15th May 1971 Vard Haugesund 0 Partick Thistle 4 (Friendly)

? Manager(s) Davie McParland man-davie-mcparland.jpg born in Scotland 36y, 0m, 10d
mh-in.png Ian Reid; Bobby Gray [ii]; Donnie McKinnon; Denis McQuade; Frank Coulston; Jimmy Bone; Alex Rae
mh-out.png Brian Ralston; Bobby Gray [i]; Hugh Strachan; Johnny Gibson; Ronnie Glavin; Tommy Rae; Alex Forsyth
mh-goal.png Denis McQuade (1-0, 20 mins); Jimmy Bone (2-0, 25 mins); Jimmy Bone (3-0, 30 mins); Jimmy Bone (4-0, 35 mins)
R. Olsen (B. Maurseth); E. Gismarvik (S. Arseth); S. Sirnes (I. Sorhus); A. Risanger (A. Andreassen); I. Sorhus (J. Johannesen) mh-subs.png Alan Rough (Ian Dick); John Hansen (Alex Forsyth); Frank Coulston (Ronnie Glavin)
mh-sub-off.png R. Olsen mh-01.png Alan Rough sub-off.png alan-rough.jpg Scotland 19y, 5m, 20d
P. Senstabe mh-02.png Ian Reid ian-reid.jpg Scotland 20y, 5m, 4d
B. Lande mh-03.png Bobby Gray [ii] bobby-gray-ii.jpg Scotland 30y, 9m, 22d
T. O. Wiig mh-04.png Charlie Smith charlie-smith.jpg Scotland 22y, 10m, 22d
mh-sub-off.png E. Gismarvik mh-05.png Donnie McKinnon donnie-mckinnon.jpg Scotland 30y, 8m, 25d
T. Nordvik mh-06.png John Hansen sub-off.png john-hansen.jpg Scotland 21y, 3m, 12d
J. Segaard mh-07.png Denis McQuade denis-mcquade.jpg Scotland 20y, 4m, 9d
Øyvind Sande mh-08.png Frank Coulston sub-off.png frank-coulston.jpg Scotland 28y, 7m, 10d
mh-sub-off.png A. Risanger mh-09.png Jimmy Bone jimmy-bone.jpg Scotland 21y, 7m, 23d
O. Risanger mh-10.png Alex Rae alex-rae.jpg Scotland 24y, 8m, 22d
mh-sub-off.png S. Sirnes mh-11.png Bobby Lawrie bobby-lawrie.jpg Scotland 23y, 6m, 1d
Age 24y, 0m, 14d
n-a mh-12g.png Ian Dick sub-on.png ian-dick.jpg Scotland 26y, 5m, 24d
mh-sub-on.png B. Maurseth mh-13.png Alex Forsyth sub-on.png alex-forsyth.jpg Scotland 19y, 3m, 10d
mh-sub-on.png S. Arseth mh-14.png Ronnie Glavin sub-on.png ronnie-glavin.jpg Scotland 20y, 1m, 18d
mh-sub-on.pngmh-sub-off.png I. Sorhus mh-15.png
mh-sub-on.png A. Andreassen mh-16.png
mh-sub-on.png J. Johannesen mh-17.png

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