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We dedicate our site to all of the researchers, writers, videographers, photographers, commentators, youth team volunteers, fundraisers, fan group organisers, bus conveners and match day helpers - past and present - who have freely and willingly volunteered their time and labour to help further the cause of Partick Thistle FC. #WeAreThistle

Our aims

The basic aim of The Thistle Archive is to build a unique and accurate online encyclopedia of Partick Thistle stats and stories, 1876 to date, and for it to be entertaining as well as informative. (More detailed explanations on these aims can be found elsewhere on this page.) At our public launch date (7 September, 2020) 6,834 web pages were presented, and that number almost doubled within the first year.

13,188 live web pages were presented @ 22-Aug-2021.

Who we are

A collaborative project, the site is largely driven by a database researched and maintained by two lifelong Thistle supporters - William Sheridan and Jack Little. Between us, we've been building our database for almost 20 years, and reckon we've had our heads in well over 10,000 newspaper reports to make it happen, not to mention the hundreds of varying resources listed elsewhere on this page. Of particular note, Jack's potted reports on every known fixture in our club's history (over 98% of which stem from contemporary or personal accounts) feed into the home page daily, offering the unique opportunity to easily digest Thistle's entire match history in bite-size chunks.

Other helpful contributions have been made by experienced Thistle historian Stuart Deans, who has his own online Thistle history project going on. Stuart's incredible volume of photographs and original newspaper scrapbook cuttings give a great boost to many of our player A-Z profiles and match hubs. Adding his fan-view video edits of Thistle goals whenever he can, Niall MacTaggart gives our match hubs a cool visual boost, as does his large collection of old Thistle videos. Latest recruit Donnie MacIsaac enjoys researching in general and played a huge part in our latest genealogy push in the first half of 2021.

Original plans to publish books have been shelved for fear of losing our hard-earned but, thankfully, the online concept allows us all the simple joy of freely sharing in the sum of all Thistle knowledge, and we all look forward to building up The Thistle Archive, as and when time allows us to do so.

The Thistle Archive says:

NO to bigotry ● NO to sectarianism ● NO to homophobia ● NO to racism ● Keep Glasgow tidy!

Special thanks

to Robert Reid for being a permanently inspirational figurehead for the Thistle history community, half of which he has personally witnessed!
to Billy Thomson and William Anderson who, away back in the 1980s, broke the ground for researching old Thistle match data. To this day, a great many of our 19th century teamlines are known only as a result of their digging into the deepest and darkest recesses of Scotland's libraries!
to Niall Kennedy for the illuminating PT Early Years external-link.png, a site which stirred up a great passion manifest today in the existence of The Thistle Archive, and for providing some editorial & early years information here on our site.
to Stuart Deans for the The Partick Thistle History Archive external-link.png, a veritable treasure-trove of original source material which has been invaluable to Thistle history buffs, covering everything from fanzine reports on obscure friendlies to long lost obituaries re-found. Here on The Thistle Archive for example, over 200 of our player images were only possible due to Stuart having painstakingly gathered them over the years.
to Tommy Dunnett, who, come rain, hail or sunshine, has been filming Thistle matches since the early 1990s when he was co-founder of PTTV. The site featues several hundred highlights clips from YouTube and such-like, a great many of which are solely due to Tommy's endeavours.
to Graham McRoberts for extensive assistance with uploads and research, including the exclusive compilation of many League & Cup tables and work on the opposition managers database.
to Rob Elliott, Helmut Pdorf, Ed Johnson and all members of the Wikidot forum for lending their coding expertise and giving their time so generously in doing so.

Other contributors

We're indebted to all of those who have contributed articles or have been in touch with information or other helpful material. Namely:

Douglas Gorman, Andy Mitchell, Tom Hosie, Will Jones, Stephen Graham , Stuart Frances, Marc Wallace, Hugh MacDonald, Melissa (HCL), Brian Massey, Bill McEntee, Jocelyn & Tommy Hough, Javier Terenti, Brian Dunleavy, Ian Clarke, Paul Treanor, Dawson Simpson, Ken Morton, Derek Crozier, Andy Boyd, Billy Johnston, Tom Turnbull, Lionel Campuzano, Kenneth Wester, Stephen Mill, Alan Fraser, Alex McNeill, Jim Thomson, Tim Bell, Sean Crowe, Robert Bradley, Tom McGouran, Craig Gallacher, Joe Kelly, Graeme Nicholson, Calum Nicol, Karen Turner, Karl Edwards, Ian Gallacher, Gordon Reid and John Stewart.

Bringing the 2002 Official history book up-to-date

There are a number of discrepancies between the statistics on this site and the Official History book that was published in 2002. The amount of source material available to the compilers of the book was limited and often there was only one source for team lineups and match details available when the book was compiled. Since that time many more sources have become available, some much more descriptive than the ones available in 2002, and this has allowed the Thistle Archive team to compare numerous sources and to make a value judgement as to the most likely correct information when sources conflict. On occasion this means that there is compelling evidence that the 2002 book is incorrect, and where the book and this website differ for match details we have explained why we have decided to update the statistics. A huge amount of research has been done since 2002 and much cross referencing and corroboration has been done, and we are confident that this website represents the most accurate statement of Partick Thistle statistics currently available.

Get involved

The more folks we can get involved, the better the site will be - your Archive needs you! There are a number of ways you can get involved:

  • If you can spare some time to edit or upload pages that'd be helpful; no special skills are necessary for what is, essentially, a copy and paste exercise.
  • Detailed lists of our unanswered questions and tasks pending are included on our help! page.
  • If you'd care to help us spread the Jaggy gospel, then please do use your social media channels to do so. You can find us on Twitter external-link.png.
  • Get in touch with general help. Throughout the site we have a great many question marks asking for your help to resolve unknown facts - RSVP if you can help with any of these. Little things mean a lot - if you see any typos or anything else which looks wrong, let us know and we'll get it sorted pronto! You get the idea - 4 eyes are better than 2, and 500 eyes are most definitely better than 250!
  • Give us your feedback, your ideas, and what you'd like to see on the site - we'll reply to all communications.
  • Submit an article for publication.

Match Hubs

Our historical match hubs are easily accessed via the Matches page on a season-by-season basis.

Match Header

Hub Logos Our aims and contents explanations
Match badges
We include club badges for each and every team, adhering to the latest official version for each club. Where none exist, we represent the club with a made up text badge with appropriate colours, if known.
Dundee Without fail, club names in the header are hyperlinked to our competitive H2H record against that club. If there is no competitive match history with that club, then there is no link.
The match result (to 90 or 120 minutes as appropriate) is always clearly stated on the top line. Extra time breakdown and penalty shoot-out scores are always in the line below if required. Our preference is to use the match result (e.g. W4-2) as the hyperlink to access the match hub, and this we do at various places throughout the site.
Our aim is to include the half-time score for each and every match.
We've worked hard to make sure that all matches are dated correctly, and we're confident that is the case. Days of the week are included in every match hub, and in every season-by-season results overview.
Our aim is to include the kick-off time for each and every match, although they're hard to find the further back you go. In lieu of exact information, we input "forenoon", "afternoon" or "evening" wherever we can verfiy that. All kick-off times adhere to local time in relation to the venue. All kick-off times are adjusted to account for delays wherever appropriate.
Our aim is to include the attendance for each and every match, and to provide a clear footnote of the source(s). Our published figure adheres to a preferential order as follows: 1. The exact attendance as published by the home club; 2. The exact attendance as published by the tournament's governing body; 3. The exact attendance from any other source; 4. The estimated attendance averaged from as many contemporary sources as possible, rounded up or down to the nearest 500 in order to maintain the feeling that it's an estimate; 5. The estimated attendance from the OH; 6. The estimated attendance from any other source; 7. The estimated attendance from an eye-witness; 8. An estimated attendance based on gate receipt figures. Our settled figure appears on its own in the appropriate places throughout the site. The source(s) footnote is included in the Match Information Tab below the teamlines.
Our aim is to include the name of the venue for each and every match, and only a handful of matches are unfulfilled in this regard, as noted here.
Match Category
Our aim is to include the name of the tournament and an indication of the tournament stage for each and every match, with non-tournament matches being defined either as friendlies or as per the named beneficiary, as appropriate for fundraisers and testimonials.
Our aim is to include the forename and surname of the referee for each and every match, wherever known. Up until season 1996-97 we also aim to bracket his home town (or club of association as it sometimes was in the 19th century) in line with the historic preference for doing so. This trait is non existent in the 21st century and, from 1997-98 onwards we aim to list only the forename and surname of each match referee.
Assistant Referees
Our aim is to include the forename and surname of the Umpires (to 1890-91) / Linesmen (1891-92 to 1995-96) / Assistant Referees (1996-97 to date) for each and every match, wherever known. We also aim to bracket their home towns (or clubs of association as was often the preferred depiction in the 19th century) in line with the historic preference for doing so. This trait is non existent in the 21st century and, from 1997-98 onwards we aim to list only the forename and surname of each assistant referee.

Match Information Tab

Hub Logos Our aims and contents explanations
Into the starting eleven
Our aim is to list all players coming in to the Partick Thistle starting eleven for each and every match from 1881-82 onwards (the season where the number of known teamlines slowly started to rise). There are no plans to do the same for the opposition.
Out of the starting eleven
Our aim is to list all players dropping out of the Partick Thistle starting eleven for each and every match from 1881-82 onwards (the season where the number of known teamlines slowly started to rise). There are no plans to do the same for the opposition.
Our aim is to include the names of the goalscorers for both teams in each and every match, listed one at a time with score sequence and goal timing bracketed, and og's and pens clearly identified wherever appropriate. No matter where the game is played, the goals sequence is shown from Partick Thistle's perspective i.e. 1-0 when we take the lead and 0-1 when we fall behind.
Our aim is to include the names of the players making assists for both teams in each and every match from 2013-14 onwards, listed one at a time with score sequence and goal timing bracketed, and og's clearly identified wherever appropriate in relation to the main scorer. Again, no matter where the game is played, the assists sequence is shown from Partick Thistle's perspective i.e. 1-0 when we take the lead and 0-1 when we fall behind. Without exception, we have consistently applied the original OPTA model for assists, and award no more than one assist per goal. An assist is credited to the last player from the attacking team to pass the ball, intentionally or otherwise, to the goal scorer, unless an opposing player has made an intervention which has dramatically changed the trajectory of the ball. No assists are awarded for goals which are scored from rebounds, or goals which are scored directly from free-kicks or penalty-kicks.
The converted penalty tick symbol is not included in the actual match hub, but is utilised in the season-by-season results overview pages, where fine penalty details can be viewed by hovering your mouse over the logo. In the match hubs, all penalty goals are acknowledged in the goalscorers sequence line. For example: Jered Stirling (2-0, pen 43 mins). Our aim is to include the names and timings for every single penalty in each and every match.
The unconverted penalty tick symbol is not included in the actual match hub, but is utilised in the season-by-season results overview pages, where fine penalty details can be viewed by hovering your mouse over the logo. In the match hubs, unconverted penalties are usually (but not always) acknowledged in our Match Report Tab. Our aim is to include the names and timings for every single unconverted penalty in each and every match (via the aforementioned season-by-season overview pages).
Yellow Card(s)
Our aim is to include the names of the players receiving yellow cards for both teams in each and every match from 1997-98 onwards, listed in order received. Timings have not been recorded. Although we have a great many bookings noted since the 1960s, we have decided not to publish them, reasoning that incomplete data in this field would be unsatisfactory, and would lead to more confusion than was worth it. Completists? Yes!
Red Card(s)
Our aim is to include the names of the players being ordered off for both teams in each and every match from 1886-87 onwards - the first season known to have included such an occurrence in football. We also aim to bracket the score at the time of sending off and the timing in minutes.
Our aim is to include the names of the players involved in the substitutions (on and off) for both teams in each and every match from 1966-67 onwards - the first season of such occurrences being a regular part of the match day. We also aim to bracket the timings of all such substitutions. Beyond that, a special effort has also been made to include, in exactly the same way, substitutions wherever they occurred randomly in our fixtures before that date, the earliest being away back in season 1889-90.
Our aim is to name both teamlines, including substitutes, in forename and surname form, with sub goalkeepers in the #12 position. All Thistle players are aged on a per match basis, and have a profile picture (if one exists) beside their country-of-birth flag, and have a hyperlink to their profile page. Player names are listed in the common form wherever we get a good sense of what that is e.g. Bobby Law not Robert Law. All Thistle players have been appointed a unique database name meaning that there is no possible duplication in lists or reports. In cases where there is no discernable difference in name, we use a square bracketed roman numerals system, appointed numerically to make sense of the chronological sequence, with the first appearance on a match day squad being the all important date. For example, two unidentified Smiths from 1898 and 1914 would be identified as Smith [i] and Smith [ii] respectively. We have also ensured that the unique database name for all Partick Thistle players follows them wherever they go on their journey. This policy has enabled us to identify them in every opposition team line-up as "former Jag", "future Jag" or "current Jag" as appropriate. Our aims are generally less ambitious for opposition players, although we have made an effort to similarly list them in their common day form, including forename and surname. Although we have not uniquely identified all of the non Partick Thistle footballing journeymen, we have at least tried to ensure that we stick with the same name for each player on a per team basis. For example, John Lambie as a St Johnstone player would always be "John Lambie" and never veer off to the occasional "Johnny Lambie" or (help ma boab) Johnathan Lambie. Further, we aim is to include a footnote to clearly identify the source for every teamline, with a comparison note to the OH position for reassurance or problem highlighting, wherever there is a comparison to make. By making a clear explanatory note to account for each and every teamline discrepancy / dilemma arising, we hope that others may be encouraged to offer information which may be helpful with regards to the tricky questions which arise from time to time.
Average age of starting eleven
As stated in the teamlines explanation above, our aim is to publish the age of each Partick Thistle on a match-by-match basis. As an extension of this, we further aim to publish the average age of the starting eleven in each and every match. As you'd expect, the average age is calculated to correspond only with the number of players for whom a birth date is known.
Extra notes
Occasionally placed as a footnote underneath the team line-ups, we offer small explanatory notes for any special circumstances surrounding the match in question. It could be a note that the fixture was originally scheduled for another date, or the name of an unfamiliar town in which the game was played, or any miscellaneous note of interest which isn't covered in any other part of the match hub.
Dubious Goal Panel
Our aim is to adjudicate and to publish a written explanation for every instance where more than one goal scorer is quoted in any published sources, whether contemporary or retrospective. This we do for goal scorers for and against Thistle. All such written judgements are included at the foot of the teamlines. Since there is no authority governing the subject in Scottish football, we freely make our own decisions based on a policy of pure common sense. Video evidence is the ultimate, but is, for obvious reasons, not an option for the majority of our history. As far as analysing written accounts go, we are open to any source. Obviously the more descriptive the account, the more compelled we are likely to be. In instances where the press split is 50-50, we are inclined to side with the scorers as listed in the OH. Anyone is free to join our dubious goals panel with a view to identifying new entries for inclusion, bolstering exisiting entries, or lobbying for scorer changes as a result of newly found information.

Match Report Tab

Hub Logos Our aims and contents explanations
The Little Report
Our aim is to include our own potted report for each and every match, noting the key incidents with a brief indication of how the game generally played out. This we have done for all known matches, 1876 to date.
Media Report
We collect and re-publish a contemporary report for each and every match as they happen, and will continue to do so. Our initial aim was to include a transcribed contemporary media report for each and every match historically, but this has proved to be a very laborious task, and very little progress is being made on that front. That said, we currently have contemporary reports covering almost 2,000 matches, so it's been a fair attempt so far. There are no immediate plans to work towards increasing that number in any meaningful way, although any contributions in that regard would be very gratefully received.
Match Quote
Our aim is to include brief post-match quotes from the managers of both teams, although we have only introduced this dedicated feature from 2016-17 onwards. Beyond that date, quotes appear regularly in the bodies of the match reports, but are not isolated.

Scrapbook Tab

Hub Logos Our aims and contents explanations
We're not too sure how this occasional tab will develop but, at this stage, it usually houses cut-outs from match-day newspaper reports. Potentially, it can also include side stories, previews or match-day memorobelia such as programme covers, match tickets or pictures.

Video Highlights Tab

Hub Logos Our aims and contents explanations
Video Highlights
Our aim is to embed a match highlights video for every match where such media is freely available. Contributions of older matches not currently embedded would be very welcome. Obviously a Jagzone subscription (only £5.99 per month) is the vastly superior choice for the current seasons, with extended highlights, great commentary and lots of other special productions!

Stats Watch Tab

Hub Logos Our aims and contents explanations
Stats Watch
Our aim is to include a bullet-point list to highlight key stats on a per-match basis, covering every known match from 1875-76 onwards.


Hub Logos Our aims and contents explanations
Where there is missing information in any match hub we have included a "?" with a footnote invitation for any interested parties to get in touch and assist with any of the problematic or missing data. Anyone who does so will receive our thanks and a mention in our credits section.

Match Category Definitions

Throughout the Thistle Archive you can rely on the terms "Top-Flight", "League", "League Max", "Major Competitive", "Competitive" and "All Games" to be used consistently and without contradiction to describe our streaks, tallies and milestones.


The premier national-level League in Scottish football, governed throughout the years by the Scottish Football League (SFL), the Scottish Premier League (SPL) and the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL). Note, the second world war disrupted the "first-class" competition, with the SFL running a regional League system in 1939-40 before retiring for six consecutive seasons in the springtime of 1940. In line with the Stats community, we do not classify any of the Leagues from these seven seasons as "Top-Flight".


  • the Scottish Football League (1890-1893), the SFL First Division (1893-1915), the Scottish Football League (1915-1921), the SFL First Division (1921-1939), the SFL Division A (1946-1955), the SFL First Division (1955-1975), the SFL Premier Division (1975-1998), the Scottish Premier League (1998-2013) and the SPFL Premiership (2013 to date).


  • The SFL's regional League of 1939-40
  • play-offs
  • abandoned or voided matches


This is the preferred League category of The Thistle Archive and is in line with the general consensus of the Stats world, although we admit to feeling that it's a bit of a wrench not to include the pre-SFL and second world war seasons.


  • National-level SFL, SPL and SPFL


  • play-offs
  • abandoned or voided matches

League Max

With the SFL denouncing triumphalism in the WWII era, and declaring that the winners of the hastily arranged Regional Leagues (Western and Eastern Divisions) should not be regarded as the champion clubs for the season (albeit a springtime '40 about-turn sanctioned an end-of-season play-off decider), the Stats world have long since followed the path of not including the SFL's two regional Leagues of 1939-40 as "official", a thought process which was also carried forward to the 6 independently run "Southern League" seasons which followed. This is true, in fact, of Stattos for both the English and Scottish Leagues, with both the EFL and SFL having decided upon similar low-key regional strategies for the fitba'.

Similarly dismissed are the Leagues which existed outwith the SFL in the early 1890s, namely the Scottish Alliance and the Scottish Federation, both of which are generally deemed to be "non-League" second-class affairs.

We have mixed feelings about this, so much so that we'd say we were torn 50-50 as to whether or not we should ignore the protocol and include the nine other seasons as outlined.

Ultimately, however, we decided to stick with the accepted national-level SFL / SPL / SPFL Leagues as our preferred League category.

Occasionally, however, we feel it is in order to ensure a degree of justice for our players of the early 1890s and the seven wartime seasons, hence the reason why we have introduced a sub-category which we've labelled League Max, and can be wheeled out whenever it's deemed appropriate to do so.


  • Scottish Alliance, national-level SFL, regional-level SFL, Southern League, SPL and the SPFL.


  • play-offs
  • abandoned or voided matches

Major Competitive

This category includes the tournaments from the Competitive category which are deemed to be "first-class" by the stats world. We don't pay much heed to this category on the Thistle Archive as we feel it doesn't suit the history of Partick Thistle; an example being our local tournaments which could in no way be described as second-class in the bygone days of old. That said, this Major Competitive category can be useful for levelling the playing field when it comes to making comparisons with the stats of other clubs and players.


  • Anglo-Scottish Cup; Challenge Cup; FA Cup; Inter-Cities Fairs Cup; Intertoto Cup; League (national-level SFL); League (SPL); League (SPFL); League (Play-Offs); League Cup; Scottish Cup; Scottish Qualifying Cup; Spring Cup; Summer Cup; UEFA Cup


  • abandoned or voided matches


This is the most commonly used category on the Thistle Archive, and almost has an omnipresence in both our club and player records alike. We include every major and minor tournament, thereby avoiding the inconsistencies which are inevitably thrown up whenever subjectivity is introduced to the mix.


  • ARR Craib Cup; Challenge Cup; Coull Memorial Trophy; Drybrough Cup; Emergency Cup; Exhibition Cup; FA Cup; Gathering of the Clans Tournament; Glasgow & District Mid-Week League; Glasgow Charity Cup; Glasgow Cup; Glasgow Dental Cup; Glasgow League; Glasgow North Eastern Cup; Greenock Charity Cup; Ibrox Disaster Tournament; Inter City League; Inter-Cities Fairs Cup; Intertoto Cup; July Cup; League (national-level SFL); League (regional-level SFL); League (SPL); League (SPFL); League (play-offs); League Cup; Lord Provost's Rent Relief Fund Cup; Maryhill Charity Cup; Morton Sports Event; Motorola Cup; Paisley Charity Cup; Royal Standard and Grand National Halls Cup; Scottish Alliance; Scottish Cup; Scottish Qualifying Cup; Sir William Cunningham Cup; Southern League; Southern League Cup; Spring Cup; St Mungo Cup; Stirling Charity Cup; Summer Cup; Tennent Caledonian Cup; UEFA Cup; Victory Cup; War Fund Shield; West Of Scotland Cup; Western League; Yoker Cup


  • abandoned or voided matches

All Games

The All Games category is one which is truly representative of the entire 15 decade breadth of the club's history, including, as it does, all legitimate first-team games - competitive, friendly and benefit fixtures alike. Given that friendly challenge matches made up the big majority of the fixture card in the 1870s and 1880s, this seems completely natural to us. Some players only ever played in these types of games - who are we to deny them their profile? We often like to utilise this category when analyzing individual player achievements such as hat-tricks, which might otherwise go unrecognized. Willie Paul, for example, is known to have scored over 220 goals for the club. If we stick with competitive games only, he would lose over 100 of those, which surely can't be fair?


  • ARR Craib Cup; Benefits; Challenge Cup; Coull Memorial Trophy; Drybrough Cup; Emergency Cup; Exhibition Cup; FA Cup; Friendlies; Gathering of the Clans Tournament; Glasgow & District Mid-Week League; Glasgow Charity Cup; Glasgow Cup; Glasgow Dental Cup; Glasgow League; Glasgow North Eastern Cup; Greenock Charity Cup; Ibrox Disaster Tournament; Inter City League; Inter-Cities Fairs Cup; Intertoto Cup; July Cup; League (national-level SFL); League (regional-level SFL); League (SPL); League (SPFL); League (play-offs); League Cup; Lord Provost's Rent Relief Fund Cup; Maryhill Charity Cup; Morton Sports Event; Motorola Cup; Paisley Charity Cup; Royal Standard and Grand National Halls Cup; Scottish Alliance; Scottish Cup; Scottish Qualifying Cup; Sir William Cunningham Cup; Southern League; Southern League Cup; Spring Cup; St Mungo Cup; Stirling Charity Cup; Summer Cup; Tennent Caledonian Cup; UEFA Cup; Victory Cup; War Fund Shield; West Of Scotland Cup; Western League; Yoker Cup


Special Notes

Excluded Games

Competitive fixtures which were voided due to abandonment, or were fully played then subsequently voided by the governing bodies, are excluded from all tallies, streaks, milestones and player records.

We take a different view for the friendly matches which did not meet the regulation 90 minutes due to extenuating circumstances (usually the darkness), reasoning that these games had no bearing on competitions, and the results were generally accepted by all parties concerned. For the full list of all cut-short games which we've deemed to be legitimate, see here.

For the avoidance of doubt, all games excluded from our stats are reproduced below. For posterity, match profiles for all will still be included in our season-by-season overviews.

01.10.1881 Pilgrims [h] V3-1 (Scottish Cup 2nd Round - voided game)
29.10.1881 Petershill [h] V2-0 (Scottish Cup 3rd Round replay - voided game)
03.03.1883 Yoker [a] V2-1 (Yoker Cup Semi Final - voided game)
29.10.1892 Celtic [h] V1-2 (Glasgow Cup 2nd Round - voided game)
27.10.1894 Rangers [a] V1-0 (Glasgow Cup Semi Final - voided game)
01.12.1894 Abercorn [h] V4-4 (SFL Second Division - voided game)
14.09.1895 Airdrieonians [a] V0-1 (Scottish Qualifying Cup 2nd Round - voided game)
19.11.1898 Heart of Midlothian [h] A2-4 (SFL First Division - abandoned game)
28.12.1901 Clyde [h] A1-0 (SFL Second Division - abandoned game)
22.03.1902 Hamilton Academical [a] A2-1 (SFL Second Division - abandoned game)
07.11.1903 Motherwell [h] A3-2 (SFL First Division - abandoned game)
26.12.1903 Dundee [h] A2-1 (SFL First Division - abandoned game)
13.02.1904 Airdrieonians [a] A1-1 (SFL First Division - abandoned game)
26.11.1904 Motherwell [a] A1-1 (SFL First Division - abandoned game)
11.03.1905 Motherwell [a] A2-2 (SFL First Division - abandoned game)
11.11.1905 St Mirren [a] A1-3 (SFL First Division - abandoned game)
27.03.1906 Clyde [h] A1-3 (Glasgow League - abandoned game)
09.03.1907 Hamilton Academical [a] A1-2 (SFL First Division - abandoned game)
04.12.1909 Hamilton Academical [h] A0-0 (SFL First Division - abandoned game)
15.11.1919 Dumbarton [a] A1-1 (SFL - abandoned game)
12.08.1939 Heart of Midlothian [a] V1-1 (SFL First Division - voided game)
19.08.1939 Albion Rovers [h] V2-1 (SFL First Division - voided game)
22.08.1939 Heart of Midlothian [h] V2-2 (SFL First Division - voided game)
26.08.1939 Queen of the South [a] V0-3 (SFL First Division - voided game)
02.09.1939 Alloa Athletic [h] V2-0 (SFL First Division - voided game)
02.11.1940 Celtic [h] A1-1 (Southern League - abandoned game)
23.08.1948 Celtic [a] A1-1 (Glasgow Cup Semi Final - abandoned game)
23.02.1983 Clyde [a] A1-1 (Scottish Cup 4th Round replay - abandoned game)
21.11.1992 Aberdeen [h] A0-2 (SFL Premier Division - abandoned game)
04.03.1995 Heart of Midlothian [h] A0-0 (SFL Premier Division - abandoned game)
09.04.1996 Aberdeen [h] A0-0 (SFL Premier Division - abandoned game)
26.02.2013 Cowdenbeath [a] A1-2 (SFL First Division - abandoned game)
14.12.2013 St Johnstone [h] A0-0 (SPFL Premiership - abandoned game)

Abbreviations / Sources

This (incomplete) list quotes sources which have been used in the compilation of match data and player profiles.

In certain places throughout the website (mainly in the individual match profiles) we refer to these sources in abbreviated style, as clarified in the table below:

Abbreviation Source
11v11 11v11 external-link.png
AA Alloa Advertiser
AB Alan Brown (historian)
ABC A&BC Chewing Gum Cards
ABFC Aberdeen FC external-link.png
ABSL A Bohemian Sporting Life external-link.png
ACA Airdrie & Coatbridge Advertiser
ADJ Aberdeen Daily Journal
AEE Aberdeen Evening Express
AFA A Football Archive external-link.png
AFC AFC Heritage Trust external-link.png
AFK Jack Little (historian)
AFP Aberdeen Free Press
AFS Association of Football Statisticians
AFT Aftenposten
AG Arbroath Guide
AH Arbroath Herald and Advertiser for the Montrose Burghs
AID Aidablo Sports Management external-link.png
AIR Airdrieonians FC external-link.png
ALA Alamy external-link.png
ALC Alchetron external-link.png
ALFC Altrincham FC external-link.png
ALL Allsport
ALM Alnwick Mercury
ALRS Allez Red Star external-link.png
AM Andy Mitchell (historian) external-link.png
AN Athletic News
ANC Ancestry external-link.png
ANT St Anthony's FC History Pages external-link.png
AO Ayr Observer
AP Ayrshire Post
APE Aberdeen People's Journal
APJ Aberdeen Press and Journal
ARD Ardath Photocards
ARFC Albion Rovers FC external-link.png
ARS Arsenal FC external-link.png
AS Argyllshire Standard
ASH Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald
ASM Aidablo Sports Management external-link.png
AUA Ayr United Archive external-link.png
AUC Auchinleck Talbot FC external-link.png
AUH Ashton United History Database external-link.png
AWJ Aberdeen Weekly Journal
AYA Ayr Advertiser
AYL Aylesbury United FC external-link.png
AYO Ayr Observer
BAFC Burton Albion FC external-link.png
BAH Barrow Herald
BAN Bankies Archive external-link.png
BAR Barratt's Football Cards
BAT Bath City FC external-link.png
BBC BBC external-link.png
BBY Bobby FC external-link.png
BCFC Brechin City FC external-link.png
BDF BD Futbol external-link.png
BDG Birmingham Daily Gazette
BDP Birmingham Daily Post
BDV Godfrey Phillips BDV Cigarette Cards
BEM Better Meddle external-link.png
BEN Bolton Evening News
BES Be Soccer external-link.png
BH Barry Hugman (historian) external-link.png
BIM Bill McEntee (great nephew of Joe Ramsay)
BIJ Billy Johnston (Jag)
BJ Banffshire Journal and General Advertiser
BL Bell's Life in London and Sporting Chronicle
BLM Beyond The Last Man external-link.png
BM Brian McColl (historian)
BMO Blue Moon (MCFC History Site) external-link.png
BNA British Newspaper Archive external-link.png
BNL Belfast News-Letter
BOAR Bridge of Allan Reporter
BP British Pathé external-link.png
BRD Brian Dunleavy (Derry City historian)
BRM Brian Massey (grandson of Lee Massey)
BS Blackburn Standard
BSC BSC Glasgow external-link.png
BT Belfast Telegraph
BU The Bulletin
BUT Bute Museum external-link.png
CA Coatbridge Advertiser
CAD Cadistas 1910 external-link.png
CAR Cartagena Actualidad external-link.png
CBF Charles Buchan's Football Monthly
CC Croydon Common FC History Site external-link.png
CE Coatbridge Express
CFC Cowdenbeath FC external-link.png
CFF Cricket and Football Field
CG Cornish Guardian
CHA The Champion
CIT The Citizen (Blackburn, Darwen & Hyndburn)
CL Coatbridge Leader
CLG Carluke & Lanark Gazette
CLY Clyde FC external-link.png
COL Colorsport external-link.png
CPMN Cornish Post & Mining News
CPO Clydebank Programmes Online external-link.png
CRA Cricket Archive external-link.png
CRO Crawley Observer external-link.png
CS Chic Sharp (historian)
CTFC Cirencester Town FC external-link.png
CTI Caley Thistle Info external-link.png
CUP The Cup: 50 Years Of English Cup Finals 1883-1932 by D. Mackenzie (1932)
CW The Celtic Wiki external-link.png
CWGC The Commonwealth War Graves Commission external-link.png
DA Dundee Advertiser
DAFC Dunfermline Athletic FC external-link.png
DAP Daily Post external-link.png
DC Dundee Courier and Argus
DCFC Durham City AFC external-link.png
DCM Derby County Mad external-link.png
DCT D. C. Thomson Football Cards
DDT Derby Daily Telegraph
DEP Dundee Evening Post
DET Dundee Evening Telegraph
DFC Dundee FC external-link.png
DG Douglas Gorman (historian)
DGS Dumfries & Galloway Standard
DH Dumbarton Herald
DM Daily Mirror / The Mirror
DMAC Donnie MacIsaac (historian)
DML Daily Mail
DON Doncaster Rovers (history site) external-link.png
DP Dunfermline Press
DPJ Dundee People's Journal
DR Daily Record
DRS David Ross (historian)
DS Daily Star
DU DUFC Archive external-link.png
DUC Duncan Carmichael (historian)
DUF Duffus external-link.png
DUM Dumbarton FC external-link.png
DWW Dundalk FC Who's Whoexternal-link.png
EAS Eastleigh FC external-link.png
EBY eBay external-link.png
EC Glasgow Evening Citizen
ED Evening Despatch
EDP Eastern Daily Press
EEN Edinburgh Evening News
EFFC East Fife FC external-link.png
EFO England Football Online external-link.png
EJ Edmonton Journal
EKFC East Kilbride FC external-link.png
EMD El Mundo Deportivo
ENFA The English National Football Archive external-link.png
ET Glasgow Evening Times
ETU East Thurrock United FC external-link.png
EY Partick Thistle Early Years external-link.png
EYE Eye Witness
FAG Find A Grave external-link.png
FAI Football Association Ireland external-link.png
FCI Football Collectors Items external-link.png
FDB Football Database external-link.png
FFC Fulham FC external-link.png
FFH Falkirk Football History external-link.png
FFP Fife Free Press
FFW Football and the First World War external-link.png
FH Falkirk Herald and Linlithgow Journal
FJ Freeman's Journal
FKS FKS Soccer Cards
FLK Flickr external-link.png
FLP The Football League Paper
FMD Football Manager Database external-link.png
FMP Find My Past external-link.png
FMT Football Manager Transfer external-link.png
FN The Football Network external-link.png
FOM Football Monthly
FOR Forfar Athletic FC external-link.png
FOT Fótbolti external-link.png
FP Football Paradise external-link.png
FPN Football Post (Nottingham)
FS Fitba' Stats external-link.png
FSC FootballStickers.Com external-link.png
FSK Fotboll Skanalen external-link.png
FSW Footy Swag external-link.png
FTFC Fleetwood Town FC external-link.png
FUL Fulhamweb external-link.png
FUW Fulham Wikia external-link.png
FWD Forward (Scottish weekly newspaper)
GA Greenock Advertiser
GAFC Glenafton Athletic FC external-link.png
GAL Gallaher's Cigarettes Football Cards
GEO GeoCities external-link.png
GEP Glasgow Evening Post
GFC Glentoran FC external-link.png
GH Glasgow Herald / The Herald
GI Getty Images external-link.png
GIL Gillingham FC Scrapbook external-link.png
GJ Grantham Journal
GLW The Glaswegian
GMB Greenock Morton Blogspot external-link.png
GMFC Greenock Morton FC external-link.png
GN Graeme Nicholson (grandson of Andy Swan)
GOAL Goal Magazine
GOS Greens on Screen external-link.png
GP Govan Press
GRA The Grecian Archive external-link.png
GSC Grandstand Soccer Cards
GSL G Sports Live external-link.png
GT Greenock Telegraph and Clyde Shipping Gazette
GU The Guardian
HA Partick Thistle History Archive external-link.png
HAD Hamilton Advertiser
HAFC Hamilton Academical FC external-link.png
HAMB Hamilton Academical Memory Bank external-link.png
HAT Heads & Tails Magazine
HCL Halifax Central Library external-link.png
HEO Heretical Orthodoxy (blog) external-link.png
HFK Historical Football Kits external-link.png
HH Hamilton Herald
HHT Hibs Historical Trust external-link.png
HMFC Heart of Midlothian FC external-link.png
HMP Heart of Midlothian Match Programme
HMS Halifax Mail Star
HN Highland News
HOL Holmesdale Online external-link.png
HQP History of the Queen's Park Football Club (Richard Robinson, 1920)
HTFC Hitchin Town FC external-link.png
HUC Huddersfield Town Cards external-link.png
IC Inverness Courier
ICT Inverness Caledonian Thistle FC external-link.png
ID Iain Duff (historian) external-link.png
IE Photograph-IE external-link.png
IG Ian Gallacher (grandson of Pat Gallacher)
IH Irvine Herald
II Irish Independent
IND The Independent
INP Inpho Photography external-link.png
IOD An Iodhlann external-link.png
IP Irish Press
IRN Irish News & Belfast Morning News
IRV Irvine Meadow XI FC external-link.png
IT Irvine Times
IWM Imperial War Museums external-link.png
JB John Byrne (historian)
JCC Jim Craig's Celtic external-link.png
JFS J. F. Sporting Collectables external-link.png
JK Joe Kelly (historian)
JKK Jukka Joutsi external-link.png
JL John Litster (historian) external-link.png
JOH Jocelyn Hough (granddaughter of Bert Haugh)
JONB Jones Bros, postcard publishers
JS John Stewart (grandson of Hugh Quigley)
JZ Jagzine
KC Kilsyth Chronicle
KCSP Keith Campbell Sports Pix external-link.png
KE Karl Edwards (grandson of Hugh Quigley)
KFC Kilmarnock FC external-link.png
KG Kirkintilloch Gazette
KH Kjell Hanssen (historian)
KHFC Kelty Hearts FC external-link.png
KIL KillieFC.Com (fan site) external-link.png
KLH Kilmarnock Herald
KRH Kirkintilloch Herald
KW Kinematograph Weekly
LAB Lorna (daughter of John Abbie)
LAC Lacey's Football Cards
LAG Lancashire Gazette
LCC London Cigarette Card Company
LBP Leith Burghs Pilot
LDN London Daily News
LDS Londonderry Sentinel
LE Liverpool Echo
LEA Leaf Football Cards
LEB Leballonrond external-link.png
LEM Leeds Mercury
LEP Lancashire Evening Post
LEV Leicester Evening Mail
LFC Liverpool FC external-link.png
LFH Liverpool History external-link.png
LG Linlithgow Gazette
LH London Hearts external-link.png
LIM Liverpool Mercury
LIV Livingston FC external-link.png
LLF Lagaleriadelfutbol Blogspot external-link.png
LNH Lennox Herald
LOK Lokeren Sporting Club external-link.png
LT Larne Times
LUH Leeds United FC History external-link.png
LUWE Lanarkshire Upper Ward Examiner
LWN Lanarkshire Weekly News
MC Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser
META Meta Football external-link.png
MFC Motherwell FC external-link.png
MFM Mirror Football Media external-link.png
MG Daily Gazette for Middlesbrough
MH Morpeth Herald
MON Motherwell Net external-link.png
MP Partick Thistle Match Programme
MPW muirpark.weebly.com external-link.png
MT Motherwell Times
MUI MUFC Info external-link.png
MWE Middlesbrough Weekly Exchange
NASJ NASL Jerseys external-link.png
NASL North American Soccer League external-link.png
NAT The National external-link.png
NBDM North British Daily Mail
NC Nothern Chronicle
NE Northern Echo
NELG North East Lanark Gazette
NEN Norwich Evening News external-link.png
NEP Nottingham Evening Post
NEW Newspapers.com external-link.png
NFL NFL Soccer external-link.png
NIF Northern Ireland Football Blogspot external-link.png
NIM James Nimmo (Photographer)
NJ Newcastle Journal
NK Niall Kennedy (historian)
NLFP The Non-League Football Paper external-link.png
NLP Non-League Pitchero external-link.png
NLS National Library of Scotland external-link.png
NOR Norwich City FC external-link.png
NS North Star external-link.png
NT Nairnshire Telegraph
NUFC Newcastle United FC external-link.png
NUH Newcastle United History external-link.png
NW News of the World
NWG Northern Weekly Gazette
NWH Northern Whig
OAP Old Accies Pics external-link.png
OH Official History Book PTFC (2002)
OPTA Opta Sports external-link.png
OTF One Touch Football external-link.png
OVF One Vale Fan external-link.png
OWL Owlstalk external-link.png
PA Press Association
PAN Panini Group external-link.png
PDE Paisley Daily Express
PEN Portsmouth Evening News
PEO The People
PFC Petershill FC external-link.png
PGE Port Glasgow Express
PH Preston Herald
PIC Pinnace Football Cards
PIE Pie & Bovril external-link.png
PIN Pinterest external-link.png
PJ Piotr Jozefowicz (Illustrator)
PLF Playfair Football Annual
PMP Partick & Maryhill Press
PNE Preston North End FC external-link.png
PO Port Online external-link.png
POA Pride of Anglia external-link.png
PRG Paisley & Renfrewshire Gazette
PS Peterhead Sentinel and General Advertiser for Buchan District
PTFC Partick Thistle FC external-link.png
PTN PTFC Info external-link.png
PTP Picture The Past external-link.png
PTS PTFC Shirts external-link.png
PTTV Partick Thistle Televison
PTTW Partick Thistle Twitter external-link.png
PUL Play Up, Liverpool external-link.png
QOS Queen of the South FC external-link.png
QPC Queen's Park History Site external-link.png
QPFC Queen's Park FC external-link.png
QPRN QPRnet.com external-link.png
QSTV Queen of the South TV external-link.png
RCTP Ross County Team Photos external-link.png
RET retro10 external-link.png
RFC Rangers FC external-link.png
RI Renfrewshire Independent
ROK The Roker End external-link.png
RR Robert Reid (historian)
RRFC Raith Rovers FC external-link.png
RRM Raith Rovers Online Museum external-link.png
RSJ Ross-Shire Journal external-link.png
RSSSF The Rec.Sport.Soccer Statistics Foundation external-link.png
RST R Star Goalkeeping external-link.png
RVC Rover Comic
SA Sports Argus
SAFC Stirling Albion FC external-link.png
SAIP Saints Players external-link.png
SAJ Scottish Athletic Journal
SAL The Saleroom external-link.png
SB Soccerbase external-link.png
SBA Shotts Bon Accord FC external-link.png
SC The Scotsman
SCW Soccerway external-link.png
SCZ Scotzine external-link.png
SD Stuart Deans (historian)
SDE Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette
SDT Sheffield Daily Telegraph
SES Southend Standard
SET Sheffield Evening Telegraph
SFA Scottish Football Association external-link.png
SFF Scottish Football Forums external-link.png
SFH Scottish Football Historian
SFHA Scottish Football Historical Archive external-link.png
SFHF Scottish Football Hall of Fame external-link.png
SFI Sport Football Illustrations
SFLPR Scottish Football League Players' Records 1890/91 to 1938/39 (2007 book by Steve Emms, Richard Wells)
SFM SoccerFame external-link.png
SH The Sunday Herald
SHO Shoot Magazine
SHR Shrewsbury Town FC external-link.png
SHU Shutterstock external-link.png
SKY Sky Sports external-link.png
SL Sporting Life
SLN ScottishLeague.net Forum external-link.png
SM Sunday Mail
SMFC St Mirren FC external-link.png
SMI St Mirren Info external-link.png
SMR Sunday Mirror
SN Scottish News
SNS SNS Group external-link.png
SO Stirling Observer
SOCA Soca Warriors external-link.png
SOL Solofutbol external-link.png
SON Sons Archive external-link.png
SOS Scotland on Sunday
SOW Soccer Wiki external-link.png
SP Sunday Post
SPC Sportapics
SPE The Sunday People
SPF Sportsfile external-link.png
SPFL Scottish Professional Football League external-link.png
SPG Scotland's People external-link.png
SPH Sporting Heroes external-link.png
SPK Sports Keeda external-link.png
SPM Sportsman
SPO Sports Mole external-link.png
SPT Spartacus Educational external-link.png
SR Scottish Referee
SRI Sheffield and Rotherham Independent
SRT Sortitoutsi external-link.png
SRV Serchio Valley external-link.png
SS Scottish Sport
SSC Smith's Studio Cigarettes Football Cards
SSFA Scottish Schools FA external-link.png
ST Sport Today
STA Staggie Archive external-link.png
STB Stamford Bridge external-link.png
STC Stoke City FC external-link.png
STF Stuart Frances
STFC Stenhousemuir FC external-link.png
STG Stephen Graham
STOS Stoke Sentinel external-link.png
STS Staffordshire Sentinel
STT statto.com
STV Scottish Television external-link.png
SUA Soulby's Ulverston Advertiser
SUM Scottish Umpire and Cycling Mercury
SUN The Sun
SWDN South Wales Daily News
SWI Swindon Town (History Site) external-link.png
TAB TablesLeague external-link.png
TDB The Ducket Blog external-link.png
TEL Tell Him He's Pelé external-link.png
TFSH They Fly So High external-link.png
TG The Telegraph
TGP The Gallant Pioneers external-link.png
TH Tom Hosie (historian)
TM Tom McGouran (historian)
TI The Times
TIF This Is Football external-link.png
TOF Toffee Web external-link.png
TOH Tommy Hough external-link.png (grandson of Bert Haugh)
TOP Topps Football Cards
TOT Tottenham Hotspur FC external-link.png
TOW Tackleonweb Blog
TRM Transfermarkt external-link.png
TRN Transimage Football Cards
TS Team Sheet
TTI Topical Times Football Trading Cards
TWT Twitter external-link.png
TWYA Thistle Weir Youth Academy external-link.png
UEFA UEFA external-link.png
UKA University of Kentucky Athletics external-link.png
UNS Universal News & Sport external-link.png
UPC Up The Clarets external-link.png
VIF Vintage Footballers external-link.png
VIS Virginia Sports external-link.png
W/B William Anderson / Billy Thomson (co-historians)
WAR William Warneuke, Glasgow
WAT We Are Thistle external-link.png
WHO Who Ate All The Pies external-link.png
WIK Wikipedia external-link.png
WIM AFC Wimbledon external-link.png
WLC West Lothian Courier
WMN The Western Morning News
WN Weekly News
WP Wishaw Press
WS William Sheridan (historian)
WSC Wills's Cigarette Cards
WVP Willie Vass Photography external-link.png
YEP Yorkshire Evening Post
YH Yorkshire Herald
YP Yorkshire Post
YTP Your Team Photos external-link.png
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