What was the date, score or venue?
What was the date, score or venue?
10-May-2024 A total of around 20 matches are good candidates for the first team database, but are giving us trouble in terms of the date, the scoreline or the name of the venue. Only 5 matches from the official DB (all listed here) are in need of a venue! If you can help with anything on the list please do get in touch. n.b. the nominal dates below prefixed with a "?" are simply educated guesses.
# DB? match date match ?
25 No ?Wed-29-Sep-1948 Yoker Athletic vs. Partick Thistle (Benefit Match) We don't know where or when this match was played, but the (weekly) ACA (on Sat-02-Oct-1948) reported: "Partick Thistle, playing Yoker Athletic in a benefit game, had J. Freeland of Garrowhill Amateurs at left half."
24 No Mon-03-Sep-1945 Partick Thistle vs. Maryhill (Benefit Match) Nothing else to go on at the moment, but on Wednesday, 5th September, 1945, the KRH reported: “Maryhill and Partick Thistle met at Firhill on Monday in a benefit for Harry Gillies, a Twechar youth, who is on the sick list. Harry, who was outside left in the Maryhill team last season, is the former Townhead School footballer.” Might there be something in the ET we wonder?
23 No Mon-11-Sep-1933 Partick Thistle vs. Rangers (Friendly) This exhibition match was played in connection with the 50th anniversary of the BB in September 1933. It took place at the Jubilee Camp in Dechmont, near Cambuslang, and followed on from the main week of celebrations in Glasgow. As part of the celebrations (100,000 at Hampden on the 10th for a church service) many of the boys were treated to a sail doon the watter followed by this exhibition match. The legendary officials in charge were Alan Morton (old BB boy) as referee and current players Davie Meiklejohn (Rangers) and Johnny Ballantyne (Thistle) running the lines. BT, FH and WLC all confirm this took place on Monday 11th, but no further details have been found. Perhaps the DR might have something.
22 No Thu-20-Apr-1911 Partick Thistle vs. Churches League Select (Friendly) What was the score? “Now that the championship has been settled, attention must be paid to the representative games, the first of which is due at Firhill against the Partick Thistle, on Thursday evening, April 20, at 6.30. Mr Easton, the genial secretary of the Firhill club, has agreed to put a strong team on the field, and as the select of the League is, by no means, weak, a splendid contest is sure to be forthcoming. All well wishers of the League and there are many should make a point to be present on the 20th. The League team is as follows:- J. Tweedle (St Barnabas’); D. Cathro (Bluevale) and R. Jones (St Rollox); A. Chisholm (Dennistoun), A. Baxter (St Mark’s) and W. Coulter (Pollokshws); A. Davidson (Gorbals’), R. Gardner (Whitevale), A. Heggie (Rutherglen), D. Woods (West Maryston) and R. Lyon (Kelvinside)” (SR, 10th April, 1911). An advert for the match appeared in the 17th April edition of the same paper.
21 No Thu-04-May-1905 Glasgow Perthshire vs. Partick Thistle (Friendly) Part of a SR box advert (Mon-01-May-1905) read: “THURSDAY NIGHT, 4th MAY, PERTHSHIRE v. PARTICK THISTLE. Nelson Park, Bilsland Drive, Maryhill. Kick-off, 7 prompt. Admission, 3d, boys 1d.” The only report found so far was in the SR. Alas, no result. “Perthshire had out some juveniles against Partick Thistle on Thursday. The juveniles in the team all made a show, and a number of them have places in the team for next season” (SR 8/5/1905).
20 No Thu-24-Apr-1902 Milngavie vs. Partick Thistle (Partick & Whiteinch Masonic Lodges Benefit) No scoreline has yet been found and two different dates have been reported. KG (Saturday 3rd May 1902) wrote: “Milngavie beat a strong team of PT on Friday”. Given there is a report of another match “on Saturday” we assume it's referring to the week before, and that they reckon the Milngavie game was therefore on Friday 25/4. However, the SR (Monday 28th April 1892) reckons it was played Thursday 24/4. It was a strong Thistle side with almost 200 competitive appearances between them in that season. The Thursday seems more likely. “Milngavie were in great form against Partick Thistle at Milngave last Thursday night, before some four hundred spectators, when they defeated a strong team of the Thistle, including such players as Connor, Massie, McAllister, Muirhead, Lamont, McDonald, Law, Wilson & co” (SR 28/04/1892).
19 No Fri-31-May-1895 Partick Thistle vs. Glasgow Select (Willie Paul Benefit) EY reports: “During the close season, faithful servant Willie Paul was rewarded for his eleven years as a member of the club, with a benefit match against a Glasgow Select. Paul was presented with a purse of sovereigns as his testimonial”. We would dearly like to find out the details of this match played in honour of such a Thistle giant. The SR (31/5/1895) wrote: “Partick Thistle play a match with a select team of Glasgow players tonight at Inchview, Whiteinch, the proceeds of which will go towards the testimonial to Mr. William Paul. Several old friends will be in the Glasgow team - namely George Gillespie, Tom Robertson, R. Smillie [sic] & co. - and the Partick Thistle will have out their full team. It is hoped there will be a bumper gate, as no one deserves it more than the genial Willie Paul.” It looks like a cert for inclusion in our first team database - if we can find the score!
18 No Fri-16-Jun-1893 Partick Thistle vs. Minerva (Whiteinch Orphanage Benefit) Partick Thistle meet a team of Old Minerva players at Inchview on Friday evening first. This is the annual match in aid of funds of the Whiteinch Orphanage. Thistle will play the following team:- J. McCorkindale, William Prodfoot, Peter Rodger, William Edgar, Stewart Munn, D. Bruce, J. Gilchrist, W. Freebairn, B. Fyffe, G. Hurry and Hope Robertson. Minerva's team will be:- C. McCall, W. Sinclair, D. Stewart, R. Craig, J. Harvie, A. McLachlan, R. Currie, A. Stewart, M. O. White, J. Mulvey and J. Gellaity” (SR, 16/6/1893). Friday evening first is a bit ambiguous, given the paper was published on the Friday. We presume it to be Friday 16th June, although it could be Friday 23rd June. Looks a cert for the first team DB, just awaiting the score reveal to clarify all.
17 No Tue-09-May-1893 Partick Thistle vs. Black Watch (Friendly) Partick Thistle will play "Black Watch" of Maryhill on Tuesday 9th May.” (SR, 28/4/1893). Nothing else found so far.
16 No Fri-01-Jan-1892 Glasgow Thistle vs. Partick Thistle (Friendly) The GEP (25/12/1891) reported: “Partick Thistle will play the Glasgow Thistle at Beechwood Park on New Year's day”. Despite extensive searching, no reports were to be found for this game. Although we haven't uncovered a statement of fact, everything points to the match having been cancelled. Glasgow Thistle went on tour down South and played at Middlesbrough (1st January 1892) and Sunderland (2nd January 1892). From the PTFC point of view, we note that our reserves played on both the 1st and 2nd of January, and that the first team also played on the Saturday 2nd January (a 3-1 defeat away to Rangers).
15 No Sat-01-Aug-1891 St Cuthbert Wanderers vs. Partick Thistle (Friendly) The Wanderers open on Saturday with Partick Thistle” (SR, 27-Jul-1891). This would be exactly one week ahead of our first-ever (Scottish Alliance) League game at home to Ayr, looks good if it can be found.
14 No ?Sat-30-May-1891 Partick Thistle vs. Partick Thistle Past (Whiteinch Orphanage Benefit) EY reports: “The second charity match [at the end of 1890-91] was more interesting, combining a team of past Thistle players with the current side. The match was in aid of the Whiteinch Orphanage funds. The Past team was: Andrew Duff; John Hendry, Thomas Campbell; Robert Robertson, Geo Ward, Robert Marshall; Jerry Suter, Andrew Johnstone, A.Mackay, John Young, David Hislop. The current team lined up: John McCorkindale; John Herd, William Proudfoot; J.Smith, John Cameron, John Stewart; Willie Paul, J.H.Davie, Walter Keay, Sam Clark, John Gilchrist”. Hopefully we can retrace steps and have the actual date and scoreline confirmed at some stage.
13 No Tue-26-May-1891 Abercorn vs. Partick Thistle (Friendly) The GEP (22/5/1891) reported: “The Partick Thistle will visit Paisley on Tuesday evening [26/5] to meet the Abercorn”. Alas, we can find no subsequent reports to confirm the scoreline, or whether the match even took place.
12 No ?Sat-19-May-1888 Northern 2 Partick Thistle 0 (Friendly) A 2-0 end-of-season defeat at Hyde Park was reported in the EY season review text, but we need to find a date for the match. Hopefully we can retrace steps and have this one confirmed at some stage.
11 Yes Sat-21-May-1887 Caledonian Thistle 2 Partick Thistle 0 (Friendly) What was the name of Caledonian Thistle's ground?
10 No ?Mon-04-Jan-1886 Barrow vs. Partick Thistle (Friendly) Game gets a mention in the EY season review text which states that “no outcome was reported”. Was a date scheduled we wonder? Did the match take place? Two tour games were played down south that New Year: Fri-01-Jan-1886 Everton [a] W3-0 (Friendly) & Sat-02-Jan-1886 Stoke City [a] L1-2 (Friendly).
9 No Sat-01-Mar-1884 Partick vs. Partick Thistle (Friendly) Advertised in the NBDM (1/3/1884, the day of the match) for a 3.30pm kick-off at Inchview. You'd think it would take place with an advert having been paid for, but we can find no result. This seems to be the start of a suspicious run of 3 Saturday's without a game for the first team. Checked GEP/NBDM. That said, we note that the Glasgow v Dunbartonshire game at Boghead was postponed owing to the inclemency of the weather.
8 No Sat-01-Jan-1881 Brechin vs. Partick Thistle (Friendly) Sir, an item appeared under the heading to the Brechiner of 24th Sept that refreshed my memory a bit about the start of Association football in Brechin. Some years previous to the club of which I write, two Brechin schoolboys, twin brothers, went to live in Glasgow. After a few years they returned to spend their holidays in their native city and got the Brechin boys interested in Association football, with the result that a club was formed of which I was appointed secretary. In the year 1880 we invited the Partick Thistle (of which the two Brechin lads were members) to come to Brechin. The team arrived on New Year's Day of 1881, and played two games, the first of which, I think, in Brechin Castle Park, but about this I am not sure. The second game was played in the Public Park when the two teams were mixed up, the Brechin backs with the Glasgow forwards and vice versa. In the spring of that year, a great many of the Brechin players left the town and the club was dissolved. In the fall of the same year, my people in Brechin received a letter from Glasgow addressed to me, which they forwarded, and in it was an invitation from the Partick Thistle for the Brechin club to visit Glasgow at the New Year of 1882 which, of course, was out of the question, and I believe the relationship between the two clubs ended there. About the make-up of the Brechin players of those days, my memory is a little hazy, but Mr. Alex Bruce (who I believe is still in the town and is in some way connected with the Auld Kirk) might be able to supplement the list - A. Bruce, B. Croall, D. & W. Gellatly, Dave Duke(?), John D. Strachan - I am he… ONE OF THE BRECHIN TEAM OF 1881.” ~ The Brechin Advertiser 3rd December, 1929.
7 Yes Sat-11-Dec-1880 Helensburgh Victoria 0 Partick Thistle 1 (Friendly) What was the name of Helensburgh Victoria's park?
6 No Sat-18-Sep-1880 Partick Thistle vs. South Side (Friendly) When it became clear that Dennistoun had scratched the cup tie, a friendly at home to South Side was arranged. The PDE (16-Sep-1880) carried a preview which stated the train would leave Paisley on Saturday at 2.56pm, most likely for a 4pm kick-off at Jordanvale. The second elevens of both clubs met at Meikleriggs, kick-off 4pm. South side's first team was predicted as: J. Muchan, J. Neil, G. Mitchell, A. Hunter, P. Stewart, G. Watt, W. McManus, T. McLaren, J. Wallace, E. Johnstone, J. Johnstone. Although the reserves match was reported (GEP/NBDM), there was nothing on the first team, so it was possibly cancelled. The weather was fine for football on the day.
5 Yes Sat-28-Feb-1880 Ardayre 1 Partick Thistle 6 (Friendly) What was the name of Ardayre's park?
4 Yes Sat-28-Dec-1878 Thornliebank Rainbow 1 Partick Thistle 2 (West Of Scotland Cup Quarter Final) What was the name of Thornliebank Rainbow's park?
3 No Sat-02-Mar-1878 Lancelot vs. Partick Thistle (Friendly) Advertised in the NBDM (2/3/1878, the day of the match) and to be played on Glasgow Green. No result found (checked NBDM/GH). Played on the same day as Scotland 7 England 2 at First Hampden.
2 Yes Sat-27-Oct-1877 Paperstainers 0 Partick Thistle 2 (Friendly) What was the name of Paperstainers's park? Their mill was was in Whiteinch. Maybe Inchview?
1 No Sat-11-Mar-1876 Valencia vs. Partick Thistle (Friendly) The “return leg” of our 19th February fixture was advertised (NBDM) in editions from 24th February to the very day of the match. It was to be played at Glasgow Green. Alas, there was no result listed in the edition of Monday, 13th March, nor in any other paper that we've checked.

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