57y, 9m, 19d born in Scotland man-ian-mccall.jpg Ian McCall Manager(s) Mark Cowie
Kevin Holt; Aaron Muirhead; Ross Docherty; Brian Graham; Cammy Smith; Kyle Turner In
Darren Brownlie; Tunji Akinola; Stuart Bannigan; Ben Stanway; Tony Weston; Aidan Fitzpatrick Out
Bryan Hay (1-0, og 33 mins); Brian Graham (2-0, 62 mins) Scorer(s)
Jack McMillan (1-0, og 33 mins); Kevin Holt (2-0, 62 mins) Assist(s)
Sending Off(s)
Aaron Muirhead (Tunji Akinola, HT); Brian Graham (Anton Dowds, 64 mins); Steven Lawless (Tony Weston, 64 mins); Cammy Smith (Aidan Fitzpatrick, 64 mins); Kyle Turner (James Lyon, 75 mins) Subs Lewis Duncan (Scott Barbour, 52 mins); Sean Butcher (Jamie MacLellanm 71 mins); Logan Watt (Jordan Guild, 71 mins); Willie West (Connor Grant, 82 mins); Ryan Sargent (Ethan Sutherland, 82 mins)
24y, 10m, 13d Scotland jamie-sneddon.jpg Jamie Sneddon Goalkeeper Joe Barbour
24y, 7m, 1d Scotland jack-mcmillan.jpg Jack McMillan no. 2 Ross Aitken
25y, 8m, 20d Scotland harry-milne.jpg Harry Milne no. 3 Willie West mh-sub-off.png
29y, 5m, 24d Scotland kevin-holt.jpg Kevin Holt no. 4 Bryan Hay
31y, 10m, 19d Scotland aaron-muirhead.jpg sub-off.png Aaron Muirhead no. 5 Kieran Simpson
29y, 5m, 26d Scotland ross-docherty.jpg Ross Docherty no. 6 Paul Young
19y, 5m, 20d Scotland cole-mckinnon.jpg Cole McKinnon no. 7 Logan Watt mh-sub-off.png
31y, 3m, 7d Scotland steven-lawless.jpg sub-off.png Steven Lawless no. 8 Aidan Combe
34y, 7m, 26d Scotland brian-graham.jpg sub-off.png Brian Graham no. 9 Ryan Sargent mh-sub-off.png
26y, 10m, 25d Scotland cammy-smith.jpg sub-off.png Cammy Smith no. 10 Sean Butcher mh-sub-off.png
24y, 8m, 9d Scotland kyle-turner.jpg sub-off.png Kyle Turner no. 11 Lewis Duncan mh-sub-off.png
27y, 6m, 17d Age
32y, 3m, 15d Scotland david-mitchell.jpg David Mitchell sub GK Eddie Flinn
28y, 3m, 9d Scotland darren-brownlie.jpg Darren Brownlie sub 2 Scott Barbour mh-sub-on.png
29y, 10m, 2d Scotland stuart-bannigan.jpg Stuart Bannigan sub 3 Ethan Sutherland mh-sub-on.png
25y, 8m, 3d Scotland anton-dowds.jpg sub-on.png Anton Dowds sub 4 Jordan Guild mh-sub-on.png
18y, 10m, 2d born in England tony-weston.jpg sub-on.png Tony Weston sub 5 Jamie MacLellan mh-sub-on.png
23y, 7m, 28d born in England tunji-akinola.jpg sub-on.png Tunji Akinola sub 6 Connor Grant mh-sub-on.png
21y, 3m, 29d Scotland aidan-fitzpatrick.jpg sub-on.png Aidan Fitzpatrick sub 7
17y, 9m, 29d Scotland ben-stanway.jpg Ben Stanway sub 8
19y, 8m, 22d Scotland james-lyon.jpg sub-on.png James Lyon sub 9

teamline notes
  • Teamlines derived from PTFC / SPFL.
  • Both sides generally in playing order.
  • Fraserburgh filled only 6 of their 9 allocated bench slots.
attendance notes

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