Ian Murray Manager(s) Alan Archibald man-alan-archibald.jpg born in Scotland 36y, 0m, 0d
In Scott Fox; Stephen O'Donnell; Martin Klein; Aaron Muirhead; James Craigen; Mark Kerr; John Baird; Ross Forbes
Out Paul Gallacher; Aaron Taylor-Sinclair; Neal Trotman; Conrad Balatoni; Gary Fraser; James Craigen; Kris Doolan; Christie Elliott
Mark Gilhaney (0-1, 4 mins); Scott Agnew (3-2, 47 mins); Mitchell Megginson (4-3, 71 mins) Scorer(s) James Craigen (1-1, 9 mins); Ross Forbes (2-1, 20 mins); Stephen O'Donnell (3-1, 28 mins); Mark Kerr (4-2, 56 mins)
? (0-1, 4 mins); Mark Gilhaney (3-2, 47 mins); ? (4-3, 71 mins) Assist(s) Steven Lawless (1-1, 9 mins); Steven Lawless (2-1, 20 mins); none (3-1, 28 mins); Ross Forbes (4-2, 56 mins)
Sending Off(s)
Chris Turner (Bryan Prunty, 60 mins); Mark Gilhaney (Nick Phinn, 60 mins); Kevin Smith (Garry Fleming, 64 mins); Scott Smith (Martin McNiff, 73 mins); Steven McDougall (Ally McKerracher, 73 mins) Subs Jordan McMillan (Aaron Taylor-Sinclair, HT); Ross Forbes (Christie Elliott, 59 mins); Martin Klein (Conrad Balatoni, 63 mins); Steven Lawless (Kris Doolan, 71 mins); Mark Kerr (Hugh Murray, 75 mins)
Steve Grindlay Goalkeeper Scott Fox scott-fox.jpg Scotland 26y, 0m, 15d
future Jag Paul McGinn no. 2 Stephen O'Donnell stephen-odonnell.jpg Scotland 21y, 2m, 2d
Scott Linton no. 3 Jordan McMillan mh-sub-off.png jordan-mcmillan.jpg Scotland 24y, 8m, 27d
Ross Smith no. 4 Martin Klein mh-sub-off.png martin-klein.jpg the Czech Republic 29y, 0m, 11d
mh-sub-off.png Scott Smith no. 5 Aaron Muirhead aaron-muirhead.jpg Scotland 22y, 10m, 13d
former Jag mh-sub-off.png Chris Turner no. 6 Sean Welsh sean-welsh.jpg Scotland 23y, 3m, 28d
mh-sub-off.png Mark Gilhaney no. 7 James Craigen james-craigen.jpg England 22y, 3m, 15d
Scott Agnew no. 8 Mark Kerr mh-sub-off.png mark-kerr.jpg Scotland 31y, 4m, 11d
Mitch Megginson no. 9 John Baird john-baird.jpg Scotland 27y, 10m, 21d
mh-sub-off.png Kevin Smith no. 10 Ross Forbes mh-sub-off.png ross-forbes.jpg Scotland 24y, 4m, 10d
mh-sub-off.png Steven McDougall no. 11 Steven Lawless mh-sub-off.png steven-lawless.jpg Scotland 22y, 3m, 1d
Age 25y, 0m, 10d
Jamie Ewings sub GK Ryan Scully ryan-scully.jpg Ireland 20y, 8m, 14d
mh-sub-on.png Garry Fleming sub 2 Conrad Balatoni mh-sub-on.png conrad-balatoni.jpg England 22y, 5m, 16d
mh-sub-on.png Bryan Prunty sub 3 Hugh Murray mh-sub-on.png hugh-murray.jpg Scotland 34y, 6m, 5d
mh-sub-on.png Nick Phinn sub 4 Aaron Taylor-Sinclair mh-sub-on.png aaron-taylor-sinclair.jpg Scotland 22y, 3m, 5d
mh-sub-on.png Martin McNiff sub 5 Mark McGuigan mark-mcguigan.jpg Scotland 24y, 8m, 6d
Josh Horne sub 6 Christie Elliott mh-sub-on.png christie-elliott.jpg England 22y, 1m, 17d
Joseph Coleman sub 7 Kris Doolan mh-sub-on.png kris-doolan.jpg Scotland 26y, 7m, 2d
Owen Ronald sub 8
mh-sub-on.png Ally McKerracher sub 9

teamline notes
  • Teamlines derived from PTFC (and a little detective work).
  • Martin Klein and Mark Kerr played as trialists.
attendance notes

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