In William Hodge; Bob Campbell; Walter Edgar; Hugh Osborne; Willie Paul
Out John McMoreland; Peter Rodger; William Alder; James Miller; J. Miller
Blythe (0-1, 30 mins); ? (2-3, 75 mins); John Shanks (3-3, 2nd half); George Adams (3-4, 2nd half); Blythe (3-5, 2nd half); John Shanks (3-6, 2nd half); Robert McFarlane (3-7, 2nd half); John Shanks (3-8, 2nd half) Scorer(s) Hugh Osborne (1-1, 50 mins); Willie Paul (2-1, 2nd half); Willie Paul (3-1, 2nd half)
Sending Off(s)
Fyfe Goalkeeper Charles Simpson mh-ptfc-player.jpg Scotland
Peter Maxwell no. 2 William Hodge mh-ptfc-player.jpg Scotland
Rooney no. 3 Bob Campbell bob-campbell.jpg Scotland 25y, 3m, 10d
James McPherson no. 4 Jacky Robertson jacky-robertson.jpg Scotland 23y, 7m, 7d
Robert McFarlane no. 5 John A. Harvey john-a-harvey.jpg Scotland
James Masterton no. 6 Walter Edgar walter-edgar.jpg Scotland
Blythe no. 7 Andrew Stewart andrew-stewart.jpg Scotland 21y, 0m, 12d
George Aitken no. 8 Hugh Osborne mh-ptfc-player.jpg Scotland
John Shanks no. 9 Willie Paul willie-paul.jpg Scotland 26y, 8m, 1d
William Edgar no. 10 James Mulvey mh-ptfc-player.jpg Scotland
George Adams no. 11 Robert Murray robert-murray.jpg Scotland
Age 24y, 1m, 22d

teamline notes
  • Teamlines per GH (excepting Cowlairs #11), OH concurs for Thistle (albeit in a different forward-line order).
  • We've interpreted the GH's (otherwise unknown) Mulroy as our (James) Mulvey of the period, and this is backed up by the GEP and EC. We take a side note that the GEP lists an unknown (Aitken) at no.6 for Thistle at the expense of Walter Edgar.
  • Cowlairs' Edgars are listed as (1) and (2) in the GH. The GEP/SR list them as Edgar and Adams, and the EC lends terrific weight to those papers by naming Adams as the scorer of Cowlairs 4th. We've therefore removed the GH's secondary William Edgar, replacing him with George Adams.
dubious goals panel
  • EC credits (the otherwise unheard of) Shaw with Thistle's opener, but the OH (by process of elimination) says it was Hugh Osborne and this is backed up by the GH report, so we've dismissed the EC account. The EC also credits James Mulvey with Thistle's second, with the GH describing it as a scrimmage. The SR doesn't commit to sequence but the editorial states that Paul, Murray, Osbourne and Campbell showed up prominently and that Paul and Osbourne were instrumental in obtaining the goals for Thistle. There's no mention of Shaw or Mulvey. We therefore stick with Willie Paul as per the OH in the meantime. Also from the SR editorial, it's suggested that William Edgar, James McPherson and George Aitken were second half scorers for Cowlairs, but there's nothing specific to go on in terms of sequence. By contrast, the EC report has 7 of the 8 Cowlairs scorers named in sequence, so it's easier to fall in line with that account, so we've dismissed the aforementioned three, none of whom are listed scorers in the EC! What can you do? In terms of doubly corroborated contemporary accounts, Blythe and Shanks are listed respectively as scorers of the first and third in both the GH and EC.

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