36y, 7m, 25d born in Scotland man-kris-doolan.jpg Kris Doolan Manager(s) Ian Murray
Jack McMillan; Kerr McInroy In
Zander MacKenzie; James Lyon Out
Jack McMillan (1-0, 5 mins); Aidan Fitzpatrick (2-0, 45 mins) Scorer(s) Dylan Easton (2-1, 83 mins); Kieran Mitchell (2-2, 89‎ mins)
none (1-0, 5 mins); Kerr McInroy (2-0, 45 mins) Assist(s) Ethan Ross (2-1, 83 mins); Ethan Ross (2-2, 89‎ mins)
Jack McMillan Booking(s) Lewis Vaughan; Scott McGill
Sending Off(s)
Jack McMillan (Lewis Neilson, 61 mins); Ben Williamson (Blair Alston, 70 mins); Brian Graham (Tomi Adeloye, 77 mins); Steven Lawless (Anton Dowds, 77 mins) Subs Lewis Vaughan (Ethan Ross, 76 mins); Scott McGill (Kieran Mitchell, 80 mins); Jack Hamilton (Aaron Arnott, 90+3 mins)
33y, 4m, 1d Scotland david-mitchell.jpg David Mitchell Goalkeeper Kevin Dabrowski
25y, 7m, 18d Scotland jack-mcmillan.jpg sub-off.png Jack McMillan no. 2 Scott McGill mh-sub-off.png
26y, 9m, 7d Scotland harry-milne.jpg Harry Milne no. 3 Liam Dick
23y, 4m, 4d England wasiri-williams.jpg Wasiri Williams no. 4 Keith Watson
32y, 11m, 6d Scotland aaron-muirhead.jpg Aaron Muirhead no. 5 Euan Murray
30y, 10m, 19d Scotland stuart-bannigan.jpg Stuart Bannigan no. 6 Dylan Easton
21y, 11m, 29d Scotland ben-williamson.jpg sub-off.png Ben Williamson no. 7 Sam Stanton
32y, 3m, 24d Scotland steven-lawless.jpg sub-off.png Steven Lawless no. 8 Josh Mullin
35y, 8m, 13d Scotland brian-graham.jpg sub-off.png Brian Graham no. 9 Jack Hamilton mh-sub-off.png
22y, 11m, 5d Scotland kerr-mcinroy.jpg Kerr McInroy no. 10 Lewis Vaughan mh-sub-off.png
22y, 4m, 16d Scotland aidan-fitzpatrick.jpg Aidan Fitzpatrick no. 11 Callum Smith
28y, 0m, 6d Age
25y, 10m, 30d Scotland jamie-sneddon.jpg Jamie Sneddon sub GK Robbie Thomson
20y, 2m, 21d Scotland lewis-neilson.jpg sub-on.png Lewis Neilson sub 2 Ethan Ross mh-sub-on.png
26y, 8m, 17d Scotland anton-dowds.jpg sub-on.png Anton Dowds sub 3 Aaron Arnott mh-sub-on.png
31y, 4m, 13d Scotland blair-alston.jpg sub-on.png Blair Alston sub 4 Kieran Mitchell mh-sub-on.png
18y, 10m, 16d Scotland ben-stanway.jpg Ben Stanway sub 5 Adam Masson
20y, 9m, 9d Scotland james-lyon.jpg James Lyon sub 6
18y, 0m, 7d Scotland ji-stevenson.jpg Ji Stevenson sub 7
16y, 9m, 12d Scotland sallu-turay.jpg Sallu Turay sub 8
27y, 5m, 19d England tomi-adeloye.jpg sub-on.png Tomi Adeloye sub 9

teamline notes
  • Teamlines derived from PTFC / SPFL.
  • Both sides generally in playing order.
  • Raith Rovers filled only 5 of their 9 allocated bench slots.
dubious goals panel
  • Raith Rovers first goal was possibly an o.g. by Harry Milne. Dylan Easton's shot looked to be off-target and deflected off the Thistle left-back before hitting the net. However, the possibility remains that Easton's shot may have had bend on it that could have just taken it in without intervention, and we'll never really know. In the circumstances, we stick with Easton who is universally credited with the goal.
attendance notes

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