Partick Thistle Reserves Season 2003-04
PTFC Kit 2003-04
2003-04 (Reserves)
The 129th season of Partick Thistle F.C.
scorers in CAPS • used subs in brackets
1. Mon-21-Jul-2003 [a] D2-2 Kirkintilloch Rob Roy (Friendly)
MP 9/8/2003. Pinkowski, Kaczan, Trialist, Rushford, Forrest, Gibson, Boyle, ROSS (A), GEMMELL, Panther, McBride. (Miller, Cassidy, Wilson, Shields.)
Gemmell finished off a Gibson cross (32) then Ross (A) doubled the lead (52). Things were looking comfortable but 1 minute later it was 2-1. Thistle lost the plot somewhat and it was no surprise Rob Roy scored again. A tough match with 3 bookings.
2. Wed-23-Jul-2003 [a] L1-5 Pollok (Friendly)
MP 9/8/2003. Pinkowski, Wilson, Rushford, Kaczan, Lilley, Panther, Ross (A), Trialist, GEMMELL, Shields, Gibson. (Howie, Cassidy, Boyle, McBride (M).)
A match best forgotten. Gemmell gave Thistle the lead with a header then Panther wasted a good chance. Gemmell went off injured and Pollok were 2-1 ahead at half-time. Three goals (2 of excellent quality) after half-time put paid to any fight-back.
3. Fri-25-Jul-2003 [a] D0-0 Maryhill (Friendly)
MP 9/8/2003. Pinkowski, Lilley, Wilson, Kaczan, Rushford, Ross (I), Howie, Ross (A), Gibson, Shields, McBride. (Wilson, Cassidy, Panther, Trialist.)
There was little to enthuse over in this goalless draw except it was an improvement on the previous fixture - defensively at least.
4. Mon-28-Jul-2003 [a] W4-0 Cumbernauld United (Friendly)
MP 9/8/2003. Arthur, Anis, Rushford, Forrest, Howie, Panther, Ross (A), McBride (J), GIBSON (pen), BRITTON, Shields. (McMahon, Cassidy, BOYLE, McBRIDE (M).)
Gibson converted a pen after being fouled for a 1-goal lead at half-time. Britton doubled the lead soon after the restart, Thistle dominated and goals by McBride (M) and Boyle made for a comfortable win.
5. Sat-02-Aug-2003 [a] L2-3 St Anthony's (Friendly)
MP 9/8/2003. Arthur, WILSON, Howie, Kaczan, Rushford, Cassidy, Gibson, Boyle, Shields, Panther, McBRIDE (M).
Gibson hit the post then McBride (M) put Thistle ahead but by half-time St Anthony's had drawn level. Poor defending let them in twice in the first 10 minutes of the second half. Wilson scored with the last kick of the game but it was a poor performance.
6. Mon-11-Aug-2003 [a] D1-1 Livingston (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 23/8/2003. Arthur, Anis, Wilson, Forrest, Rushford, Ross (A), Ross (I), Mitchell, GEMMELL, Britton, Cassidy. (Batemup, Gibson, Panther.)
A Gemmell goal cancelled out and earlier strike by Livingston for a share of the points. Arthur save a penalty in this match.
7. Mon-18-Aug-2003 [h] W3-1 Kilmarnock (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 23/8/2003. Arthur, Howie, Kaczan, Forrest, Ross (I), Waddell, Panther, ROSS (A), MITCHELL, Gemmell, Britton. (McBRIDE (M), Boyle, Cassidy.)
It was goalless at half-time. A fine lob by Mitchell gave Thistle the lead then he set up Ross (A) to double it. The third goal came when Britton hit the post and McBride forced the ball over the line (90). Killie pulled on back in added time.
8. Mon-25-Aug-2003 [a] L1-2 Celtic (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 20/9/2003. Pinkowski, Lilley, Rushford, Kaczan, Howie, Panther, Ross (A), Taylor, Gemmell, Mitchell, Waddell. (SHIELDS.)
Celtic went ahead but Thistle equalised through Shields - Panther claiming it was his until it went officially to Shields (goal not described). A fine draw looked to be within sight until Pinkowski pulled down a player and the winner came from the spot late on.
9. Mon-01-Sep-2003 [h] D1-1 Motherwell (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 20/9/2003. Arthur, Rushford Trialist, Trialist, Kaczan, Howie, Ross (A), Panther, McBRIDE (J-P), Bonnes, Thomson. (Boyle, Shields, Gemmell.)
The goals came late in this one. McBride opened Thistle's account (73) slotting home after a long run past several defenders but Motherwell equalised in the last minute to take a point.
10. Mon-08-Sep-2003 [a] W4-2 Dumbarton (Friendly)
MP 20/9/2003. Arthur, Anis, FORREST, Milne, Fleming, Boyle, McBRIDE (J-P), Bonnes, Thomson, Trialist, Waddell. (Rushford, Panther, Shields, Gemmell, Miller.)
McBride scored from a free-kick via the post (9) and Forrest scored from a corner for 2-0. Dumbarton scored (22). Thomson headed in Waddell cross (73) and Shields made it 4-1 (86) before the Sons scored again off a parried save by Arthur.
11. Mon-15-Sep-2003 [h] L1-2 Aberdeen (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 20/9/2003. Arthur, Howie, Rushford, Kaczan, Ross (I), Waddell, Fleming, Panther, Bonnes, Thomson, GEMMELL. (Shields, Cassidy, McBride (M).)
Gemmell gave Thistle the lead having finished off a fine move involving Bonnes and Panther (18). 10 minutes later it was 1-1 from a tapped free-kick that left Arthur helpless. Future-JAG Foster earned Aberdeen the points mid-way through the 2nd half.
12. Mon-22-Sep-2003 [h] W3-2 Dundee United (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 4/10/2003. Budinauckas, Kaczan, Rushford, Forrest, Fleming, McBRIDE (J-P), Ross (A), Panther, Howie, BONNES (2), Gemmell. (Cassidy, Boyle, Shields.)
A 1-goal lead at half-time came courtesy of Bonnes (38) but United levelled at went ahead early in the second half. Bonnes drew Thistle level then McBride scored the winner to take all three points.
13. Tue-30-Sep-2003 [h] D2-2 Dunfermline Athletic (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 4/10/2003. Mikkelsen, Howie, Rushford, Kaczan, Fleming, Waddell, Boyle, Taylor, THOMSON (2), Gemmell, Britton. (Wilson, Shields, McBride (M).)
Fleming went close when his free-kick was palmed away for a corner then Thomson put Thistle ahead with a header (15). Four minutes later it was 1-1 but another header by Thomson (35) made it 2-1 at half-time. United equalised for the second time (50).
14. Mon-06-Oct-2003 [a] L0-2 Hibernian (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 25/10/2003. Budinauckas, Wilson, Kaczan, Forrest, Howie, Panther, McBride (J-P), Taylor, Bonnes, Gemmell, Thomson. (Boyle, Shields, McBride (M).)
Hibs had the best of the chances. A header looped over Budinauckas (35) for a half-time lead. Six minutes into the 2nd half it was 2-0 and although Gemmell had a good chance when he beat the off-side trap, his shot was turned away for a corner but it stayed 2-0.
15. Wed-15-Oct-2003 [a] W4-0 Clydebank (Friendly)
MP 25/10/2003. Pinkowski, Kaczan, Madaschi, Forrest, Fleming, WADDELL, Boyle, McBride (J), Trialist, BONNES, Gemmell. (Panther, Howie, Rushford, SHIELDS, BRITTON.)
672 spectators didn't have long to wait for the first goal. Waddell scored in 10 seconds! Bonnes evaded a couple of tackles to double the lead (5) then Shields made it 3-0 at half-time. Britton scored (90) for a more than comfortable friendly win.
16. Mon-20-Oct-2003 [h] W3-2 Dundee (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 25/10/2003. Mikkelsen, Trialist, Forrest, Madaschi, Howie, McBRIDE (J-P), Boyle, Taylor, Panther, Bonnes, THOMSON (2). (Cassidy, McBride |(M), Gemmell.)
Thomson gave Thistle the lead (15) but 5 minutes later it was all-square, poor defending leading to an empty net. Thomson scored again for a 2-1 lead at half-time but a header soon after the restart made it 2-2. McBride scored at the second attempt off his rebounded penalty (76).
17. Mon-27-Oct-2003 [a] W2-1 Heart of Midlothian (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 22/11/2003. Mikkelsen, Anis, Wilson, Forrest, Fleming, Panther, Ross (A), HOWIE, McBride (J-P), GRADY, Gemmell. (Cassidy, McBride (M), Shields.)
Hearts (2nd top) took the lead following some defensive errors (14). McBride rattled the crossbar then Gemmell hit the post. Finally, Thistle equalised through Grady (38) then Howie scored approaching half-time. They saw the 2nd half out comfortably for a good win.
18. Thu-06-Nov-2003 [h] L0-3 Rangers (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 22/11/2003. Mikkelsen, Wilson, Forrest, Kaczan, Panther, Howie, Boyle, Taylor, Anis, Shields, Gemmell. (Rushford, Cassidy, Hutchison.)
Poor defending let a strong Rangers team in for the opener (34). There were few opportunities to get on level terms but it took until the last 4 minutes for Rangers to score twice more.
19. Mon-10-Nov-2003 [h] D0-0 Livingston (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 22/11/2003. Budinauckas, Wilson, Taylor, Kaczan, Fleming, Panther, Ross (A), Howie, Anis, Gemmell, Britton. (Cassidy.)
The match came and went without incident it seems.
20. Mon-24-Nov-2003 [a] L0-1 Kilmarnock (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 4/12/2003. Mikkelsen, Wilson, Rushford, Lilley, Ross (A), Cassidy, McBride (J-P), Panther, Kaczan, Bonnes, Gemmell. (Shields, Strachan, McBride (M).)
A good cross by Gemmell was palmed away, no-one following up. McBride dallied and a chance made by Bonnes was wasted. Kilmarnock were more forceful in the second half and the only goal came in 50 minutes to earn the points, Thistle rueing their 1st half misses..
21. Mon-01-Dec-2003 [h] L0-1 Celtic (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 7/12/2003. Budinauckas, Wilson, Taylor, Kaczan, Ross (I), Cassidy, Moreau, Panther, Howie, Shields, Gemmell. (Strachan, McBride (M).)
A goal in 50 minutes was enough to earn the points for Celtic who remained top of the league 10 points clear. Thistle remained mid-table.
22. Mon-15-Dec-2003 [a] L1-3 Aberdeen (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 27/12/2003. Budinauckas, Kaczan, Wilson, Forrest, Ross (I), Howie, Rowson, Boyle, Panther, THOMSON (pen), Bonnes. (Shields, Ferguson, Cassidy.)
A strong Aberdeen side took the lead (7) but Thistle equalised 3 minutes later when Thomson was brought down in the box and he converted the penalty. The Dons went ahead before half-time and a third goal in the second half meant a 3-1 defeat.
23. Mon-29-Dec-2003 [a] W3-1 Dunfermline Athletic (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 17/1/2004. Pinkowski, Wilson, Kaczan, Forrest, ROSS (I), Panther, Moreau, Taylor, Anis, SHIELDS (pen), GEMMELL. (Ferguson, Boyle, McBride (M).)
Thistle went ahead through Gemmell's spectacular strike from the edge of the box. The Pars had a man sent off and Shields scored with the resulting penalty. Ross finished off a fine night's work with a third (76) before a consolation goal (89).
24. Mon-05-Jan-2004 [h] D0-0 Hibernian (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 17/1/2004. Pinkowski, Wilson, Kaczan, Forrest, Ross (I), Howie, Boyle, Panther, Gibson, Bonnes, Shields. (Ferguson, Cassidy, McBride (M).)
The report says there was nothing to report!
25. Mon-12-Jan-2004 [a] L0-5 Livingston (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 17/12/2004. Budinauckas, Wilson, Kaczan, Forrest, Gibson, Howie, Ross (A), Panther, Anis, Gemmell, Britton. (Cassidy, Boyle, Shields.)
One for the " best forgotten" category. Thistle were no match for a strong Livingston side. To make matters worse Britton was red-carded for an off the ball incident.
26. Wed-14-Jan-2004 [a] W2-0 Motherwell (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 1/2/2004. Pinkowski, Anis, Wilson, Forrest, Kaczan, Waddell, Boyle, Howie, GIBSON (pen), Britton, BONNES. (Cassidy, McBride (M).)
Goals by Bonnes in the first half and a Gibson penalty in the second earned the points in a tough, ill-tempered match. Motherwell had two players sent off and Kaczan was taken off injured.
27. Mon-19-Jan-2004 [a] D1-1 Dundee (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 1/2/2004. Pinkowski, Anis, Howie, Wilson, Forrest, Ross (A), Panther, McBride (J-P), GIBSON, Britton, Waddell. (McBride (M), Boyle, Cassidy.)
The goals came late in this match. Gibson looked to have given Thistle a winning lead (77) with a fine solo effort but a free-kick was fired past Pinkowski in added time for 1-1.
28. Mon-26-Jan-2004 [h] L0-2 Heart of Midlothian (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 1/2/2004. Pinkowski, Anis, Howie, Wilson, Forrest, Ross (A), Gibson, Panther, Bonnes, Britton, Waddell. (Boyle.)
Despite the score this was a pretty even match with nothing much between the teams.
29. Mon-16-Feb-2004 [h] L1-2 Kilmarnock (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 22/2/2004. Langfield, Wilson, Forrest, Howie, Chiarini, Whyte, Panther, THOMSON, ?, Gibson, Waddell. (Kaczan, Strachan, Cassidy.) Only 10 starters listed.
An early goal put Thistle behind and a second made for an uphill task. Thomson scored near the end but it was not enough. Defeat left Thistle looking for their first win in 2004. Defeat left Reserve Manager McLaughlin to say "simply not good enough".
30. Wed-18-Feb-2004 [a] W3-1 Dundee United (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 6/3/2004. Pinkowski, Wilson, Kaczan, Howie, Chiarini, Forrest, Panther, ENGLISH (2), McLaughlin, Gibson, Strachan. (McBRIDE (M), Waddell.)
English finished off a good move to put Thistle ahead and his goal direct from a free-kick after half-time doubled the lead. Mid-way through the second half it was 2-1 and United piled on the pressure but a goal by McBride (M) made sure the points went S-W.
31. Mon-23-Feb-2004 [a] L0-4 Celtic (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 6/3/2004. Langfield, Wilson, Kaczan, Forrest, Chiarini, Howie, Gibson, English, McLaughlin, Cadete, Strachan. (Panther, Boyle, Waddell.)
Thistle were no match for Celtic (2 defeats in 23, sitting to 17 points clear) and there were few positives to take out of the match.
32. Wed-10-Mar-2004 [h] L0-1 Aberdeen (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 13/3/2004. Pinkowski, Howie, Fleming, Forrest, Kaczan, Waddell, Panther, McBride (J-P), Thomson, English, Gibson. (Strachan, Ross (A), McBride (M).)
A header 2 minutes into the second half proved to be the winner. Early pressure by Thistle didn't produce the desired result and the points left for Pittodrie.
33. Mon-15-Mar-2004 [a] W4-1 Dundee United (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 27/3/2004. Arthur, Ross (A), Fleming, Forrest, Madaschi, McBride (J-P), GIBSON, Howie, THOMSON (2), English, CADETE. (Kaczan, Panther, Strachan.)
Thomson finished off a combined move (10) then he lobbed a poor clearance over the keeper (32). Three minutes later Gibson headed in a Thomson cross. United pulled one back just on half-time. Cadette headed in a Ross cross (63) for an easy win.
34. Mon-22-Mar-2004 [h] L0-2 Dunfermline Athletic (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 27/3/2004. Pinkowski, Kaczan, Fleming, Forrest, Madaschi, Howie, Ross (A), McBride (J-P), Gibson, Panther, English. (Strachan, Trialist, McBride (M).)
Two goals in the first three minutes put paid to any thoughts of building on the previous win.
35. Mon-29-Mar-2004 [a] L0-3 Hibernian (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
Source not recorded. Line-up as yet unsourced.
36. Mon-05-Apr-2004 [a] W3-0 Dundee (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 10/4/2004. Arthur, Ross (A), Forrest, Kaczan, Madaschi, Howie, Panther, Gibson, McBride (J-P), BRITTON (3), English. (Cassidy, McBride (M), Strachan.)
A hat-trick by co-manager Britton was the highlight. His first came when he took a pass from McBride and found the bottom corner. He took another McBride pass and smashed the ball home from 25 yards and he headed in a corner at the front post.
37. Mon-12-Apr-2004 [a] L0-4 Heart of Midlothian (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 24/4/2004. Pinkowski, Howie, Forrest, Ross (A), Chiarini, English, Gibson, Panther, Shields, McBride (M), Strachan. (Kaczan, Boyle.)
A convincing win for 2nd placed Hearts. Strachan was the only positive. He had a fine game and was unlucky not to have scored at least twice.
38. Mon-19-Apr-2004 [h] W1-0 Rangers (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 24/4/2004. Arthur, Wilson, Forrest, Kaczan, Ross (A), Cassidy, Gibson, Howie, Bonnes, STRACHAN, English. (Boyle, Cameron.)
A well-deserved win courtesy of a Strachan goal. Kaczan suffered a deep cut to his thigh and had to be taken to hospital. Thistle more than matched their opponents and were unlucky not to have scored more goals.
39. Wed-28-Apr-2004 [h] D1-1 Motherwell (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
MP 1/5/2004. Pinkowski, Wilson, English, Forrest, Carter, Ross (A), GIBSON (pen), Cassidy, Britton, Boyle, Shields. (Ferguson, Panther, Niven.)
Thistle (with two U-21 debutants Carter and Niven) trailed to Motherwell's first-half opener until a penalty was tucked away by Gibson (78).
40. Thu-06-May-2004 [a] W5-1 Rangers (Premier Reserve U-21 League)
Source not recorded. BRITTON (2), BONNES, CHIARINI, PANTHER. Line-up as yet unsourced.
2003-04 Reserves summary notes

P40 W14 D9 L17 (1.275 ppg)

Historical PT Reserves average: 1.462 ppg (@ 22-Aug-2023)
  • The points-per-game measurements (ppg) above are calculated on the same principle as the first-team's all games category, and are based on 1 point for a draw and 3 points for a win across all eras.
  • Final League Position: 8th of 12, 40/99 pts.
  • The league was reduced to 12 teams playing each other three times.

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