In James Hirst; Alex Legge; William Johnston
Out Bob Duncan; Robert Gray; James Cleland
James Tennant (0-1, 1st half); Robert Houston (0-2, 1st half); Robert Houston (0-3, 1st half); Angus McInnes (0-4, 1st half); Alexander Kinghorn (1-5, 2nd half); Angus McInnes (1-6, 2nd half); Robert Houston (1-7, 2nd half); Angus McInnes (1-8, 2nd half); James Tennant (1-9, 2nd half) Scorer(s) John Ferguson (1-4, 44 mins)
Sending Off(s)
Yair Goalkeeper John C. Spence john-c-spence.jpg England 23y, 11m, 6d
Duncan McLean no. 2 Jamie Auchincloss jamie-auchincloss.jpg Scotland 24y, 8m, 1d
Duncan McNicol no. 3 Andy Wilson andy-wilson.jpg Scotland 22y, 4m, 9d
Peter Buchanan no. 4 James Hirst james-hirst.jpg England
William Baird no. 5 Robert Currie robert-currie.jpg Scotland
Andrew Cairns no. 6 Willie Paul willie-paul.jpg Scotland 31y, 9m, 27d
Alexander Kinghorn no. 7 Alex Legge mh-ptfc-player.jpg Scotland
Angus McInnes no. 8 William Massie william-massie.jpg Scotland 19y, 9m, 2d
Robert Houston no. 9 John Ferguson john-ferguson.jpg Scotland
Daniel Paton no. 10 Fred McDiarmid fred-mcdiarmid.jpg Scotland 20y, 6m, 23d
James Tennant no. 11 William Johnston william-johnston.jpg Scotland 32y, 7m, 19d
Age 25y, 1m, 7d

teamline notes
  • Thistle derived from OH/SR, St Bernard's (predicted) per EEN.
  • Unfortunately, the SR reports that James Hirst (right half i.e. #4) and that William Johnston (outside left i.e. #11) played, but neither of these players are included in the OH line-up. The OH line-up is provably wrong because they have James Clelland at #11 and he is categorically out with an injury, a story which is carried in various press reports before and after the match. The OH line-up is not contradicted, aside from the aforementioned Clelland. We are therefore faced with the dilemma of having to remove one player from the OH eleven and our best-educated guess is that it should be one of the midfield three, since Hirst was slotted in there. Since Willie Paul was quoted as being played out of position (the OH has him at #4) we feel that he is on solid ground as one of the three. This leaves one space for either of two players; Robert Currie (OH #5) or Bob Duncan (OH #6). Given that centre half is always unequivocally fixed at #5 and that the #4 and #6 positions are the ones which are usually mixed up between right or left half, we therefore think it's "the best of a bad choice" decision to remove Bob Duncan #6 and to place Willie Paul there.
  • St Bernard's goalie was listed as 'Newman'. The EEN speculated that Goode (Falkirk) might appear, but the SR reported that it was Yair (Ashfield) on the day. Yair, Baird and the front 5 are all confirmed in the reports, and there are no contradictions.
attendance notes
  • 3000 (OH); 3000 (JL); 3000 (SR)

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