former Jag Billy Dodds Manager(s) Ian McCall man-ian-mccall.jpg born in Scotland 57y, 4m, 10d
In Kevin Holt
Out Richard Foster
Billy Mckay (1-1, 21‎ mins); Shane Sutherland (2-2, 45‎ mins); Kirk Broadfoot (3-3, 90‎+‎4 mins)‎ Scorer(s) Wallace Duffy (1-0, og 8 mins); Brian Graham (2-1, 27‎ mins); Brian Graham (3-2, pen 72 mins)
David Carson (1-1, 21‎ mins); Reece McAlear (2-2, 45‎ mins); Logan Chalmers (3-3, 90‎+‎4 mins)‎ Assist(s) Scott Tiffoney (1-0, og 8 mins); Scott Tiffoney (2-1, 27‎ mins); none (3-2, pen 72 mins)
Robbie Deas‎ Booking(s) Scott Tiffoney
Sending Off(s)
Austin Samuels (Logan Chalmers, 53 mins); Robbie Deas (Cameron Harper, 72 mins); Sam Pearson (Joe Hardy, 82 mins) Subs Cammy Smith (Alex Jakubiak, 75 mins); Scott Tiffoney (Stephen Hendrie, 83 mins); Brian Graham (Ross MacIver, 90 mins)
former Jag Mark Ridgers Goalkeeper Jamie Sneddon jamie-sneddon.jpg born in Scotland 24y, 5m, 3d
David Carson no. 2 Ciaran McKenna ciaran-mckenna.jpg born in Scotland 23y, 10m, 15d
Wallace Duffy no. 3 Kevin Holt kevin-holt.jpg born in Scotland 29y, 0m, 15d
Kirk Broadfoot no. 4 Lewis Mayo lewis-mayo.jpg born in Scotland 21y, 10m, 21d
mh-sub-off.png Robbie Deas no. 5 Tunji Akinola tunji-akinola.jpg born in England 23y, 2m, 19d
former Jag Sean Welsh no. 6 Stuart Bannigan stuart-bannigan.jpg born in Scotland 29y, 4m, 23d
Reece McAlear no. 7 Ross Docherty ross-docherty.jpg born in Scotland 29y, 0m, 17d
Shane Sutherland no. 8 Robbie Crawford robbie-crawford.jpg born in Scotland 27y, 7m, 18d
Billy McKay no. 9 Brian Graham sub-off.png brian-graham.jpg born in Scotland 34y, 2m, 17d
mh-sub-off.png Austin Samuels no. 10 Cammy Smith sub-off.png cammy-smith.jpg born in Scotland 26y, 5m, 16d
mh-sub-off.png Sam Pearson no. 11 Scott Tiffoney sub-off.png scott-tiffoney.jpg born in Scotland 23y, 5m, 14d
Age 26y, 7m, 9d
Cammy Mackay sub GK Mason McCready mason-mccready.jpg the USA 18y, 11m, 4d
mh-sub-on.png Cameron Harper sub 2 Kyle Turner kyle-turner.jpg born in Scotland 24y, 2m, 30d
mh-sub-on.png Logan Chalmers sub 3 Alex Jakubiak sub-on.png alex-jakubiak.jpg born in England 25y, 5m, 13d
mh-sub-on.png Joe Hardy sub 4 Connor Murray connor-murray.jpg born in Scotland 24y, 9m, 16d
Lewis Hyde sub 5 Ross MacIver sub-on.png ross-maciver.jpg born in Scotland 22y, 11m, 12d
Lewis Nicolson sub 6 Stephen Hendrie sub-on.png stephen-hendrie.jpg born in Scotland 27y, 1m, 1d
sub 7 Kyle McAllister kyle-mcallister.jpg born in Scotland 23y, 0m, 19d
sub 8
sub 9

teamline notes
  • Teamlines derived from PTFC / SPFL.
  • Both sides generally in playing order.
  • Inverness filled only 6 of their 9 allocated bench slots, whilst Thistle filled 7 of theirs.
extra notes
  • Originally scheduled for Sunday, 26th December, 2021, but postponed due to Covid, Inverness having insufficient players available to fulfil the fixture.
dubious goals panel
  • The influential OPTA agent at the ground credited Thistle's Brian Graham with the opening goal, and this has been accepted by the media 'network' which includes the SPFL. However, as can be seen from the slow-mo video snip in our match highlights tab, it was actually an own goal by Inverness's Wallace Duffy (#2). Brian Graham doesn't touch the ball whatsover. As we look at it, the ball comes in from the right and, although BG sticks out a foot, the ball doesn’t turn 90 degrees towards the net until it’s past his foot and hits the defender. It's actually Tiffoney who initially claims the goal, and Graham even chases after him to offer congratulations. Of course, like any good striker BG's claiming it in the aftermath because he thinks he can get away with it, and who can really blame him?! Anyway, we stick with the truthful account, even if we do stand alone.
attendance notes

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