42y, 9m, 21d born in Scotland man-ian-mccall.jpg Ian McCall Manager(s) Neil Watt
Jonny Tuffey; John A. Robertson; James Gibson; Adam Strachan; Liam Buchanan In
Craig Hinchcliffe; Scott Boyd; Gary Harkins; Simon Donnelly; Mark Roberts Out
Scott Chaplain (1-1, 51 mins) Scorer(s) Murray Henderson (0-1, 46 mins); Eddie Forrest (1-2, 57 mins)
Sending Off(s)
David Rowson (Scott Chaplain, HT); Pierre Maxim (Mark Roberts, HT); Stevie Murray (Simon Donnelly, HT); James Gibson (Trialist, 2nd half); Liam Buchanan (Trialist, 2nd half); Trialist (Scott Boyd, 2nd half); Gary Harkins (Gordon Lennon, 2nd half) Subs Barry John Corr (Mark McGeown); Stephen Swift (Jerome Varielle); David Lowing (Craig Pettigrew); Ryan Stevenson (Paul Weaver); Michael Moore (David Dunn); Andy McLaren (Chris Robertson)
20y, 6m, 1d Northern Ireland jonny-tuffey.jpg Jonny Tuffey Goalkeeper Barry John Corr
31y, 3m, 23d Scotland john-a-robertson.jpg John A. Robertson no. 2 Stephen Swift
29y, 7m, 8d Scotland alan-archibald.jpg Alan Archibald no. 3 David Lowing
27y, 5m, 2d Scotland james-gibson.jpg sub-off.png James Gibson no. 4 Eddie Forrest former Jag
mh-ptfc-player.jpg sub-off.png Trialist no. 5 Murray Henderson
22y, 6m, 19d Scotland gary-harkins.jpg sub-off.png Gary Harkins no. 6 Ryan Stevenson future Jag
20y, 4m, 27d Scotland adam-strachan.jpg Adam Strachan no. 7 David Hamilton
30y, 10m, 7d Scotland david-rowson.jpg sub-off.png David Rowson no. 8 Mark Casey
22y, 3m, 24d Scotland liam-buchanan.jpg sub-off.png Liam Buchanan no. 9 Michael Moore
France pierre-maxim.jpg sub-off.png Pierre Maxim no. 10 Alex Williams
24y, 3m, 3d Scotland stevie-murray.jpg sub-off.png Stevie Murray no. 11 Andy McLaren former Jag
25y, 5m, 18d Age
35y, 2m, 16d Scotland craig-hinchcliffe.jpg Craig Hinchcliffe sub GK Mark McGeown
31y, 8m, 22d Scotland mark-roberts.jpg sub-on.png Mark Roberts sub 2 Paul Weaver
24y, 5m, 6d Northern Ireland gordon-lennon.jpg sub-on.png Gordon Lennon sub 3 Chris Robertson
32y, 7m, 20d Scotland simon-donnelly.jpg sub-on.png Simon Donnelly sub 4 Craig Pettigrew
23y, 10m, 11d Scotland scott-chaplain.jpg sub-on.png Scott Chaplain sub 5 Jerome Vareille
mh-ptfc-player.jpg sub-on.png Trialist sub 6 David Dunn
mh-ptfc-player.jpg sub-on.png Trialist sub 7 Craig Higgins
21y, 1m, 17d Scotland scott-boyd.jpg sub-on.png Scott Boyd sub 8

teamline notes
  • Teamlines per MP/PTFC.
  • Gary Harkins, David Rowson, Pierre Maxim and 3 unknowns played as trialists.
  • Trialist 5 is definitely the same powerful black French stopper who played in the Falkirk game. He came off for Scott Boyd in the second half. The 3 other French lads played, but we're having to guess when each was involved. We know that Pierre Maxim played and have guessed that he started #10 and that it was he who was subbed by Mark Roberts at half-time. French trialist 17 (scored vs Stenny and played against Falkirk) we've guessed came on for Liam Buchanan. French trialist 18 (#4 vs. Falkirk) we've guessed was the one who came on for James Gibson in the second half.

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