39y, 6m, 0d born in Scotland man-alan-archibald.jpg Alan Archibald Manager(s) Rúnar Kristinsson
Ziggy Gordon; Mustapha Dumbuya; Niall Keown; David Amoo; Ade Azeez In
Christie Elliott; Callum Booth; Abdul Osman; Kris Doolan; Chris Erskine Out
Ade Azeez (1-0, 6 mins); Steven Lawless (2-1, 41 mins) Scorer(s) Gary Martin (1-1, 24 mins); Marko Mirić (2-2, 46 mins); Steve De Ridder (2-3, 63 mins); Ayanda Patosi (2-4, 68 mins); Marko Mirić (2-5, 82 mins)
Steven Lawless (1-0, 6 mins); Mustapha Dumbuya (2-1, 41 mins) Assist(s) ? (1-1, 24 mins); Joher Khadim Rassoul (2-2, 46 mins); none (2-3, 63 mins); ? (2-4, 68 mins); Joher Khadim Rassoul (2-5, 82 mins)
Sending Off(s)
Tomáš Černý (Mark Ridgers, HT); Mustapha Dumbuya (Christie Elliott, HT); Danny Devine (Abdul Osman, HT); Sean Welsh (Chris Erskine, HT); Ade Azeez (Kris Doolan, HT); David Amoo (Declan McDaid, 60 mins); Ryan Edwards (Andy McCarthy, 73 mins) Subs Mijat Marić (Mario Tičinović, HT); Mehdi Terki (Koen Persoons, HT); Serhiy Bolbat (Marko Mirić, HT); Gary Martin (Steve de Ridder, HT); Georgios Galitsios (Eugene Ansah, 55 mins); Killian Overmeire (Nikola Jambor, 55 mins); Bob Straetman (Ayanda Patosi, 55 mins); Guus Hupperts (Lewis Enoh, 55 mins); Davino Verhulst (Ortwin de Wolf, 69 mins)
31y, 9m, 3d born in the Czech Republic tomas-cerny.jpg mh-sub-off.png Tomáš Černý Goalkeeper Davino Verhulst mh-sub-off.png
23y, 8m, 21d born in Scotland ziggy-gordon.jpg Ziggy Gordon no. 2 Mijat Marić mh-sub-off.png
29y, 5m, 6d born in Sierra Leone mustapha-dumbuya.jpg mh-sub-off.png Mustapha Dumbuya no. 3 Georgios Galitsios mh-sub-off.png
24y, 4m, 6d born in Northern Ireland danny-devine.jpg mh-sub-off.png Danny Devine no. 4 Branislav Niňaj
21y, 9m, 8d born in England niall-keown.jpg Niall Keown no. 5 Joher Khadim Rassoul
26y, 0m, 6d born in England adam-barton.jpg Adam Barton no. 6 Mehdi Terki mh-sub-off.png
25y, 9m, 0d born in England david-amoo.jpg mh-sub-off.png David Amoo no. 7 Killian Overmeire mh-sub-off.png
23y, 1m, 27d born in Singapore ryan-edwards.jpg mh-sub-off.png Ryan Edwards no. 8 Serhiy Bolbat mh-sub-off.png
23y, 0m, 5d born in England ade-azeez.jpg mh-sub-off.png Ade Azeez no. 9 Bob Straetman mh-sub-off.png
26y, 9m, 29d born in Scotland sean-welsh.jpg mh-sub-off.png Sean Welsh no. 10 Guus Hupperts mh-sub-off.png
25y, 9m, 1d born in Scotland steven-lawless.jpg Steven Lawless no. 11 Gary Martin mh-sub-off.png
25y, 7m, 6d Age
26y, 5m, 4d born in Scotland mark-ridgers.jpg mh-sub-on.png Mark Ridgers sub GK Ortwin de Wolf mh-sub-on.png
29y, 10m, 17d born in Ghana abdul-osman.jpg mh-sub-on.png Abdul Osman sub 2 Mario Tičinović mh-sub-on.png
30y, 1m, 2d born in Scotland kris-doolan.jpg mh-sub-on.png Kris Doolan sub 3 Koen Persoons mh-sub-on.png
29y, 11m, 5d born in Scotland chris-erskine.jpg mh-sub-on.png Chris Erskine sub 4 Nikola Jambor mh-sub-on.png
25y, 7m, 18d born in England christie-elliott.jpg mh-sub-on.png Christie Elliott sub 5 Marko Mirić mh-sub-on.png
21y, 1m, 22d born in Scotland declan-mcdaid.jpg mh-sub-on.png Declan McDaid sub 6 Ayanda Patosi mh-sub-on.png
18y, 2m, 24d born in Scotland andy-mccarthy.jpg mh-sub-on.png Andy McCarthy sub 7 Lewis Enoh mh-sub-on.png
sub 8 Steve de Ridder mh-sub-on.png
sub 9 Eugene Ansah mh-sub-on.png

teamline notes
  • Teamlines derived from PTFC / LOK.
  • Thistle generally in playing order, opposition in squad number order.
  • There were two trialists in this match - Niall Keown for Thistle and Gary Martin for Lokeren.
extra notes
  • Played in Cartagena, Spain.
dubious goals panel
  • The Lokeren scorers are derived from the written account on their website which is at odds with the goals summary footer. The written report credits Steve de Ridder with the third, but the goals summary footer says it was Marko Mirić. The written report credits Ayanda Patosi with the fourth, but the goals summary footer says it was Steve De Ridder. We've went with the written report, and the video evidence backs that up.
attendance notes

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