In John Hendry; John Marshall; Andrew Johnston
Out Cochrane [i]; J. Caldwell; Andrew Mackay
Baxter (10-1, 2nd half) Scorer(s) Willie Paul (1-0, 1st half); Willie Paul (2-0, 1st half); Jerry Suter (3-0, 1st half); Willie Paul (4-0, 60 mins); Willie Paul (5-0, 2nd half); Jerry Suter (6-0, 2nd half); Bob Marshall (7-0, 2nd half); Andrew Johnston (8-0, 2nd half); Bob Robertson (9-0, 2nd half); Willie Paul (10-0, 2nd half); Jerry Suter (11-1, 2nd half)
Sending Off(s)
Gillespie Goalkeeper Andrew Duff andrew-duff.jpg Scotland 27y, 7m, 24d
Stewart no. 2 John Hendry john-hendry.jpg Northern Ireland
Browne no. 3 Walter McLean walter-mclean.jpg Scotland
Molyneux no. 4 Bob Robertson bob-robertson.jpg Scotland 21y, 6m, 12d
Rosbottom no. 5 Andrew Milliken andrew-milliken.jpg Scotland
Baxter no. 6 Bob Marshall bob-marshall.jpg Scotland 22y, 1m, 4d
Elleman no. 7 John Young [ii] john-young-ii.jpg Scotland
McPherson no. 8 Willie Paul willie-paul.jpg Scotland 20y, 9m, 27d
Barry no. 9 John Marshall john-marshall.jpg Scotland 36y, 8m, 3d
Dobbin no. 10 Andrew Johnston andrew-johnston.jpg Scotland 21y, 1m, 22d
Turner no. 11 Jerry Suter jerry-suter.jpg Scotland 23y, 6m, 1d
Age 24y, 9m, 9d

teamline notes
  • Teamlines per BNL, OH concurs.
extra notes
  • Thistle received a 4th Round bye after this victory.
dubious goals panel
  • We go with the extensive account which was reported in the BNL. Our feeling is that the Belfast report would be "closest to the action" and more likely to be accurate. It also gives us the half-time score and includes the Cliftonville scorer. The OH differs by 1 scorer; crediting Willie Paul with 4 goals (as opposed to the BNL's 5) and John Young with 1 goal (as opposed to the BNL who do not credit him at all).
attendance notes
  • 3000 (OH); 3000 (BNL); 7000 (GH)

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