Committee Manager(s) George Easton man-george-easton.jpg born in Scotland 36y
In Alex McGregor; George Elmore
Out Robert Wilson; Willie Gardiner
Ryder (2-1, 1st half) Scorer(s) John Coham (1-0, 1st half); James Steel (2-0, 1st half); Alec Raisbeck (3-1, pen 2nd half); Jim Marshall (4-1, 2nd half)
Sending Off(s)
Mehaffy (Adams, 5 mins) Subs
mh-sub-off.png Mehaffy Goalkeeper William Campbell william-campbell.jpg Scotland 25y, 11m, 9d
Burnison no. 2 Archie McKenzie archie-mckenzie.jpg Scotland 33y, 5m, 11d
Kirkpatrick no. 3 Willie Bulloch willie-bulloch.jpg Scotland 28y, 10m, 8d
McCracken no. 4 Alex McGregor alex-mcgregor.jpg Scotland
Kay no. 5 Alec Raisbeck alec-raisbeck.jpg Scotland 33y, 0m, 0d
Longmoor no. 6 Willie Hamilton willie-hamilton.jpg Scotland 22y, 2m, 17d
McSherry no. 7 James Steel james-steel.jpg Scotland
McClarence no. 8 John King john-king.jpg Scotland 23y, 1m, 1d
Campbell no. 9 Jim Marshall jim-marshall.jpg Scotland 21y, 6m, 17d
Ryder no. 10 George Elmore george-elmore.jpg England 31y, 6m, 10d
Keeley no. 11 John Coham john-coham.jpg England 20y, 9m, 14d
Age 26y, 8m, 16d
mh-sub-on.png Adams sub 1

teamline notes
  • Teamlines per NWH.
dubious goals panel
  • FJ credits Elmore and Coham with Thistle's first two goals, but we stick with Coham and Steel as per the supplier of our teamlines, NWH, who give a fuller, more descriptive account of the match.

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