In James Bryce; Geordie McNicoll; David Campbell
Out Andy Wilson; William McDonald [i]; Willie Paul
David Lindsay (0-1, 1st half); William Steel (1-2, 50 mins); William Steel (1-3, 2nd half); Alexander Young (3-4, 88 mins) Scorer(s) David Fairbairn (1-1, 1st half); John Blackwood (2-3, 80 mins); John Blackwood (3-3, 85 mins)
Sending Off(s)
James Paterson Goalkeeper Archie McDonald archie-mcdonald.jpg Scotland
former Jag Jamie Auchincloss no. 2 Robert Campbell robert-campbell.jpg Scotland 18y, 7m, 21d
Thomas Jackson no. 3 James Bryce james-bryce.jpg Scotland
George Hastings no. 4 Geordie McNicoll geordie-mcnicoll.jpg Scotland
Walter Bruce no. 5 David Proudfoot david-proudfoot.jpg Scotland 27y, 9m, 5d
Michael McAvoy no. 6 William Goudie william-goudie.jpg Scotland 20y, 9m, 18d
David Lindsay no. 7 David Campbell david-campbell.jpg Scotland
William Steel no. 8 David Fairbairn david-fairbairn.jpg Scotland
Alexander Young no. 9 John Blackwood john-blackwood.jpg Scotland 22y, 4m, 6d
Thomas Cheyne no. 10 Davy McDougall davy-mcdougall.jpg Scotland 21y, 1m, 3d
Alex Wylie no. 11 Willie Freebairn willie-freebairn.jpg Scotland 24y, 11m, 28d
Age 22y, 7m, 9d

teamline notes
  • Teamlines per SR.
  • OH lists Andy Wilson and William McDonald at the expense of Robert Campbell and David Campbell.
dubious goals panel
  • The OH credits John Blackwood with the hat-trick, but the match report at the SR says that David Fairbairn got the first. Contemporary reports are scarce for this one, and we go with the SR in the meantime, pending further accounts.
attendance notes
  • 2500 (OH)

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