dundee United 1 (SPFL Championship - game 26)

37y, 2m, 20d born in Scotland man-kris-doolan.jpg Kris Doolan Manager(s) Jim Goodwin
David Mitchell; Wasiri Williams; Scott Robinson mh-in.png
Ross Stewart; Stuart Bannigan; Kerr McInroy mh-out.png
Brian Graham (1-0, 2‎ mins) mh-goal.png Louis Moult (1-1, 67‎ mins)
Luke McBeth (1-0, 2 mins) mh-assist.png Miller Thomson (1-1, 67‎ mins)
‎Scott Robinson; Aaron Muirhead mh-yellow-card.png Ross Docherty; Declan Gallagher; Louis Moult
Steven Lawless (Kieran Ngwenya, 89 mins) mh-subs.png Glenn Middleton (Tony Watt, 59 mins); Kai Fotheringham (Liam Grimshaw, 59 mins); Ross Docherty (Jordan Tillson, 61 mins); Louis Moult (Chris Mochrie, 87 mins)
33y, 10m, 27d Scotland david-mitchell.jpg David Mitchell mh-01.png Jack Walton
26y, 2m, 13d Scotland jack-mcmillan.jpg Jack McMillan mh-02.png Miller Thomson
27y, 4m, 2d Scotland harry-milne.jpg Harry Milne mh-03.png Scott McMann
23y, 11m, 1d England wasiri-williams.jpg Wasiri Williams mh-04.png Kevin Holt former Jag
33y, 6m, 1d Scotland aaron-muirhead.jpg Aaron Muirhead mh-05.png Declan Gallagher former Jag
20y, 9m, 16d Scotland lewis-neilson.jpg Lewis Neilson mh-06.png Ross Docherty mh-sub-off.png former Jag
24y, 5m, 22d Scotland luke-mcbeth.jpg Luke McBeth mh-07.png Craig Sibbald
32y, 10m, 19d Scotland steven-lawless.jpg sub-off.png Steven Lawless mh-08.png Alex Greive
36y, 3m, 8d Scotland brian-graham.jpg Brian Graham mh-09.png Louis Moult mh-sub-off.png
31y, 11m, 19d Scotland scott-robinson.jpg Scott Robinson mh-10.png Kai Fotheringham mh-sub-off.png
22y, 11m, 11d Scotland aidan-fitzpatrick.jpg Aidan Fitzpatrick mh-11.png Glenn Middleton mh-sub-off.png
28y, 4m, 10d Age
28y, 10m, 21d Scotland ross-stewart.jpg Ross Stewart mh-12g.png Jack Newman
23y, 6m, 0d Scotland kerr-mcinroy.jpg Kerr McInroy mh-13.png Sam McClelland
31y, 5m, 14d Scotland stuart-bannigan.jpg Stuart Bannigan mh-14.png Ross Graham mh-sub-on.png
21y, 5m, 6d Scotland kieran-ngwenya.jpg sub-on.png Kieran Ngwenya mh-15.png Liam Grimshaw mh-sub-on.png
31y, 11m, 8d Scotland blair-alston.jpg Blair Alston mh-16.png Jordan Tillson mh-sub-on.png
19y, 5m, 11d Scotland ben-stanway.jpg Ben Stanway mh-17.png Archie Meekison
18y, 6m, 3d Scotland zander-mackenzie.jpg Zander MacKenzie mh-18.png Chris Mochrie
18y, 9m, 24d Scotland ricco-diack.jpg Ricco Diack mh-19.png Mathew Anim Cudjoe
28y, 0m, 14d England tomi-adeloye.jpg Tomi Adeloye mh-20.png Tony Watt mh-sub-on.png

  • Both sides generally in playing order.
  • The network credits Wasiri Williams with Thistle's assist (understandable given the close proximity of three in the aerial dual) but Dundee United's excellent 'Story of the Match' video clarifies that it was the head of Luke McBeth that did the needful.

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