John McGlynn Manager(s) Ian McCall man-ian-mccall.jpg born in Scotland 56y, 11m, 27d
In Cammy Smith
Out Zak Rudden
Dario Zanatta (0-1, 22 mins); Kyle Benedictus (0-2, pen 64 mins); Kyle Benedictus (0-3, 78 mins) Scorer(s) Brian Graham (1-3, 86 mins); Zak Rudden (2-3, 90+5 mins)
Aidan Connolly (0-1, 22 mins); none (0-2, pen 64 mins); Ethon Varian (0-3, 78 mins) Assist(s) Tunji Akinola (1-3, 86 mins); none (2-3, 90+5 mins)
Brad Spencer; Blaise Riley-Snow Booking(s) Kyle Turner; Richard Foster; Scott Tiffoney
Sending Off(s)
Brad Spencer (Blaise Riley-Snow, 71 mins); Ethon Varian (Matej Poplatnik, 80 mins); Dario Zanatta (Kieran Mitchell, 83 mins) Subs Ciaran McKenna (Tunji Akinola, HT); Stuart Bannigan (Zak Rudden, 72 mins); Cammy Smith (Shea Gordon, 81 mins)
Jamie McDonald Goalkeeper Jamie Sneddon jamie-sneddon.jpg born in Scotland 24y, 0m, 20d
Reghan Tumilty no. 2 Ciaran McKenna sub-off.png ciaran-mckenna.jpg born in Scotland 23y, 6m, 1d
Liam Dick no. 3 Richard Foster richard-foster.jpg born in Scotland 36y, 1m, 26d
Kyle Benedictus no. 4 Lewis Mayo lewis-mayo.jpg born in Scotland 21y, 6m, 7d
Christophe Berra no. 5 Kevin Holt kevin-holt.jpg born in Scotland 28y, 8m, 1d
Ross Matthews no. 6 Stuart Bannigan sub-off.png stuart-bannigan.jpg born in Scotland 29y, 0m, 9d
mh-sub-off.png Brad Spencer no. 7 Ross Docherty ross-docherty.jpg born in Scotland 28y, 8m, 3d
Aidan Connolly no. 8 Kyle Turner kyle-turner.jpg born in Scotland 23y, 10m, 16d
mh-sub-off.png Ethon Varian no. 9 Brian Graham brian-graham.jpg born in Scotland 33y, 10m, 3d
Dylan Tait no. 10 Cammy Smith sub-off.png cammy-smith.jpg born in Scotland 26y, 1m, 2d
former Jag mh-sub-off.png Dario Zanatta no. 11 Scott Tiffoney scott-tiffoney.jpg born in Scotland 23y, 1m, 0d
Age 27y, 1m, 18d
Robbie Thomson sub GK Harry Stone harry-stone.jpg born in Scotland 19y, 5m, 6d
Tom Lang sub 2 Zak Rudden sub-on.png zak-rudden.jpg born in Scotland 21y, 7m, 20d
David McKay sub 3 Shea Gordon sub-on.png shea-gordon.jpg born in Northern Ireland 23y, 4m, 10d
Kai Fotheringham sub 4 Connor Murray connor-murray.jpg born in Scotland 24y, 5m, 2d
mh-sub-on.png Blaise Riley-Snow sub 5 Tunji Akinola sub-on.png tunji-akinola.jpg born in England 22y, 10m, 5d
mh-sub-on.png Kieran Mitchell sub 6 Ross MacIver ross-maciver.jpg born in Scotland 22y, 6m, 29d
mh-sub-on.png Matej Poplatnik sub 7 Stephen Hendrie stephen-hendrie.jpg born in Scotland 26y, 8m, 18d

teamline notes
  • Teamlines derived from PTFC / SPFL.
  • Both sides generally in playing order.
extra notes
  • Originally scheduled for Saturday, 25th September, 2021, put back 24 hours due to Raith Rovers playing Celtic Park in the League Cup on the Thursday 23rd.
dubious goals panel
  • The 'network' attributes Brad Spencer with the first Rovers assist, but video evidence is clear with Aidan Connolly. Likewise, several outlets attribute Thistle's first goal to Kyle Turner but, as video evidence clearly shows, it was Brian Graham. With regards to the assist for that one, first impressions were for 'none', but closer video inspection reveals that Akinola's blocked shot ricocheted back onto him before finding Graham's path, so it's a 'lucky' assist for him.
attendance notes

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