38y, 3m, 11d born in Scotland man-alan-archibald.jpg Alan Archibald Manager(s) Martin Canning
Mustapha Dumbuya; Ryan Edwards In
Gary Miller; Abdul Osman Out
Mathias Pogba (1-0, 60 mins) Scorer(s) Dougie Imrie (1-1, 78 mins)
David Amoo (1-0, 60 mins) Assist(s) Gramoz Kurtaj (1-1, 78 mins)
Sean Welsh; Robbie Muirhead Booking(s) Grant Gillespie; Martin Canning
Sending Off(s) Lucas Tagliapietra (@ 0-0, 45 mins)
Tomáš Černý (Ryan Scully, 33 mins); Ryan Edwards (Robbie Muirhead, 52 mins); Mathias Pogba (Kris Doolan, 85 mins) Subs Greg Docherty (Martin Canning, 62 mins); Carlton Morris (Christian Nadé, 73 mins); Louis Longridge (Alex D'Acol, 90 mins)
30y, 6m, 14d born in the Czech Republic tomas-cerny.jpg mh-sub-off.png Tomáš Černý Goalkeeper Michael McGovern
28y, 2m, 17d born in Sierra Leone mustapha-dumbuya.jpg Mustapha Dumbuya no. 2 Ziggy Gordon future Jag
24y, 4m, 24d born in Scotland callum-booth.jpg Callum Booth no. 3 Antons Kurakins
28y, 7m, 19d born in England dan-seaborne.jpg Dan Seaborne no. 4 Grant Gillespie
20y, 0m, 12d born in Scotland liam-lindsay.jpg Liam Lindsay no. 5 Dougie Imrie
25y, 7m, 9d born in Scotland sean-welsh.jpg Sean Welsh no. 6 Gramoz Kurtaj
24y, 6m, 11d born in England david-amoo.jpg David Amoo no. 7 Carlton Morris mh-sub-off.png
23y, 1m, 7d born in Scotland stuart-bannigan.jpg Stuart Bannigan no. 8 Louis Longridge mh-sub-off.png
25y, 2m, 5d born in Guinea mathias-pogba.jpg mh-sub-off.png Mathias Pogba no. 9 Greg Docherty mh-sub-off.png
21y, 11m, 7d born in Singapore ryan-edwards.jpg mh-sub-off.png Ryan Edwards no. 10 Jesús García Tena
24y, 6m, 12d born in Scotland steven-lawless.jpg Steven Lawless no. 11 Lucas Tagliapietra
25y, 1m, 25d Age
22y, 11m, 25d born in Ireland ryan-scully.jpg mh-sub-on.png Ryan Scully sub GK Alan Martin
28y, 6m, 9d born in Scotland gary-miller.jpg Gary Miller sub 2 Martin Canning mh-sub-on.png
28y, 10m, 13d born in Scotland kris-doolan.jpg mh-sub-on.png Kris Doolan sub 3 Chris Turner former Jag
31y, 2m, 0d born in Scotland ryan-stevenson.jpg Ryan Stevenson sub 4 Alex D'Acol mh-sub-on.png
26y, 9m, 21d born in Belgium freddy-frans.jpg Freddy Frans sub 5 Scott McMann
21y, 3m, 22d born in Scotland gary-fraser.jpg Gary Fraser sub 6 Christian Nadé mh-sub-on.png
19y, 7m, 16d born in Scotland robbie-muirhead.jpg mh-sub-on.png Robbie Muirhead sub 7 Steven Boyd

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