John Hughes Manager(s) Ian McCall man-ian-mccall.jpg born in Scotland 57y, 5m, 20d
In Richard Foster; Scott Tiffoney
Out Tunji Akinola; Kyle Turner
Lewis Mayo (1-1, og 10‎ mins); Matthew Todd (1-2, 22 mins); Josh Edwards (1-3, 27‎ mins); Dom Thomas (1-4, 82 mins) Scorer(s) Ross Docherty (1-0, 5‎ mins)‎
Matty Todd (1-1, og 10‎ mins); Dom Thomas (1-2, 22 mins); Dom Thomas (1-3, 27‎ mins); Dan Pybus (1-4, 82 mins) Assist(s) Robbie Crawford (1-0, 5‎ mins)‎
Kevin O'Hara Booking(s) Kevin Holt; Richard Foster
Sending Off(s)
Dom Thomas (Ryan Dow, 85 mins); Liam Polworth (Nikolay Todorov, 85 mins); Kevin O'Hara (Paul Allan, 85 mins); Matty Todd (Aaron Comrie, 89 mins); Coll Donaldson (Rhys Breen, 89 mins) Subs Ciaran McKenna (Stephen Hendrie, HT); Juan Alegría (Connor Murray, HT); Cammy Smith (Kyle Turner, 59 mins); Richard Foster (Tunji Akinola, 65 mins); Scott Tiffoney (Steven Bell, 72 mins)
Deniz Mehmet Goalkeeper Jamie Sneddon jamie-sneddon.jpg born in Scotland 24y, 6m, 16d
mh-sub-off.png Matty Todd no. 2 Ciaran McKenna sub-off.png ciaran-mckenna.jpg born in Scotland 23y, 11m, 25d
Josh Edwards no. 3 Richard Foster sub-off.png richard-foster.jpg born in Scotland 36y, 7m, 19d
Efe Ambrose no. 4 Lewis Mayo lewis-mayo.jpg born in Scotland 22y, 0m, 3d
mh-sub-off.png Coll Donaldson no. 5 Kevin Holt kevin-holt.jpg born in Scotland 29y, 1m, 25d
Joe Chalmers no. 6 Stuart Bannigan stuart-bannigan.jpg born in Scotland 29y, 6m, 5d
Dan Pybus no. 7 Ross Docherty ross-docherty.jpg born in Scotland 29y, 1m, 27d
former Jag Steven Lawless no. 8 Robbie Crawford robbie-crawford.jpg born in Scotland 27y, 9m, 0d
mh-sub-off.png Kevin O'Hara no. 9 Juan Alegría sub-off.png juan-alegria.jpg Colombia 19y, 9m, 16d
mh-sub-off.png Liam Polworth no. 10 Cammy Smith sub-off.png cammy-smith.jpg born in Scotland 26y, 6m, 26d
mh-sub-off.png Dom Thomas no. 11 Scott Tiffoney sub-off.png scott-tiffoney.jpg born in Scotland 23y, 6m, 24d
Age 26y, 7m, 9d
Neil Alexander sub GK Andy Firth andy-firth.jpg born in England 25y, 5m, 24d
mh-sub-on.png Aaron Comrie sub 2 Kyle Turner sub-on.png kyle-turner.jpg born in Scotland 24y, 4m, 12d
Lewis Martin sub 3 Steven Bell sub-on.png steven-bell.jpg born in Scotland 37y, 0m, 26d
mh-sub-on.png Nikolay Todorov sub 4 Connor Murray sub-on.png connor-murray.jpg born in Scotland 24y, 10m, 26d
mh-sub-on.png Ryan Dow sub 5 Tunji Akinola sub-on.png tunji-akinola.jpg born in England 23y, 4m, 1d
former Jag mh-sub-on.png Rhys Breen sub 6 Ben Stanway ben-stanway.jpg born in Scotland 17y, 6m, 2d
mh-sub-on.png Paul Allan sub 7 Stephen Hendrie sub-on.png stephen-hendrie.jpg born in Scotland 27y, 2m, 14d
former Jag Leon Jones sub 8
former Jag Reece Cole sub 9

teamline notes
  • Teamlines derived from PTFC / SPFL.
  • Both sides generally in playing order.
  • Thistle filled only 7 of their 9 allocated bench slots.
extra notes
  • Originally scheduled for Saturday, 19th February, 2022. Changed to Friday 18th February as a live game for BBC Scotland, but that too was postponed due to a waterlogged pitch.
dubious goals panel
  • The 'network' credits Cammy Smith with the assist for Thistle's goal, but video evidence clearly shows it was Robbie Crawford.
attendance notes

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