What was the attendance?
01-Jun-2022 We currently have 91.2% of the attendances noted, 1876 to date. Please get in touch → if you can help with any of those missing, as identified below. (Eye-witness estimates accepted as better than nothing!)
# match date match
591 Sat-12-Jul-2014 Brighton & Hove Albion [n] L0-4 (Friendly)
590 Sat-14-Dec-2013 St Johnstone [h] A0-0 (SPFL Premiership - abandoned game)
589 Tue-16-Jul-2013 Livingston [a] D0-0 (Friendly)
588 Sun-22-Jul-2012 Everton XI [h] W3-1 (ARR Craib Cup Final)
587 Mon-16-Jul-2012 Ayr United [a] W4-1 (Friendly)
586 Tue-10-Jul-2012 Alloa Athletic [a] W2-1 (Friendly)
585 Tue-14-Jul-2009 Dumbarton [a] W2-0 (Friendly)
584 Tue-15-Jul-2008 Stirling Albion [a] W2-0 (Friendly)
583 Sat-12-Jul-2008 Brechin City [a] L0-1 (Friendly)
582 Sat-29-Jul-2006 Accrington Stanley [h] W1-0 (Friendly)
581 Thu-27-Jul-2006 Greenock Morton [h] D0-0 (Friendly)
580 Tue-20-Jul-2004 Athlitiki Enosi Paphos [a] W3-2 (Friendly)
579 Sat-17-Jul-2004 Royal Highland Fusiliers [a] W18-0 (Friendly)
578 Thu-15-Jul-2004 Royal Highland Fusiliers [a] W9-0 (Friendly)
577 Wed-24-Jul-2002 Sheffield Wednesday [h] L0-2 (Friendly)
576 Tue-30-Jul-1996 Glentoran [a] W3-0 (Friendly)
575 Sat-27-Jul-1996 Glenavon [a] L0-1 (Friendly)
574 Thu-25-Jul-1996 Ards [a] W3-0 (Friendly)
573 Tue-09-Apr-1996 Aberdeen [h] A0-0 (SFL Premier Division - abandoned game)
572 Thu-04-Aug-1994 Portadown [a] W1-0 (Friendly)
571 Tue-02-Aug-1994 Glentoran [a] W2-0 (Friendly)
570 Sat-30-Jul-1994 Derry City [a] W2-0 (Friendly)
569 Sun-19-Jul-1992 Cove Rangers [a] W*4-4 (Coull Memorial Trophy Challenge Match) * W4-3 pens
568 Sat-18-Jul-1992 Buckie Thistle [a] W3-1 (Friendly)
567 Sat-06-Aug-1988 Ballymena United [a] W2-0 (Friendly)
566 Fri-05-Aug-1988 Portadown [a] W3-2 (Friendly)
565 Sat-30-Jul-1988 Alloa Athletic [a] W2-0 (Friendly)
564 Thu-31-Jul-1986 Queen's Park [a] L0-1 (Friendly)
563 Wed-27-Jul-1983 Linlithgow Rose [a] W4-0 (Friendly)
562 Wed-28-Jul-1982 Linlithgow Rose [a] L1-3 (Friendly)
561 Sat-01-Aug-1981 Forfar Athletic [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
560 Tue-28-Jul-1981 Fort William [a] W11-1 (Friendly)
559 Mon-27-Jul-1981 Brora Rangers [a] W4-2 (Friendly)
558 Sat-25-Jul-1981 Ross County [a] W6-0 (Friendly)
557 Sat-26-Jul-1980 Forres Mechanics [a] W5-1 (Friendly)
556 Sun-22-Jul-1979 Canada National Students [a] W2-0 (Gathering of the Clans Tournament - game 3)
555 Sat-21-Jul-1979 Metro Selects [a] W4-0 (Gathering of the Clans Tournament - game 2)
554 Sat-10-Feb-1979 Girvan Amateurs [a] W6-0 (Friendly)
553 Fri-04-Aug-1978 Buckie Thistle [a] W3-1 (Friendly)
552 Wed-02-Aug-1978 Lossiemouth [a] W3-0 (Friendly)
551 Sat-29-Jul-1978 Ross County [a] W2-1 (Friendly)
550 Sat-06-Aug-1977 Ross County [a] W4-1 (Friendly)
549 Mon-01-Aug-1977 Keith [a] W1-0 (Friendly)
548 Tue-05-Apr-1977 Petershill [a] W3-0 (Neilly McGowan Testimonial)
547 Mon-28-Jul-1975 Nairn County [a] W4-0 (Friendly)
546 Mon-06-Aug-1973 Stenhousemuir [a] W2-1 (Friendly)
545 Tue-15-May-1973 Rot-Weiss Essen [a] L1-7 (Friendly)
544 Mon-07-May-1973 Aalborg Boldspilklub [a] W4-1 (Friendly)
543 Thu-03-May-1973 Vejle Boldklub [a] L2-3 (Friendly)
542 Tue-01-May-1973 St Pauli [a] W1-0 (Friendly)
541 Wed-26-Jul-1972 Brynäs [a] W3-1 (Friendly)
540 Sun-23-Jul-1972 Manchester City [n] L0-5 (July Cup Final)
539 Wed-19-Jul-1972 Sirius [a] W2-0 (July Cup Group 2 - game 2)
538 Sun-16-Jul-1972 Allmänna Idrottsklubben [n] W3-0 (July Cup Group 2 - game 1)
537 Mon-14-Nov-1966 Morton [a] L1-4 (Friendly)
536 Fri-15-May-1964 Third Lanark [h] W7-2 (Summer Cup Section 2 - game 5)
535 Wed-29-Apr-1964 Caledonian [a] W3-0 (Jimmy Davidson Testimonial)
534 Thu-30-Mar-1961 East Stirlingshire [a] W7-1 (Friendly)
533 Sat-07-May-1960 Clachnacuddin / Inverness Thistle XI [a] W4-0 (Friendly)
532 Wed-21-Oct-1959 Dumbarton [a] L3-5 (Friendly)
531 Mon-31-Aug-1959 Clyde [h] D2-2 (Glasgow Cup Semi Final)
530 Sat-01-Mar-1958 Tottenham Hotspur [a] L1-4 (Friendly)
529 Wed-17-Oct-1956 Newcastle United [h] W4-1 (Friendly)
528 Sat-05-May-1956 Elgin City [a] W4-1 (Friendly)
527 Thu-03-May-1956 Nairn County [a] W6-3 (Friendly)
526 Wed-24-Aug-1955 Queen's Park [h] W4-1 (Glasgow Cup Quarter Final)
525 Mon-30-Aug-1954 Queen's Park [h] W*0-0 (Glasgow Cup Quarter Final 2nd replay) aet; * won coin toss
524 Thu-26-Aug-1954 Queen's Park [a] D1-1 (Glasgow Cup Quarter Final replay) aet
523 Tue-24-Aug-1954 Queen's Park [h] D1-1 (Glasgow Cup Quarter Final)
522 Wed-02-Sep-1953 Third Lanark [h] L1-2 (Glasgow Cup Semi Final)
521 Sat-14-Mar-1953 St Mirren [a] W3-2 (Friendly)
520 Wed-10-Sep-1952 Third Lanark [h] W4-2 (Glasgow Cup Semi Final)
519 Sat-26-Apr-1952 Queen of the South [h] D1-1 (Friendly)
518 Sat-30-Jun-1951 Deveronvale [a] W9-3 (Friendly)
517 Thu-28-Jun-1951 Peterhead [a] W4-0 (Friendly)
516 Wed-27-Jun-1951 Inverness Thistle [a] D2-2 (Friendly)
515 Mon-19-Apr-1948 Third Lanark [n] L0-3 (Springburn Lodge Fundraiser)
514 Thu-25-Mar-1948 Ross County [a] W3-1 (Friendly)
513 Sat-06-Mar-1948 Cowdenbeath [a] L1-2 (Friendly)
512 Sat-29-Mar-1947 Dumbarton [a] W4-2 (Friendly)
511 Sat-02-Nov-1940 Celtic [h] A1-1 (Southern League - abandoned game)
510 Sat-25-May-1940 Rangers [h] L1-3 (Regional League, Western Division - game 30)
509 Sat-18-May-1940 St Mirren [h] W3-1 (Regional League, Western Division - game 29)
508 Wed-15-May-1940 Motherwell [a] L1-6 (Regional League, Western Division - game 28)
507 Wed-01-May-1940 Ayr United [h] W2-0 (Regional League, Western Division - game 27)
506 Sat-27-Apr-1940 St Mirren [a] L1-3 (Regional League, Western Division - game 26)
505 Wed-24-Apr-1940 Kilmarnock [h] W5-2 (Regional League, Western Division - game 25)
504 Sat-20-Apr-1940 Third Lanark [h] W4-1 (Regional League, Western Division - game 24)
503 Sat-13-Apr-1940 Morton [a] L0-3 (Regional League, Western Division - game 23)
502 Wed-10-Apr-1940 Queen's Park [h] W6-0 (Regional League, Western Division - game 22)
501 Sat-06-Apr-1940 Clyde [a] D2-2 (Regional League, Western Division - game 21)
500 Sat-30-Mar-1940 Dumbarton [a] D0-0 (Regional League, Western Division - game 20)
499 Mon-25-Mar-1940 Rangers [a] D2-2 (Regional League, Western Division - game 19)
498 Sat-23-Mar-1940 Queen of the South [a] L1-4 (Regional League, Western Division - game 18)
497 Sat-16-Mar-1940 Airdrieonians [h] W3-2 (Regional League, Western Division - game 17)
496 Sat-09-Mar-1940 Celtic [a] D1-1 (Regional League, Western Division - game 16)
495 Sat-17-Feb-1940 Albion Rovers [a] L2-4 (Regional League, Western Division - game 15)
494 Sat-10-Feb-1940 Hamilton Academical [h] D1-1 (Regional League, Western Division - game 14)
493 Sat-06-Jan-1940 Third Lanark [a] L0-2 (Regional League, Western Division - game 13)
492 Mon-01-Jan-1940 Clyde [h] W3-2 (Regional League, Western Division - game 12)
491 Sat-30-Dec-1939 Dumbarton [h] L0-4 (Regional League, Western Division - game 11)
490 Sat-02-Dec-1939 Ayr United [a] L0-7 (Regional League, Western Division - game 7)
489 Sat-25-Nov-1939 Kilmarnock [a] L2-5 (Regional League, Western Division - game 6)
488 Sat-18-Nov-1939 Albion Rovers [h] L0-1 (Regional League, Western Division - game 5)
487 Sat-11-Nov-1939 Hamilton Academical [a] L4-6 (Regional League, Western Division - game 4)
486 Sat-04-Nov-1939 Morton [h] W1-0 (Regional League, Western Division - game 3)
485 Sat-28-Oct-1939 Queen's Park [a] L3-4 (Regional League, Western Division - game 2)
484 Sat-21-Oct-1939 Queen of the South [h] D2-2 (Regional League, Western Division - game 1)
483 Sat-07-Oct-1939 Heart of Midlothian [a] L2-4 (Friendly)
482 Tue-26-Sep-1939 Glasgow Highlanders [h] W11-3 (Friendly)
481 Sat-23-Sep-1939 Celtic [a] L2-4 (Friendly)
480 Sat-16-Sep-1939 Clyde [a] L1-3 (Friendly)
479 Sat-09-May-1936 St Mirren [a] W3-0 (Paisley Charity Cup Final)
478 Wed-05-Sep-1934 Buckie Thistle [a] W4-0 (Friendly)
477 Mon-03-Sep-1934 North of Scotland Select [n] W3-1 (Friendly)
476 Mon-24-Apr-1933 Glentoran [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
475 Wed-20-Apr-1932 Torquay United [a] W1-0 (Friendly)
474 Mon-18-Apr-1932 Plymouth Argyle [a] W3-1 (Alec Hardie Benefit)
473 Sun-07-Jun-1931 Aarhus Gymnastikforening [a] W5-0 (Friendly)
472 Fri-05-Jun-1931 Boldklubben af 1893 [a] L0-1 (Friendly)
471 Tue-02-Jun-1931 Frem [a] W4-1 (Friendly)
470 Sun-31-May-1931 Kjøbenhavns Boldklub [a] L2-3 (Friendly)
469 Tue-19-Aug-1930 Rangers [h] D1-1 (Davie Ness Testimonial)
468 Tue-03-Jun-1930 Brann [a] W2-0 (Friendly)
467 Wed-17-Apr-1929 Clydebank FC [a] W3-2 (Clydebank Students Fund Benefit)
466 Mon-27-Aug-1928 Rangers [h] D1-1 (Willie Salisbury Testimonial)
465 Wed-04-May-1927 Third Lanark [n] W*1-1 (Glasgow Charity Cup Quarter Final) aet; * W3-0 corners
464 Tue-21-Aug-1923 Nithsdale Wanderers [h] W1-0 (Friendly)
463 Sat-17-Mar-1923 Falkirk [a] W2-0 (Friendly)
462 Thu-29-Sep-1921 Kilmarnock [a] D0-0 (Kilmarnock Unemployed Distress Fund Benefit)
461 Sat-10-May-1919 Bathgate [a] L1-2 (Friendly)
460 Sat-10-Aug-1918 Motherwell [a] L1-2 (Charity Match)
459 Sat-11-Aug-1917 Motherwell [a] L1-2 (War Fund Benefit)
458 Sat-04-Apr-1914 Nithsdale Wanderers [a] D1-1 (Morrison Benefit)
457 Tue-26-Dec-1911 Distillery [a] W4-2 (Friendly)
456 Wed-06-Sep-1911 Clyde [a] L0-2 (Alec Watson Benefit)
455 Sat-15-Apr-1911 East Stirlingshire [h] W6-1 (Friendly)
454 Sat-08-Apr-1911 Cowdenbeath [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
453 Sat-18-Mar-1911 Arthurlie [h] D1-1 (Friendly)
452 Wed-02-Nov-1910 Rangers [a] L2-3 (Boilermakers Lock-Out Benefit)
451 Mon-29-Aug-1910 Rangers [h] L1-2 (Archie McKenzie Benefit)
450 Wed-17-Aug-1910 Third Lanark [h] W2-1 (Friendly)
449 Thu-20-Aug-1908 Clyde [a] W3-2 (Masonic Lodge Fund Raiser)
448 Thu-15-Nov-1906 Celtic [h] D2-2 (Partick Boilermakers Association Benefit)
447 Mon-27-Aug-1906 Benburb [a] W3-2 (Friendly)
446 Tue-27-Mar-1906 Clyde [h] A1-3 (Glasgow League - abandoned game)
445 Tue-22-Aug-1905 Port Glasgow Athletic [h] W1-0 (Lodge Vincent Masonic Fundraiser)
444 Tue-26-Apr-1904 Renfrew Victoria [a] L3-4 (Friendly)
443 Tue-05-Apr-1904 Shelbourne [a] L1-2 (Friendly)
442 Wed-06-May-1903 Milngavie [a] W4-0 (Milngavie FC Fundraiser)
441 Mon-04-May-1903 Lanarkshire Junior Select [a] D2-2 (Bellshill Brass Band Fundraiser)
440 Sat-13-Sep-1902 Normal Athletic [h] W3-0 (Glasgow Cup Quarter Final)
439 Mon-25-Aug-1902 Ashfield Select [a] L1-2 (Ashfield Fundraiser)
438 Sat-03-May-1902 Motherwell [a] D0-0 (Friendly)
437 Sat-26-Apr-1902 Clyde [a] W3-1 (Western League - game 7)
436 Sat-19-Apr-1902 Kilmarnock [a] L1-2 (Western League - game 6)
435 Sat-12-Apr-1902 Port Glasgow Athletic [a] L3-5 (Western League - game 5)
434 Mon-31-Mar-1902 St Mirren [h] W2-1 (Western League - game 4)
433 Sat-29-Mar-1902 Clyde [h] W3-2 (Western League - game 3)
432 Sat-22-Mar-1902 Hamilton Academical [a] A2-1 (SFL Second Division - abandoned game)
431 Sat-08-Mar-1902 Ayr [h] W2-0 (SFL Second Division - game 21)
430 Sat-01-Mar-1902 Kilmarnock [h] W4-1 (Western League - game 1)
429 Sat-22-Feb-1902 Arthurlie [a] W5-1 (SFL Second Division - game 20)
428 Sat-21-Dec-1901 Motherwell [h] W4-1 (SFL Second Division - game 15)
427 Sat-01-Sep-1900 King's Park [a] W4-0 (Friendly)
426 Thu-27-Apr-1899 Derby County [h] L2-3 (Friendly)
425 Wed-04-May-1898 Rugby Rovers [h] W6-1 (Partick Jubilee Nurse Fund Benefit)
424 Sat-30-Apr-1898 Ayr Parkhouse [a] L0-2 (Friendly)
423 Sat-09-Apr-1898 St Mirren [a] L1-3 (Friendly)
422 Sat-12-Mar-1898 Ayr Parkhouse [h] L2-4 (Friendly)
421 Sat-18-Dec-1897 Linthouse [h] W1-0 (Friendly)
420 Wed-08-Sep-1897 Celtic [h] L0-1 (Friendly)
419 Thu-06-May-1897 St Bernard's [h] W2-0 (Friendly)
418 Sat-01-May-1897 Clyde [h] L3-4 (Friendly)
417 Sat-26-Dec-1896 Cartvale [h] W5-1 (Friendly)
416 Sat-19-Dec-1896 Vale of Leven [h] W2-1 (Friendly)
415 Sat-30-May-1896 Linthouse [h] W6-2 (Friendly)
414 Mon-11-May-1896 Rangers [h] D2-2 (Friendly)
413 Sat-02-May-1896 Wishaw Thistle [h] W7-1 (Friendly)
412 Sat-18-Apr-1896 Morton [h] W2-1 (Friendly)
411 Mon-06-Apr-1896 Helensburgh [a] L2-3 (Friendly)
410 Sat-29-Feb-1896 Paisley Academicals [h] W10-0 (Friendly)
409 Fri-03-Jan-1896 Arbroath Casuals [a] W6-1 (Friendly)
408 Thu-02-Jan-1896 Dundee [a] W3-0 (Friendly)
407 Sat-31-Aug-1895 Burnbank Swifts [a] W6-2 (Scottish Qualifying Cup 1st Round)
406 Mon-19-Aug-1895 Rangers [a] L1-5 (J. Black Benefit)
405 Wed-29-May-1895 Clyde [a] L2-3 (Glasgow North Eastern Cup Final)
404 Wed-02-Jan-1895 Victoria United [a] W4-1 (Friendly)
403 Tue-01-Jan-1895 Inverness Thistle [a] W2-1 (Friendly)
402 Sat-29-Dec-1894 Aberdeen FC [a] L1-4 (Friendly)
401 Sat-06-Oct-1894 Dykehead [h] D4-4 (Friendly)
400 Wed-16-May-1894 Johnstone [n] W6-1 (Greenock Charity Cup Quarter Final)
399 Mon-26-Mar-1894 Fair City Athletic [a] W4-2 (Friendly)
398 Wed-03-Jan-1894 Forfar Athletic [a] D3-3 (Friendly)
397 Tue-02-Jan-1894 Montrose [a] D2-2 (Friendly)
396 Sat-27-May-1893 Morton [a] W7-4 (Greenock Charity Cup Final)
395 Sat-20-May-1893 Dykebar [n] W6-0 (Greenock Charity Cup Semi Final replay)
394 Sat-13-May-1893 Northern [a] L1-6 (Scottish Alliance - game 18)
393 Thu-04-May-1893 Queen's Park Select [h] W2-0 (Friendly)
392 Sat-29-Apr-1893 Linthouse [a] L2-3 (Scottish Alliance - game 17)
391 Sat-22-Apr-1893 Glasgow Thistle [h] W4-0 (Scottish Alliance - game 16)
390 Sat-15-Apr-1893 Port Glasgow Athletic [a] L0-8 (Friendly)
389 Sat-08-Apr-1893 Cambuslang [h] W2-1 (Scottish Alliance - game 15)
388 Sat-01-Apr-1893 Thornliebank [h] W5-1 (Friendly)
387 Sat-25-Mar-1893 Cowlairs [h] L3-5 (Scottish Alliance - game 14)
386 Sat-18-Mar-1893 St Bernard's [a] L0-7 (Scottish Alliance - game 13)
385 Sat-11-Mar-1893 Airdrieonians [a] D2-2 (Scottish Alliance - game 12)
384 Sat-04-Mar-1893 Vale of Leven [h] L1-3 (Scottish Alliance - game 11)
383 Sat-11-Feb-1893 Vale of Leven [a] W3-1 (Scottish Alliance - game 8)
382 Sat-21-Jan-1893 Airdrieonians [h] W6-3 (Scottish Alliance - game 6)
381 Sat-24-Dec-1892 Linthouse [h] L0-2 (Friendly)
380 Sat-17-Dec-1892 Battlefield [h] W1-0 (Friendly)
379 Sat-26-Nov-1892 Battlefield [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
378 Sat-05-Nov-1892 Broxburn Shamrock [a] L3-4 (Scottish Cup 4th Preliminary Round)
377 Sat-08-Oct-1892 Cowlairs [a] L3-8 (Scottish Alliance - game 5)
376 Sat-10-Sep-1892 Cambuslang [a] W2-1 (Scottish Alliance - game 3)
375 Sat-03-Sep-1892 Royal Albert [h] D3-3 (Friendly)
374 Sat-27-Aug-1892 St Bernard's [h] L3-4 (Scottish Alliance - game 2)
373 Sat-20-Aug-1892 Kilmarnock [a] L2-6 (Scottish Alliance - game 1)
372 Sat-13-Aug-1892 Third Lanark [a] L2-6 (Friendly)
371 Thu-05-May-1892 Morton [a] L0-1 (Greenock Charity Cup Semi Final)
370 Sat-30-Apr-1892 Kilmarnock [a] L0-5 (Scottish Alliance - game 22)
369 Sat-23-Apr-1892 King's Park [a] W3-2 (Scottish Alliance - game 21)
368 Sat-09-Apr-1892 Linthouse [a] L1-3 (Scottish Alliance - game 20)
367 Sat-26-Mar-1892 Vale of Leven [h] L3-4 (Friendly)
366 Sat-19-Mar-1892 St Bernard's [a] L1-3 (Scottish Alliance - game 19)
365 Sat-27-Feb-1892 Glasgow Thistle [a] D2-2 (Scottish Alliance - game 16)
364 Sat-13-Feb-1892 Kilmarnock [h] W3-2 (Scottish Alliance - game 15)
363 Sat-06-Feb-1892 Linthouse [h] L3-5 (Scottish Alliance - game 14)
362 Sat-30-Jan-1892 Morton [a] L1-3 (Scottish Alliance - game 13)
361 Sat-23-Jan-1892 Port Glasgow Athletic [a] D2-2 (Scottish Alliance - game 12)
360 Sat-09-Jan-1892 Glasgow Wanderers [h] W2-1 (Friendly)
359 Sat-26-Dec-1891 Queen's Park [h] L0-1 (Friendly)
358 Sat-14-Nov-1891 Airdrieonians [h] D2-2 (Scottish Alliance - game 8)
357 Sat-07-Nov-1891 St Bernard's [h] L0-7 (Scottish Alliance - game 7)
356 Sat-31-Oct-1891 Sunderland Albion [a] L0-3 (Friendly)
355 Sat-24-Oct-1891 King's Park [h] L0-1 (Scottish Alliance - game 6)
354 Sat-17-Oct-1891 Airdrieonians [a] L1-5 (Scottish Alliance - game 5)
353 Sat-03-Oct-1891 Cathcart [h] W5-0 (Glasgow Cup 1st Round replay)
352 Sat-19-Sep-1891 Cathcart [a] D2-2 (Glasgow Cup 1st Round)
351 Sat-05-Sep-1891 Glasgow Wanderers [a] W2-1 (Scottish Cup 1st Preliminary Round)
350 Sat-29-Aug-1891 Queen's Park [a] L5-6 (Friendly)
349 Sat-09-May-1891 Airdrieonians [a] L1-7 (Friendly)
348 Sat-25-Apr-1891 Kilbirnie [a] L1-4 (Friendly)
347 Sat-18-Apr-1891 Queen's Park [a] L1-2 (Glasgow Charity Cup Semi Final)
346 Sat-04-Apr-1891 Dumbarton [n] L0-2 (Greenock Charity Cup Semi Final)
345 Sat-28-Mar-1891 Aston Villa [a] L0-10 (Friendly)
344 Sat-21-Mar-1891 Glasgow Thistle [h] L2-3 (Friendly)
343 Sat-07-Mar-1891 Linthouse [h] L2-8 (Friendly)
342 Sat-28-Feb-1891 Linfield Athletic [a] L1-2 (Friendly)
341 Sat-21-Feb-1891 Morton [h] L2-3 (Friendly)
340 Sat-31-Jan-1891 Port Glasgow Athletic [h] W1-0 (Friendly)
339 Sat-24-Jan-1891 Mossend Swifts [h] W3-2 (Friendly)
338 Sat-17-Jan-1891 Methlan Park [h] D3-3 (Friendly)
337 Sat-27-Dec-1890 Pollokshaws [h] W4-0 (Friendly)
336 Sat-20-Dec-1890 Summerton Athletic [h] W6-1 (Friendly)
335 Sat-06-Dec-1890 Glasgow Thistle [a] W1-0 (Friendly)
334 Sat-29-Nov-1890 Mossend Swifts [a] L3-6 (Friendly)
333 Sat-15-Nov-1890 Abercorn [h] L1-4 (Friendly)
332 Sat-18-Oct-1890 Dykebar [a] L4-5 (Friendly)
331 Sat-11-Oct-1890 Pollokshaws [h] W5-2 (Glasgow Cup 2nd Round)
330 Sat-20-Sep-1890 Fairfield [h] W4-2 (Glasgow Cup 1st Round)
329 Sat-13-Sep-1890 Airdrieonians [h] W5-3 (Friendly)
328 Sat-06-Sep-1890 Wishaw Thistle [a] L2-3 (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
327 Sat-30-Aug-1890 Raith Rovers [a] W5-4 (Friendly)
326 Sat-23-Aug-1890 Methlan Park [h] W4-2 (Friendly)
325 Sat-16-Aug-1890 Port Glasgow Athletic [a] W9-6 (Friendly)
324 Sat-09-Aug-1890 Newmilns [a] W6-1 (Friendly)
323 Mon-16-Jun-1890 Abercorn [h] W2-0 (Whiteinch Orphanage Benefit)
322 Sat-07-Jun-1890 Glasgow Thistle [a] L1-2 (Masonic Lodge Scotia (178) Benefit)
321 Sat-17-May-1890 Ayr [a] D4-4 (Friendly)
320 Tue-13-May-1890 Northern [a] L1-3 (Maryhill Charity Cup 1st Round)
319 Sat-10-May-1890 Glasgow Hibernians [h] W3-2 (Friendly)
318 Sat-03-May-1890 Airdrieonians [h] W4-2 (Friendly)
317 Thu-01-May-1890 Rangers [a] W6-3 (Friendly)
316 Sat-19-Apr-1890 Renton [h] W4-0 (Friendly)
315 Sat-12-Apr-1890 St Mirren [h] W5-2 (Friendly)
314 Mon-07-Apr-1890 Stoke City [a] L0-1 (Friendly)
313 Sat-29-Mar-1890 Cambuslang [a] L2-5 (Friendly)
312 Sat-22-Mar-1890 Morton [h] W5-3 (Friendly)
311 Sat-08-Mar-1890 St Bernard's [h] W5-3 (Friendly)
310 Sat-01-Mar-1890 Ayr [h] W5-2 (Friendly)
309 Sat-22-Feb-1890 Clyde [h] W8-1 (Friendly)
308 Sat-15-Feb-1890 St Mirren [a] W4-1 (Friendly)
307 Sat-01-Feb-1890 Methlan Park [h] L2-7 (Friendly)
306 Sat-25-Jan-1890 Rangers [h] L0-2 (Friendly)
305 Sat-18-Jan-1890 Port Glasgow Athletic [a] W9-2 (Friendly)
304 Sat-11-Jan-1890 Kilbirnie [h] W5-2 (Friendly)
303 Sat-04-Jan-1890 Aberdeen FC [a] W5-2 (Friendly)
302 Fri-03-Jan-1890 Montrose [a] W4-1 (Friendly)
301 Thu-02-Jan-1890 Victoria United [a] W2-0 (Friendly)
300 Wed-01-Jan-1890 Dundee Harp [a] W10-1 (Friendly)
299 Sat-28-Dec-1889 Royal Albert [h] L1-3 (Friendly)
298 Sat-21-Dec-1889 Dumbarton [a] D2-2 (Friendly)
297 Sat-14-Dec-1889 Battlefield [h] W4-0 (Friendly)
296 Sat-07-Dec-1889 Linthouse [h] L1-2 (Friendly)
295 Sat-23-Nov-1889 Morton [a] D4-4 (Friendly)
294 Sat-16-Nov-1889 Albion Rovers [h] W4-2 (Friendly)
293 Sat-09-Nov-1889 Battlefield [a] W2-0 (Friendly)
292 Sat-02-Nov-1889 Queen's Park [a] L3-6 (Glasgow Cup Quarter Final)
291 Sat-26-Oct-1889 Cowlairs [a] L0-5 (Friendly)
290 Sat-19-Oct-1889 Glasgow Hibernians [a] W3-1 (Friendly)
289 Sat-12-Oct-1889 Glasgow Thistle [h] W5-2 (Glasgow Cup 2nd Round)
288 Sat-05-Oct-1889 Port Glasgow Athletic [h] W5-2 (Friendly)
287 Sat-28-Sep-1889 Albion Rovers [a] L2-6 (Friendly)
286 Sat-21-Sep-1889 Summerton Athletic [a] W4-1 (Glasgow Cup 1st Round)
285 Sat-31-Aug-1889 Renton [a] L0-3 (Friendly)
284 Sat-24-Aug-1889 Cowlairs [h] L1-2 (Friendly)
283 Sat-17-Aug-1889 Airdrieonians [a] W7-2 (Friendly)
282 Tue-13-Aug-1889 Dalmuir Thistle [a] W6-1 (Friendly)
281 Sat-10-Aug-1889 Kilbirnie [a] D3-3 (Friendly)
280 Sat-13-Jul-1889 Cowlairs [n] L1-4 (Sir William Cunningham Cup Semi Final)
279 Mon-27-May-1889 Linthouse [a] L2-4 (Maryhill Charity Cup 1st Round replay)
278 Tue-14-May-1889 Linthouse [a] D2-2 (Friendly)
277 Sat-11-May-1889 Airdrieonians [h] W5-2 (Friendly)
276 Sat-04-May-1889 Rangers [h] W6-2 (Friendly)
275 Sat-27-Apr-1889 Linthouse [h] D4-4 (Maryhill Charity Cup 1st Round)
274 Sat-13-Apr-1889 Northern [h] D2-2 (Friendly)
273 Wed-10-Apr-1889 Uddingston [a] W1-0 (Friendly)
272 Sat-06-Apr-1889 Dykebar [h] W5-1 (Friendly)
271 Sat-30-Mar-1889 Motherwell [a] W3-2 (Friendly)
270 Sat-16-Mar-1889 Renton [a] L1-3 (Friendly)
269 Sat-09-Mar-1889 Cambuslang [h] W3-0 (Friendly)
268 Sat-23-Feb-1889 St Bernard's [h] W2-0 (Friendly)
267 Sat-16-Feb-1889 Arthurlie [a] W5-3 (Friendly)
266 Sat-02-Feb-1889 Airdrieonians [a] L0-1 (Friendly)
265 Sat-19-Jan-1889 Battlefield [h] W2-1 (Friendly)
264 Sat-12-Jan-1889 Northern [a] L2-4 (Friendly)
263 Sat-05-Jan-1889 Vale of Leven [h] W4-2 (Friendly)
262 Mon-31-Dec-1888 Bolton Wanderers [a] L1-6 (Friendly)
261 Sat-29-Dec-1888 Renton [h] D2-2 (Friendly)
260 Sat-22-Dec-1888 Albion Rovers [a] W3-1 (Friendly)
259 Sat-15-Dec-1888 Cowlairs [h] L0-2 (Friendly)
258 Sat-24-Nov-1888 Port Glasgow Athletic [a] W6-0 (Friendly)
257 Sat-17-Nov-1888 Clyde [a] D1-1 (Glasgow Cup Semi Final)
256 Sat-03-Nov-1888 Battlefield [h] L1-3 (Friendly)
255 Sat-27-Oct-1888 Vale of Leven [a] W4-3 (Friendly)
254 Sat-29-Sep-1888 Ulster [a] W12-1 (Friendly)
253 Sat-22-Sep-1888 Hibernian [h] W4-2 (Friendly)
252 Sat-15-Sep-1888 Maryhill [a] W5-3 (Glasgow Cup 1st Round)
251 Wed-29-Aug-1888 Celtic [n] L0-1 (Exhibition Cup Semi Final)
250 Sat-25-Aug-1888 Cambuslang [a] L2-3 (Friendly)
249 Fri-10-Aug-1888 Airdrieonians [n] W5-2 (Exhibition Cup 1st Round)
248 Tue-07-Aug-1888 Shettleston [a] W5-0 (Friendly)
247 Sat-12-May-1888 Maybole [h] W4-2 (Friendly)
246 Sat-05-May-1888 St Bernard's [a] L2-6 (Friendly)
245 Fri-04-May-1888 Mid-Annandale [h] D1-1 (Friendly)
244 Sat-28-Apr-1888 Mid-Annandale [a] L4-5 (Friendly)
243 Sat-21-Apr-1888 Dumbarton [a] W2-1 (Friendly)
242 Sat-14-Apr-1888 Kilbirnie [a] W4-2 (Friendly)
241 Sat-07-Apr-1888 Dumbarton Athletic [h] L2-3 (Friendly)
240 Fri-16-Mar-1888 County Derry [h] W7-1 (Friendly)
239 Sat-03-Mar-1888 Morton [h] W6-2 (Friendly)
238 Sat-25-Feb-1888 Battlefield [h] L2-3 (Friendly)
237 Sat-11-Feb-1888 Cambuslang [h] L1-2 (Friendly)
236 Sat-21-Jan-1888 3rd L.R.V. [a] W1-0 (Friendly)
235 Sat-17-Dec-1887 3rd L.R.V. [h] L1-3 (Friendly)
234 Sat-03-Dec-1887 Renfrew [h] L1-2 (Friendly)
233 Sat-19-Nov-1887 Airdrieonians [a] W4-3 (Friendly)
232 Sat-29-Oct-1887 Renton [a] L0-5 (Friendly)
231 Sat-17-Sep-1887 Vale of Leven [a] L0-9 (Friendly)
230 Sat-10-Sep-1887 Morton [a] L2-3 (Friendly)
229 Sat-27-Aug-1887 Cambuslang [a] W3-1 (Friendly)
228 Sat-20-Aug-1887 Dumbarton Athletic [a] L3-5 (Friendly)
227 Sat-13-Aug-1887 Northern [h] W3-2 (Friendly)
226 Wed-10-Aug-1887 Shettleston [a] W4-1 (Friendly)
225 Sat-21-May-1887 Caledonian Thistle [a] L0-2 (Friendly)
224 Sat-14-May-1887 1st Renfrew R.V. [a] W4-2 (Greenock Charity Cup Semi Final)
223 Sat-07-May-1887 Port Glasgow Athletic [a] L2-4 (Friendly)
222 Tue-26-Apr-1887 Northern [a] W2-1 (Friendly)
221 Wed-20-Apr-1887 Shettleston [h] W3-2 (Friendly)
220 Sat-02-Apr-1887 Cowlairs [h] W3-1 (Friendly)
219 Sat-26-Mar-1887 Port Glasgow Athletic [a] L0-1 (Friendly)
218 Sat-19-Feb-1887 Cambuslang [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
217 Sat-12-Feb-1887 St Mirren [h] W8-0 (Friendly)
216 Sat-05-Feb-1887 Vale of Leven Wanderers [h] W2-1 (Friendly)
215 Sat-22-Jan-1887 Cowlairs [a] L0-3 (Friendly)
214 Mon-03-Jan-1887 South Shore [a] W3-2 (Friendly)
213 Sat-25-Dec-1886 St Mirren [a] L1-2 (Friendly)
212 Sat-11-Dec-1886 Rangers [a] D0-0 (Friendly)
211 Sat-13-Nov-1886 Dumbarton [a] L1-2 (Friendly)
210 Sat-06-Nov-1886 Dumbarton Athletic [h] L0-1 (Friendly)
209 Sat-16-Oct-1886 Airdrieonians [a] W2-0 (Friendly)
208 Sat-09-Oct-1886 Morton [h] L2-3 (Friendly)
207 Sat-02-Oct-1886 Battlefield [h] W6-4 (Friendly)
206 Sat-25-Sep-1886 Cambuslang [h] L1-3 (Friendly)
205 Sat-18-Sep-1886 Port Glasgow Athletic [h] W4-3 (Friendly)
204 Sat-04-Sep-1886 Abercorn [a] W3-0 (Friendly)
203 Sat-21-Aug-1886 Cowlairs [h] W4-0 (Friendly)
202 Sat-22-May-1886 Comely Park [a] W5-4 (Friendly)
201 Sat-15-May-1886 Arthurlie [h] W5-2 (Friendly)
200 Sat-08-May-1886 Morton [h] W4-2 (Friendly)
199 Sat-01-May-1886 Rangers [h] W4-1 (Friendly)
198 Sat-24-Apr-1886 Arthurlie [a] W5-2 (Friendly)
197 Sat-17-Apr-1886 Renton [a] L1-3 (Friendly)
196 Sat-03-Apr-1886 Northern [h] W2-1 (Friendly)
195 Sat-27-Mar-1886 Port Glasgow Athletic [a] W5-4 (Friendly)
194 Sat-20-Mar-1886 Battlefield [h] D1-1 (Friendly)
193 Sat-20-Feb-1886 Dumbarton Athletic [h] W2-1 (Friendly)
192 Sat-13-Feb-1886 Heart of Midlothian [h] W6-0 (Friendly)
191 Sat-30-Jan-1886 Kilmarnock [h] W3-1 (Friendly)
190 Sat-16-Jan-1886 Airdrieonians [a] L0-1 (Friendly)
189 Sat-19-Dec-1885 Abercorn [a] L0-4 (Friendly)
188 Sat-12-Dec-1885 Rangers [a] L0-5 (Friendly)
187 Sat-05-Dec-1885 Clyde [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
186 Sat-28-Nov-1885 Heart of Midlothian [a] D2-2 (Friendly)
185 Sat-21-Nov-1885 Cambuslang [h] L0-3 (Friendly)
184 Sat-14-Nov-1885 Dumbarton [a] L0-3 (Scottish Cup 4th Round)
183 Sat-07-Nov-1885 Airdrieonians [h] D2-2 (Friendly)
182 Sat-24-Oct-1885 Alloa Athletic [a] W12-0 (Scottish Cup 3rd Round)
181 Sat-17-Oct-1885 Cowlairs [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
180 Sat-10-Oct-1885 Arthurlie [a] L1-2 (Friendly)
179 Sat-03-Oct-1885 Cartvale [h] L2-4 (Friendly)
178 Sat-19-Sep-1885 Cambuslang [a] L0-6 (Friendly)
177 Sat-12-Sep-1885 Granton [h] W11-0 (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
176 Sat-05-Sep-1885 St Bernard's [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
175 Sat-29-Aug-1885 Morton [a] W5-1 (Friendly)
174 Sat-30-May-1885 Dundee Harp [a] L0-2 (Friendly)
173 Sat-02-May-1885 Partick [h] W4-1 (Friendly)
172 Sat-25-Apr-1885 Rangers [h] W5-2 (Friendly)
171 Sat-18-Apr-1885 Pilgrims [n] W4-1 (Friendly)
170 Sat-11-Apr-1885 Falkirk [h] W5-0 (Friendly)
169 Thu-09-Apr-1885 Arbroath [a] L1-6 (Friendly)
168 Sat-04-Apr-1885 St Mirren [h] W1-0 (Friendly)
167 Sat-28-Mar-1885 Heart of Midlothian [h] W2-1 (Friendly)
166 Sat-21-Mar-1885 Renton [h] W2-1 (Friendly)
165 Sat-14-Mar-1885 Cambuslang [h] D3-3 (Friendly)
164 Sat-07-Mar-1885 Pilgrims [n] L1-5 (Friendly)
163 Sat-21-Feb-1885 Hibernians [a] L1-6 (Friendly)
162 Sat-14-Feb-1885 Partick [a] W4-1 (Friendly)
161 Sat-07-Feb-1885 Pilgrims [h] W1-0 (Friendly)
160 Sat-31-Jan-1885 Kilmarnock Athletic [h] W5-0 (Friendly)
159 Sat-10-Jan-1885 Port Glasgow Athletic [h] W2-1 (Friendly)
158 Sat-03-Jan-1885 Strathmore [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
157 Fri-02-Jan-1885 Our Boys Dundee [a] W2-1 (Friendly)
156 Sat-27-Dec-1884 Kilmarnock Athletic [h] W2-1 (Friendly)
155 Sat-13-Dec-1884 Pollokshields Athletic [h] W4-2 (Friendly)
154 Sat-29-Nov-1884 Pilgrims [n] W2-0 (Friendly)
153 Sat-22-Nov-1884 Heart of Midlothian [a] D3-3 (Friendly)
152 Sat-15-Nov-1884 Johnstone [h] W3-1 (Friendly)
151 Sat-18-Oct-1884 Renton [h] D2-2 (Friendly)
150 Sat-11-Oct-1884 Falkirk [a] L2-3 (Friendly)
149 Sat-13-Sep-1884 3rd L.R.V. [a] L2-3 (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
148 Sat-30-Aug-1884 Dumbarton [a] L1-4 (Friendly)
147 Sat-28-Jun-1884 Arbroath [a] W4-2 (Friendly)
146 Sat-10-May-1884 Northern [a] L2-3 (Friendly)
145 Sat-03-May-1884 Partick [a] W5-0 (Friendly)
144 Sat-26-Apr-1884 Heart of Midlothian [h] W3-2 (Friendly)
143 Sat-19-Apr-1884 Johnstone [a] W3-0 (Friendly)
142 Sat-12-Apr-1884 Morton [h] W4-1 (Friendly)
141 Sat-29-Mar-1884 Kilmarnock Athletic [h] W2-1 (Friendly)
140 Sat-23-Feb-1884 Hamilton Academical [a] W2-0 (Friendly)
139 Sat-16-Feb-1884 Heart of Midlothian [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
138 Sat-09-Feb-1884 Kilmarnock Athletic [a] L3-4 (Friendly)
137 Sat-02-Feb-1884 Port Glasgow Athletic [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
136 Sat-12-Jan-1884 Glasgow Thistle [a] W4-3 (Friendly)
135 Sat-05-Jan-1884 Cartvale [h] W6-2 (Friendly)
134 Thu-03-Jan-1884 Lindertis [a] W14-1 (Friendly)
133 Wed-02-Jan-1884 Brechin [a] W10-1 (Friendly)
132 Tue-01-Jan-1884 Moffat [a] L1-2 (Friendly)
131 Sat-29-Dec-1883 Clyde [h] W4-0 (Friendly)
130 Sat-15-Dec-1883 Hamilton Academical [h] W6-3 (Friendly)
129 Sat-01-Dec-1883 Johnstone [a] L2-4 (Friendly)
128 Sat-24-Nov-1883 Clyde [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
127 Sat-17-Nov-1883 Northern [h] L1-3 (Friendly)
126 Sat-03-Nov-1883 Vale of Leven [a] L2-5 (Friendly)
125 Sat-20-Oct-1883 East Stirlingshire [h] W6-0 (Scottish Cup 3rd Round)
124 Sat-13-Oct-1883 Morton [a] L2-5 (Friendly)
123 Sat-06-Oct-1883 Port Glasgow Athletic [h] W1-0 (Friendly)
122 Sat-29-Sep-1883 Orchard [h] W8-1 (Scottish Cup 2nd Round)
121 Sat-15-Sep-1883 Falkirk [h] W8-2 (Friendly)
120 Sat-08-Sep-1883 Pilgrims [h] W11-0 (Friendly)
119 Sat-01-Sep-1883 Glasgow Thistle [h] W9-0 (Friendly)
118 Sat-25-Aug-1883 Cartvale [a] L1-4 (Friendly)
117 Sat-19-May-1883 Partick [h] W2-0 (Friendly)
116 Sat-21-Apr-1883 Morton [h] L1-2 (Friendly)
115 Sat-14-Apr-1883 Rangers [h] W2-0 (Friendly)
114 Sat-24-Mar-1883 Vale of Leven [a] L1-4 (Friendly)
113 Tue-20-Mar-1883 Sir John Maxwell [n] W2-0 (Yoker Cup Final)
112 Sat-10-Mar-1883 Yoker [h] W6-0 (Yoker Cup Semi Final)
111 Sat-03-Mar-1883 Yoker [a] V2-1 (Yoker Cup Semi Final - voided game)
110 Sat-24-Feb-1883 Falkirk [a] L2-6 (Friendly)
109 Sat-17-Feb-1883 Hibernians [h] L2-3 (Friendly)
108 Sat-03-Feb-1883 Rangers [a] L0-3 (Friendly)
107 Sat-27-Jan-1883 Abercorn [h] D2-2 (Friendly)
106 Tue-02-Jan-1883 Our Boys Dundee [a] W6-0 (Friendly)
105 Mon-01-Jan-1883 Strathmore [a] W10-0 (Friendly)
104 Sat-30-Dec-1882 Blackburn Olympic [h] L0-2 (Friendly)
103 Sat-02-Dec-1882 Johnstone [a] W2-0 (Friendly)
102 Sat-25-Nov-1882 Hibernians [a] L0-2 (Friendly)
101 Sat-11-Nov-1882 Vale of Leven [h] L1-6 (Friendly)
100 Sat-04-Nov-1882 Partick [a] W3-1 (Friendly)
99 Sat-28-Oct-1882 Cambuslang [h] D3-3 (Scottish Cup 3rd Round replay) both sides progressed
98 Sat-21-Oct-1882 Cambuslang [a] D3-3 (Scottish Cup 3rd Round)
97 Sat-14-Oct-1882 Beith [a] L3-4 (Friendly)
96 Sat-30-Sep-1882 Mavisbank [h] W14-2 (Scottish Cup 2nd Round)
95 Sat-23-Sep-1882 Whitefield [h] W5-0 (Friendly)
94 Sat-09-Sep-1882 Battlefield [a] W4-2 (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
93 Sat-02-Sep-1882 Renfrew [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
92 Sat-19-Aug-1882 Morton [a] W3-1 (Friendly)
91 Sat-06-May-1882 Cartvale [h] D2-2 (Friendly)
90 Sat-22-Apr-1882 Clyde [h] W6-0 (Friendly)
89 Sat-15-Apr-1882 Kilmarnock [h] W8-3 (Friendly)
88 Thu-13-Apr-1882 Dundee Select [h] W4-2 (Friendly)
87 Sat-08-Apr-1882 Clarkston [h] W3-0 (Friendly)
86 Sat-18-Mar-1882 Vale of Teith [h] W5-1 (Friendly)
85 Sat-25-Mar-1882 Middlesbrough [a] W4-1 (Friendly)
84 Sat-04-Mar-1882 Cowlairs [h] W2-0 (Friendly)
83 Sat-11-Mar-1882 Yoker [a] W5-0 (Yoker Cup Final)
82 Sat-18-Feb-1882 Partick [a] W3-1 (Friendly)
81 Sat-11-Feb-1882 King's Park [h] W10-0 (Friendly)
80 Sat-28-Jan-1882 Brittania [h] W10-0 (Yoker Cup Semi Final)
79 Tue-03-Jan-1882 Angus [a] W4-1 (Friendly)
78 Mon-02-Jan-1882 Strathmore [a] W5-1 (Friendly)
77 Sat-31-Dec-1881 Glasgow Thistle [h] W2-1 (Friendly)
76 Sat-03-Dec-1881 Queen's Park [a] L0-10 (Scottish Cup 5th Round)
75 Sat-19-Nov-1881 Mavisbank [h] W3-0 (Friendly)
74 Sat-12-Nov-1881 Glasgow Thistle [a] W1-0 (Scottish Cup 4th Round)
73 Sat-05-Nov-1881 Petershill FC [h] W3-2 (Scottish Cup 3rd Round replay) aet
72 Sat-22-Oct-1881 Petershill FC [a] D2-2 (Scottish Cup 3rd Round)
71 Thu-20-Oct-1881 Strathmore [a] W4-1 (Friendly)
70 Sat-15-Oct-1881 Pilgrims [h] W7-1 (Scottish Cup 2nd Round)
69 Thu-13-Oct-1881 Strathmore [h] W12-1 (Friendly)
68 Sat-08-Oct-1881 2nd Queen's Park [h] W3-0 (Friendly)
67 Sat-01-Oct-1881 Pilgrims [h] V3-1 (Scottish Cup 2nd Round - voided game)
66 Sat-17-Sep-1881 Clyde [a] L1-6 (Friendly)
65 Sat-10-Sep-1881 Mavisbank [a] W3-1 (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
64 Sat-03-Sep-1881 Jamestown [a] W2-1 (Friendly)
63 Sat-16-Apr-1881 Glasgow Thistle [a] L1-4 (Royal Standard and Grand National Halls Cup Semi Final)
62 Sat-02-Apr-1881 Harmonic [h] W4-0 (Royal Standard and Grand National Halls Cup Quarter Final)
61 Sat-19-Mar-1881 Yoker [a] W1-0 (Yoker Cup Final)
60 Sat-12-Mar-1881 Cambuslang [h] W5-1 (Friendly)
59 Sat-19-Feb-1881 Ardrossan Seafield [a] L1-2 (Friendly)
58 Sat-05-Feb-1881 Dalmuir Thistle [h] W1-0 (Yoker Cup Semi Final)
57 Sat-08-Jan-1881 Windsor [a] W1-0 (Friendly)
56 Sat-11-Dec-1880 Helensburgh Victoria [a] W1-0 (Friendly)
55 Sat-04-Dec-1880 Govan [a] L0-2 (Friendly)
54 Sat-16-Oct-1880 Cambuslang [h] W2-1 (Friendly)
53 Sat-25-Sep-1880 Partick [a] L1-5 (Friendly)
52 Sat-11-Sep-1880 Harmonic [h] W2-1 (Friendly)
51 Sat-04-Sep-1880 South Western [h] W3-1 (Friendly)
50 Sat-21-Aug-1880 Pollok FC [a] L0-2 (Friendly)
49 Tue-30-Mar-1880 Renfrew Ramblers [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
48 Sat-06-Mar-1880 Parkhead Rangers [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
47 Sat-28-Feb-1880 Ardayre [a] W6-1 (Friendly)
46 Sat-07-Feb-1880 Kelvinside [h] W1-0 (Friendly)
45 Sat-31-Jan-1880 Pollok FC [h] W8-0 (Friendly)
44 Sat-24-Jan-1880 2nd Queen's Park [a] W1-0 (Friendly)
43 Sat-17-Jan-1880 Possilpark [a] W2-1 (Friendly)
42 Sat-13-Dec-1879 King's Park [a] W3-0 (Friendly)
41 Sat-22-Nov-1879 Orient [h] W2-0 (Friendly)
40 Sat-08-Nov-1879 Renfrew Ramblers [h] W1-0 (Friendly)
39 Sat-01-Nov-1879 Fullerton [a] L0-1 (Friendly)
38 Sat-25-Oct-1879 Kelvinside [h] W4-0 (Friendly)
37 Sat-11-Oct-1879 Windsor [a] D3-3 (Friendly)
36 Sat-27-Sep-1879 Barrhead Rangers [h] L1-2 (Friendly)
35 Sat-20-Sep-1879 Possil Bluebell [h] W1-0 (Friendly)
34 Sat-13-Sep-1879 Possilpark [a] W2-0 (Friendly)
33 Sat-06-Sep-1879 Ardayre [h] W7-0 (Friendly)
32 Sat-17-May-1879 Violet [a] W3-2 (Friendly)
31 Sat-29-Mar-1879 Wellpark [n] W2-1 (West Of Scotland Cup Semi Final replay) aet
30 Sat-22-Mar-1879 Wellpark [a] D1-1 (West Of Scotland Cup Semi Final)
29 Sat-08-Mar-1879 Violet [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
28 Sat-08-Feb-1879 Upper Clydesdale [a] L1-3 (Friendly)
27 Sat-28-Dec-1878 Thornliebank Rainbow [a] W2-1 (West Of Scotland Cup 2nd Round)
26 Sat-07-Dec-1878 Petershill FC [h] W3-0 (Friendly)
25 Sat-30-Nov-1878 Roseberry [h] W2-0 (Friendly)
24 Sat-23-Nov-1878 Dumbarton Albion [a] W3-0 (Friendly)
23 Sat-09-Nov-1878 Vale of Clyde [h] W1-0 (Friendly)
22 Sat-26-Oct-1878 Cowlairs [h] L1-2 (Friendly)
21 Sat-19-Oct-1878 Dennistoun [a] W6-3 (West Of Scotland Cup 1st Round)
20 Sat-05-Oct-1878 Parkholm [h] W7-0 (Friendly)
19 Sat-21-Sep-1878 Springvale [h] W2-0 (Friendly)
18 Sat-07-Sep-1878 Violet [h] D1-1 (Friendly)
17 Sat-30-Mar-1878 Violet [h] D0-0 (Friendly)
16 Sat-23-Mar-1878 Kerrland [h] L2-3 (West Of Scotland Cup Quarter Final)
15 Sat-16-Mar-1878 Springvale [h] W4-0 (Friendly)
14 Sat-23-Feb-1878 Huntingdon [h] W4-1 (West Of Scotland Cup 3rd Round)
13 Sat-09-Feb-1878 Camphill [h] W3-0 (Friendly)
12 Sat-19-Jan-1878 Cowlairs [h] W4-1 (West Of Scotland Cup 1st Round)
11 Sat-15-Dec-1877 Camden [h] W1-0 (Friendly)
10 Sat-08-Dec-1877 Levern [h] L0-2 (Friendly)
9 Sat-17-Nov-1877 2nd 10th D.R.V. [a] D1-1 (Friendly)
8 Sat-27-Oct-1877 Paperstainers [h] W2-0 (Friendly)
7 Sat-20-Oct-1877 Huntingdon [h] W4-0 (Friendly)
6 Sat-29-Sep-1877 Kerrland [a] L1-2 (Friendly)
5 Sat-22-Sep-1877 Camden [a] L1-3 (Friendly)
4 Sat-01-Apr-1876 Whiteinch Thistle [h] W3-0 (Friendly)
3 Sat-25-Mar-1876 Smithfield [a] W2-1 (Friendly)
2 Sat-18-Mar-1876 Jordanhill [h] W1-0 (Friendly)
1 Sat-19-Feb-1876 Valencia [h] W1-0 (Friendly)

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