Manager Committee
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(Sat-19-Feb-1876 ↔ Tue-04-Aug-1903; 27y,5m,16d)

It seems a bit of a strange concept these days, but almost every club in the nineteenth century picked their eleven via a committee, typically made up of directors and prominent players such as the captain or vice captain. Whilst it's never been clearly stated who and how many men were involved for Thistle, it's known that Scotland's national team typically had a selection committee of seven to ten. Thistle directors probably had some sort of say in team selection all the way to the second world war era, and David Meiklejohn (1947-1959) is likely to be the first bona-fide manager in the modern sense. Scotland's team was picked by committee until 1954 and Queen's Park did likewise until the mid 1970s.

(0y,0m,0d) Sat-19-Feb-1876 [h] W1-0 Valencia (Friendly)
first – last of 937
(27y,3m,0d) Tue-19-May-1903 [h] W1-0 Rangers (Partick Nurses Benefit)


(Sat-01-Apr-1929 ↔ Thu-02-May-1929; 31 days)

Conflicting accounts of the post-Easton aftermath have Tom Galbraith or William Cochrane temporarily “looking after the affairs” of the club, but in any case both men were administrators first and foremost, the former being from a legal background.

(53y,1m,13d) Mon-01-Apr-1929 [a] L0-1 Celtic (SFL First Division - game 34)
first – last of 6
(53y,2m,8d) Sat-27-Apr-1929 [a] W5-2 Third Lanark (SFL First Division - game 38)

There's no supporting evidence to say that these men had any direct involvement in team matters and, in reality, the team was still being picked by committee, so, with all of this in mind, the April 1929 period is best described as the second spell for the collective.

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(age) 1875-76
1. (0y,0m,0d) Sat-19-Feb-1876 [h] W1-0 Valencia (Friendly)
2. (0y,0m,28d) Sat-18-Mar-1876 [h] W1-0 Jordanhill (Friendly)
3. (0y,1m,6d) Sat-25-Mar-1876 [a] W2-1 Smithfield (Friendly)
4. (0y,1m,13d) Sat-01-Apr-1876 [h] W3-0 Whiteinch Thistle (Friendly)
(age) 1876-77
5. (1y,2m,25d) Mon-14-May-1877 [a] W5-0 Smithfield (Friendly)
6. (1y,3m,0d) Sat-19-May-1877 [a] W4-0 Partick Ramblers (Friendly)
7. (1y,3m,14d) Sat-02-Jun-1877 [a] W1-0 Smithfield (Friendly)
(age) 1877-78
8. (1y,7m,3d) Sat-22-Sep-1877 [a] L1-3 Camden (Friendly)
9. (1y,7m,10d) Sat-29-Sep-1877 [a] L1-2 Kerrland (Friendly)
10. (1y,8m,1d) Sat-20-Oct-1877 [h] W4-0 Huntingdon (Friendly)
11. (1y,8m,8d) Sat-27-Oct-1877 [h] W2-0 Paperstainers (Friendly)
12. (1y,8m,29d) Sat-17-Nov-1877 [a] D1-1 2nd 10th D.R.V. (Friendly)
13. (1y,9m,19d) Sat-08-Dec-1877 [h] L0-2 Levern (Friendly)
14. (1y,9m,26d) Sat-15-Dec-1877 [h] W1-0 Camden (Friendly)
15. (1y,11m,0d) Sat-19-Jan-1878 [h] W4-1 Cowlairs (West Of Scotland Cup 1st Round)
16. (1y,11m,21d) Sat-09-Feb-1878 [h] W3-0 Camphill (Friendly)
17. (2y,0m,4d) Sat-23-Feb-1878 [h] W4-1 Huntingdon (West Of Scotland Cup 3rd Round)
18. (2y,0m,25d) Sat-16-Mar-1878 [h] W4-0 Springvale (Friendly)
19. (2y,1m,4d) Sat-23-Mar-1878 [h] L2-3 Kerrland (West Of Scotland Cup Quarter Final)
20. (2y,1m,11d) Sat-30-Mar-1878 [h] D0-0 Violet (Friendly)
(age) 1878-79
21. (2y,6m,19d) Sat-07-Sep-1878 [h] D1-1 Violet (Friendly)
22. (2y,7m,2d) Sat-21-Sep-1878 [h] W2-0 Springvale (Friendly)
23. (2y,7m,16d) Sat-05-Oct-1878 [h] W7-0 Parkholm (Friendly)
24. (2y,8m,0d) Sat-19-Oct-1878 [a] W6-3 Dennistoun (West Of Scotland Cup 1st Round)
25. (2y,8m,7d) Sat-26-Oct-1878 [h] L1-2 Cowlairs (Friendly)
26. (2y,8m,21d) Sat-09-Nov-1878 [h] W1-0 Vale of Clyde (Friendly)
27. (2y,9m,4d) Sat-23-Nov-1878 [a] W3-0 Dumbarton Albion (Friendly)
28. (2y,9m,11d) Sat-30-Nov-1878 [h] W2-0 Roseberry (Friendly)
29. (2y,9m,18d) Sat-07-Dec-1878 [h] W3-0 Petershill FC (Friendly)
30. (2y,10m,9d) Sat-28-Dec-1878 [a] W2-1 Thornliebank Rainbow (West Of Scotland Cup Quarter Final)
31. (2y,11m,20d) Sat-08-Feb-1879 [a] L1-3 Upper Clydesdale (Friendly)
32. (3y,0m,17d) Sat-08-Mar-1879 [a] D1-1 Violet (Friendly)
33. (3y,1m,3d) Sat-22-Mar-1879 [a] D1-1 Wellpark (West Of Scotland Cup Semi Final)
34. (3y,1m,10d) Sat-29-Mar-1879 [n] W2-1 Wellpark (West Of Scotland Cup Semi Final replay) aet
35. (3y,1m,17d) Sat-05-Apr-1879 [n] W1-0 Marchton (West Of Scotland Cup Final)
36. (3y,2m,28d) Sat-17-May-1879 [a] W3-2 Violet (Friendly)
(age) 1879-80
37. (3y,6m,18d) Sat-06-Sep-1879 [h] W7-0 Ardayre (Friendly)
38. (3y,6m,25d) Sat-13-Sep-1879 [a] W2-0 Possilpark (Friendly)
39. (3y,7m,1d) Sat-20-Sep-1879 [h] W1-0 Possil Bluebell (Friendly)
40. (3y,7m,8d) Sat-27-Sep-1879 [h] L1-2 Barrhead Rangers (Friendly)
41. (3y,7m,22d) Sat-11-Oct-1879 [a] D3-3 Windsor (Friendly)
42. (3y,8m,6d) Sat-25-Oct-1879 [h] W4-0 Kelvinside (Friendly)
43. (3y,8m,13d) Sat-01-Nov-1879 [a] L0-1 Fullerton (Friendly)
44. (3y,8m,20d) Sat-08-Nov-1879 [h] W1-0 Renfrew Ramblers (Friendly)
45. (3y,9m,3d) Sat-22-Nov-1879 [h] W2-0 Orient (Friendly)
46. (3y,9m,24d) Sat-13-Dec-1879 [a] W3-0 King's Park (Friendly)
47. (3y,10m,29d) Sat-17-Jan-1880 [a] W2-1 Possilpark (Friendly)
48. (3y,11m,5d) Sat-24-Jan-1880 [a] W1-0 2nd Queen's Park (Friendly)
49. (3y,11m,12d) Sat-31-Jan-1880 [h] W8-0 Pollok FC (Friendly)
50. (3y,11m,19d) Sat-07-Feb-1880 [h] W1-0 Kelvinside (Friendly)
51. (4y,0m,9d) Sat-28-Feb-1880 [a] W6-1 Ardayre (Friendly)
52. (4y,0m,16d) Sat-06-Mar-1880 [a] D1-1 Barrhead Rangers (Friendly)
53. (4y,1m,1d) Sat-20-Mar-1880 [a] D1-1 Renfrew Ramblers (Friendly)
(age) 1880-81
54. (4y,6m,2d) Sat-21-Aug-1880 [a] L0-2 Pollok FC (Friendly)
55. (4y,6m,16d) Sat-04-Sep-1880 [h] W3-1 South Western (Friendly)
56. (4y,6m,23d) Sat-11-Sep-1880 [h] W2-1 Harmonic (Friendly)
57. (4y,7m,6d) Sat-25-Sep-1880 [a] L1-5 Partick (Friendly)
58. (4y,7m,13d) Sat-02-Oct-1880 [a] W1-0 Jordanhill (Scottish Cup 2nd Round)
59. (4y,7m,27d) Sat-16-Oct-1880 [h] W2-1 Cambuslang (Friendly)
60. (4y,8m,4d) Sat-23-Oct-1880 [a] L0-3 Rangers (Scottish Cup 3rd Round)
61. (4y,9m,15d) Sat-04-Dec-1880 [a] L0-2 Govan (Friendly)
62. (4y,9m,22d) Sat-11-Dec-1880 [a] W1-0 Helensburgh Victoria (Friendly)
63. (4y,10m,20d) Sat-08-Jan-1881 [a] W1-0 Windsor (Friendly)
64. (4y,11m,17d) Sat-05-Feb-1881 [h] W1-0 Dalmuir Thistle (Yoker Cup Semi Final)
65. (5y,0m,0d) Sat-19-Feb-1881 [a] L1-2 Ardrossan Seafield (Friendly)
66. (5y,0m,21d) Sat-12-Mar-1881 [h] W5-1 Cambuslang (Friendly)
67. (5y,1m,0d) Sat-19-Mar-1881 [a] W1-0 Yoker (Yoker Cup Final)
68. (5y,1m,14d) Sat-02-Apr-1881 [h] W4-0 Harmonic (Royal Standard and Grand National Halls Cup Quarter Final)
69. (5y,1m,28d) Sat-16-Apr-1881 [a] L1-4 Glasgow Thistle (Royal Standard and Grand National Halls Cup Semi Final)
(age) 1881-82
70. (5y,6m,15d) Sat-03-Sep-1881 [a] W2-1 Jamestown (Friendly)
71. (5y,6m,22d) Sat-10-Sep-1881 [a] W3-1 Mavisbank (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
72. (5y,6m,29d) Sat-17-Sep-1881 [a] L1-6 Clyde (Friendly)
(5y,7m,12d) Sat-01-Oct-1881 [h] V3-1 Pilgrims (Scottish Cup 2nd Round - voided game)
73. (5y,7m,19d) Sat-08-Oct-1881 [h] W3-0 Queen's Park (Friendly)
74. (5y,7m,24d) Thu-13-Oct-1881 [h] W12-1 Strathmore (Friendly)
75. (5y,7m,26d) Sat-15-Oct-1881 [h] W7-1 Pilgrims (Scottish Cup 2nd Round)
76. (5y,8m,1d) Thu-20-Oct-1881 [a] W4-1 Strathmore (Friendly)
77. (5y,8m,3d) Sat-22-Oct-1881 [a] D2-2 Petershill FC (Scottish Cup 3rd Round)
(5y,8m,10d) Sat-29-Oct-1881 [h] V2-0 Petershill FC (Scottish Cup 3rd Round replay - voided game)
78. (5y,8m,17d) Sat-05-Nov-1881 [h] W3-2 Petershill FC (Scottish Cup 3rd Round replay) aet
79. (5y,8m,24d) Sat-12-Nov-1881 [a] W1-0 Glasgow Thistle (Scottish Cup 4th Round)
80. (5y,9m,0d) Sat-19-Nov-1881 [h] W3-0 Mavisbank (Friendly)
81. (5y,9m,7d) Sat-26-Nov-1881 [a] D4-4 Blackburn Olympic (Friendly)
82. (5y,9m,14d) Sat-03-Dec-1881 [a] L0-10 Queen's Park (Scottish Cup 5th Round)
83. (5y,10m,12d) Sat-31-Dec-1881 [h] W2-1 Glasgow Thistle (Friendly)
84. (5y,10m,14d) Mon-02-Jan-1882 [a] W5-1 Strathmore (Friendly)
85. (5y,10m,15d) Tue-03-Jan-1882 [a] W4-1 Angus (Friendly)
86. (5y,11m,2d) Sat-21-Jan-1882 [h] W5-2 Partick (Friendly)
87. (5y,11m,9d) Sat-28-Jan-1882 [h] W10-0 Britannia (Yoker Cup Semi Final)
88. (5y,11m,23d) Sat-11-Feb-1882 [h] W10-0 King's Park (Friendly)
89. (5y,11m,30d) Sat-18-Feb-1882 [a] W3-1 Partick (Friendly)
90. (6y,0m,13d) Sat-04-Mar-1882 [h] W2-0 Cowlairs (Friendly)
91. (6y,0m,20d) Sat-11-Mar-1882 [a] W5-0 Yoker (Yoker Cup Final)
92. (6y,0m,27d) Sat-18-Mar-1882 [h] W5-1 Vale of Teith (Friendly)
93. (6y,1m,6d) Sat-25-Mar-1882 [a] W4-1 Middlesbrough (Friendly)
94. (6y,1m,18d) Thu-06-Apr-1882 [a] L2-5 St Bernard's (Friendly)
95. (6y,1m,20d) Sat-08-Apr-1882 [h] W3-0 Clarkston (Friendly)
96. (6y,1m,25d) Thu-13-Apr-1882 [h] W4-2 Dundee Select (Friendly)
97. (6y,1m,27d) Sat-15-Apr-1882 [h] W8-3 Kilmarnock (Friendly)
98. (6y,2m,3d) Sat-22-Apr-1882 [h] W6-0 Clyde (Friendly)
99. (6y,2m,10d) Sat-29-Apr-1882 [a] L0-1 Vale of Leven (Friendly)
100. (6y,2m,17d) Sat-06-May-1882 [h] D2-2 Cartvale (Friendly)
101. (6y,2m,24d) Sat-13-May-1882 [a] W3-2 Partick (Friendly)
102. (6y,3m,5d) Wed-24-May-1882 [h] W1-0 Partick (Friendly)
(age) 1882-83
103. (6y,6m,0d) Sat-19-Aug-1882 [a] W3-1 Morton (Friendly)
104. (6y,6m,14d) Sat-02-Sep-1882 [a] D1-1 Renfrew FC (Friendly)
105. (6y,6m,21d) Sat-09-Sep-1882 [a] W4-2 Battlefield (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
106. (6y,7m,4d) Sat-23-Sep-1882 [h] W5-0 Whitefield (Friendly)
107. (6y,7m,11d) Sat-30-Sep-1882 [h] W14-2 Mavisbank (Scottish Cup 2nd Round)
108. (6y,7m,25d) Sat-14-Oct-1882 [a] L3-4 Beith (Friendly)
109. (6y,8m,2d) Sat-21-Oct-1882 [a] D3-3 Cambuslang (Scottish Cup 3rd Round)
110. (6y,8m,9d) Sat-28-Oct-1882 [h] D3-3 Cambuslang (Scottish Cup 3rd Round replay) both sides progressed
111. (6y,8m,16d) Sat-04-Nov-1882 [a] W3-1 Partick (Friendly)
112. (6y,8m,23d) Sat-11-Nov-1882 [h] L1-6 Vale of Leven (Friendly)
113. (6y,9m,6d) Sat-25-Nov-1882 [a] L0-2 Hibernians (Friendly)
114. (6y,9m,13d) Sat-02-Dec-1882 [a] W2-0 Johnstone (Friendly)
115. (6y,10m,11d) Sat-30-Dec-1882 [h] L0-2 Blackburn Olympic (Friendly)
116. (6y,10m,13d) Mon-01-Jan-1883 [a] W10-0 Strathmore (Friendly)
117. (6y,10m,14d) Tue-02-Jan-1883 [a] W6-0 Our Boys Dundee (Friendly)
118. (6y,11m,8d) Sat-27-Jan-1883 [h] D2-2 Abercorn (Friendly)
119. (6y,11m,15d) Sat-03-Feb-1883 [a] L0-3 Rangers (Friendly)
120. (6y,11m,22d) Sat-10-Feb-1883 [h] L0-4 Vale of Leven (Scottish Cup Quarter Final)
121. (6y,11m,29d) Sat-17-Feb-1883 [h] L2-3 Hibernians (Friendly)
122. (7y,0m,5d) Sat-24-Feb-1883 [a] L2-6 Falkirk (Friendly)
(7y,0m,12d) Sat-03-Mar-1883 [a] V2-1 Yoker (Yoker Cup Semi Final - voided game)
123. (7y,0m,19d) Sat-10-Mar-1883 [h] W6-0 Yoker (Yoker Cup Semi Final)
124. (7y,1m,1d) Mon-19-Mar-1883 [n] W2-0 Sir John Maxwell (Yoker Cup Final)
125. (7y,1m,5d) Sat-24-Mar-1883 [a] L1-4 Vale of Leven (Friendly)
126. (7y,1m,19d) Sat-07-Apr-1883 [a] L0-3 Blackburn Olympic (Friendly)
127. (7y,1m,26d) Sat-14-Apr-1883 [h] W2-0 Rangers (Friendly)
128. (7y,2m,2d) Sat-21-Apr-1883 [h] L1-2 Morton (Friendly)
129. (7y,3m,0d) Sat-19-May-1883 [h] W2-0 Partick (Friendly)
(age) 1883-84
130. (7y,6m,6d) Sat-25-Aug-1883 [a] L1-4 Cartvale (Friendly)
131. (7y,6m,13d) Sat-01-Sep-1883 [h] W9-0 Glasgow Thistle (Friendly)
132. (7y,6m,20d) Sat-08-Sep-1883 [h] W11-0 Pilgrims (Friendly)
133. (7y,6m,27d) Sat-15-Sep-1883 [h] W8-2 Falkirk (Friendly)
134. (7y,7m,10d) Sat-29-Sep-1883 [h] W8-1 Orchard (Scottish Cup 2nd Round)
135. (7y,7m,17d) Sat-06-Oct-1883 [h] W1-0 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
136. (7y,7m,24d) Sat-13-Oct-1883 [a] L2-5 Morton (Friendly)
137. (7y,8m,1d) Sat-20-Oct-1883 [h] W6-0 East Stirlingshire (Scottish Cup 3rd Round)
138. (7y,8m,8d) Sat-27-Oct-1883 [h] W5-0 Partick (Friendly)
139. (7y,8m,15d) Sat-03-Nov-1883 [a] L2-5 Vale of Leven (Friendly)
140. (7y,8m,22d) Sat-10-Nov-1883 [h] L0-4 Queen's Park (Scottish Cup 4th Round)
141. (7y,8m,29d) Sat-17-Nov-1883 [h] L1-3 Northern (Friendly)
142. (7y,9m,5d) Sat-24-Nov-1883 [a] D1-1 Clyde (Friendly)
143. (7y,9m,12d) Sat-01-Dec-1883 [a] L2-4 Johnstone (Friendly)
144. (7y,9m,26d) Sat-15-Dec-1883 [h] W6-3 Hamilton Academical (Friendly)
145. (7y,10m,10d) Sat-29-Dec-1883 [h] W4-0 Clyde (Friendly)
146. (7y,10m,13d) Tue-01-Jan-1884 [a] L1-2 Moffat (Friendly)
147. (7y,10m,14d) Wed-02-Jan-1884 [a] W10-1 Brechin (Friendly)
148. (7y,10m,15d) Thu-03-Jan-1884 [a] W14-1 Lindertis (Friendly)
149. (7y,10m,17d) Sat-05-Jan-1884 [h] W6-2 Cartvale (Friendly)
150. (7y,10m,24d) Sat-12-Jan-1884 [a] D4-4 Glasgow Thistle (Friendly)
151. (7y,11m,14d) Sat-02-Feb-1884 [a] D1-1 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
152. (7y,11m,21d) Sat-09-Feb-1884 [a] L3-4 Kilmarnock Athletic (Friendly)
153. (7y,11m,28d) Sat-16-Feb-1884 [a] D1-1 Heart of Midlothian (Friendly)
154. (8y,0m,4d) Sat-23-Feb-1884 [a] W2-0 Hamilton Academical (Friendly)
155. (8y,1m,3d) Sat-22-Mar-1884 [h] W2-1 Dumbarton (Friendly)
156. (8y,1m,10d) Sat-29-Mar-1884 [h] W2-1 Kilmarnock Athletic (Friendly)
157. (8y,1m,24d) Sat-12-Apr-1884 [h] W4-1 Morton (Friendly)
158. (8y,2m,0d) Sat-19-Apr-1884 [a] W3-0 Johnstone (Friendly)
159. (8y,2m,2d) Mon-21-Apr-1884 [h] L1-2 Johnstone (Friendly)
160. (8y,2m,7d) Sat-26-Apr-1884 [h] W3-2 Heart of Midlothian (Friendly)
161. (8y,2m,14d) Sat-03-May-1884 [a] W5-0 Partick (Friendly)
162. (8y,2m,21d) Sat-10-May-1884 [a] L2-3 Northern (Friendly)
163. (8y,4m,9d) Sat-28-Jun-1884 [a] W4-2 Arbroath (Friendly)
(age) 1884-85
164. (8y,6m,4d) Sat-23-Aug-1884 [h] W4-2 Morton (Friendly)
165. (8y,6m,11d) Sat-30-Aug-1884 [a] L1-4 Dumbarton (Friendly)
166. (8y,6m,18d) Sat-06-Sep-1884 [a] L1-4 St Mirren (Friendly)
167. (8y,6m,25d) Sat-13-Sep-1884 [a] L2-3 3rd L.R.V. (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
168. (8y,7m,1d) Sat-20-Sep-1884 [h] L1-5 Queen's Park (Friendly)
169. (8y,7m,8d) Sat-27-Sep-1884 [a] D1-1 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
170. (8y,7m,22d) Sat-11-Oct-1884 [a] L2-3 Falkirk (Friendly)
171. (8y,7m,29d) Sat-18-Oct-1884 [h] D2-2 Renton (Friendly)
172. (8y,8m,13d) Sat-01-Nov-1884 [a] W5-2 Our Boys Dundee (Friendly)
173. (8y,8m,27d) Sat-15-Nov-1884 [h] W3-1 Johnstone (Friendly)
174. (8y,9m,3d) Sat-22-Nov-1884 [a] D3-3 Heart of Midlothian (Friendly)
175. (8y,9m,10d) Sat-29-Nov-1884 [n] W2-0 Pilgrims (Friendly)
176. (8y,9m,24d) Sat-13-Dec-1884 [h] W4-2 Pollokshields Athletic (Friendly)
177. (8y,10m,1d) Sat-20-Dec-1884 [a] D4-4 Dundee Harp (Friendly)
178. (8y,10m,8d) Sat-27-Dec-1884 [h] W2-1 Kilmarnock Athletic (Friendly)
179. (8y,10m,14d) Fri-02-Jan-1885 [a] W2-1 Our Boys Dundee (Friendly)
180. (8y,10m,15d) Sat-03-Jan-1885 [a] D1-1 Strathmore (Friendly)
181. (8y,10m,22d) Sat-10-Jan-1885 [h] W2-1 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
182. (8y,11m,12d) Sat-31-Jan-1885 [h] W5-0 Kilmarnock Athletic (Friendly)
183. (8y,11m,19d) Sat-07-Feb-1885 [h] W1-0 Pilgrims (Friendly)
184. (8y,11m,26d) Sat-14-Feb-1885 [a] W4-1 Partick (Friendly)
185. (9y,0m,2d) Sat-21-Feb-1885 [a] L1-6 Hibernians (Friendly)
186. (9y,0m,16d) Sat-07-Mar-1885 [n] L1-5 Pilgrims (Friendly)
187. (9y,0m,23d) Sat-14-Mar-1885 [h] D3-3 Cambuslang (Friendly)
188. (9y,1m,2d) Sat-21-Mar-1885 [h] W2-1 Renton (Friendly)
189. (9y,1m,9d) Sat-28-Mar-1885 [h] W2-1 Heart of Midlothian (Friendly)
190. (9y,1m,16d) Sat-04-Apr-1885 [h] W1-0 St Mirren (Friendly)
191. (9y,1m,21d) Thu-09-Apr-1885 [a] L1-6 Arbroath (Friendly)
192. (9y,1m,23d) Sat-11-Apr-1885 [h] W5-0 Falkirk (Friendly)
193. (9y,1m,30d) Sat-18-Apr-1885 [n] W4-1 Pilgrims (Friendly)
194. (9y,2m,6d) Sat-25-Apr-1885 [h] W5-2 Rangers (Friendly)
195. (9y,2m,13d) Sat-02-May-1885 [h] W4-1 Partick (Friendly)
196. (9y,3m,11d) Sat-30-May-1885 [a] L0-2 Dundee Harp (Friendly)
(age) 1885-86
197. (9y,6m,3d) Sat-22-Aug-1885 [h] D4-4 Abercorn (Friendly)
198. (9y,6m,10d) Sat-29-Aug-1885 [a] W5-1 Morton (Friendly)
199. (9y,6m,17d) Sat-05-Sep-1885 [a] D1-1 St Bernard's (Friendly)
200. (9y,6m,24d) Sat-12-Sep-1885 [h] W11-0 Granton (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
201. (9y,7m,0d) Sat-19-Sep-1885 [a] L0-6 Cambuslang (Friendly)
202. (9y,7m,7d) Sat-26-Sep-1885 [h] D2-2 Dumbarton (Friendly)
203. (9y,7m,14d) Sat-03-Oct-1885 [h] L2-4 Cartvale (Friendly)
204. (9y,7m,21d) Sat-10-Oct-1885 [a] L1-2 Arthurlie (Friendly)
205. (9y,7m,28d) Sat-17-Oct-1885 [a] D1-1 Cowlairs (Friendly)
206. (9y,8m,5d) Sat-24-Oct-1885 [a] W12-0 Alloa Athletic (Scottish Cup 3rd Round)
207. (9y,8m,12d) Sat-31-Oct-1885 [a] L1-5 Queen's Park (FA Cup 1st Round)
208. (9y,8m,19d) Sat-07-Nov-1885 [h] D2-2 Airdrieonians (Friendly)
209. (9y,8m,26d) Sat-14-Nov-1885 [a] L0-3 Dumbarton (Scottish Cup 4th Round)
210. (9y,9m,2d) Sat-21-Nov-1885 [h] L0-3 Cambuslang (Friendly)
211. (9y,9m,9d) Sat-28-Nov-1885 [a] D2-2 Heart of Midlothian (Friendly)
212. (9y,9m,16d) Sat-05-Dec-1885 [a] D1-1 Clyde (Friendly)
213. (9y,9m,23d) Sat-12-Dec-1885 [a] L0-5 Rangers (Friendly)
214. (9y,10m,0d) Sat-19-Dec-1885 [a] L0-4 Abercorn (Friendly)
215. (9y,10m,13d) Fri-01-Jan-1886 [a] W3-0 Everton (Friendly)
216. (9y,10m,14d) Sat-02-Jan-1886 [a] L1-2 Stoke City (Friendly)
217. (9y,10m,28d) Sat-16-Jan-1886 [a] L0-1 Airdrieonians (Friendly)
218. (9y,11m,11d) Sat-30-Jan-1886 [h] W3-1 Kilmarnock (Friendly)
219. (9y,11m,25d) Sat-13-Feb-1886 [h] W6-0 Heart of Midlothian (Friendly)
220. (10y,0m,1d) Sat-20-Feb-1886 [h] W2-1 Dumbarton Athletic (Friendly)
221. (10y,1m,1d) Sat-20-Mar-1886 [h] D1-1 Battlefield (Friendly)
222. (10y,1m,8d) Sat-27-Mar-1886 [a] W5-4 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
223. (10y,1m,15d) Sat-03-Apr-1886 [h] W2-1 Northern (Friendly)
224. (10y,1m,22d) Sat-10-Apr-1886 [h] W7-1 St Bernard's (Friendly)
225. (10y,1m,29d) Sat-17-Apr-1886 [a] L1-3 Renton (Friendly)
226. (10y,2m,5d) Sat-24-Apr-1886 [a] W5-2 Arthurlie (Friendly)
227. (10y,2m,12d) Sat-01-May-1886 [h] W4-1 Rangers (Friendly)
228. (10y,2m,19d) Sat-08-May-1886 [h] W4-2 Morton (Friendly)
229. (10y,2m,26d) Sat-15-May-1886 [h] W5-2 Arthurlie (Friendly)
230. (10y,3m,3d) Sat-22-May-1886 [a] W5-4 Comely Park (Friendly)
(age) 1886-87
231. (10y,5m,19d) Sat-07-Aug-1886 [a] L0-2 Morton (Morton Sports Event Semi Final)
232. (10y,6m,2d) Sat-21-Aug-1886 [h] W4-0 Cowlairs (Friendly)
233. (10y,6m,9d) Sat-28-Aug-1886 [h] W1-0 Vale of Leven (Friendly)
234. (10y,6m,16d) Sat-04-Sep-1886 [a] W3-0 Abercorn (Friendly)
235. (10y,6m,23d) Sat-11-Sep-1886 [h] L2-3 Queen's Park (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
236. (10y,6m,30d) Sat-18-Sep-1886 [h] W4-3 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
237. (10y,7m,6d) Sat-25-Sep-1886 [h] L1-3 Cambuslang (Friendly)
238. (10y,7m,13d) Sat-02-Oct-1886 [h] W6-4 Battlefield (Friendly)
239. (10y,7m,20d) Sat-09-Oct-1886 [h] L2-3 Morton (Friendly)
240. (10y,7m,27d) Sat-16-Oct-1886 [a] W2-0 Airdrieonians (Friendly)
241. (10y,8m,4d) Sat-23-Oct-1886 [a] W3-1 Blackburn Olympic (FA Cup 1st Round)
242. (10y,8m,18d) Sat-06-Nov-1886 [h] L0-1 Dumbarton Athletic (Friendly)
243. (10y,8m,25d) Sat-13-Nov-1886 [a] L1-2 Dumbarton (Friendly)
244. (10y,9m,1d) Sat-20-Nov-1886 [h] W7-0 Fleetwood Rangers (FA Cup 2nd Round)
245. (10y,9m,8d) Sat-27-Nov-1886 [h] L1-4 Queen's Park (Friendly)
246. (10y,9m,15d) Sat-04-Dec-1886 [a] W11-1 Cliftonville (FA Cup 3rd Round)
247. (10y,9m,22d) Sat-11-Dec-1886 [a] D0-0 Rangers (Friendly)
248. (10y,10m,6d) Sat-25-Dec-1886 [a] L1-2 St Mirren (Friendly)
249. (10y,10m,13d) Sat-01-Jan-1887 [a] D1-1 Everton (Friendly)
250. (10y,10m,15d) Mon-03-Jan-1887 [a] W3-2 South Shore (Friendly)
251. (10y,10m,16d) Tue-04-Jan-1887 [a] W5-4 Fleetwood Rangers (Friendly)
252. (10y,11m,3d) Sat-22-Jan-1887 [a] L0-3 Cowlairs (Friendly)
253. (10y,11m,10d) Sat-29-Jan-1887 [a] L0-1 Old Westminsters (FA Cup 5th Round)
254. (10y,11m,17d) Sat-05-Feb-1887 [h] W2-1 Vale of Leven Wanderers (Friendly)
255. (10y,11m,24d) Sat-12-Feb-1887 [h] W8-0 St Mirren (Friendly)
256. (11y,0m,0d) Sat-19-Feb-1887 [a] D1-1 Cambuslang (Friendly)
257. (11y,0m,7d) Sat-26-Feb-1887 [h] W3-2 Airdrieonians (Friendly)
258. (11y,0m,14d) Sat-05-Mar-1887 [h] L2-3 Abercorn (Friendly)
259. (11y,0m,21d) Sat-12-Mar-1887 [h] W11-1 Clyde (Friendly)
260. (11y,1m,0d) Sat-19-Mar-1887 [h] W4-2 Thornliebank (Friendly)
261. (11y,1m,7d) Sat-26-Mar-1887 [a] L0-1 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
262. (11y,1m,14d) Sat-02-Apr-1887 [h] W3-1 Cowlairs (Friendly)
263. (11y,1m,21d) Sat-09-Apr-1887 [n] W7-1 Greenock Rangers (Greenock Charity Cup 1st Round)
264. (11y,1m,28d) Sat-16-Apr-1887 [a] W3-2 Glasgow Thistle (Friendly)
265. (11y,2m,1d) Wed-20-Apr-1887 [h] W3-2 Shettleston (Friendly)
266. (11y,2m,4d) Sat-23-Apr-1887 [h] D1-1 Rangers (Friendly)
267. (11y,2m,7d) Tue-26-Apr-1887 [a] W2-1 Northern (Friendly)
268. (11y,2m,11d) Sat-30-Apr-1887 [n] W5-1 Rangers (Friendly)
269. (11y,2m,18d) Sat-07-May-1887 [a] L2-4 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
270. (11y,2m,20d) Mon-09-May-1887 [h] W5-3 Church (Friendly)
271. (11y,2m,25d) Sat-14-May-1887 [a] W4-2 1st Renfrew R.V. (Greenock Charity Cup Semi Final)
272. (11y,3m,2d) Sat-21-May-1887 [a] L0-2 Caledonian Thistle (Friendly)
273. (11y,3m,9d) Sat-28-May-1887 [a] L2-5 Morton (Greenock Charity Cup Final)
274. (11y,3m,20d) Wed-08-Jun-1887 [h] W2-1 Bohemians (Whiteinch Orphanage Benefit)
(age) 1887-88
275. (11y,5m,22d) Wed-10-Aug-1887 [a] W4-1 Shettleston (Friendly)
276. (11y,5m,25d) Sat-13-Aug-1887 [h] W3-2 Northern (Friendly)
277. (11y,5m,27d) Mon-15-Aug-1887 [h] W2-0 Western Hibernians (Benefit)
278. (11y,6m,1d) Sat-20-Aug-1887 [a] L3-5 Dumbarton Athletic (Friendly)
279. (11y,6m,8d) Sat-27-Aug-1887 [a] W3-1 Cambuslang (Friendly)
280. (11y,6m,15d) Sat-03-Sep-1887 [h] W10-0 Westbourne (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
281. (11y,6m,22d) Sat-10-Sep-1887 [a] L2-3 Morton (Friendly)
282. (11y,6m,29d) Sat-17-Sep-1887 [a] L0-9 Vale of Leven (Friendly)
283. (11y,7m,5d) Sat-24-Sep-1887 [h] W2-1 Rangers (Scottish Cup 2nd Round)
284. (11y,7m,12d) Sat-01-Oct-1887 [a] L1-2 Cowlairs (Glasgow Cup 1st Round)
285. (11y,7m,19d) Sat-08-Oct-1887 [a] L1-3 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
286. (11y,7m,26d) Sat-15-Oct-1887 [h] W4-3 Dumbarton (Friendly)
287. (11y,8m,3d) Sat-22-Oct-1887 [h] W2-1 Airdrieonians (John Marshall Benefit)
288. (11y,8m,10d) Sat-29-Oct-1887 [a] L0-5 Renton (Friendly)
289. (11y,8m,17d) Sat-05-Nov-1887 [h] D2-2 Kilmarnock (Scottish Cup 4th Round)
290. (11y,8m,24d) Sat-12-Nov-1887 [a] W4-1 Kilmarnock (Scottish Cup 4th Round replay)
291. (11y,9m,0d) Sat-19-Nov-1887 [a] W4-3 Airdrieonians (Friendly)
292. (11y,9m,7d) Sat-26-Nov-1887 [h] L0-2 Queen's Park (Scottish Cup 5th Round)
293. (11y,9m,14d) Sat-03-Dec-1887 [h] L1-2 Renfrew FC (Friendly)
294. (11y,9m,28d) Sat-17-Dec-1887 [h] L1-3 3rd L.R.V. (Friendly)
295. (11y,10m,5d) Sat-24-Dec-1887 [h] W4-0 St Bernard's (Friendly)
296. (11y,10m,12d) Sat-31-Dec-1887 [a] L1-3 Rangers (Friendly)
297. (11y,10m,14d) Mon-02-Jan-1888 [a] W2-0 Darlington (Friendly)
298. (11y,10m,15d) Tue-03-Jan-1888 [a] W4-2 Sunderland (Friendly)
299. (11y,10m,19d) Sat-07-Jan-1888 [h] W6-0 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
300. (11y,11m,2d) Sat-21-Jan-1888 [h] W1-0 3rd L.R.V. (Friendly)
301. (11y,11m,9d) Sat-28-Jan-1888 [h] L2-3 Queen's Park (Friendly)
302. (11y,11m,16d) Sat-04-Feb-1888 [h] L1-3 Vale of Leven (Friendly)
303. (11y,11m,23d) Sat-11-Feb-1888 [h] L1-2 Cambuslang (Friendly)
304. (12y,0m,6d) Sat-25-Feb-1888 [h] L2-3 Battlefield (Friendly)
305. (12y,0m,13d) Sat-03-Mar-1888 [h] W6-2 Morton (Friendly)
306. (12y,0m,20d) Sat-10-Mar-1888 [h] D1-1 Airdrieonians (Friendly)
307. (12y,0m,26d) Fri-16-Mar-1888 [h] W7-1 County Derry (Friendly)
308. (12y,1m,5d) Sat-24-Mar-1888 [h] L2-4 Renton (Friendly)
309. (12y,1m,12d) Sat-31-Mar-1888 [h] L0-2 Hibernians (Friendly)
310. (12y,1m,19d) Sat-07-Apr-1888 [h] L2-3 Dumbarton Athletic (Friendly)
311. (12y,1m,26d) Sat-14-Apr-1888 [a] W4-2 Kilbirnie (Friendly)
312. (12y,2m,2d) Sat-21-Apr-1888 [a] W2-1 Dumbarton (Friendly)
313. (12y,2m,9d) Sat-28-Apr-1888 [a] L4-5 Mid-Annandale (Friendly)
314. (12y,2m,15d) Fri-04-May-1888 [h] D1-1 Mid-Annandale (Friendly)
315. (12y,2m,16d) Sat-05-May-1888 [a] L2-6 St Bernard's (Friendly)
316. (12y,2m,23d) Sat-12-May-1888 [h] W4-2 Maybole (Friendly)
317. (12y,3m,2d) Mon-21-May-1888 [h] W2-1 Bohemians (Whiteinch Orphanage Benefit)
318. (12y,4m,0d) Tue-19-Jun-1888 [n] W5-2 Cowlairs (Friendly)
(age) 1888-89
319. (12y,5m,19d) Tue-07-Aug-1888 [a] W5-0 Shettleston (Friendly)
320. (12y,5m,22d) Fri-10-Aug-1888 [n] W5-2 Airdrieonians (Exhibition Cup 1st Round)
321. (12y,5m,23d) Sat-11-Aug-1888 [h] W4-2 Kilbirnie (Friendly)
322. (12y,5m,27d) Wed-15-Aug-1888 [n] W2-1 Kilbirnie (Exhibition Cup Quarter Final)
323. (12y,5m,30d) Sat-18-Aug-1888 [a] L2-6 Cowlairs (Friendly)
324. (12y,6m,6d) Sat-25-Aug-1888 [a] L2-3 Cambuslang (Friendly)
325. (12y,6m,10d) Wed-29-Aug-1888 [n] L0-1 Celtic (Exhibition Cup Semi Final)
326. (12y,6m,13d) Sat-01-Sep-1888 [a] L2-4 Rangers (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
327. (12y,6m,20d) Sat-08-Sep-1888 [a] L2-5 Abercorn (Friendly)
328. (12y,6m,27d) Sat-15-Sep-1888 [a] W5-3 Maryhill (Glasgow Cup 1st Round)
329. (12y,7m,3d) Sat-22-Sep-1888 [h] W4-2 Hibernian (Friendly)
330. (12y,7m,10d) Sat-29-Sep-1888 [a] W12-1 Ulster (Friendly)
331. (12y,7m,17d) Sat-06-Oct-1888 [a] D2-2 3rd L.R.V. (Friendly)
332. (12y,7m,24d) Sat-13-Oct-1888 [h] W2-0 Rangers (Friendly)
333. (12y,8m,1d) Sat-20-Oct-1888 [h] D1-1 Northern (Friendly)
334. (12y,8m,8d) Sat-27-Oct-1888 [a] W4-3 Vale of Leven (Friendly)
335. (12y,8m,15d) Sat-03-Nov-1888 [h] L1-3 Battlefield (Friendly)
336. (12y,8m,22d) Sat-10-Nov-1888 [a] W2-1 3rd L.R.V. (Glasgow Cup Quarter Final)
337. (12y,8m,29d) Sat-17-Nov-1888 [a] D1-1 Clyde (Glasgow Cup Semi Final)
338. (12y,9m,5d) Sat-24-Nov-1888 [a] W6-0 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
339. (12y,9m,12d) Sat-01-Dec-1888 [h] W1-0 Clyde (Glasgow Cup Semi Final replay)
340. (12y,9m,19d) Sat-08-Dec-1888 [n] L0-8 Queen's Park (Glasgow Cup Final)
341. (12y,9m,26d) Sat-15-Dec-1888 [h] L0-2 Cowlairs (Friendly)
342. (12y,10m,3d) Sat-22-Dec-1888 [a] W3-1 Albion Rovers (Friendly)
343. (12y,10m,10d) Sat-29-Dec-1888 [h] D2-2 Renton (Friendly)
344. (12y,10m,12d) Mon-31-Dec-1888 [a] L1-6 Bolton Wanderers (Friendly)
345. (12y,10m,13d) Tue-01-Jan-1889 [a] L0-10 Accrington (Friendly)
346. (12y,10m,17d) Sat-05-Jan-1889 [h] W4-2 Vale of Leven (Friendly)
347. (12y,10m,24d) Sat-12-Jan-1889 [a] L2-4 Northern (Friendly)
348. (12y,11m,0d) Sat-19-Jan-1889 [h] W2-1 Battlefield (Friendly)
349. (12y,11m,7d) Sat-26-Jan-1889 [h] W7-6 Albion Rovers (Friendly)
350. (12y,11m,14d) Sat-02-Feb-1889 [a] L0-1 Airdrieonians (Friendly)
351. (12y,11m,21d) Sat-09-Feb-1889 [a] W4-2 Rangers (Friendly)
352. (12y,11m,28d) Sat-16-Feb-1889 [a] W5-3 Arthurlie (Friendly)
353. (13y,0m,4d) Sat-23-Feb-1889 [h] W2-0 St Bernard's (Friendly)
354. (13y,0m,18d) Sat-09-Mar-1889 [h] W3-0 Cambuslang (Friendly)
355. (13y,0m,25d) Sat-16-Mar-1889 [a] L1-3 Renton (Friendly)
356. (13y,1m,4d) Sat-23-Mar-1889 [h] D2-2 Morton (Friendly)
357. (13y,1m,11d) Sat-30-Mar-1889 [a] W3-2 Motherwell (Friendly)
358. (13y,1m,18d) Sat-06-Apr-1889 [h] W5-1 Dykebar (Friendly)
359. (13y,1m,22d) Wed-10-Apr-1889 [a] W1-0 Uddingston (Friendly)
360. (13y,1m,25d) Sat-13-Apr-1889 [h] D2-2 Northern (Friendly)
361. (13y,2m,1d) Sat-20-Apr-1889 [a] L1-2 Preston North End (Friendly)
362. (13y,2m,8d) Sat-27-Apr-1889 [h] D4-4 Linthouse (Maryhill Charity Cup 1st Round)
363. (13y,2m,15d) Sat-04-May-1889 [h] W6-2 Rangers (Friendly)
364. (13y,2m,22d) Sat-11-May-1889 [h] W5-2 Airdrieonians (Friendly)
365. (13y,2m,25d) Tue-14-May-1889 [a] D2-2 Linthouse (Friendly)
366. (13y,3m,8d) Mon-27-May-1889 [a] L2-4 Linthouse (Maryhill Charity Cup 1st Round replay)
(age) 1889-90
367. (13y,4m,24d) Sat-13-Jul-1889 [n] L1-4 Cowlairs (Sir William Cunningham Cup Semi Final)
368. (13y,5m,22d) Sat-10-Aug-1889 [a] D3-3 Kilbirnie (Friendly)
369. (13y,5m,25d) Tue-13-Aug-1889 [a] W6-1 Dalmuir Thistle (Friendly)
370. (13y,5m,29d) Sat-17-Aug-1889 [a] W7-2 Airdrieonians (Friendly)
371. (13y,6m,5d) Sat-24-Aug-1889 [h] L1-2 Cowlairs (Friendly)
372. (13y,6m,12d) Sat-31-Aug-1889 [a] L0-3 Renton (Friendly)
373. (13y,6m,19d) Sat-07-Sep-1889 [a] L2-3 3rd L.R.V. (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
374. (13y,6m,26d) Sat-14-Sep-1889 [h] W3-2 Cambuslang (Friendly)
375. (13y,7m,2d) Sat-21-Sep-1889 [a] W4-1 Summerton Athletic (Glasgow Cup 1st Round)
376. (13y,7m,9d) Sat-28-Sep-1889 [a] L2-6 Albion Rovers (Friendly)
377. (13y,7m,16d) Sat-05-Oct-1889 [h] W5-2 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
378. (13y,7m,23d) Sat-12-Oct-1889 [h] W5-2 Glasgow Thistle (Glasgow Cup 2nd Round)
379. (13y,8m,0d) Sat-19-Oct-1889 [a] W3-1 Glasgow Hibernians (Friendly)
380. (13y,8m,7d) Sat-26-Oct-1889 [a] L0-5 Cowlairs (Friendly)
381. (13y,8m,14d) Sat-02-Nov-1889 [a] L3-6 Queen's Park (Glasgow Cup Quarter Final)
382. (13y,8m,21d) Sat-09-Nov-1889 [a] W2-0 Battlefield (Friendly)
383. (13y,8m,28d) Sat-16-Nov-1889 [h] W4-2 Albion Rovers (Friendly)
384. (13y,9m,4d) Sat-23-Nov-1889 [a] D4-4 Morton (Friendly)
385. (13y,9m,11d) Sat-30-Nov-1889 [a] L2-5 Rangers (Friendly)
386. (13y,9m,18d) Sat-07-Dec-1889 [h] L1-2 Linthouse (Friendly)
387. (13y,9m,25d) Sat-14-Dec-1889 [h] W4-0 Battlefield (Friendly)
388. (13y,10m,2d) Sat-21-Dec-1889 [a] D2-2 Dumbarton (Friendly)
389. (13y,10m,9d) Sat-28-Dec-1889 [h] L1-3 Royal Albert (Friendly)
390. (13y,10m,13d) Wed-01-Jan-1890 [a] W10-1 Dundee Harp (Friendly)
391. (13y,10m,14d) Thu-02-Jan-1890 [a] W2-0 Victoria United (Friendly)
392. (13y,10m,15d) Fri-03-Jan-1890 [a] W4-1 Montrose (Friendly)
393. (13y,10m,16d) Sat-04-Jan-1890 [a] W5-2 Aberdeen FC (Friendly)
394. (13y,10m,23d) Sat-11-Jan-1890 [h] W5-2 Kilbirnie (Friendly)
395. (13y,10m,30d) Sat-18-Jan-1890 [a] W9-2 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
396. (13y,11m,6d) Sat-25-Jan-1890 [h] L0-2 Rangers (Friendly)
397. (13y,11m,13d) Sat-01-Feb-1890 [h] L2-7 Methlan Park (Friendly)
398. (13y,11m,27d) Sat-15-Feb-1890 [a] W4-1 St Mirren (Friendly)
399. (14y,0m,3d) Sat-22-Feb-1890 [h] W8-1 Clyde (Friendly)
400. (14y,0m,10d) Sat-01-Mar-1890 [h] W5-2 Ayr (Friendly)
401. (14y,0m,17d) Sat-08-Mar-1890 [h] W5-3 St Bernard's (Friendly)
402. (14y,0m,24d) Sat-15-Mar-1890 [a] W3-1 Linthouse (Friendly)
403. (14y,1m,3d) Sat-22-Mar-1890 [h] W5-3 Morton (Friendly)
404. (14y,1m,10d) Sat-29-Mar-1890 [a] L2-5 Cambuslang (Friendly)
405. (14y,1m,17d) Sat-05-Apr-1890 [a] L1-5 Derby County (Friendly)
406. (14y,1m,19d) Mon-07-Apr-1890 [a] L0-1 Stoke City (Friendly)
407. (14y,1m,24d) Sat-12-Apr-1890 [h] W5-2 St Mirren (Friendly)
408. (14y,2m,0d) Sat-19-Apr-1890 [h] W4-0 Renton (Friendly)
409. (14y,2m,7d) Sat-26-Apr-1890 [a] L2-6 Everton (Friendly)
410. (14y,2m,12d) Thu-01-May-1890 [a] W6-3 Rangers (Friendly)
411. (14y,2m,14d) Sat-03-May-1890 [h] W4-2 Airdrieonians (Friendly)
412. (14y,2m,21d) Sat-10-May-1890 [h] W3-2 Glasgow Hibernians (Friendly)
413. (14y,2m,24d) Tue-13-May-1890 [a] L1-3 Northern (Maryhill Charity Cup 1st Round)
414. (14y,2m,28d) Sat-17-May-1890 [a] D4-4 Ayr (Friendly)
415. (14y,3m,19d) Sat-07-Jun-1890 [a] L1-2 Glasgow Thistle (Masonic Lodge Scotia (178) Benefit)
416. (14y,3m,28d) Mon-16-Jun-1890 [h] W2-0 Abercorn (Whiteinch Orphanage Benefit)
(age) 1890-91
417. (14y,5m,21d) Sat-09-Aug-1890 [a] W6-1 Newmilns (Friendly)
418. (14y,5m,28d) Sat-16-Aug-1890 [a] W9-6 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
419. (14y,6m,4d) Sat-23-Aug-1890 [h] W4-2 Methlan Park (Friendly)
420. (14y,6m,11d) Sat-30-Aug-1890 [a] W5-4 Raith Rovers (Friendly)
421. (14y,6m,18d) Sat-06-Sep-1890 [a] L2-3 Wishaw Thistle (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
422. (14y,6m,25d) Sat-13-Sep-1890 [h] W5-3 Airdrieonians (Friendly)
423. (14y,7m,1d) Sat-20-Sep-1890 [h] W4-2 Fairfield (Glasgow Cup 1st Round)
424. (14y,7m,8d) Sat-27-Sep-1890 [h] W5-2 Cowlairs (Friendly)
425. (14y,7m,15d) Sat-04-Oct-1890 [h] D2-2 Hibernian (Friendly)
426. (14y,7m,22d) Sat-11-Oct-1890 [h] W5-2 Pollokshaws (Glasgow Cup 2nd Round)
427. (14y,7m,29d) Sat-18-Oct-1890 [a] L4-5 Dykebar (Friendly)
428. (14y,8m,6d) Sat-25-Oct-1890 [a] W3-2 Rangers (Friendly)
429. (14y,8m,20d) Sat-08-Nov-1890 [a] L0-2 Linthouse (Friendly)
430. (14y,8m,27d) Sat-15-Nov-1890 [h] L1-4 Abercorn (Friendly)
431. (14y,9m,3d) Sat-22-Nov-1890 [a] L1-5 Celtic (Glasgow Cup Semi Final)
432. (14y,9m,10d) Sat-29-Nov-1890 [a] L3-6 Mossend Swifts (Friendly)
433. (14y,9m,17d) Sat-06-Dec-1890 [a] W1-0 Glasgow Thistle (Friendly)
434. (14y,9m,24d) Sat-13-Dec-1890 [h] D1-1 Rangers (Friendly)
435. (14y,10m,1d) Sat-20-Dec-1890 [h] W6-1 Summerton Athletic (Friendly)
436. (14y,10m,8d) Sat-27-Dec-1890 [h] W4-0 Pollokshaws (Friendly)
437. (14y,10m,13d) Thu-01-Jan-1891 [a] D2-2 Bootle (Friendly)
438. (14y,10m,15d) Sat-03-Jan-1891 [a] L2-3 The Wednesday (Friendly)
439. (14y,10m,29d) Sat-17-Jan-1891 [h] D3-3 Methlan Park (Friendly)
440. (14y,11m,5d) Sat-24-Jan-1891 [h] W3-2 Mossend Swifts (Friendly)
441. (14y,11m,12d) Sat-31-Jan-1891 [h] W1-0 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
442. (14y,11m,19d) Sat-07-Feb-1891 [h] W5-1 Kilbirnie (Friendly)
443. (14y,11m,26d) Sat-14-Feb-1891 [h] W3-1 Dykebar (Friendly)
444. (15y,0m,2d) Sat-21-Feb-1891 [h] L2-3 Morton (Friendly)
445. (15y,0m,9d) Sat-28-Feb-1891 [a] L1-2 Linfield Athletic (Friendly)
446. (15y,0m,16d) Sat-07-Mar-1891 [h] L2-8 Linthouse (Friendly)
447. (15y,0m,23d) Sat-14-Mar-1891 [h] L1-2 Queen's Park (Friendly)
448. (15y,1m,2d) Sat-21-Mar-1891 [h] L2-3 Glasgow Thistle (Friendly)
449. (15y,1m,9d) Sat-28-Mar-1891 [a] L0-10 Aston Villa (Friendly)
450. (15y,1m,11d) Mon-30-Mar-1891 [a] D3-3 Ardwick (Friendly)
451. (15y,1m,16d) Sat-04-Apr-1891 [n] L0-2 Dumbarton (Greenock Charity Cup Semi Final)
452. (15y,1m,23d) Sat-11-Apr-1891 [a] L1-3 Morton (Friendly)
453. (15y,1m,30d) Sat-18-Apr-1891 [a] L1-2 Queen's Park (Glasgow Charity Cup Semi Final)
454. (15y,2m,6d) Sat-25-Apr-1891 [a] L1-4 Kilbirnie (Friendly)
455. (15y,2m,11d) Thu-30-Apr-1891 [a] L0-3 Linthouse (Friendly)
456. (15y,2m,20d) Sat-09-May-1891 [a] L1-7 Airdrieonians (Friendly)
(age) 1891-92
457. (15y,5m,20d) Sat-08-Aug-1891 [h] W3-2 Ayr (Scottish Alliance - game 1)
458. (15y,5m,27d) Sat-15-Aug-1891 [a] W2-1 East Stirlingshire (Scottish Alliance - game 2)
459. (15y,6m,3d) Sat-22-Aug-1891 [h] L1-2 Morton (Scottish Alliance - game 3)
460. (15y,6m,10d) Sat-29-Aug-1891 [a] L5-6 Queen's Park (Friendly)
461. (15y,6m,17d) Sat-05-Sep-1891 [a] W2-1 Glasgow Wanderers (Scottish Cup 1st Preliminary Round)
462. (15y,6m,24d) Sat-12-Sep-1891 [h] L2-4 Glasgow Thistle (Scottish Alliance - game 4)
463. (15y,7m,0d) Sat-19-Sep-1891 [a] D2-2 Cathcart (Glasgow Cup 1st Round)
464. (15y,7m,7d) Sat-26-Sep-1891 [h] L0-3 Hurlford (Scottish Cup 2nd Preliminary Round)
465. (15y,7m,14d) Sat-03-Oct-1891 [h] W5-0 Cathcart (Glasgow Cup 1st Round replay)
466. (15y,7m,21d) Sat-10-Oct-1891 [h] L0-3 Celtic (Glasgow Cup 2nd Round)
467. (15y,7m,28d) Sat-17-Oct-1891 [a] L1-5 Airdrieonians (Scottish Alliance - game 5)
468. (15y,8m,5d) Sat-24-Oct-1891 [h] L0-1 King's Park (Scottish Alliance - game 6)
469. (15y,8m,12d) Sat-31-Oct-1891 [a] L0-3 Sunderland Albion (Friendly)
470. (15y,8m,19d) Sat-07-Nov-1891 [h] L0-7 St Bernard's (Scottish Alliance - game 7)
471. (15y,8m,26d) Sat-14-Nov-1891 [h] D2-2 Airdrieonians (Scottish Alliance - game 8)
472. (15y,9m,2d) Sat-21-Nov-1891 [a] W3-2 Ayr (Scottish Alliance - game 9)
473. (15y,9m,16d) Sat-05-Dec-1891 [h] W2-1 Port Glasgow Athletic (Scottish Alliance - game 10)
474. (15y,9m,23d) Sat-12-Dec-1891 [a] L4-9 Northern (Scottish Alliance - game 11)
475. (15y,10m,7d) Sat-26-Dec-1891 [h] L0-1 Queen's Park (Friendly)
476. (15y,10m,14d) Sat-02-Jan-1892 [a] L1-3 Rangers (Friendly)
477. (15y,10m,21d) Sat-09-Jan-1892 [h] W2-1 Glasgow Wanderers (Friendly)
478. (15y,11m,4d) Sat-23-Jan-1892 [a] D2-2 Port Glasgow Athletic (Scottish Alliance - game 12)
479. (15y,11m,11d) Sat-30-Jan-1892 [a] L1-3 Morton (Scottish Alliance - game 13)
480. (15y,11m,18d) Sat-06-Feb-1892 [h] L3-5 Linthouse (Scottish Alliance - game 14)
481. (15y,11m,25d) Sat-13-Feb-1892 [h] W3-2 Kilmarnock (Scottish Alliance - game 15)
482. (16y,0m,8d) Sat-27-Feb-1892 [a] D2-2 Glasgow Thistle (Scottish Alliance - game 16)
483. (16y,0m,15d) Sat-05-Mar-1892 [h] W5-0 East Stirlingshire (Scottish Alliance - game 17)
484. (16y,0m,22d) Sat-12-Mar-1892 [h] W7-3 Northern (Scottish Alliance - game 18)
485. (16y,1m,0d) Sat-19-Mar-1892 [a] L1-3 St Bernard's (Scottish Alliance - game 19)
486. (16y,1m,7d) Sat-26-Mar-1892 [h] L3-4 Vale of Leven (Friendly)
487. (16y,1m,14d) Sat-02-Apr-1892 [a] L1-9 Bootle (Friendly)
488. (16y,1m,16d) Mon-04-Apr-1892 [a] L1-9 The Wednesday (Friendly)
489. (16y,1m,21d) Sat-09-Apr-1892 [a] L1-3 Linthouse (Scottish Alliance - game 20)
490. (16y,2m,4d) Sat-23-Apr-1892 [a] W3-2 King's Park (Scottish Alliance - game 21)
491. (16y,2m,11d) Sat-30-Apr-1892 [a] L0-5 Kilmarnock (Scottish Alliance - game 22)
492. (16y,2m,16d) Thu-05-May-1892 [a] L0-1 Morton (Greenock Charity Cup Semi Final)
493. (16y,2m,18d) Sat-07-May-1892 [h] L1-3 St Mirren (Friendly)
494. (16y,3m,5d) Tue-24-May-1892 [h] L1-4 Linthouse (Friendly)
(age) 1892-93
495. (16y,5m,18d) Sat-06-Aug-1892 [h] W5-2 Celtic (Friendly)
496. (16y,5m,25d) Sat-13-Aug-1892 [a] L2-6 Third Lanark (Friendly)
497. (16y,6m,1d) Sat-20-Aug-1892 [a] L2-6 Kilmarnock (Scottish Alliance - game 1)
498. (16y,6m,8d) Sat-27-Aug-1892 [h] L3-4 St Bernard's (Scottish Alliance - game 2)
499. (16y,6m,15d) Sat-03-Sep-1892 [h] D3-3 Royal Albert (Friendly)
500. (16y,6m,22d) Sat-10-Sep-1892 [a] W2-1 Cambuslang (Scottish Alliance - game 3)
501. (16y,6m,29d) Sat-17-Sep-1892 [a] W3-2 Glasgow Wanderers (Glasgow Cup 1st Round)
502. (16y,7m,5d) Sat-24-Sep-1892 [h] W3-1 Johnstone (Scottish Cup 2nd Preliminary Round)
503. (16y,7m,12d) Sat-01-Oct-1892 [a] L2-6 Glasgow Thistle (Scottish Alliance - game 4)
504. (16y,7m,19d) Sat-08-Oct-1892 [a] L3-8 Cowlairs (Scottish Alliance - game 5)
505. (16y,7m,26d) Sat-15-Oct-1892 [h] D2-2 Motherwell (Scottish Cup 3rd Preliminary Round)
506. (16y,8m,3d) Sat-22-Oct-1892 [a] D3-3 Motherwell (Scottish Cup 3rd Preliminary Round replay) both sides progressed
(16y,8m,10d) Sat-29-Oct-1892 [h] V1-2 Celtic (Glasgow Cup 2nd Round - voided game)
507. (16y,8m,17d) Sat-05-Nov-1892 [a] L3-4 Broxburn Shamrock (Scottish Cup 4th Preliminary Round)
508. (16y,8m,24d) Sat-12-Nov-1892 [h] D1-1 Celtic (Glasgow Cup 2nd Round)
509. (16y,9m,0d) Sat-19-Nov-1892 [a] L0-8 Celtic (Glasgow Cup 2nd Round replay)
510. (16y,9m,7d) Sat-26-Nov-1892 [a] D1-1 Battlefield (Friendly)
511. (16y,9m,28d) Sat-17-Dec-1892 [h] W1-0 Battlefield (Friendly)
512. (16y,10m,5d) Sat-24-Dec-1892 [h] L0-2 Linthouse (Friendly)
513. (16y,10m,12d) Sat-31-Dec-1892 [a] W5-3 Cliftonville (Friendly)
514. (16y,10m,14d) Mon-02-Jan-1893 [a] W3-1 Belfast Zingari (Friendly)
515. (16y,10m,26d) Sat-14-Jan-1893 [h] L0-2 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
516. (16y,11m,2d) Sat-21-Jan-1893 [h] W6-3 Airdrieonians (Scottish Alliance - game 6)
517. (16y,11m,16d) Sat-04-Feb-1893 [h] L1-2 Northern (Scottish Alliance - game 7)
518. (16y,11m,23d) Sat-11-Feb-1893 [a] W3-1 Vale of Leven (Scottish Alliance - game 8)
519. (16y,11m,30d) Sat-18-Feb-1893 [h] W5-2 Linthouse (Scottish Alliance - game 9)
520. (17y,0m,6d) Sat-25-Feb-1893 [h] W2-0 Kilmarnock (Scottish Alliance - game 10)
521. (17y,0m,13d) Sat-04-Mar-1893 [h] L1-3 Vale of Leven (Scottish Alliance - game 11)
522. (17y,0m,20d) Sat-11-Mar-1893 [a] D2-2 Airdrieonians (Scottish Alliance - game 12)
523. (17y,0m,27d) Sat-18-Mar-1893 [a] L0-7 St Bernard's (Scottish Alliance - game 13)
524. (17y,1m,6d) Sat-25-Mar-1893 [h] L3-5 Cowlairs (Scottish Alliance - game 14)
525. (17y,1m,13d) Sat-01-Apr-1893 [h] W5-1 Thornliebank (Friendly)
526. (17y,1m,15d) Mon-03-Apr-1893 [a] D3-3 Saltcoats Victoria (Friendly)
527. (17y,1m,20d) Sat-08-Apr-1893 [h] W2-1 Cambuslang (Scottish Alliance - game 15)
528. (17y,1m,27d) Sat-15-Apr-1893 [a] L0-8 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
529. (17y,2m,3d) Sat-22-Apr-1893 [h] W4-0 Glasgow Thistle (Scottish Alliance - game 16)
530. (17y,2m,10d) Sat-29-Apr-1893 [a] L2-3 Linthouse (Scottish Alliance - game 17)
531. (17y,2m,15d) Thu-04-May-1893 [h] W2-0 Queen's Park Select (Friendly)
532. (17y,2m,24d) Sat-13-May-1893 [a] L1-6 Northern (Scottish Alliance - game 18)
533. (17y,2m,28d) Wed-17-May-1893 [n] D3-3 Dykebar (Greenock Charity Cup Semi Final)
534. (17y,3m,1d) Sat-20-May-1893 [n] W6-0 Dykebar (Greenock Charity Cup Semi Final replay)
535. (17y,3m,8d) Sat-27-May-1893 [a] W7-4 Morton (Greenock Charity Cup Final)
(age) 1893-94
536. (17y,6m,0d) Sat-19-Aug-1893 [a] W3-2 Morton (SFL Second Division - game 1)
537. (17y,6m,7d) Sat-26-Aug-1893 [h] L0-3 Abercorn (SFL Second Division - game 2)
538. (17y,6m,14d) Sat-02-Sep-1893 [h] D3-3 Airdrieonians (Scottish Cup 1st Preliminary Round)
539. (17y,6m,21d) Sat-09-Sep-1893 [a] L1-3 Airdrieonians (Scottish Cup 1st Preliminary Round replay)
540. (17y,6m,28d) Sat-16-Sep-1893 [a] L1-2 Glasgow Thistle (Glasgow Cup 1st Round)
541. (17y,7m,4d) Sat-23-Sep-1893 [h] W2-0 Northern (Friendly)
542. (17y,7m,11d) Sat-30-Sep-1893 [a] L2-3 Clyde (SFL Second Division - game 3)
543. (17y,7m,18d) Sat-07-Oct-1893 [h] W4-2 Motherwell (SFL Second Division - game 4)
544. (17y,7m,25d) Sat-14-Oct-1893 [h] W5-2 Morton (SFL Second Division - game 5)
545. (17y,8m,2d) Sat-21-Oct-1893 [a] W4-3 Glasgow Thistle (SFL Second Division - game 6)
546. (17y,8m,9d) Sat-28-Oct-1893 [h] W7-2 Linthouse (Friendly)
547. (17y,8m,16d) Sat-04-Nov-1893 [a] W3-2 Motherwell (SFL Second Division - game 7)
548. (17y,8m,23d) Sat-11-Nov-1893 [a] L1-8 Cowlairs (SFL Second Division - game 8)
549. (17y,8m,30d) Sat-18-Nov-1893 [a] L2-3 Wishaw Thistle (Friendly)
550. (17y,9m,6d) Sat-25-Nov-1893 [h] W4-3 Northern (SFL Second Division - game 9)
551. (17y,9m,13d) Sat-02-Dec-1893 [h] L1-2 Clyde (Friendly)
552. (17y,9m,20d) Sat-09-Dec-1893 [h] D4-4 Battlefield (Friendly)
553. (17y,9m,27d) Sat-16-Dec-1893 [h] W1-0 Vale of Leven (Friendly)
554. (17y,10m,4d) Sat-23-Dec-1893 [a] L1-2 Northern (SFL Second Division - game 10)
555. (17y,10m,11d) Sat-30-Dec-1893 [a] W5-4 Victoria United (Friendly)
556. (17y,10m,13d) Mon-01-Jan-1894 [a] W10-1 Peterhead (Friendly)
557. (17y,10m,14d) Tue-02-Jan-1894 [a] D2-2 Montrose (Friendly)
558. (17y,10m,15d) Wed-03-Jan-1894 [a] D3-3 Forfar Athletic (Friendly)
559. (17y,10m,25d) Sat-13-Jan-1894 [h] W5-3 Cowlairs (SFL Second Division - game 11)
560. (17y,11m,1d) Sat-20-Jan-1894 [a] L1-4 Port Glasgow Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 12)
561. (17y,11m,15d) Sat-03-Feb-1894 [a] L1-6 Hibernian (SFL Second Division - game 13)
562. (17y,11m,22d) Sat-10-Feb-1894 [a] W3-2 Abercorn (SFL Second Division - game 14)
563. (17y,11m,29d) Sat-17-Feb-1894 [h] W5-0 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
564. (18y,0m,5d) Sat-24-Feb-1894 [h] W5-4 Clyde (SFL Second Division - game 15)
565. (18y,0m,12d) Sat-03-Mar-1894 [a] L0-1 Dundonians (Friendly)
566. (18y,0m,19d) Sat-10-Mar-1894 [h] W13-1 Glasgow Thistle (SFL Second Division - game 16)
567. (18y,0m,26d) Sat-17-Mar-1894 [h] W3-1 Black Watch (Friendly)
568. (18y,1m,5d) Sat-24-Mar-1894 [h] L0-1 Port Glasgow Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 17)
569. (18y,1m,7d) Mon-26-Mar-1894 [a] W4-2 Fair City Athletic (Friendly)
570. (18y,1m,12d) Sat-31-Mar-1894 [h] L1-7 Hibernian (SFL Second Division - game 18)
571. (18y,1m,26d) Sat-14-Apr-1894 [a] W5-1 Linthouse (Friendly)
572. (18y,2m,2d) Sat-21-Apr-1894 [h] W3-2 Cartvale (Friendly)
573. (18y,2m,9d) Sat-28-Apr-1894 [h] L1-3 Battlefield (Friendly)
574. (18y,2m,16d) Sat-05-May-1894 [a] L2-4 Clyde (Friendly)
575. (18y,2m,27d) Wed-16-May-1894 [n] W6-1 Johnstone (Greenock Charity Cup Quarter Final)
576. (18y,3m,0d) Sat-19-May-1894 [h] L0-3 Dumbarton (Friendly)
577. (18y,3m,7d) Sat-26-May-1894 [n] L2-3 Battlefield (Greenock Charity Cup Semi Final)
578. (18y,3m,25d) Wed-13-Jun-1894 [h] L4-5 Govan Select (Whiteinch Orphanage Benefit)
(age) 1894-95
579. (18y,5m,23d) Sat-11-Aug-1894 [h] W5-2 Dundee Wanderers (SFL Second Division - game 1)
580. (18y,5m,27d) Wed-15-Aug-1894 [h] D1-1 Third Lanark (Friendly)
581. (18y,5m,30d) Sat-18-Aug-1894 [a] L1-5 Hibernian (SFL Second Division - game 2)
582. (18y,6m,13d) Sat-01-Sep-1894 [h] W6-1 Royal Albert (Scottish Cup 1st Preliminary Round)
583. (18y,6m,20d) Sat-08-Sep-1894 [a] L2-6 Port Glasgow Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 3)
584. (18y,6m,27d) Sat-15-Sep-1894 [h] W3-1 Cambuslang (Glasgow Cup 1st Round)
585. (18y,7m,3d) Sat-22-Sep-1894 [a] L0-3 Annbank (Scottish Cup 2nd Preliminary Round)
586. (18y,7m,10d) Sat-29-Sep-1894 [h] D4-4 Morton (SFL Second Division - game 4)
587. (18y,7m,17d) Sat-06-Oct-1894 [h] D4-4 Dykehead (Friendly)
588. (18y,7m,24d) Sat-13-Oct-1894 [h] W3-2 Ayr (Friendly)
589. (18y,8m,1d) Sat-20-Oct-1894 [h] W4-1 Renton (Friendly)
(18y,8m,8d) Sat-27-Oct-1894 [h] V1-0 Rangers (Glasgow Cup Semi Final - voided game)
590. (18y,8m,15d) Sat-03-Nov-1894 [h] L1-3 Linthouse (Friendly)
591. (18y,8m,22d) Sat-10-Nov-1894 [h] L3-5 Rangers (Glasgow Cup Semi Final)
592. (18y,8m,29d) Sat-17-Nov-1894 [h] W5-3 Motherwell (SFL Second Division - game 5)
593. (18y,9m,5d) Sat-24-Nov-1894 [a] L2-4 Morton (SFL Second Division - game 6)
(18y,9m,12d) Sat-01-Dec-1894 [h] V4-4 Abercorn (SFL Second Division - voided game)
594. (18y,9m,26d) Sat-15-Dec-1894 [a] W4-3 Cowlairs (SFL Second Division - game 7)
595. (18y,10m,3d) Sat-22-Dec-1894 [h] W3-2 Airdrieonians (SFL Second Division - game 8)
596. (18y,10m,10d) Sat-29-Dec-1894 [a] L1-4 Aberdeen FC (Friendly)
597. (18y,10m,13d) Tue-01-Jan-1895 [a] W2-1 Inverness Thistle (Friendly)
598. (18y,10m,14d) Wed-02-Jan-1895 [a] W4-1 Victoria United (Friendly)
599. (18y,10m,17d) Sat-05-Jan-1895 [h] W4-2 Cowlairs (SFL Second Division - game 9)
600. (18y,11m,0d) Sat-19-Jan-1895 [a] D3-3 Abercorn (SFL Second Division - game 10)
601. (18y,11m,28d) Sat-16-Feb-1895 [a] L0-4 Linthouse (Friendly)
602. (19y,0m,4d) Sat-23-Feb-1895 [h] W5-1 Abercorn (SFL Second Division - game 11)
603. (19y,0m,11d) Sat-02-Mar-1895 [a] W6-5 Falkirk (Friendly)
604. (19y,0m,18d) Sat-09-Mar-1895 [a] L5-6 Dundee Wanderers (SFL Second Division - game 12)
605. (19y,1m,4d) Sat-23-Mar-1895 [h] L0-1 Renton (SFL Second Division - game 13)
606. (19y,1m,11d) Sat-30-Mar-1895 [a] L0-9 Airdrieonians (SFL Second Division - game 14)
607. (19y,1m,18d) Sat-06-Apr-1895 [a] L0-3 Motherwell (SFL Second Division - game 15)
608. (19y,1m,25d) Sat-13-Apr-1895 [h] L0-4 Hibernian (SFL Second Division - game 16)
609. (19y,2m,8d) Sat-27-Apr-1895 [h] W6-0 Neilston (Friendly)
610. (19y,2m,15d) Sat-04-May-1895 [h] L0-1 Linthouse (Friendly)
611. (19y,2m,22d) Sat-11-May-1895 [h] W2-0 Heart of Midlothian Reserves (Friendly)
612. (19y,2m,29d) Sat-18-May-1895 [a] W3-1 Renton (SFL Second Division - game 17)
613. (19y,3m,6d) Sat-25-May-1895 [h] W5-0 Port Glasgow Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 18)
614. (19y,3m,10d) Wed-29-May-1895 [a] L2-3 Clyde (Glasgow North Eastern Cup Final)
(age) 1895-96
615. (19y,5m,29d) Sat-17-Aug-1895 [a] L2-3 Port Glasgow Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 1)
616. (19y,6m,0d) Mon-19-Aug-1895 [a] L1-5 Rangers (J. Black Benefit)
617. (19y,6m,5d) Sat-24-Aug-1895 [a] W6-2 Renton (SFL Second Division - game 2)
618. (19y,6m,12d) Sat-31-Aug-1895 [a] W6-2 Burnbank Swifts (Scottish Qualifying Cup 1st Round)
619. (19y,6m,19d) Sat-07-Sep-1895 [h] D2-2 Kilmarnock (SFL Second Division - game 3)
(19y,6m,26d) Sat-14-Sep-1895 [a] V0-1 Airdrieonians (Scottish Qualifying Cup 2nd Round - voided game)
620. (19y,7m,2d) Sat-21-Sep-1895 [h] W5-1 Airdrieonians (Scottish Qualifying Cup 2nd Round)
621. (19y,7m,9d) Sat-28-Sep-1895 [h] W15-0 Cameronians (Glasgow Cup 1st Round)
622. (19y,7m,16d) Sat-05-Oct-1895 [a] W3-1 Linthouse (SFL Second Division - game 4)
623. (19y,7m,23d) Sat-12-Oct-1895 [a] L4-5 Alloa Athletic (Scottish Qualifying Cup 3rd Round)
624. (19y,8m,0d) Sat-19-Oct-1895 [h] W6-1 Cowlairs (Glasgow Cup Quarter Final)
625. (19y,8m,7d) Sat-26-Oct-1895 [a] W5-1 Queen's Park (Friendly)
626. (19y,8m,14d) Sat-02-Nov-1895 [a] L1-5 Celtic (Glasgow Cup Semi Final)
627. (19y,8m,21d) Sat-09-Nov-1895 [h] W2-1 Port Glasgow Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 5)
628. (19y,8m,28d) Sat-16-Nov-1895 [h] L0-6 Airdrieonians (SFL Second Division - game 6)
629. (19y,9m,4d) Sat-23-Nov-1895 [h] L1-2 Renton (SFL Second Division - game 7)
630. (19y,9m,11d) Sat-30-Nov-1895 [h] L1-2 Motherwell (SFL Second Division - game 8)
631. (19y,9m,25d) Sat-14-Dec-1895 [a] L0-7 Leith Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 9)
632. (19y,10m,2d) Sat-21-Dec-1895 [h] L1-2 Celtic 'A' (Friendly)
633. (19y,10m,14d) Thu-02-Jan-1896 [a] W3-0 Dundee (Friendly)
634. (19y,10m,15d) Fri-03-Jan-1896 [a] W6-1 Arbroath Casuals (Friendly)
635. (19y,10m,16d) Sat-04-Jan-1896 [a] L1-2 Aberdeen FC (Friendly)
636. (19y,10m,23d) Sat-11-Jan-1896 [a] D3-3 Motherwell (SFL Second Division - game 10)
637. (19y,10m,30d) Sat-18-Jan-1896 [h] W4-1 Morton (SFL Second Division - game 11)
638. (19y,11m,6d) Sat-25-Jan-1896 [h] W5-2 Heart of Midlothian 'A' (Friendly)
639. (19y,11m,13d) Sat-01-Feb-1896 [h] W4-2 Abercorn (SFL Second Division - game 12)
640. (19y,11m,20d) Sat-08-Feb-1896 [h] W5-1 Linthouse (SFL Second Division - game 13)
641. (19y,11m,27d) Sat-15-Feb-1896 [a] W4-3 Abercorn (SFL Second Division - game 14)
642. (20y,0m,3d) Sat-22-Feb-1896 [h] L3-5 Leith Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 15)
643. (20y,0m,10d) Sat-29-Feb-1896 [h] W10-0 Paisley Academicals (Friendly)
644. (20y,0m,17d) Sat-07-Mar-1896 [a] L2-4 Airdrieonians (SFL Second Division - game 16)
645. (20y,0m,24d) Sat-14-Mar-1896 [a] L1-7 Morton (SFL Second Division - game 17)
646. (20y,1m,2d) Sat-21-Mar-1896 [a] W3-1 Linthouse (Friendly)
647. (20y,1m,9d) Sat-28-Mar-1896 [a] L2-5 Clyde (Friendly)
648. (20y,1m,18d) Mon-06-Apr-1896 [a] L2-3 Helensburgh (Friendly)
649. (20y,1m,23d) Sat-11-Apr-1896 [a] W3-2 Kilmarnock (SFL Second Division - game 18)
650. (20y,1m,30d) Sat-18-Apr-1896 [h] W2-1 Morton (Friendly)
651. (20y,2m,6d) Sat-25-Apr-1896 [h] W4-2 Clyde (Friendly)
652. (20y,2m,13d) Sat-02-May-1896 [h] W7-1 Wishaw Thistle (Friendly)
653. (20y,2m,22d) Mon-11-May-1896 [h] D2-2 Rangers (Friendly)
654. (20y,3m,11d) Sat-30-May-1896 [h] W6-2 Linthouse (Friendly)
(age) 1896-97
655. (20y,5m,27d) Sat-15-Aug-1896 [a] D2-2 Dumbarton (SFL Second Division - game 1)
656. (20y,6m,3d) Sat-22-Aug-1896 [h] D2-2 Morton (SFL Second Division - game 2)
657. (20y,6m,17d) Sat-05-Sep-1896 [h] W2-1 Renton (SFL Second Division - game 3)
658. (20y,6m,24d) Sat-12-Sep-1896 [h] D1-1 Linthouse (Scottish Qualifying Cup 1st Round)
659. (20y,7m,0d) Sat-19-Sep-1896 [a] W5-3 Linthouse (Scottish Qualifying Cup 1st Round replay)
660. (20y,7m,7d) Sat-26-Sep-1896 [h] W2-0 Royal Albert (Scottish Qualifying Cup 2nd Round)
661. (20y,7m,14d) Sat-03-Oct-1896 [h] W4-1 Cameronians (Glasgow Cup 1st Round)
662. (20y,7m,21d) Sat-10-Oct-1896 [h] W4-3 Airdrieonians (SFL Second Division - game 4)
663. (20y,7m,28d) Sat-17-Oct-1896 [a] L1-3 Linthouse (Glasgow Cup Quarter Final)
664. (20y,8m,5d) Sat-24-Oct-1896 [h] W9-2 Newton Stewart (Scottish Qualifying Cup 3rd Round)
665. (20y,8m,12d) Sat-31-Oct-1896 [h] W4-1 Cambuslang (Friendly)
666. (20y,8m,19d) Sat-07-Nov-1896 [h] L2-5 Kilmarnock (Scottish Qualifying Cup 4th Round)
667. (20y,8m,26d) Sat-14-Nov-1896 [h] W6-1 Dumbarton (SFL Second Division - game 5)
668. (20y,9m,2d) Sat-21-Nov-1896 [h] W3-2 Linthouse (SFL Second Division - game 6)
669. (20y,9m,9d) Sat-28-Nov-1896 [a] W2-1 Airdrieonians (SFL Second Division - game 7)
670. (20y,9m,16d) Sat-05-Dec-1896 [h] W4-1 Port Glasgow Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 8)
671. (20y,9m,23d) Sat-12-Dec-1896 [a] L1-3 Leith Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 9)
672. (20y,10m,0d) Sat-19-Dec-1896 [h] W2-1 Vale of Leven (Friendly)
673. (20y,10m,7d) Sat-26-Dec-1896 [h] W5-1 Cartvale (Friendly)
674. (20y,10m,21d) Sat-09-Jan-1897 [h] L2-4 Rangers (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
675. (20y,10m,28d) Sat-16-Jan-1897 [a] D2-2 Port Glasgow Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 10)
676. (20y,11m,4d) Sat-23-Jan-1897 [a] W2-1 Renton (SFL Second Division - game 11)
677. (20y,11m,25d) Sat-13-Feb-1897 [a] W6-0 Motherwell (SFL Second Division - game 12)
678. (21y,0m,1d) Sat-20-Feb-1897 [h] W6-2 Motherwell (SFL Second Division - game 13)
679. (21y,0m,8d) Sat-27-Feb-1897 [a] W5-3 Linthouse (SFL Second Division - game 14)
680. (21y,0m,15d) Sat-06-Mar-1897 [h] W6-2 Airdrieonians (Friendly)
681. (21y,0m,22d) Sat-13-Mar-1897 [h] W3-0 Renton (Friendly)
682. (21y,1m,1d) Sat-20-Mar-1897 [h] W5-0 Leith Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 15)
683. (21y,1m,8d) Sat-27-Mar-1897 [a] W3-1 Kilmarnock (SFL Second Division - game 16)
684. (21y,1m,15d) Sat-03-Apr-1897 [h] D1-1 Linthouse (Friendly)
685. (21y,1m,22d) Sat-10-Apr-1897 [h] D2-2 Third Lanark (Friendly)
686. (21y,1m,29d) Sat-17-Apr-1897 [h] W2-0 Kilmarnock (SFL Second Division - game 17)
687. (21y,2m,5d) Sat-24-Apr-1897 [a] W4-3 Morton (SFL Second Division - game 18)
688. (21y,2m,9d) Wed-28-Apr-1897 [h] W4-3 Blackburn Rovers (Friendly)
689. (21y,2m,12d) Sat-01-May-1897 [h] L3-4 Clyde (Friendly)
690. (21y,2m,17d) Thu-06-May-1897 [h] W2-0 St Bernard's (Friendly)
691. (21y,2m,19d) Sat-08-May-1897 [a] W2-1 Dundee (Friendly)
692. (21y,2m,25d) Fri-14-May-1897 [a] D1-1 Arthurlie (Friendly)
(age) 1897-98
693. (21y,6m,13d) Wed-01-Sep-1897 [h] L1-5 Rangers (Friendly)
694. (21y,6m,16d) Sat-04-Sep-1897 [h] W3-2 Heart of Midlothian (SFL First Division - game 1)
695. (21y,6m,20d) Wed-08-Sep-1897 [h] L0-1 Celtic (Friendly)
696. (21y,6m,23d) Sat-11-Sep-1897 [a] L0-1 St Mirren (SFL First Division - game 2)
697. (21y,6m,30d) Sat-18-Sep-1897 [h] L0-6 Rangers (Glasgow Cup 1st Round)
698. (21y,7m,6d) Sat-25-Sep-1897 [h] W3-1 Dundee (SFL First Division - game 3)
699. (21y,7m,13d) Sat-02-Oct-1897 [a] L2-4 Hibernian (SFL First Division - game 4)
700. (21y,7m,20d) Sat-09-Oct-1897 [h] L1-5 Rangers (SFL First Division - game 5)
701. (21y,7m,27d) Sat-16-Oct-1897 [h] W1-0 St Mirren (SFL First Division - game 6)
702. (21y,8m,4d) Sat-23-Oct-1897 [a] L0-5 Dundee (SFL First Division - game 7)
703. (21y,8m,11d) Sat-30-Oct-1897 [h] D1-1 Clyde (SFL First Division - game 8)
704. (21y,8m,18d) Sat-06-Nov-1897 [h] W5-3 St Bernard's (SFL First Division - game 9)
705. (21y,8m,25d) Sat-13-Nov-1897 [a] W3-2 Clyde (SFL First Division - game 10)
706. (21y,9m,1d) Sat-20-Nov-1897 [h] L0-3 Hibernian (SFL First Division - game 11)
707. (21y,9m,15d) Sat-04-Dec-1897 [a] L1-9 St Bernard's (SFL First Division - game 12)
708. (21y,9m,22d) Sat-11-Dec-1897 [h] L3-6 Celtic (SFL First Division - game 13)
709. (21y,9m,29d) Sat-18-Dec-1897 [h] W1-0 Linthouse (Friendly)
710. (21y,10m,6d) Sat-25-Dec-1897 [a] L2-6 Heart of Midlothian (SFL First Division - game 14)
711. (21y,10m,13d) Sat-01-Jan-1898 [h] W5-2 Third Lanark (SFL First Division - game 15)
712. (21y,10m,15d) Mon-03-Jan-1898 [a] L1-6 Rangers (SFL First Division - game 16)
713. (21y,10m,20d) Sat-08-Jan-1898 [a] L1-2 Dundee (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
714. (21y,11m,3d) Sat-22-Jan-1898 [h] L1-3 Dumbarton (Friendly)
715. (21y,11m,10d) Sat-29-Jan-1898 [a] L1-3 Celtic (SFL First Division - game 17)
716. (21y,11m,24d) Sat-12-Feb-1898 [a] L2-5 Third Lanark (SFL First Division - game 18)
717. (22y,0m,0d) Sat-19-Feb-1898 [a] L4-5 Clyde (Friendly)
718. (22y,0m,7d) Sat-26-Feb-1898 [h] L0-5 Queen's Park (Friendly)
719. (22y,0m,14d) Sat-05-Mar-1898 [a] W4-2 Morton (Friendly)
720. (22y,0m,21d) Sat-12-Mar-1898 [h] L2-4 Ayr Parkhouse (Friendly)
721. (22y,1m,0d) Sat-19-Mar-1898 [h] W3-0 St Mirren (Friendly)
722. (22y,1m,7d) Sat-26-Mar-1898 [h] L0-2 Dundee (Scottish First Division re-election play-off)
723. (22y,1m,21d) Sat-09-Apr-1898 [a] L1-3 St Mirren (Friendly)
724. (22y,1m,28d) Sat-16-Apr-1898 [h] W4-1 Ayr (Friendly)
725. (22y,2m,11d) Sat-30-Apr-1898 [a] L0-2 Ayr Parkhouse (Friendly)
726. (22y,2m,15d) Wed-04-May-1898 [h] W6-1 Rugby Rovers (Partick Jubilee Nurse Fund Benefit)
(age) 1898-99
727. (22y,5m,27d) Mon-15-Aug-1898 [a] L0-8 Linthouse (Friendly)
728. (22y,5m,29d) Wed-17-Aug-1898 [h] L0-4 Celtic (Friendly)
729. (22y,6m,1d) Sat-20-Aug-1898 [a] L2-6 Rangers (SFL First Division - game 1)
730. (22y,6m,8d) Sat-27-Aug-1898 [a] L0-1 Third Lanark (SFL First Division - game 2)
731. (22y,6m,15d) Sat-03-Sep-1898 [h] L1-4 Hibernian (SFL First Division - game 3)
732. (22y,6m,22d) Sat-10-Sep-1898 [h] L0-3 St Bernard's (SFL First Division - game 4)
733. (22y,6m,29d) Sat-17-Sep-1898 [a] L1-6 Queen's Park (Glasgow Cup Quarter Final)
734. (22y,7m,5d) Sat-24-Sep-1898 [h] L1-4 St Mirren (SFL First Division - game 5)
735. (22y,7m,12d) Sat-01-Oct-1898 [a] L1-5 Dundee (SFL First Division - game 6)
736. (22y,7m,19d) Sat-08-Oct-1898 [h] L0-1 Clyde (SFL First Division - game 7)
737. (22y,7m,26d) Sat-15-Oct-1898 [a] L1-5 Heart of Midlothian (SFL First Division - game 8)
738. (22y,8m,3d) Sat-22-Oct-1898 [a] W3-2 St Bernard's (SFL First Division - game 9)
739. (22y,8m,10d) Sat-29-Oct-1898 [a] L1-3 Clyde (SFL First Division - game 10)
740. (22y,8m,17d) Sat-05-Nov-1898 [h] L0-5 Rangers (SFL First Division - game 11)
741. (22y,8m,24d) Sat-12-Nov-1898 [a] D2-2 St Mirren (SFL First Division - game 12)
(22y,9m,0d) Sat-19-Nov-1898 [h] A2-4 Heart of Midlothian (SFL First Division - abandoned game)
742. (22y,9m,7d) Sat-26-Nov-1898 [a] L0-4 Celtic (SFL First Division - game 13)
743. (22y,9m,14d) Sat-03-Dec-1898 [h] L3-8 Celtic (SFL First Division - game 14)
744. (22y,9m,21d) Sat-10-Dec-1898 [a] D1-1 Hibernian (SFL First Division - game 15)
745. (22y,9m,28d) Sat-17-Dec-1898 [h] L1-3 Third Lanark (SFL First Division - game 16)
746. (22y,10m,12d) Sat-31-Dec-1898 [h] W2-0 Dundee (SFL First Division - game 17)
747. (22y,10m,15d) Tue-03-Jan-1899 [h] L2-8 Rangers (Glasgow League - game 1)
748. (22y,10m,19d) Sat-07-Jan-1899 [h] L0-1 Heart of Midlothian (SFL First Division - game 18)
749. (22y,10m,26d) Sat-14-Jan-1899 [h] W5-0 Irvine (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
750. (22y,11m,2d) Sat-21-Jan-1899 [a] W4-3 Clyde (Glasgow League - game 2)
751. (22y,11m,23d) Sat-11-Feb-1899 [h] D2-2 Morton (Scottish Cup 2nd Round)
752. (22y,11m,30d) Sat-18-Feb-1899 [a] W2-1 Morton (Scottish Cup 2nd Round replay)
753. (23y,0m,6d) Sat-25-Feb-1899 [a] L3-7 Port Glasgow Athletic (Scottish Cup Quarter Final)
754. (23y,0m,13d) Sat-04-Mar-1899 [a] D1-1 Celtic XI (Friendly)
755. (23y,0m,20d) Sat-11-Mar-1899 [h] W5-1 Clyde (Glasgow League - game 3)
756. (23y,0m,27d) Sat-18-Mar-1899 [a] L1-4 Rangers (Glasgow League - game 4)
757. (23y,1m,13d) Sat-01-Apr-1899 [h] L1-3 Queen's Park (Glasgow League - game 5)
758. (23y,1m,15d) Mon-03-Apr-1899 [h] L0-2 Hibernian (Friendly)
759. (23y,1m,20d) Sat-08-Apr-1899 [h] L0-3 Third Lanark (Glasgow League - game 6)
760. (23y,2m,7d) Wed-26-Apr-1899 [a] L0-3 Celtic (Glasgow League - game 7)
761. (23y,2m,8d) Thu-27-Apr-1899 [h] L2-3 Derby County (Friendly)
762. (23y,2m,10d) Sat-29-Apr-1899 [h] L1-3 Celtic (Glasgow League - game 8)
763. (23y,2m,14d) Wed-03-May-1899 [a] L0-4 Queen's Park (Glasgow League - game 9)
764. (23y,2m,24d) Sat-13-May-1899 [a] L0-1 Third Lanark (Glasgow League - game 10)
(age) 1899-00
765. (23y,5m,27d) Tue-15-Aug-1899 [h] L3-4 Clyde (Friendly)
766. (23y,6m,0d) Sat-19-Aug-1899 [a] W3-1 Motherwell (SFL Second Division - game 1)
767. (23y,6m,4d) Wed-23-Aug-1899 [h] D2-2 Rangers (Friendly)
768. (23y,6m,7d) Sat-26-Aug-1899 [h] W2-1 Morton (SFL Second Division - game 2)
769. (23y,6m,10d) Tue-29-Aug-1899 [h] D1-1 Third Lanark (Friendly)
770. (23y,6m,14d) Sat-02-Sep-1899 [h] W3-1 Port Glasgow Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 3)
771. (23y,6m,21d) Sat-09-Sep-1899 [a] L1-2 Leith Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 4)
772. (23y,6m,28d) Sat-16-Sep-1899 [a] L1-5 Celtic (Glasgow Cup Quarter Final)
773. (23y,7m,4d) Sat-23-Sep-1899 [h] W4-1 Ayr (SFL Second Division - game 5)
774. (23y,7m,11d) Sat-30-Sep-1899 [a] W5-1 Linthouse (SFL Second Division - game 6)
775. (23y,7m,18d) Sat-07-Oct-1899 [h] W3-2 Airdrieonians (SFL Second Division - game 7)
776. (23y,7m,25d) Sat-14-Oct-1899 [a] L1-4 Port Glasgow Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 8)
777. (23y,8m,2d) Sat-21-Oct-1899 [a] L1-2 Ayr (SFL Second Division - game 9)
778. (23y,8m,9d) Sat-28-Oct-1899 [a] W3-2 Morton (SFL Second Division - game 10)
779. (23y,8m,16d) Sat-04-Nov-1899 [a] W2-0 Airdrieonians (SFL Second Division - game 11)
780. (23y,8m,23d) Sat-11-Nov-1899 [h] W4-0 Leith Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 12)
781. (23y,8m,30d) Sat-18-Nov-1899 [h] W4-0 Port Glasgow Athletic (Western League - game 1)
782. (23y,9m,6d) Sat-25-Nov-1899 [a] L2-3 Queen's Park (Friendly)
783. (23y,9m,13d) Sat-02-Dec-1899 [h] W3-0 Hamilton Academical (SFL Second Division - game 13)
784. (23y,9m,20d) Sat-09-Dec-1899 [h] W8-1 Linthouse (SFL Second Division - game 14)
785. (23y,10m,4d) Sat-23-Dec-1899 [h] W4-1 St Mirren (Western League - game 2)
786. (23y,10m,11d) Sat-30-Dec-1899 [a] D2-2 Abercorn (SFL Second Division - game 15)
787. (23y,10m,13d) Mon-01-Jan-1900 [a] W5-0 Clachnacuddin (Friendly)
788. (23y,10m,14d) Tue-02-Jan-1900 [a] W8-3 Orion (Friendly)
789. (23y,10m,18d) Sat-06-Jan-1900 [a] L3-4 St Mirren (Western League - game 3)
790. (23y,10m,25d) Sat-13-Jan-1900 [a] W2-1 Galston (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
791. (23y,11m,1d) Sat-20-Jan-1900 [h] W1-0 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
792. (23y,11m,8d) Sat-27-Jan-1900 [h] W2-1 St Bernard's (Scottish Cup 2nd Round)
793. (23y,11m,15d) Sat-03-Feb-1900 [h] W2-1 Motherwell (SFL Second Division - game 16)
794. (23y,11m,29d) Sat-17-Feb-1900 [h] L1-6 Rangers (Scottish Cup Quarter Final)
795. (24y,0m,5d) Sat-24-Feb-1900 [a] L4-5 Hamilton Academical (Friendly)
796. (24y,0m,13d) Sat-03-Mar-1900 [h] L1-4 Kilmarnock (Western League - game 4)
797. (24y,0m,20d) Sat-10-Mar-1900 [a] W1-0 East Stirlingshire (Friendly)
798. (24y,0m,27d) Sat-17-Mar-1900 [a] W4-0 Clyde (Western League - game 5)
799. (24y,1m,5d) Sat-24-Mar-1900 [h] W5-3 Abercorn (SFL Second Division - game 17)
800. (24y,1m,12d) Sat-31-Mar-1900 [a] W4-2 Hamilton Academical (SFL Second Division - game 18)
801. (24y,1m,19d) Sat-07-Apr-1900 [a] L2-4 Kilmarnock (Western League - game 6)
802. (24y,1m,26d) Sat-14-Apr-1900 [a] L0-3 Morton (Western League - game 7)
803. (24y,2m,2d) Sat-21-Apr-1900 [h] W3-0 Clyde (Western League - game 8)
804. (24y,2m,9d) Sat-28-Apr-1900 [a] L0-2 Dundee (Friendly)
805. (24y,2m,16d) Sat-05-May-1900 [a] L2-3 Port Glasgow Athletic (Western League - game 9)
806. (24y,2m,20d) Wed-09-May-1900 [h] W2-1 Morton (Western League - game 10)
807. (24y,2m,23d) Sat-12-May-1900 [h] D1-1 St Bernard's (Friendly)
808. (24y,2m,26d) Tue-15-May-1900 [h] W3-2 Galston (Friendly)
(age) 1900-01
809. (24y,5m,27d) Wed-15-Aug-1900 [a] D3-3 Celtic (SFL First Division - game 1)
810. (24y,5m,28d) Thu-16-Aug-1900 [a] D2-2 Rangers (Friendly)
811. (24y,5m,30d) Sat-18-Aug-1900 [h] L1-2 Kilmarnock (SFL First Division - game 2)
812. (24y,6m,3d) Wed-22-Aug-1900 [h] D1-1 Abercorn (Friendly)
813. (24y,6m,6d) Sat-25-Aug-1900 [a] L2-5 St Mirren (SFL First Division - game 3)
814. (24y,6m,8d) Mon-27-Aug-1900 [h] D1-1 Clyde (Friendly)
815. (24y,6m,13d) Sat-01-Sep-1900 [h] W5-2 Dumbarton (Friendly)
816. (24y,6m,13d) Sat-01-Sep-1900 [a] W4-0 King's Park (Friendly)
817. (24y,6m,20d) Sat-08-Sep-1900 [h] L1-2 Rangers (SFL First Division - game 4)
818. (24y,6m,27d) Sat-15-Sep-1900 [h] W2-0 Normal Athletic (Glasgow Cup 1st Round)
819. (24y,7m,3d) Sat-22-Sep-1900 [a] L1-2 Kilmarnock (SFL First Division - game 5)
820. (24y,7m,5d) Mon-24-Sep-1900 [h] L0-1 Hibernian (SFL First Division - game 6)
821. (24y,7m,10d) Sat-29-Sep-1900 [h] W3-1 Third Lanark (SFL First Division - game 7)
822. (24y,7m,17d) Sat-06-Oct-1900 [a] W3-1 Heart of Midlothian (SFL First Division - game 8)
823. (24y,7m,24d) Sat-13-Oct-1900 [h] W3-1 Clyde (Glasgow Cup Quarter Final)
824. (24y,8m,1d) Sat-20-Oct-1900 [a] L0-1 Third Lanark (SFL First Division - game 9)
825. (24y,8m,8d) Sat-27-Oct-1900 [a] W3-0 Cameronians (Glasgow Cup Semi Final)
826. (24y,8m,15d) Sat-03-Nov-1900 [a] L1-4 Rangers (SFL First Division - game 10)
827. (24y,8m,22d) Sat-10-Nov-1900 [n] L1-3 Rangers (Glasgow Cup Final)
828. (24y,8m,29d) Sat-17-Nov-1900 [h] D1-1 Dundee (SFL First Division - game 11)
829. (24y,9m,5d) Sat-24-Nov-1900 [a] L0-2 Queen's Park (SFL First Division - game 12)
830. (24y,9m,12d) Sat-01-Dec-1900 [h] L2-6 Celtic (SFL First Division - game 13)
831. (24y,9m,19d) Sat-08-Dec-1900 [a] W3-2 Morton (SFL First Division - game 14)
832. (24y,9m,26d) Sat-15-Dec-1900 [h] L0-1 Heart of Midlothian (SFL First Division - game 15)
833. (24y,10m,3d) Sat-22-Dec-1900 [h] L1-4 Queen's Park (SFL First Division - game 16)
834. (24y,10m,10d) Sat-29-Dec-1900 [a] L0-4 Dundee (SFL First Division - game 17)
835. (24y,10m,12d) Mon-31-Dec-1900 [a] D1-1 Aberdeen FC (Friendly)
836. (24y,10m,13d) Tue-01-Jan-1901 [a] L3-4 Clachnacuddin (Friendly)
837. (24y,10m,17d) Sat-05-Jan-1901 [h] L1-2 Morton (SFL First Division - game 18)
838. (24y,10m,24d) Sat-12-Jan-1901 [a] L0-5 St Bernard's (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
839. (24y,11m,0d) Sat-19-Jan-1901 [a] L0-2 Hibernian (SFL First Division - game 19)
840. (24y,11m,7d) Sat-26-Jan-1901 [h] W3-0 Ayr Parkhouse (Friendly)
841. (24y,11m,21d) Sat-09-Feb-1901 [h] W5-3 St Mirren (SFL First Division - game 20)
842. (24y,11m,28d) Sat-16-Feb-1901 [h] W2-0 Kilmarnock (Western League - game 1)
843. (25y,0m,4d) Sat-23-Feb-1901 [a] L1-2 Port Glasgow Athletic (Western League - game 2)
844. (25y,0m,11d) Sat-02-Mar-1901 [h] L2-3 Clyde (Western League - game 3)
845. (25y,0m,18d) Sat-09-Mar-1901 [a] L0-1 Kilmarnock (Western League - game 4)
846. (25y,0m,25d) Sat-16-Mar-1901 [h] L0-1 St Bernard's (Friendly)
847. (25y,1m,4d) Sat-23-Mar-1901 [h] D3-3 Morton (Western League - game 5)
848. (25y,1m,18d) Sat-06-Apr-1901 [h] W1-0 Port Glasgow Athletic (Western League - game 6)
849. (25y,1m,25d) Sat-13-Apr-1901 [a] L0-1 Morton (Western League - game 7)
850. (25y,2m,1d) Sat-20-Apr-1901 [a] L0-3 Clyde (Western League - game 8)
851. (25y,2m,8d) Sat-27-Apr-1901 [a] L0-2 Abercorn (Friendly)
852. (25y,2m,11d) Tue-30-Apr-1901 [h] L0-2 St Mirren (Western League - game 9)
853. (25y,2m,15d) Sat-04-May-1901 [a] L0-1 Airdrieonians (Friendly)
854. (25y,2m,22d) Sat-11-May-1901 [a] L1-4 St Mirren (Western League - game 10)
855. (25y,2m,25d) Tue-14-May-1901 [h] L0-2 Rangers (Friendly)
(age) 1901-02
856. (25y,5m,27d) Thu-15-Aug-1901 [h] D1-1 St Bernard's (Friendly)
857. (25y,5m,29d) Sat-17-Aug-1901 [a] L1-2 Airdrieonians (SFL Second Division - game 1)
858. (25y,6m,1d) Tue-20-Aug-1901 [h] L0-2 Queen's Park (Willie Paul Benefit)
859. (25y,6m,5d) Sat-24-Aug-1901 [a] D2-2 Abercorn (SFL Second Division - game 2)
860. (25y,6m,12d) Sat-31-Aug-1901 [h] W2-0 East Stirlingshire (SFL Second Division - game 3)
861. (25y,6m,19d) Sat-07-Sep-1901 [h] W5-1 St Bernard's (SFL Second Division - game 4)
862. (25y,6m,26d) Sat-14-Sep-1901 [h] W6-1 Cameronians (Glasgow Cup 1st Round)
863. (25y,7m,2d) Sat-21-Sep-1901 [h] W2-1 Airdrieonians (SFL Second Division - game 5)
864. (25y,7m,9d) Sat-28-Sep-1901 [a] W3-1 Glasgow University (Glasgow Cup Quarter Final)
865. (25y,7m,16d) Sat-05-Oct-1901 [a] L0-2 St Bernard's (SFL Second Division - game 6)
866. (25y,7m,23d) Sat-12-Oct-1901 [a] L1-4 Rangers (Glasgow Cup Semi Final)
867. (25y,8m,0d) Sat-19-Oct-1901 [h] W5-0 Abercorn (SFL Second Division - game 7)
868. (25y,8m,7d) Sat-26-Oct-1901 [a] D1-1 Port Glasgow Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 8)
869. (25y,8m,14d) Sat-02-Nov-1901 [a] W3-1 East Stirlingshire (SFL Second Division - game 9)
870. (25y,8m,21d) Sat-09-Nov-1901 [a] D2-2 Ayr (SFL Second Division - game 10)
871. (25y,8m,28d) Sat-16-Nov-1901 [a] L0-1 Clyde (SFL Second Division - game 11)
872. (25y,9m,4d) Sat-23-Nov-1901 [h] W3-1 Hamilton Academical (SFL Second Division - game 12)
873. (25y,9m,11d) Sat-30-Nov-1901 [a] L2-3 Motherwell (SFL Second Division - game 13)
874. (25y,9m,18d) Sat-07-Dec-1901 [h] W1-0 Leith Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 14)
875. (25y,10m,2d) Sat-21-Dec-1901 [h] W4-1 Motherwell (SFL Second Division - game 15)
(25y,10m,9d) Sat-28-Dec-1901 [h] A1-0 Clyde (SFL Second Division - abandoned game)
876. (25y,10m,16d) Sat-04-Jan-1902 [h] L1-2 Port Glasgow Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 16)
877. (25y,10m,23d) Sat-11-Jan-1902 [a] L0-4 Kilmarnock (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
878. (25y,10m,30d) Sat-18-Jan-1902 [a] W1-0 Leith Athletic (SFL Second Division - game 17)
879. (25y,11m,6d) Sat-25-Jan-1902 [h] W5-2 Arthurlie (SFL Second Division - game 18)
880. (25y,11m,27d) Sat-15-Feb-1902 [h] W6-1 Clyde (SFL Second Division - game 19)
881. (26y,0m,3d) Sat-22-Feb-1902 [a] W5-1 Arthurlie (SFL Second Division - game 20)
882. (26y,0m,10d) Sat-01-Mar-1902 [h] W4-1 Kilmarnock (Western League - game 1)
883. (26y,0m,17d) Sat-08-Mar-1902 [h] W2-0 Ayr (SFL Second Division - game 21)
884. (26y,0m,24d) Sat-15-Mar-1902 [h] W2-1 Morton (Western League - game 2)
(26y,1m,3d) Sat-22-Mar-1902 [a] A2-1 Hamilton Academical (SFL Second Division - abandoned game)
885. (26y,1m,10d) Sat-29-Mar-1902 [h] W3-2 Clyde (Western League - game 3)
886. (26y,1m,12d) Mon-31-Mar-1902 [h] W2-1 St Mirren (Western League - game 4)
887. (26y,1m,17d) Sat-05-Apr-1902 [a] D2-2 Hamilton Academical (SFL Second Division - game 22)
888. (26y,1m,24d) Sat-12-Apr-1902 [a] L3-5 Port Glasgow Athletic (Western League - game 5)
889. (26y,2m,0d) Sat-19-Apr-1902 [a] L1-2 Kilmarnock (Western League - game 6)
890. (26y,2m,7d) Sat-26-Apr-1902 [a] W3-1 Clyde (Western League - game 7)
891. (26y,2m,14d) Sat-03-May-1902 [a] D0-0 Motherwell (Friendly)
892. (26y,2m,17d) Tue-06-May-1902 [a] W2-1 Port Glasgow Athletic (H. Boyd Benefit)
893. (26y,2m,19d) Thu-08-May-1902 [a] L0-2 St Mirren (Western League - game 8)
894. (26y,2m,21d) Sat-10-May-1902 [a] W1-0 Morton (Western League - game 9)
895. (26y,2m,23d) Mon-12-May-1902 [h] W1-0 Port Glasgow Athletic (Western League - game 10)
(age) 1902-03
896. (26y,5m,28d) Sat-16-Aug-1902 [h] W2-1 Kilmarnock (SFL First Division - game 1)
897. (26y,6m,0d) Tue-19-Aug-1902 [h] W4-0 Third Lanark (Friendly)
898. (26y,6m,2d) Thu-21-Aug-1902 [a] W2-0 Queen's Park (Ibrox Disaster Tournament 1st Round)
899. (26y,6m,4d) Sat-23-Aug-1902 [a] L0-9 Rangers (SFL First Division - game 2)
900. (26y,6m,6d) Mon-25-Aug-1902 [a] L1-2 Ashfield Select (Ashfield Fundraiser)
901. (26y,6m,8d) Wed-27-Aug-1902 [h] L*2-2 Celtic (Ibrox Disaster Tournament Semi Final) * L2-6 corners
902. (26y,6m,11d) Sat-30-Aug-1902 [h] D1-1 Morton (SFL First Division - game 3)
903. (26y,6m,18d) Sat-06-Sep-1902 [h] L0-2 Dundee (SFL First Division - game 4)
904. (26y,6m,25d) Sat-13-Sep-1902 [h] W3-0 Normal Athletic (Glasgow Cup Quarter Final)
905. (26y,7m,1d) Sat-20-Sep-1902 [a] W3-0 Port Glasgow Athletic (SFL First Division - game 5)
906. (26y,7m,8d) Sat-27-Sep-1902 [h] D2-2 Heart of Midlothian (SFL First Division - game 6)
907. (26y,7m,10d) Mon-29-Sep-1902 [a] D1-1 Third Lanark (SFL First Division - game 7)
908. (26y,7m,15d) Sat-04-Oct-1902 [a] D3-3 Morton (SFL First Division - game 8)
909. (26y,7m,22d) Sat-11-Oct-1902 [h] L0-3 Third Lanark (Glasgow Cup Semi Final)
910. (26y,7m,29d) Sat-18-Oct-1902 [h] D2-2 St Mirren (SFL First Division - game 9)
911. (26y,8m,6d) Sat-25-Oct-1902 [a] L0-2 Kilmarnock (SFL First Division - game 10)
912. (26y,8m,13d) Sat-01-Nov-1902 [a] D2-2 Hibernian (SFL First Division - game 11)
913. (26y,8m,20d) Sat-08-Nov-1902 [h] L2-4 Rangers (SFL First Division - game 12)
914. (26y,8m,27d) Sat-15-Nov-1902 [a] L1-4 Celtic (SFL First Division - game 13)
915. (26y,9m,3d) Sat-22-Nov-1902 [h] W4-2 Queen's Park (SFL First Division - game 14)
916. (26y,9m,10d) Sat-29-Nov-1902 [a] L2-4 Heart of Midlothian (SFL First Division - game 15)
917. (26y,9m,17d) Sat-06-Dec-1902 [h] D0-0 Celtic (SFL First Division - game 16)
918. (26y,9m,24d) Sat-13-Dec-1902 [a] L1-4 Queen's Park (SFL First Division - game 17)
919. (26y,10m,1d) Sat-20-Dec-1902 [h] L0-2 Hibernian (SFL First Division - game 18)
920. (26y,10m,8d) Sat-27-Dec-1902 [a] L0-3 Dundee (SFL First Division - game 19)
921. (26y,10m,13d) Thu-01-Jan-1903 [a] W3-0 St Mirren (SFL First Division - game 20)
922. (26y,10m,15d) Sat-03-Jan-1903 [h] W4-2 Port Glasgow Athletic (SFL First Division - game 21)
923. (26y,11m,5d) Sat-24-Jan-1903 [a] W4-0 Vale of Leven (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
924. (26y,11m,12d) Sat-31-Jan-1903 [a] W2-0 Motherwell (Scottish Cup 2nd Round)
925. (26y,11m,26d) Sat-14-Feb-1903 [a] L1-4 Heart of Midlothian (Inter City League - game 1)
926. (27y,0m,2d) Sat-21-Feb-1903 [a] L0-3 Stenhousemuir (Scottish Cup Quarter Final)
927. (27y,0m,9d) Sat-28-Feb-1903 [h] W1-0 Third Lanark (SFL First Division - game 22)
928. (27y,0m,16d) Sat-07-Mar-1903 [h] D0-0 Hibernian (Inter City League - game 2)
929. (27y,0m,23d) Sat-14-Mar-1903 [h] D3-3 Rangers (Friendly)
930. (27y,1m,2d) Sat-21-Mar-1903 [a] L2-3 Queen's Park (Inter City League - game 3)
931. (27y,1m,9d) Sat-28-Mar-1903 [a] D2-2 Dundee (Inter City League - game 4)
932. (27y,1m,16d) Sat-04-Apr-1903 [h] W2-0 Rangers (Inter City League - game 5)
933. (27y,1m,25d) Mon-13-Apr-1903 [h] L0-3 St Mirren (Inter City League - game 6)
934. (27y,1m,30d) Sat-18-Apr-1903 [a] D2-2 Albion Rovers (Friendly)
935. (27y,2m,6d) Sat-25-Apr-1903 [h] W3-0 Celtic (Inter City League - game 7)
936. (27y,2m,13d) Sat-02-May-1903 [a] D0-0 East Stirlingshire (Friendly)
937. (27y,2m,15d) Mon-04-May-1903 [a] D2-2 Lanarkshire Junior Select (Bellshill Brass Band Fundraiser)
938. (27y,2m,17d) Wed-06-May-1903 [a] W4-0 Milngavie (Milngavie FC Fundraiser)
939. (27y,2m,20d) Sat-09-May-1903 [a] L0-1 Third Lanark (Inter City League - game 8)
940. (27y,3m,0d) Tue-19-May-1903 [h] W1-0 Rangers (Partick Nurses Benefit)
(age) 1928-29
941. (53y,1m,13d) Mon-01-Apr-1929 [a] L0-1 Celtic (SFL First Division - game 34)
942. (53y,1m,18d) Sat-06-Apr-1929 [a] L0-3 St Mirren (SFL First Division - game 35)
943. (53y,1m,29d) Wed-17-Apr-1929 [a] W3-2 Clydebank FC (Clydebank Students Fund Benefit)
944. (53y,2m,1d) Sat-20-Apr-1929 [h] W2-0 Heart of Midlothian (SFL First Division - game 36)
945. (53y,2m,5d) Wed-24-Apr-1929 [h] D1-1 Rangers (SFL First Division - game 37)
946. (53y,2m,8d) Sat-27-Apr-1929 [a] W5-2 Third Lanark (SFL First Division - game 38)
note: abandoned (A) or voided (V) competition matches are listed on the Archive for posterity, but the stats are excluded from all streaks, tallies & milestones. The full list of 33 excluded matches can be seen here.

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