Stevie Farrell Manager(s) Alan Archibald man-alan-archibald.jpg born in Scotland 41y, 1m, 1d
In Jamie Sneddon; Max Melbourne; Aidan Fitzpatrick; Kris Doolan; Andréa M'Buyi-Mutombo
Out Cammy Bell; Shea Gordon; Blair Spittal; Miles Storey; Chris Erskine
Scorer(s) Tam O'Ware (1-0, 10 mins); Aidan Fitzpatrick (2-0, 34 mins); Andrea M'Buyi-Mutombo (3-0, 36 mins); Max Melbourne (4-0, 89 mins); Aidan Fitzpatrick (5-0, 90+2 mins)
Assist(s) Craig Slater (1-0, 10 mins); Christie Elliott (2-0, 34 mins); Aidan Fitzpatrick (3-0, 36 mins); Blair Spittal (4-0, 89 mins); Chris Erskine (5-0, 90+2 mins)
Kyle Turner; David Brownlie Booking(s)
Max Currie (@ 3-0, 86 mins) Sending Off(s)
Mark Lamont (Isaac Layne, 63 mins); Grant Anderson (Max Ashmore, 70 mins); Luke Donnelly (Lyle Avci, 86 mins) Subs Craig Slater (Blair Spittal, HT); Jack Storer (Callum Wilson, 65 mins); Andréa M'Buyi-Mutombo (Chris Erskine, 70 mins)
Max Currie Goalkeeper Jamie Sneddon jamie-sneddon.jpg born in Scotland 20y, 11m, 8d
Andy McDonald no. 2 Christie Elliott christie-elliott.jpg born in England 27y, 2m, 19d
David Brownlie no. 3 Max Melbourne max-melbourne.jpg born in England 19y, 9m, 21d
Connor McManus no. 4 Tam O'Ware tam-oware.jpg born in Scotland 25y, 4m, 25d
mh-sub-off.png Mark Lamont no. 5 Sean McGinty sean-mcginty.jpg born in England 25y, 0m, 3d
future Jag Kyle Turner no. 6 James Penrice james-penrice.jpg born in Scotland 19y, 7m, 23d
mh-sub-off.png Luke Donnelly no. 7 Craig Slater sub-off.png craig-slater.jpg born in Scotland 24y, 3m, 19d
mh-sub-off.png Grant Anderson no. 8 Aidan Fitzpatrick aidan-fitzpatrick.jpg born in Scotland 17y, 4m, 25d
David Smith no. 9 Kris Doolan kris-doolan.jpg born in Scotland 31y, 8m, 3d
Jamie Hamill no. 10 Andréa M'Buyi-Mutombo sub-off.png andrea-mbuyi-mutombo.jpg born in Belgium 28y, 2m, 8d
Adam Cummins no. 11 Jack Storer sub-off.png jack-storer.jpg born in England 20y, 7m, 12d
Age 23y, 7m, 26d
mh-sub-on.png Lyle Avci sub GK Cammy Bell cammy-bell.jpg born in Scotland 31y, 10m, 27d
Chris McGowan sub 2 Niall Keown niall-keown.jpg born in England 23y, 4m, 9d
mh-sub-on.png Isaac Layne sub 3 Blair Spittal sub-on.png blair-spittal.jpg born in Scotland 22y, 7m, 26d
Ian Smith sub 4 Chris Erskine sub-on.png chris-erskine.jpg born in Scotland 31y, 6m, 6d
Cameron Elliott sub 5 Callum Wilson sub-on.png callum-wilson.jpg born in Scotland 19y, 1m, 22d
mh-sub-on.png Max Ashmore sub 6

teamline notes
  • Teamlines derived from PTFC.
  • Thistle generally in playing order, opposition in squad number order.
  • Thistle filled only 5 of their 7 allocated bench slots, whilst Stranraer filled only 6 of theirs.
attendance notes

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