53y, 9m, 15d born in Scotland man-david-meiklejohn.jpg David Meiklejohn Manager(s) Scot Symon future PT manager
Tommy Ledgerwood; Bobby Gibb; Bobby Bell; Norrie McCredie mh-in.png
Ken Brodie; Davie Mathers; Willie Crawford; Alex Wright mh-out.png
Davie McParland (1-0, 18 mins); John Harvey (2-0, 81 mins) mh-goal.png
31y, 7m, 4d Scotland tommy-ledgerwood.jpg Tommy Ledgerwood mh-01.png George Niven future Jag
38y, 3m, 17d Scotland jimmy-mcgowan.jpg Jimmy McGowan mh-02.png George Young future Jag
32y, 7m, 22d Scotland bobby-gibb.jpg Bobby Gibb mh-03.png John Little
21y, 8m, 6d Scotland john-harvey.jpg John Harvey mh-04.png Adam Menzies
28y, 10m, 19d Scotland jimmy-davidson.jpg Jimmy Davidson mh-05.png Duncan Stanners
23y, 2m, 29d Scotland andy-kerr.jpg Andy Kerr mh-06.png Ian McColl
29y, 0m, 23d Scotland johnny-mackenzie.jpg Johnny MacKenzie mh-07.png Willie McCulloch
19y, 6m, 7d Scotland bobby-bell.jpg Bobby Bell mh-08.png Derek Grierson
19y, 3m, 26d Scotland george-smith.jpg George Smith mh-09.png Willie Paton
19y, 4m, 22d Scotland davie-mcparland.jpg Davie McParland mh-10.png Ian Neillands
26y, 4m, 10d Scotland norrie-mccredie.jpg Norrie McCredie mh-11.png Bobby Cunning
26y, 4m, 12d Age

teamline notes
  • Teamlines per ET, OH concurs.
attendance notes
  • 40000 (ET); 45500 (GH); 45000 (DC); 45000 (DM); 40000 (SC)

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