Partick Thistle Reserves Season 2014-15
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2014-15 (Reserves)
The 140th season of Partick Thistle F.C.
scorers in CAPS • used subs in brackets
1. Mon-04-Aug-2014 [h] W2-1 Rangers (SPFL Development League)
MP 13/8/2014. Basalaj, McInally, Trialist, LINDSAY, McMullin, Leyden, Wilson, Keenan, McDaid, McLaughlin, DUGGAN. (Dillon, Gallacher.)
The scoreline didn't reflect how much the young team had been in control. Lindsay headed in a McDaid cross to put Thistle 1-up but Rangers (with several 1st XI players) equalised before h-t. Duggan calmly slotted past the keeper for the winner in the 2nd half.
2. Tue-19-Aug-2014 [a] L1-2 Kilmarnock (SPFL Development League)
MP 23/8/2014. Basalaj, McInally, McMULLIN, Hendry, Lindsay, Wilson, Keenan, McDaid, Muirhead, Duggan, Leyden, Gallacher. (Dillon.)
Both teams hit the post and missed several chances in a goalless first half. A fine save by Basalaj resulted in a loose ball being shot home (47). Thistle dominated for some time and a McMullin cross-cum-shot eluded everyone for 1-1 but a header from a corner soon after proved to be the winner.
3. Tue-02-Sep-2014 [h] W4-3 St Johnstone (SPFL Development League)
MP 19/9/2014. Basalaj, McInally, Keenan, Hendry, Lindsay, Wilson, McDaid, Leyden, Dillon, ECCLESTON, DUGGAN (3 - 1 pen). (McMullin, Docherty, Nisbet.)
A wonderful strike by new signing Eccleston put Thistle ahead (14) then Duggan smashed home from 25 yards (19). He made it 3-0 with a penalty after Keenan was fouled. Saints pulled one back before h-t. Duggan made it a hat-trick but Saints scored twice for a nervy finish. McInally was sent off (2nd yellow).
4. Tue-09-Sep-2014 [a] L0-3 St Mirren (SPFL Development League)
MP 19/9/2014. Basalaj, Malcolm, Keenan, Hendry, Lindsay, Wilson, McDaid, Leyden, Dillon, Gallacher, Duggan.
Dillon hit the post early on but St Mirren always looked the likelier side. Basalaj was rounded for the opener (11). Soon it was 2-0, the shot going through Basalaj's legs and poor communication at the back led to a third goal, Basalaj being lobbed.
5. Tue-16-Sep-2014 [h] D3-3 Dundee United (SPFL Development League)
MP 19/9/2014. Basalaj, Malcolm, Keenan, Hendry, Lindsay, Wilson, McDaid, Leyden, NISBET, Eccleston, COLINA, DILLON.
United were caught napping at a throw-in and Colina rolled the ball in. Nisbet scored with a free-kick from the edge of the "D" but United made it 2-1 at h-t. Dillon twisted and turned to curl in a shot for 3-1 (50). Basalaj was beaten (70) then his poor clearance led to the equaliser with minutes remaining.
6. Tue-30-Sep-2014 [a] L2-3 Celtic (SPFL Development League)
MP 4/10/2014. Basalaj, McInally, Keenan, Muirhead, Lindsay, LEYDEN, McDAID. Wilson, Eccleston, Colina, Dillon. (Nisbet, Hendry.)
The defence looked static at a free-kick and Thistle fell behind. Celtic soon doubled their lead. McDaid scored with a well-worked free-kick routine but Celtic scored again. Leyden pulled one back but there was no equaliser despite several good chances being created.
7. Tue-07-Oct-2014 [h] L0-1 Dundee (SPFL Development League)
MP 25/10/2014. Waters, McInally, Keenan, Hendry, Lindsay, Wilson, McDaid, Welsh, Nisbet, Leyden, Dillon. (Colina, McLaughlin, Gallacher.)
It was a strong performance with the bulk of possession but Thistle fell to a late Dundee goal. There were few clear-cut chances and shooting was largely from distance. Dundee hit the post late on and even later scored with a header when 0-0 looked more likely.
8. Tue-14-Oct-2014 [a] L1-3 Ross County (SPFL Development League)
MP 25/10/2014. Waters, McInally, McMullin, Hendry, LINDSAY, Wilson, McDaid, Leyden, Nisbet, Colina, Dillon. (Gallacher, McLaughlin, Docherty.)
Waters was responsible for keeping the score down with a fine performance. County went up (2) as Thistle struggled to get into the game. The second half saw Lindsay equalise from a Gallacher free-kick but County scored twice more despite Thistle's late rally.
9. Mon-27-Oct-2014 [h] W4-3 Falkirk (SPFL Development League)
MP 23/11/2014. Waters, McInally, Keenan, Hendry, Lindsay, WELSH, McDaid, Wilson, NISBET (3), Fraser, Leyden. (McLaughlin.)
Falkirk scored when Waters' parried save was tucked away but Nisbet pounced on a poor pass and found the far corner. A deflected 25-yarder by Welsh put Thistle ahead then Nisbet scored again. He made it a hat-trick (46). Lyden was sent off and Falkirk scored from the spot (75) and a third goal made for a tense finish.
10. Tue-04-Nov-2014 [a] L1-6 Hamilton Academical (SPFL Development League)
MP 23/11/2014. MP Waters, McInally, Keenan, Hendry, Gallacher, Wilson, McDAID, Docherty, Colina, Nisbet, McMullin. (McLaughlin, McLaren.)
A header at a corner and when a dithering clearance by Waters hit a forward and went in left Thistle 2-down in quick time. McDaid reduced the lead but it was 3-1 at h-t. The second half was own-way traffic with 3 more goals without reply. A tough night.
11. Tue-11-Nov-2014 [h] L1-4 Aberdeen (SPFL Development League)
MP 23/11/2014. MP Waters, McInally, Keenan, Hendry, Muirhead, Wilson, Fraser, Leyden, Eccleston, Nisbet, McDaid. (McMULLIN, Docherty, Colina.)
Wright was sent off for a challenge (2) and Hendry was booked for protesting at the decision. The resulting penalty set the scene. Hendry was sent off (2nd Yellow) and Aberdeen's second pen was tucked away. McMullin scored but the 9 men conceded twice more.
12. Mon-17-Nov-2014 [a] W3-2 Heart of Midlothian (SPFL Development League)
MP Waters, 23/11/2014. Waters, McLAREN, McMullin, MUIRHEAD, Wilson, Leyden, McDAID (pen), Colina, Nisbet, McLaughlin, Gallacher.
A low shot put Hearts ahead then Waters had some fine saves before McLaren poked home at a corner. A penalty by McDaid put Thistle ahead. Hearts had lots of the play after h-t and a header at a corner put them level (75) but Muirhead swept home a McDaid cross to take the points.
13. Tue-25-Nov-2014 [h] L1-6 Dunfermline Athletic (SPFL Development League)
MP 6/12/2014. Waters, Hendry, McMullin, Muirhead, Docherty, Wilson, McDAID, Gallacher, Nisbet, Colina, McLaughlin. (McLaren, Lindsay.) At Airdrie FC.
Thistle quickly fell 2 goals behind. Changes were made to restrict Dunfermline so much possession but although things improved it was 3-0 at h-t via an unchallenged header. After h-t a virtual carbon copy of the 3rd goal made it 4. 5 and 6 soon followed before McDaid's late strike.
14. Tue-02-Dec-2014 [a] L2-4 Hibernian (SPFL Development League)
MP 20/12/2014. Basalaj, McInally, McMullin, Hendry, Lindsay, WILSON, McDaid, Docherty, Nisbet, McLaughlin, GALLACHER. (McLaren, Colina, McCarthy.)
With several 1st XI players in their team, Hibs went ahead (5) but Thistle got into the game and a volley by Gallacher finished off a fine flowing move before h-t. A 25-yarder flew past Basalaj then two goals in two minutes killed the game. Wilson fired home a Colina through ball late on.
15. Mon-22-Dec-2014 [h] D1-1 Kilmarnock (SPFL Development League)
MP 1/1/2015. Fox, McInally, McMullin, Hendry, LINDSAY, Wilson, McDaid, Docherty, McLaughlin, Nisbet, Leyden. (Gallacher, Penrice, McCarthy.) At Airdrie FC.
Evenly matched with mostly young players, an entertaining game. Thistle had most of the play but moves were contained or halted, sometimes illegally. Lindsay finished off his surging run before h-t. A cross deceived everyone and put things level early in the 2nd half. Thistle went into the winter break with a creditable point.
16. Mon-26-Jan-2015 [h] W3-2 St Mirren (SPFL Development League)
PTFC. Waters, Trialist, Keenan, HENDRY, Lindsay, Wilson, DILLON, Docherty, DUGGAN, Leyden, McMullin. (McInally, McLaughlin, Nisbet.)
17. Tue-03-Feb-2015 [a] W3-1 Dundee United (SPFL Development League)
MP 7/2/2015. Waters, McInally, Keenan, Hendry, Richards-Everton, Wilson, Finnie, Leyden, DUGGAN, Nisbet, McDAID (2). (Docherty.)
It was all about strong defending for the first 20 mins then Duggan's composed finish made it 1-0. More defending ensured it remained that way at h-t. McDaid then scored twice. They sat back thinking their work was done but United reduced the lead and hit the post several times before the finish.
18. Mon-09-Feb-2015 [h] L0-2 Celtic (SPFL Development League)
MP 21/2/2015. Waters, Finnie, Keenan, Hendry, Richards-Everton, Wilson, McInally, Leyden, Nisbet, Docherty, McMullin. (Irvine, McLaughlin, Dillon.)
After a hesitant start Thistle took the game to Celtic. They made several good chances as they pressed Celtic back but couldn't take them. Two minutes into the second half they were behind then a penalty doubled the lead. Failure to take their chances while on top was punished in the end.
19. Tue-17-Feb-2015 [a] W2-1 Dundee (SPFL Development League)
MP 21/2/2015. Basalaj, Finnie, Keenan, Hendry, Richards-Everton, Wilson, McINALLY, LEYDEN, Nisbet, Docherty, Dillon. (McLaughlin.)
A freak Richards-Everton og when he lobbed Basalaj separated the sides in an otherwise even first half. McInally slotted home at the back post for 1-1 then Leyden shot home after a terrific pass by Wilson (who rattled the post later on). There were anxious moments late on but all was well.
20. Tue-24-Feb-2015 [h] W1-0 Ross County (SPFL Development League)
MP 14/3/2015. Waters, Finnie, Keenan, Hendry, Richards-Everton, Wilson, McInally, Docherty, Nisbet, LEYDEN, Irvine. (Lamont, McLaughlin.) At Airdrie FC.
An early effort by Leyden went narrowly past before he finished off a Finnie cross from 14 yards. There were few chances after that. A ball across the County 6-yard box was missed by everyone then County fired wide at a corner. Three points and the first clean sheet of the season.
21. Tue-10-Mar-2015 [a] L1-3 Falkirk (SPFL Development League)
MP 14/3/2015. Waters, Finnie, McMullin, Hendry, Richards-Everton, Leyden, McDaid, DOCHERTY (pen), Nisbet, Fraser, Dillon. (McLaughlin, McInally, McLaren.)
A very poor performance. Thistle started the better but neither team made any impression in a sloppy first half until Falkirk went ahead (30). Docherty hit the post before h-t. A close range header and a deflected shot off Richards-Everton put Thistle well behind. A pen was converted by Docherty late on.
22. Mon-16-Mar-2015 [h] W4-2 Hamilton Academical (SPFL Development League)
MP 21/3/2015. Waters, Finnie, Keenan, HENDRY, Richards-Everton, Wilson, McDaid, Docherty, McLaughlin, Leyden, McINALLY (3 - 1 pen). (Penrice, Dillon.)
Thistle attacked from the start but a back post header that put Accies ahead. McInally slammed home a McDaid then Thistle survived a "ball not over the line" scare before Hendry put them in front. McInally made it 3-1 but a poor pass-back led to an equaliser. Thistle hung on for a spell then a penalty gave McInally his hat-trick.
23. Tue-24-Mar-2015 [a] L1-2 Aberdeen (SPFL Development League)
MP 11/4/2015. Waters, Finnie, Keenan, Hendry, Richards-Everton, Wilson, McDaid, Docherty, Nisbet, LEYDEN (pen), McInally. (Dillon.)
Thistle took the game to much more experienced Aberdeen. Both teams had good movement but lacked a cutting edge. Aberdeen went ahead (46). Leyden scored from the spot after Keenan was fouled for 1-1 but poor marking let the Dons in for the winner. McInally missed a gilt-edged chance to level late on.
24. Fri-27-Mar-2015 [h] W2-1 Motherwell (SPFL Development League)
MP 11/4/2015. Cullen, McInally, Penrice, Hendry, Miller, LEYDEN (pen), Lamont, Docherty, Dillon, McCarthy, McMULLIN. (Simpson, Wilson, McLaughlin.) At Airdrie FC.
A number of U/17 players stepped up for this match. Leyden pounced on a slack clearance but couldn't capitalise. Cullen had a fantastic triple save but was beaten (64). Thistle rallied and Leyden converted a penalty before McMullan made the points secure.
25. Tue-31-Mar-2015 [h] W3-2 Heart of Midlothian (SPFL Development League)
MP 11/4/2015. Waters, Finnie, Penrice, Hendry, Keenan, FRASER, McInally, Docherty, McDaid, Leyden, HIGGINBOTHAM. (McMullin, McCarthy, McLAUGHLIN.) At Airdrie FC.
Both teams struggled in the blustery wind. Leyden intercepted a poor kick-out and set up Higginbotham for the opener. Hearts equalised with a massively deflected shot over Waters. Fraser scored from 40-yards to put Thistle ahead (50) then Hearts equalised but McLaughlin finished off a McDaid pass for the winner.
26. Mon-06-Apr-2015 [a] W2-0 Inverness Caledonian Thistle (SPFL Development League)
MP 11/4/2015. Waters, Finnie, Penrice, Hendry, Keenan, Wilson, McInally, McCARTHY, Nisbet, DOCHERTY, McDaid. (Lamont, McLaughlin, McMullin.) Away fixture played at Firhill.
Thistle dominated from the start. Nisbet hit the post then Wilson hit the bar at a corner. McCarthy scored after a fine combined move starting with a quick throw-in (36). Excellent goalkeeping denied Thistle a second goal their play deserved until Docherty side-footed in at a poorly defended corner. McLaughlin hit the post late on.
27. Mon-13-Apr-2015 [a] W2-1 Dunfermline Athletic (SPFL Development League)
MP 2/5/2015. Waters, Finnie, Keenan, HENDRY, Richards-Everton, Wilson, McInally, DOCHERTY, Nisbet, McCarthy, McDaid. (McLaughlin.)
Keenan had the keeper scampering with a 40-yarder early on then after a series of corners Hendry scored with a header. Dunfermline equalised with a slice of luck when a shot going nowhere hit off Hendry (64). Thistle defended stoutly until Docherty's surging run and shot took the points (78).
28. Thu-16-Apr-2015 [a] W2-1 St Johnstone (SPFL Development League)
MP 2/5/2015. Cullen, McInally, Penrice, Hendry, Keenan, Wilson, McDAID, McCarthy, McLAUGHLIN, Docherty, McMullin. (Irvine, Lamont.)
After a scrappy start McLaughlin reacted first to a long clearance while defenders got in a fankle (19). Saints had a good spell but McDaid slotted home to double the lead. Chances came and went at both ends and Hendry cleared off the line. More chances came but it was Saints who scored in added time.
29. Tue-21-Apr-2015 [h] D2-2 Hibernian (SPFL Development League)
MP 2/5/2015. Waters, McInally, Penrice, Hendry, Keenan, Wilson, Lamont, Docherty, McLAUGHLIN, FRASER, McMullin. (McCarthy, Bonar.)
Thistle took the lead, probably against the run of play, when Fraser fired in from 25 yards after a long run from his own half. McLaughlin scored when Docherty's shot hit the keeper (24). Hibs improved after h-t and reduced the lead (50) and equalised with a fierce shot late on.
30. Mon-27-Apr-2015 [a] L0-2 Motherwell (SPFL Development League)
MP 2/5/2015. Cullen, Finnie, Keenan, Hendry, Richards-Everton, Wilson, McInally, Docherty, Elliott, Fraser, McMullin. (Irvine, Lamont, McLaughlin.)
It was a flat performance on a poor surface. McInally hit the post but Motherwell hit Thistle with two goals in 90 seconds. The match deteriorated and Thistle never really recovered enough to equalise. There was little by way of goalmouth action.
31. Tue-05-May-2015 [h] D2-2 Inverness Caledonian Thistle (SPFL Development League)
MP 16/5/2015. Waters, McInally, Penrice, Hendry, Keenan, Wilson, McDaid, McCarthy, NISBET, DOCHERTY (pen), Bonar. (McLaughlin, Irvine, McMullin.)
Individual errors cost Thistle a 2-goal lead. Docherty was bundled over and converted the penalty (26). Inverness hit the bar then Bonnar slipped in Nisbet for 2-0 (50). All was going well until Hendry's poor pass-back led to a goal (85) then Waters fumbled a free-kick that bounced over the line (89).
32. Mon-11-May-2015 [a] L2-3 Rangers (SPFL Development League)
MP 16/5/2015. Cullen, McINALLY, Prentice, McLaren, Keenan, Wilson, McDaid, Docherty, NISBET, McCarthy, McLaughlin. (Irvine.)
McInally volleyed home a partial clearance and Nisbet finished off a McDaid cross for 2-0 (55). A free-kick beat everyone and landed in the net as Rangers hit back and after several goal line clearances, the equaliser came. Wilson was caught in possession and it led to the winner (82).
2014-15 Reserves summary notes

P32 W14 D4 L14 (1.438 ppg)

Historical PT Reserves average: 1.462 ppg (@ 22-Aug-2023)
  • The points-per-game measurements (ppg) above are calculated on the same principle as the first-team's all games category, and are based on 1 point for a draw and 3 points for a win across all eras.
  • Final League Position: 7th of 17, 46/96 pts. Each of the 17 teams played each other home and away for a 32 match campaign.

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