Bobby Williamson Manager(s) John Lambie man-john-lambie.jpg born in Scotland 62y, 2m, 22d
mh-in.png Kenny Arthur; David Rowson; Jamie Mitchell; Ian Ross; Ricky Waddell
mh-out.png Kevin Budinauckas; Alan Archibald; Stephen Craigan; Derek Fleming; Danny Lennon
Matthias Jack (0-1, 8 mins); Scott Brown (1-2, 34 mins) mh-goal.png Gerry Britton (1-1, 29 mins); David Rowson (2-2, 52 mins); Alex Burns (3-2, 86 mins)
Grant Brebner; Jarkko Wiss mh-yellow-card.png Alex Burns; Gerry Britton
Steven Whittaker (Tom McManus, 66 mins); Jarkko Wiss (Kevin Nicol, 77 mins) mh-subs.png Ricky Waddell (Derek Fleming, 18 mins); Derek Fleming (Derek Whyte, 63 mins); Martin Hardie (Chic Charnley, 87 mins)
Nick Colgan mh-01.png Kenny Arthur kenny-arthur.jpg Scotland 24y, 5m, 17d
Gary Smith mh-02.png David Lilley david-lilley.jpg Scotland 25y, 6m, 23d
mh-sub-off.png Steven Whittaker mh-03.png Kevin McGowne kevin-mcgowne.jpg Scotland 33y, 5m, 8d
Janos Matyus mh-04.png Kenny Milne kenny-milne.jpg Scotland 23y, 8m, 28d
Matthias Jack mh-05.png Martin Hardie sub-off.png martin-hardie.jpg Scotland 27y, 1m, 2d
Ian Murray mh-06.png David Rowson david-rowson.jpg Scotland 26y, 8m, 10d
Grant Brebner mh-07.png Jamie Mitchell jamie-mitchell.jpg Scotland 26y, 6m, 18d
mh-sub-off.png Jarkko Wiss mh-08.png Ian Ross ian-ross.jpg Scotland 28y, 8m, 27d
Scott Brown mh-09.png Ricky Waddell sub-off.png ricky-waddell.jpg Scotland 22y, 3m, 20d
Darran Thomson mh-10.png Alex Burns alex-burns.jpg Scotland 29y, 9m, 20d
Derek Riordan mh-11.png Gerry Britton gerry-britton.jpg Scotland 32y, 7m, 4d
Age 27y, 4m, 10d
Ally Brown mh-12g.png Steven Pinkowski steven-pinkowski.jpg Scotland 19y, 11m, 15d
mh-sub-on.png Kevin Nicol mh-13.png Derek Whyte sub-on.png derek-whyte.jpg Scotland 34y, 8m, 23d
mh-sub-on.png Tom McManus mh-14.png Andy S. Gibson andy-s-gibson.jpg Scotland 21y, 2m, 22d
Alan Reid mh-15.png Chic Charnley sub-on.png chic-charnley.jpg Scotland 39y, 11m, 13d
Kevin O'Neill mh-16.png Derek Fleming sub-on.pngsub-off.png derek-fleming.jpg Scotland 29y, 5m, 19d

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