In David Reid; Thomas McCulloch; William Hay; Archie Freebairn; J. Bennett; Andrew Johnston
Out John McCorkindale; William Proudfoot; Matthew Ferguson; Bob Robertson; Hugh Hill; Sam Clark
Morton (3-1, 2nd half) Scorer(s) Andrew Johnston (1-0, 1st half); Roddy McLeod (2-0, 1st half); J. Bennett (3-0, 1st half); John Drummond (4-1, 2nd half)
Sending Off(s)
? Goalkeeper David Reid david-reid.jpg Scotland 24y, 8m, 8d
Andrew Brown no. 2 Thomas McCulloch thomas-mcculloch.jpg Scotland 23y, 6m, 7d
? no. 3 William Hay william-hay.jpg Scotland 21y, 6m, 11d
? no. 4 George Gorham george-gorham.jpg Scotland
? no. 5 Archie Freebairn archie-freebairn.jpg Scotland 20y, 6m, 13d
? no. 6 J. Bennett j-bennett.jpg Scotland
? no. 7 David Hislop david-hislop.jpg Scotland 19y, 5m, 3d
? no. 8 Roddy McLeod roddy-mcleod.jpg Scotland 19y, 2m, 2d
Morton no. 9 Willie Paul willie-paul.jpg Scotland 24y, 0m, 8d
? no. 10 John Drummond john-drummond.jpg Scotland 20y, 11m, 0d
? no. 11 Andrew Johnston andrew-johnston.jpg Scotland 24y, 4m, 3d
Age 22y, 0m, 6d

teamline notes
  • Thistle per OH (excepting no. 3), opposition as yet unsourced.
  • SR reports that Thistle were without McCorkindale, Robertson and Hislop and that they "had the assistance of Reid and Hay of Rangers". The OH concurs with David Reid for John McCorkindale, but still includes Bob Robertson and David Hislop, and makes no mention of Hay. It's obviously a bit of a dilemma. Since William Hay of Rangers (a former Jag) is a full back, we have placed him at no.3 instead of Bob Robertson. The inclusion of David Hislop at no.7 remains an unsolved conundrum, left alone for now.
  • SR reports that St Mirren were "without Hunter, McFarlane, A. McBain and Campbell, whose places were filled by second eleven men".

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