In J. Sutherland
Out Jerry Suter
George Somerville (1-1, 1st half); David Allan (1-2, 46 mins); Alec Hamilton (1-3, 47 mins); George Somerville (1-4, 2nd half); ? (1-5, 2nd half) Scorer(s) Andrew Johnston (1-0, 1st half)
future Jag George Gillespie Goalkeeper Andrew Duff andrew-duff.jpg Scotland 26y, 6m, 21d
Walter Arnott no. 2 John Hendry john-hendry.jpg Northern Ireland
Andrew Watson no. 3 Bobby Brown bobby-brown.jpg Scotland
Charles Campbell no. 4 H. Eadie h-eadie.jpg Scotland
John Gow no. 5 R. Middleton r-middleton.jpg Scotland
John Lambie no. 6 Bob Marshall bob-marshall.jpg Scotland 21y, 0m, 1d
Alec Hamilton no. 7 James Miller james-miller.jpg Scotland
George Somerville no. 8 Bob Robertson bob-robertson.jpg Scotland 20y, 5m, 9d
David Allan no. 9 John Marshall john-marshall.jpg Scotland 35y, 7m, 0d
William Harrower no. 10 J. Sutherland j-sutherland.jpg Scotland
Woody Gray no. 11 Andrew Johnston andrew-johnston.jpg Scotland 20y, 0m, 19d
Age 24y, 8m, 22d

teamline notes
  • Teamlines per GH.
  • OH lists John Boag and Jerry Suter at the expense of Bob Marshall and J. Sutherland.
  • QP's no.2 is listed as "Walters", explained as a psuedonym for Walter Arnott by the QP historians.
  • Our teamlines follow the GH, although we are uneasy about it from the Thistle perspective as EY quotes Boag (which would be his only known game for the first team if true) and Suter in the play. We've checked at least 10 "reports" in the BNA but they are not helpful. The DC is the only one to mention Thistle players, namely Duff, Suter, Miller and Johnston. In favour for the GH, the Queen's Park line-up is fully corroborated by respected publications, HQP and QPC. As a "something or nothing" point of observation, we note the similarity letter-wise of J. Suter to J. Sutherland. One other "issue" in the GH is the naming of a T. Hendry at #2 for Thistle (the paper takes the unusual step of giving all eleven Thistle players at least one first name letter in this match). We don't know of a T. Hendry at this time, with John Hendry and A. Hendrie being the only known candidates from the playing pool. Never having identified A. Hendrie properly, we speculate that the T. Hendry could stand for Tony Hendry, which could be translated as Anthony Hendrie. The other (more likely) solution is that T. Hendry is simply a typo for John Hendry. John is the regular #2, is quoted in the EY report for this game, and played in the Scottish Cup team of last week, all of which give strength to his claim, and we therefore allocate the appearance to him.
attendance notes
  • 3000 (OH)

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