Legitimate cut-short games
This list has been created to support our Excluded Games entry. Here, for transparency, we highlight the cut-short games which we've deemed to be legitimate, even though they didn't meet the regulation time. Our reasoning, in terms of the friendlies, is that these games had no bearing on competitions, and the results - with two notable exceptions - were generally accepted by all parties concerned. The results in the 4 competitive fixtures on this list were clearly accepted by the governing bodies, and obviously require no arbitration. All of the following games are therefore included in our streaks, tallies and milestones wherever relevant.
Legitimate cut-short games
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Sat-22-Nov-1879 [h] (?-?) W2-0 Orient (Friendly)
– In case you're thinking “cor blimey guv, that's a long way to come for a game”, this lot are the Glasgow juniors not the London eastenders! “2 x 30 mins were played.” (NBDM)
Sat-04-Dec-1880 [a] (?-?) L0-2 Govan (Friendly)
– This “fast and exciting game of an hour's duration” (GH) was cut short for some reason unstated.
Sat-19-Nov-1881 [h] (1-0) W3-0 Mavisbank (Friendly)
– Owing to the late arrival of Mavisbank, only 2 x 30 minutes were played in this game.
Thu-13-Apr-1882 [h] (2-2) W4-2 Dundee Select (Friendly)
– In miserable weather and heavy rain, only an hour was played.
Sat-22-Apr-1882 [h] (?-?) W6-0 Clyde (Friendly)
– Bit of a farce this one. Not only did Clyde turn up with only ten men, two twentys were agreed upon due to the heavy rain.
Sat-14-Oct-1882 [a] (0-1) L3-4 Beith (Friendly)
– Owing to Thistle's late arrival in North Ayrshire, only two 35s were played.
Sat-02-Dec-1882 [a] (?-?) W2-0 Johnstone (Friendly)
– This miserable game lasted for about an hour and, somewhat bizarrely, an eight-a-side affair was the order of the day.
Sat-03-Feb-1883 [a] (0-1) L0-3 Rangers (Friendly)
– Thistle were late in arriving and the match was restricted to an hour.
Sat-01-Sep-1883 [h] (5-0) W9-0 Glasgow Thistle (Friendly)
– A local band was in attendance to play a selection of airs. The game was as one-sided as the score suggests. 5-0 at h-t. 10 mins from time there was divine intervention on behalf of the other Thistle and torrential rain brought the game to a premature end.
Sat-17-Nov-1883 [h] (0-2) L1-3 Northern (Friendly)
– The ground was of the most wretched description owing to rain, rendering good play impossible. The teams were composed of ten men each, and the contest was limited to an hour’s play.
Sat-15-Dec-1883 [h] (?-?) W6-3 Hamilton Academical (Friendly)
– “In miserable weather, a friendly match of an hour's duration (2 x 30s) resulted in a win for the Thistle by six goals to three. Neither side was fully represented” (ACA).
Sat-12-Jan-1884 [a] (?-?) D4-4 Glasgow Thistle (Friendly)
– There was so much arguing about decisions in this disagreeable encounter that it got too dark to play and, besides, Thistle refused to do so. Time was called on 84 mins. Partick claimed a 4-3 win and Glasgow claimed a 4-4 draw and the referee supported their claim.
Sat-03-Jan-1885 [a] (0-1) D1-1 Strathmore (Friendly)
– Aiding an injury ravaged Thistle, secretary Hastie stood in and promptly broke his leg. Two 30 minute halves were quite enough in this one.
Sat-27-Nov-1886 [h] (1-2) L1-4 Queen's Park (Friendly)
– The kick-off being delayed by 20 minutes, it was agreed that this match would consist of 2 x 30 minute halves. A dull day at Inchview was finished off with disputed goals for Queen's giving them an easier win than was merited.
Sat-11-Dec-1886 [a] (0-0) D0-0 Rangers (Friendly)
– The match kicked off 30 mins late and was shortened. Thistle played with 2 half backs and 6 forwards. There were chances at both ends but defences were on top. Rangers pressed early in the 2nd half but Thistle came more into it. Fog descended near the end.
Sat-02-Apr-1887 [h] (3-1) W3-1 Cowlairs (Friendly)
– The crowd invaded the pitch when a Cowlairs player was fouled and, for Victorian health and safety reasons, this match was finished 3 mins short.
Wed-08-Jun-1887 [h] (0-1) W2-1 Bohemians (Friendly)
– This Wednesday evening affair kicked-off late and the 3,000 crowd had to be content with two halves of 35 minutes each.
Sat-03-Dec-1887 [h] (1-1) L1-2 Renfrew FC (Friendly)
– We're mindful that 30 may be a typo for 40, but the GEP reports that our John Stewart was lost to injury on 30 minutes and that 5 minutes later the ref blew for half-time, so it's likely that 2 x 35s were played in this December friendly.
Sat-17-Dec-1887 [h] (1-3) L1-3 3rd L.R.V. (Friendly)
– 2 x 35 mins were played because the game kicked off late.
Sat-24-Dec-1887 [h] (0-0) W4-0 St Bernard's (Friendly)
– Only two or three hundred souls bore witness to this match on Christmas Eve, limited to 2 x 30 mins as St Bernard's turned up late. 4 goals in the second spell will have cheered the spirits of the hardcore Partickonians.
Sat-31-Dec-1887 [a] (0-2) L1-3 Rangers (Friendly)
– This game was 20 minutes late in kicking off and the [*http:www.thethistlearchive.net/about#EC EC] reports that the first half was limited to 35 minutes play. We'd imagine that the second half would be the same, but haven't seen that explicitly stated.
Sat-07-Jan-1888 [h] (2-0) W6-0 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
– Despite play being limited to halves of 35 minutes, Thistle still found time to rack up an impressive tally.
Fri-16-Mar-1888 [h] (3-1) W7-1 County Derry (Friendly)
– Only 30 mins each way was played in this one.
Tue-07-Aug-1888 [a] (3-0) W5-0 Shettleston (Friendly)
– 3 in the opening 10 minutes set Thistle on their way in this shortened match, with 30 mins each way being played.
Wed-15-Aug-1888 [n] (1-1) W2-1 Kilbirnie (Exhibition Cup Quarter Final)
– Fully 4,000 filled the specially constructed grandstand for this evening match, reported as 2 x 15 mins ([*http:www.thethistlearchive.net/about#GH GH]) or 2 x 35 mins ([*http:www.thethistlearchive.net/about#GEP GEP]). The former seems rather unbelievable.
Sat-06-Oct-1888 [a] (1-0) D2-2 3rd L.R.V. (Friendly)
– In the second half, Thirds thought they had equalised for 2-2 but the goal was disputed - the Thistle players insisted the shot had gone over the bar. The referee dismissed the appeal after a long delay and the ball was centred. Arguments broke out and some Thistle players walked off but others seemed content to carry on, with some supporters encouraging them to do so. The referee abandoned the game. Fights threatened to break out amongst the crowd as they gathered in front of the pavilion but wiser counsel prevailed and nothing more serious then cheers and counter-cheers occurred. A most unsatisfactory business.
Sat-24-Nov-1888 [a] (2-0) W6-0 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
– Due to darkness, 2 x 35 mins were played.
Sat-30-Nov-1889 [a] (0-2) L2-5 Rangers (Friendly)
– The game kicked off late and was played as 2 x 35s.
Sat-27-Dec-1890 [h] (1-0) W4-0 Pollokshaws (Friendly)
– This game lasted just 35 minutes each way as they were late in starting.
Sat-24-Jan-1891 [h] (3-1) W3-2 Mossend Swifts (Friendly)
– 2 x 30s were played as Mossend turned up late.
Sat-31-Jan-1891 [h] (0-0) W1-0 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
– This was a tight match played in miserable weather and only 2 x 20 mins were played.
Sat-26-Mar-1892 [h] (1-2) L3-4 Vale of Leven (Friendly)
– Owing to the foul weather the teams were “not in a humour to take the field” (SR). Furthermore, the Vale 'keeper hadn't turned up. After discussion and delay, it was agreed that two periods of thirty minutes play would be a compromise and Thistle's veteran half-back Bob Robertson stood in as Vale goalie!
Sat-26-Nov-1892 [a] (0-1) D1-1 Battlefield (Friendly)
– Two thirties were deemed to be in order for this football-match-cum-water-polo game at Mossfield Park, with players reportedly being hidden in the spray and dancing around puddles.
Sat-17-Feb-1894 [h] (2-0) W5-0 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
– Originally scheduled as a league game but played as a friendly due to conditions. Also, the 3.45pm kick-off was delayed due to the late arrival of Port Glasgow. The match finally got underway at 4.12pm. All parties agreed that the friendly would consist of 2 x 35 mins.
Mon-19-Aug-1895 [a] (?-?) L1-5 Rangers (J. Black Benefit)
– In this benefit game for the widow of a prominent Rangers supporter, 2 x 35 mins were played.
Sat-16-Nov-1895 [h] (0-5) L0-6 Airdrieonians (SFL Second Division - game 6)
– The pitch was invaded and the game abandoned after 75 mins when the sixth goal was scored. The referee was attacked and had to be protected by the players from the mob. The match was not replayed and the result stood in favour of Airdrie. Thistle were fined £2.
Sat-26-Dec-1896 [h] (4-1) W5-1 Cartvale (Friendly)
– Thistle had all the early pressure and took a 2-goal lead through Gray and Donaldson. 2 more were added before h-t, Cartvale scoring once. A 5th was added after h-t but the matched was stopped soon after because of “the state of the weather”.
Wed-08-Sep-1897 [h] (0-1) L0-1 Celtic (Friendly)
– 2 x 35 minutes were played.
Sat-27-Aug-1898 [a] (0-1) L0-1 Third Lanark (SFL First Division - game 2)
– On a heavy park at Meadowside 2 x 35 mins were played and the tie was decided on corners.
Tue-18-Aug-1903 [h] (?-?) W1-0 Stenhousemuir (Friendly)
– 2 x 30 mins was played because of the dreadful weather.
Mon-15-Aug-1904 [h] (1-2) L1-2 Port Glasgow Athletic (Friendly)
– Due to the late start the game finished on 80 mins owing to darkness.
Thu-15-Aug-1907 [h] (0-1) L0-4 Clyde (Friendly)
– The [*http:www.thethistlearchive.net/about#DR DR] reports that this pre-season friendly match was stopped 15 minutes before time. We're certain that it would have finished 4-4 otherwise.
Thu-30-Apr-1908 [h] (1-1) D1-1 Hibernian (SFL First Division - game 34)
– Only 500 people turned up to see the last game played at Meadowside. Due to bad light the game was confined to 35 mins each way.
Wed-17-Aug-1927 [a] (0-0) L0-1 King's Park (Stirling Charity Cup Final)
– Surprisingly, only 2 x 35 mins were played in this one-match challenge for the Stirling Cup. Perhaps the game was late in kicking off? It was reported that the home side started with 8 men but were up to 11 by 10 minutes into the match! 1,500 enjoyed a vigorous contest and Thistle were made to rue a penalty miss, the King's Park centre hitting the winner with only a couple minutes to go.
Wed-28-Nov-1928 [n] (0-0) W3-1 Celtic (Glasgow Dental Cup Semi Final) aet
– In extra time, Gibson and Fraser got the goals to take Thistle to the final. As darkness fell the game was stopped (111) but the result stood.
Thu-04-Apr-1957 [a] (1-0) D1-1 Brighton & Hove Albion (Friendly)
– A late kick-off and lack of light forced 2 x 40s with no half-time break. Even at that, players struggled in the dark towards the end.
Tue-23-Jan-2007 [h] (0-0) D0-0 Rangers XI (John Lambie Testimonial)
– With two matches on the bill this night, a 60 minute affair was agreed upon for this one.

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