former PT manager Dick Campbell Manager(s) Ian McCall man-ian-mccall.jpg born in Scotland 55y, 3m, 26d
In Lee O'Connor; Brian Graham; Alex Jones
Out Tommy Robson; Kenny Miller; Zak Rudden
Michael McKenna (0-1, 6 mins); Craig Wighton (0-2, 34‎ mins) Scorer(s) Brian Graham (1-2, 90‎+‎5 mins)
none (0-1, 6 mins); Jason Thomson (0-2, 34‎ mins) Assist(s) Steven Saunders (1-2, 90‎+‎5 mins)
Miko Virtanen Booking(s)
Sending Off(s)
Luke Donnelly (David Gold, 77‎ mins); Dale Hilson (Omar Kader, 81 mins); Craig Wighton (Gavin Swankie 89‎ mins) Subs Sean McGinty (Joe Cardle, HT); Darian MacKinnon (Jamie Barjonas, 65‎ mins); Alex Jones (Dario Zanatta, 67‎ mins)‎
Derek Gaston Goalkeeper Scott Fox scott-fox.jpg born in Scotland 32y, 6m, 28d
Jason Thomson no. 2 Lee O'Connor lee-oconnor.jpg born in Ireland 19y, 5m, 28d
Colin Hamilton no. 3 James Penrice james-penrice.jpg born in Scotland 21y, 1m, 3d
former Jag Ricky Little no. 4 Tam O'Ware tam-oware.jpg born in Scotland 26y, 10m, 5d
Thomas O'Brien no. 5 Sean McGinty sub-off.png sean-mcginty.jpg born in England 26y, 5m, 14d
Mark Whatley no. 6 Steven Saunders steven-saunders.jpg born in Scotland 28y, 9m, 26d
mh-sub-off.png Dale Hilson no. 7 Darian MacKinnon sub-off.png darian-mackinnon.jpg born in Scotland 34y, 3m, 16d
mh-sub-off.png Craig Wighton no. 8 Stuart Bannigan stuart-bannigan.jpg born in Scotland 27y, 4m, 8d
Miko Virtanen no. 9 Brian Graham brian-graham.jpg born in Scotland 32y, 2m, 2d
Michael McKenna no. 10 Alex Jones sub-off.png alex-jones.jpg born in England 25y, 3m, 28d
mh-sub-off.png Luke Donnelly no. 11 Reece Cole reece-cole.jpg born in England 21y, 11m, 8d
Age 26y, 11m, 10d
Darren Jamieson sub GK Jamie Sneddon jamie-sneddon.jpg born in Scotland 22y, 4m, 19d
mh-sub-on.png David Gold sub 2 Joe Cardle sub-on.png joe-cardle.jpg born in England 32y, 11m, 18d
mh-sub-on.png Gavin Swankie sub 3 Tommy Robson tommy-robson.jpg born in England 24y, 4m, 14d
Bobby Linn sub 4 Craig Slater craig-slater.jpg born in Scotland 25y, 8m, 30d
mh-sub-on.png Omar Kader sub 5 Dario Zanatta sub-on.png dario-zanatta.jpg born in Canada 22y, 8m, 1d
Scott Stewart sub 6 Jamie Barjonas sub-on.png jamie-barjonas.jpg born in England 21y, 0m, 1d
Logan Chalmers sub 7

teamline notes
  • Teamlines derived from PTFC / SPFL.
  • Both sides generally in playing order.
  • Zak Rudden pulled out of the starting eleven during the warm-up and was replaced by Alex Jones, hence why there were only 6 listed substitutes for Thistle.
dubious goals panel
  • The SPFL website incorrectly credits Luke Donnelly with the second Arbroath assist, but video evidence clearly shows it to be Jason Thomson.
attendance notes

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