40y, 5m, 30d born in Scotland man-alan-archibald.jpg Alan Archibald Manager(s) Wu Jingui
Ryan Scully; Mustapha Dumbuya; Callum Booth; James Penrice; Danny Devine; Abdul Osman; Andy McCarthy; Kevin Nisbet; Conor Sammon In
Tomáš Černý; Paul McGinn; Jordan Turnbull; Niall Keown; Adam Barton; Martin Woods; Kris Doolan; Ryan Edwards; Miles Storey Out
Wang Lin (1-0, og 62 mins); Danny Devine (2-0, 67 mins) Scorer(s) Demba Ba (2-1, 87 mins)
Blair Spittal (1-0, 62 mins); James Penrice (2-0, 67 mins) Assist(s) Zheng Kaimu (2-1, 87 mins)
Sending Off(s)
Ryan Scully (Jamie Sneddon, HT); Mustapha Dumbuya (Milan Nitrianský, 60 mins); Callum Booth (Paul McGinn, 60 mins); Abdul Osman (Ryan Edwards, 60 mins) Subs Li Shuai (Lin Kai Yuan); ? (Zheng Kaimu); ? (Wang Shouting); ? (Li Peng); ? (Mao Jianqing); ? (Zhang Lu); ? (Gao Di); ? (Xu Junmin); ? (Tao Jin); ? (Eddie); ? (Demba Ba)
25y, 2m, 14d born in Ireland ryan-scully.jpg sub-off.png Ryan Scully Goalkeeper Li Shuai sub-off.png
30y, 5m, 5d born in Sierra Leone mustapha-dumbuya.jpg sub-off.png Mustapha Dumbuya no. 2 Li Jianbin
26y, 7m, 13d born in Scotland callum-booth.jpg sub-off.png Callum Booth no. 3 Kim Kee-hee
19y, 0m, 21d born in Scotland james-penrice.jpg James Penrice no. 4 Bai Jiajun
25y, 4m, 5d born in Northern Ireland danny-devine.jpg Danny Devine no. 5 Wang Lin
30y, 10m, 16d born in Ghana abdul-osman.jpg sub-off.png Abdul Osman no. 6 Qin Sheng
22y, 0m, 24d born in Scotland blair-spittal.jpg Blair Spittal no. 7 Cao Yunding
19y, 2m, 23d born in Scotland andy-mccarthy.jpg Andy McCarthy no. 8 Lü Pin
20y, 10m, 4d born in Scotland kevin-nisbet.jpg Kevin Nisbet no. 9 Sun Shilin
31y, 2m, 6d born in Ireland conor-sammon.jpg Conor Sammon no. 10 Zhu Jianrong
26y, 9m, 0d born in Scotland steven-lawless.jpg Steven Lawless no. 11 ?
25y, 2m, 27d Age
20y, 4m, 6d born in Scotland jamie-sneddon.jpg sub-on.png Jamie Sneddon sub GK Chen Zhao
sub GK Lin Kai Yuan sub-on.png
22y, 9m, 7d born in England niall-keown.jpg Niall Keown sub 3 Zheng Kaimu sub-on.png
27y, 2m, 21d born in Scotland paul-mcginn.jpg sub-on.png Paul McGinn sub 4 Wang Shouting sub-on.png
24y, 1m, 26d born in Singapore ryan-edwards.jpg sub-on.png Ryan Edwards sub 5 Li Peng sub-on.png
27y, 0m, 30d born in the Czech Republic milan-nitriansky.jpg sub-on.png Milan Nitrianský sub 6 Mao Jianqing sub-on.png
sub 7 Zhang Lu sub-on.png
sub 8 Li Yunqiu
sub 9 Gao Di sub-on.png
sub 10 Xu Junmin sub-on.png
sub 11 Tao Jin sub-on.png
sub 12 Wang Wei
sub 13 Liu Jiawei
sub 14 Yang Hao Feng
sub 15 Wu Changqi
sub 16 Deng Biao
sub 17 Wang Hai Jian
sub 18 Eddie sub-on.png
sub 19 Sun Kai
sub 20 Demba Ba sub-on.png

teamline notes
  • Teamlines derived from TS / PTTW / PTTV / TWT together with a little detective work.
  • Shenhua listed two substitute 'keepers.
  • 1 player from Shenhua's starting line-up is unknown, and it's likely that he's actually one of the 11 who is currently listed as an oncoming substitute.
extra notes
  • Played in Coín, Málaga.
attendance notes

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