In James Miller
Out J. Miller
Scrimmage (0-1, 5 mins); O'Brien (1-2, 1st half); Edward McCann (1-3, 2nd half); ? (3-4, 89 mins) Scorer(s) Willie Paul (1-1, 1st half); James Miller (2-3, 2nd half); Andrew Stewart (3-3, 2nd half)
Sending Off(s)
Dowdie Goalkeeper Archibald Brown archibald-brown.jpg Scotland
J. McCabe no. 2 Bob Campbell bob-campbell.jpg Scotland 25y, 4m, 8d
Docherty no. 3 Peter Rodger peter-rodger.jpg Scotland
Hughes no. 4 Jacky Robertson jacky-robertson.jpg Scotland 23y, 8m, 4d
O'Byrne no. 5 John A. Harvey john-a-harvey.jpg Scotland
John McCann no. 6 David Bruce david-bruce.jpg Scotland
Alex Brady no. 7 Hugh Osborne mh-ptfc-player.jpg Scotland
Miller no. 8 Andrew Stewart andrew-stewart.jpg Scotland 21y, 1m, 10d
O'Brien no. 9 Willie Paul willie-paul.jpg Scotland 26y, 8m, 29d
Edward McCann no. 10 James Miller james-miller.jpg Scotland
Gribbon no. 11 William Hodge mh-ptfc-player.jpg Scotland
Age 24y, 2m, 21d

teamline notes
  • Teamlines per WLC, OH concurs.
dubious goals panel
  • The SR credits 'Oliver' with Broxburn's opener, whilst the GH records a scrimmage. We'd have gone with Oliver ordinarily, but are unable to do so on this occasion as he's not in the teamline sourced at WLC so we've no option but to ignore him as things stand. Similarly, the SR lists 'J. McGun' as scorer of Broxburn's third, but no such player is listed in the WLC so we stick with Edward McCann. Every chance they're talking about the same guy misspelled.

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