Andrew Milliken; Jerry Suter In
John Munro; J. Caldwell Out
Jerry Suter (1-0, 10 mins); Andrew Johnston (2-0, 48 mins) Scorer(s) ? (2-1, 75 mins)
Sending Off(s)
probably born in Scotland mh-ptfc-player.png T. Burns Goalkeeper James Connor
probably born in Scotland john-hendry.jpg John Hendry no. 2 ?
22y, 5m, 1d born in Scotland mh-ptfc-player.png Andrew Milliken no. 3 Barton
probably born in Scotland bob-robertson.jpg Bob Robertson no. 4 J. Lyons
probably born in Scotland mh-ptfc-player.png R. Middleton no. 5 J. Welsh
probably born in Scotland mh-ptfc-player.png John Stewart no. 6 John Spence
24y, 4m, 19d born in Scotland jerry-suter.jpg Jerry Suter no. 7 H. Miller
probably born in Scotland andrew-johnston.jpg Andrew Johnston no. 8 Stark
21y, 8m, 15d born in Scotland willie-paul.jpg Willie Paul no. 9 R. Reid
22y, 11m, 22d born in Scotland mh-ptfc-player.png Bob Marshall no. 10 J. Reid
probably born in Scotland mh-ptfc-player.png Jim Buchanan no. 11 Houston
22y, 10m, 13d Age

teamline notes
  • Thistle per OH, Airdrie per EC.
  • The EC has a differing order and has one personnel change, including John Munro at the expense of Jerry Suter. Since Suter was especially noted as a scorer in other reports, we have stuck with the OH line-up for Thistle.
  • Unfortunately, Airdrie's no.2 is unreadable in the EC.
dubious goals panel
  • The GH/EC credit Johnston with Thistle's "curious" opener, a shot which struck both posts, but the SU/SN reckon it was Jerry Suter. The W/B research notes for the OH tell us that that Suter and Johnston scored, and that the latter scored on 49 mins, thereby falling into line with Jerry Suter having scored the first. Andrew Johnston scoring the second is supported in the EC/OH/SN and, as far as we can see, that contention is unopposed. Stop press: CE re-affirms Suter with the first & Johnston with the second.
attendance notes
  • 1300 (OH)

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