Partick Thistle Reserves Season 1991-92
PTFC Kit 1991-92
1991-92 (Reserves)
The 117th season of Partick Thistle F.C.
scorers in CAPS • used subs in brackets
1. Mon-05-Aug-1991 [a] W1-0 Pollok (Friendly)
MP 17/8/1991. Lowrie, Trialist, Craig, Crowe, Tierney, McConville, Law, Roche, Wynne, Johnston, McGOVERN. (Annand, O'Reilly, Smith, Fleming.)
McGovern slipped the ball under the advancing keeper for 1-0. It proved to be the only goal. The second half saw Pollok have more of the game but sound defending protected the lead.
2. Tue-06-Aug-1991 [a] D2-2 Livingston Juniors (Friendly)
MP 17/8/1991. Nelson. Trialist, Law, O'Reilly, Rae, Trialist, DUNCAN, Smith, Owens, Elliot, McGOVERN. (Crowe, Fleming.)
The local side took an early lead but McGovern scored from close in to level. A free-kick beat Nelson before half-time. Duncan volleyed home an accurate deep cross from the Irish trialist and it ended all square.
3. Thu-08-Aug-1991 [a] L0-1 Armadale Thistle (Friendly)
MP 17/8/1991. Lowrie, Trialist, Craig, O'Reilly, Crowe, Duncan, Smith, Trialist, Owens, Wynne, Elliot. (Fleming, Straiton, Duncan.)
The young side acquitted themselves well against a team of "seasoned" Juniors and perhaps did enough to deserve a draw. Armadale scored the only goal late on following a corner.
4. Thu-22-Aug-1991 [a] W3-2 Rangers (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 28/8/1991. Trialist, Friar, Craig, Crowe, Tierney, McConville, BYRNE, Bell, McGovern, ENGLISH (2), Magee. (Trialist, Smith.)
A diving header by Byrne put Thistle ahead (25). A 18-yard shot made it 1-1 then Magee hit the post. English ran from half-way, beat two men and chipped the keeper for a superb goal. Desperate defending followed before English got his 2nd then a Rangers free-kick went in.
5. Mon-26-Aug-1991 [h] L1-2 Hamilton Academical (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 14/9/1991. Nelson, Friar, Craig, O'Reilly, Crowe, McConville, Wynne, Bell, McGOVERN, Flood, Magee. (Smith, Collins.) Played at Helenvale Park.
Few players got to grips with the artificial surface in a goalless first half. Accies took the lead but McGovern equalised a minute later. Thistle were under pressure from then on and it wasn't a surprise when the winner came towards the end.
6. Tue-03-Sep-1991 [a] W3-2 Dumbarton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 14/9/1991. Lowrie, Friar, McConville, Tierney, Craig, Bell, McGOVERN (2), Morrison, McWALTER, Law, Annand. (Crowe, Roche.)
Law hit the bar from 25 yards early on as Thistle enjoyed all the early chances. McGovern grabbed the opener after half-time but Dumbarton hit back to level. McGovern got his second then a fine solo run from half-way by McWalter made it 3 before Dumbarton scored in the dying minutes.
7. Mon-09-Sep-1991 [h] W2-1 Stenhousemuir (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 21/9/1991. Lowrie, Law, Friar, Crowe, O'Reilly, Smith, COLLINS, Bell, McGovern, ENGLISH, Annand. (Fleming, Botterill.) Played at Helenvale Park.
Once again the pitch was a problem. Thistle took an early lead through Collins then chances were wasted before half-time. Annand and McGovern both hit the post then Stenhousemuir scored. A long kick from Lowrie found English and he lobbed the keeper (88).
8. Mon-16-Sep-1991 [a] L0-1 St Mirren (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 21/9/1991. Nelson, Law, Friar, Crowe, Tierney, Magee, Morrison, Wynne, McGovern, Annand, Roche. (Smith, Duncan (M).
With the high wind and driving rain, Roche tried his luck from the half-way line. Thistle hemmed Saints in their own half. Chances weren't taken and with the wind in the second half the tables turned and St Mirren scored before Tierney saw his header cleared off the line.
9. Wed-02-Oct-1991 [a] W2-0 Albion Rovers (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 12/10/1991. Nelson, Trialist, Friar, Kennedy. Tierney, Roche, Bell, Law, Annand, McGOVERN, Trialist.
Despite selecting an experienced line-up it took until the 2nd half to breakdown Rovers' young defence. McGovern opened the scoring then Thistle dominated. Trialist No 2 scored (75) then Nelson had some fine saves to thwart any sort of comeback.
10. Mon-07-Oct-1991 [a] D1-1 Ayr United (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 12/10/1991. Lowrie, Friar, Harvie, Crowe, Tierney, Roche, Smith, Trialist, Annand, McGOVERN (pen), Magee. (O'Reilly, Collins.)
Ayr's 100% record was dented. McGovern scored from the spot (hand ball) but it was all square a minute later. It was a good open game with chances for both teams but neither could find a winner.
11. Sat-12-Oct-1991 [a] L1-2 Elgin City (Friendly)
APJ 14/10/1991. First game for Elgin's new player-manager John Teasdale. 400 in attendance at Borough Briggs. 1-0 to Elgin at half-time.
12. Mon-14-Oct-1991 [a] L1-3 Celtic (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 26/10/1991. Lowrie, Roche, Friar, O'Reilly, Crowe, Collins (G), Smith, Collins (L), Annand, Harvie, McGOVERN. (Farrell, Owens.)
Thistle should have capitalised on a good first half. Celtic resorted to off-side tactics. As it was, McGovern's long run and shot from 18 yards was the only goal. Celtic scored three quick goals after half-time. Ultimately they had much more to offer. Future-JAG Britton was among the scorers.
13. Sun-20-Oct-1991 [h] L0-2 Clyde (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 26/10/1991. Nelson, O'Reilly, Friar, Collins (L), Crowe, Collins (G), Duncan (M), Elliot, McGovern, English, Magee. (Duncan (G), Wynne.) Played at Shettleston FC.
Despite dominating the 1st half, Thistle were beaten by 2 second half goals - both from former-JAG McCoy. Nelson was the victim of a late challenge and required four stitches to a head wound.
14. Mon-21-Oct-1991 [a] D0-0 Clydebank (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 26/10/1991. Lowrie, Duncan (G), Trialist, Crowe, Rae, Smith, Trialist, Flood, Annand, McGovern, Harvie. (Magee, Duncan (M).
With 5 of the team that played 24 hours earlier, Thistle struggled to make any impression against a relatively experienced Bankies' side. They were sitting top of the league so a point was not a bad result all things considered.
15. Thu-31-Oct-1991 [a] L4-5 Kilmarnock (Scottish Reserve League Cup 2nd Round)
MP 16/11/1991. AET. Lowrie, Duncan (G), Friar, Crowe, Rae, Harvie, Smith, Duffy, McGOVERN (2), ENGLISH (2), Flood. (Magee, Annand.)
Kilmarnock went 1-up but two goals by English made it 2-1. It was 2-2 at half-time then Killie went ahead 3-2. Thistle levelled through McGovern then put Thistle ahead in extra time. Lowrie let a free kick in assuming it was indirect (it wasn't) then Killie scored late on. Defences certainly weren't on top!
16. Sun-03-Nov-1991 [a] W5-1 Glasgow Perthshire (Duncan Rennie Testimonial)
MP 16/11/1991. Nelson, Farrell, Duncan, O'Reilly, Crowe, Collins (L), SMITH, Harvie, ANNAND (2), WYNNE, Magee. (ELLIOT.) Testimonial for Perthshire player Rennie.
17. Tue-05-Nov-1991 [a] D1-1 East Stirlingshire (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 16/11/1991. Nelson, Friar, McLaughlin, Crowe, Rae, Harvie, DUFFY, Flood, Annand, English, Magee.
Shire converted a soft pen but before and after the spot kick Thistle dominated without any reward for their superiority. Chance after chance was spurned until finally an equaliser came from Duffy when he headed in a Magee cross.
18. Mon-18-Nov-1991 [h] W2-0 Stirling Albion (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 3/12/1991. Nelson, Robertson, Friar, O'Reilly, Crowe, Smith, Flood, Duncan (M), McGOVERN, ANNAND, Magee. (Wynne, Farrell.) Home fixture played away.
Decent football was at a premium in the strong wind and driving rain. The weather relented in second half and Magee provided the pass for McGovern to put Thistle ahead (70). When the keeper could only parry a Magee shot, Annand was on hand to finish off.
19. Mon-02-Dec-1991 [a] W2-1 Stranraer (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 28/12/1991. Lowrie, Farrell, WYNNE, O'Reilly, Crowe, SMITH, Duncan (M), Collins, (L), Annan, Flood, Duncan (M). (McLean.)
After a sterile first half, poor defending let Stranraer take the lead. Thistle struggled but Wynne outstripped the defence to equalise. The winner was a freak in that a Smith header at a corner seemed to have been cleared but the ref gave a goal.
20. Wed-04-Dec-1991 [h] W3-1 Queen's Park (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 28/12/1991. Murdoch, Farrell, McLaughlin, O'Reilly, Crowe, SMITH, Duncan (G), Annand, McGARVEY, Flood, HARVIE. (Nelson.)
The keeper could only parry a McLaughlin free-kick and McGarvey knocked in the rebound (3). After a series of misses Harvey volleyed in at a corner for 2-0. Smith made up for some poor misses to make it 3-0. McGarvey went off and with both subs used Queens scored against the 10 men.
21. Sun-08-Dec-1991 [h] L1-3 Kilmarnock (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 28/12/1991. Nelson, Friar, McLaughlin, Collins (G), Crowe, Smith, Duncan (G), Collins, (L), McGovern, FLOOD, Annand. (Elliot, Wynne.)
With 7 of Killie's 1st XI playing, the young Thistle team were up against it for 90 minutes A shot off the bar put them ahead on half-time. Friar limped off and with both subs used Killie did as they pleased and went 3-up.The 10 men scored through Flood late on.
22. Thu-12-Dec-1991 [h] W2-1 Queen of the South (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 28/12/1991. Lowrie, Duncan (G), McLean, Crowe, Botterill, Smith, Elliot, COLLINS (L), McGOVERN, Flood, Annand. Played at Stepps Pavilion.
Queens turned up without shin guards and had to borrow some or forfeit the match. Ex-JAG Budgie McGhie put Queens ahead then their keeper went off (suspected broken ankle). McGovern scored before half-time. Lots of chances came and went before Collins doubled the lead.
23. Mon-06-Jan-1992 [a] W2-0 Morton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 11/1/1992. Lowrie, Law, Harvie, Crowe, Kennedy, Magee, Duncan, (M), O'Reilly, Annand, McGOVERN, English. (WYNNE.)
A fine run down the left by English was knocked in by McGovern then a superb double save by Lowrie kept it at 1-0 before half-time. Duncan, looking off-side, crossed for Wynne to double the lead then Lowrie had some more fine saves. A good win.
24. Mon-13-Jan-1992 [h] W3-0 Dumbarton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 1/2/1992. Nelson, Duncan (G), Law, Crowe, Tierney, Smith, Annand, Trialist, McGOVERN, Shaw, MAGEE (pen). (O'Reilly, Duncan (M). (1 og.) (Played at Stepps Pavilion.) Trialist was Stephen Shah, ex-Falkirk.
Thistle took the lead with an og following a defensive mix-up. A well-rehearsed move from a free-kick saw McGovern head in and when Shaw was brought down, McGee scored from the spot.
25. Mon-20-Jan-1992 [a] W3-0 Stenhousemuir (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 1/2/1992. Budd, Smith, Harvie, PEEBLES (2), Tierney, Crowe, Annand, Bell, TRIALIST, Law, English. (Magee.) Trialist was Paul Simpson of Camelon Juniors.
Peebles fired home a blocked shot (5) but it was a poor half with few chances made. Stenhousemuir had some good chances after half-time and Budd had lots to do in goal but eventually trialist No 9 headed in from close range (83) and he set up Peebles to chip the keeper (88).
26. Tue-04-Feb-1992 [a] L1-3 Queen's Park (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 15/2/1992. Nelson, Peebles, McLaughlin, Tierney, KENNEDY, Bell, Magee, Harvie, Annand, McGovern, English. (O'Reilly, Smith.)
Shocking defending let Queens open the scoring. McGovern hit the bar and Queens ran up field to double their lead, the defence AWOL. On 48 mins they made it 3 but Kennedy scored from a McLaughlin free-kick (50). Queens saw the game out comfortably.
27. Fri-14-Feb-1992 [h] W2-1 Rangers (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 29/2/1992. Nelson, Friar, McLaughlin, Kennedy, Tierney, Peebles, Smith, McGOVERN, Annand, HARVIE, Bell. (Duncan (M), Wynne.) Played at Linlithgow Rose FC.
Good defending kept Thistle out until Harvie volleyed in the opener (16). McLaughlin's diagonal pass set up McGovern for 2-0 (46) then Rangers scored with a pen. Both teams went on to hit the bar but Thistle saw the game out comfortably.
28. Mon-17-Feb-1992 [h] W4-1 Ayr United (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 29/2/1992. Nelson, Friar, McLaughlin, Kennedy, Tierney, Harvie, Johnston, Peebles, Bell, ANNAND (pen), ENGLISH (3). (Collins (G), Smith.) Home fixture played away.
English shot powerfully past the keeper. Poor finishing gave Ayr a lifeline and they equalised on half-time. English headed in a Harvie cross (58) then he completed his hat-trick before Annand converted a penalty. The game finished with Thistle coasting (by the seaside).
29. Tue-18-Feb-1992 [h] W1-0 Albion Rovers (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 29/2/1992. Nelson, Friar, McLAUGHLIN, Kennedy, Tierney, Crowe, English, Bell, Annand, Peebles, Harvie. (McCabe, Magee.) Home fixture played away.
The hard pitch didn't do the players any favours and chances were few and far between. McLaughlin scored with a left-foot shot from 25 yards to win the match but it should have been more. Thistle were seldom under any pressure.
30. Sun-08-Mar-1992 [a] L2-3 Glenafton Athletic (Friendly)
MP 21/3/1992. Nelson, Duncan (G), Harvie, Kennedy, McLaughlin, Magee, SMITH (2), Law, Annand, Bell, English. (Elliot, McLean, Farrell.) Charity match.
On a swamp of a pitch ex-JAG McFarlane put the Glens ahead then Smith ghosted in to convert an Annand cross. English hit the post before half-time. Poor defending led to a goal but Smith levelled again. On 82 mins Nelson saved a penalty but a fine 25-yarder beat him (90).
31. Mon-16-Mar-1992 [h] D2-2 Clydebank (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 28/3/1992. Murdoch, Peebles, McLaughlin, Tierney, Kennedy, LAW, SMITH, Bell, McWalter, English, Harvie. (O'Reilly, Annand.) Home fixture played away.
Clydebank shaded the first half. They took the lead on half-time following a mistake by Tierney. It was 2-0 soon after the break (sloppy defending). After a stunning volley by Law, Bankies fell away and Smith volleyed home a Harvie cross. It was all Thistle then but it stayed 2-2.
32. Tue-17-Mar-1992 [h] W1-0 Celtic (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 28/3/1992. Budd, O'Reilly, Duncan, Crowe, Trialist, Peebles, Robertson, COLLINS (L), Annand, Elliot, Kinnaird. (Bell, Harvie.) Played at Benburb FC. Thistle trialist was Gary McKerr.
Off-side cancelled out an early Peebles goal but minutes later O'Reilly fired in a dipping shot for 1-0. Budd had several excellent saves to protect the lead. The 2nd half was all about defending. Late on Bell and Celtic player Grant were sent off for striking each other.
33. Mon-23-Mar-1992 [h] W5-3 Morton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 25/4/1992. McLAUGHLIN, SMITH, ENGLISH, McGOVERN (2). Line-up as yet unsourced.
Morton were 3-up in 20 minutes but the introduction of sub McGovern with his two goals made all the difference as Thistle ran all over Morton. A header by McLaughlin and goals by English and Smith sealed the great comeback.
34. Thu-26-Mar-1992 [h] L3-4 St Mirren (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 25/4/1992. ANNAND (pen), MAGEE, TRIALIST. Line-up as yet unsourced. (Played at Benburb FC.) Thistle trialist was Parks.
Trialist put Thistle ahead then Magee scored with a tremendous volley for 2-0. St Mirren dug in after half-time and were rewarded with 4 goals without reply. A late penalty by Annand was all Thistle could manage.
35. Sun-29-Mar-1992 [a] W1-0 Clyde (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 25/4/1992. O'REILLY. Line-up as yet unsourced.
36. Mon-30-Mar-1992 [a] W3-1 Stirling Albion (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 25/4/1992. ENGLISH (2), McGOVERN. Line-up as yet unsourced.
37. Thu-02-Apr-1992 [a] D0-0 Hamilton Academical (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 25/4/1992. Line-up as yet unsourced.
38. Mon-06-Apr-1992 [a] W2-1 Queen of the South (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 25/4/1992. ANNAND, MAGEE. Line-up as yet unsourced.
Queens took an early lead and it stayed that way until late in the game when goals by Annand (a superb solo effort) and Magee earned the points.
39. Sun-12-Apr-1992 [a] W2-1 Kilmarnock (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 25/4/1992. McWALTER, ENGLISH. Line-up as yet unsourced.
40. Tue-14-Apr-1992 [a] W7-1 East Stirlingshire (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 25/4/1992. MAGEE, ENGLISH, SMITH, HARVIE, McGOVERN (3). Line-up as yet unsourced.
Magee scored the opener when the keeper fumbled the ball. It was one-way traffic after that. English doubled the lead then Smith and Harvie scored either side of the break. The highlight was a McGovern hat-trick in the second half (the third the last kick of the ball).
41. Thu-23-Apr-1992 [h] L1-3 Stranraer (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 2/5/1992. Murdoch, Robertson, Harvie, Duncan (G), Peebles, Bell, Trialist, Johnston, McWalter, McGovern, Magee. (SMITH, Annand.) Played at Benburb FC.
This disappointing defeat ensured the Championship slipped for Thistle's grasp and went to Clydebank by 3 points (having drawn with them twice). It was a lacklustre display and Stranraer were already 3-up before Smith's late consolation.
1991-92 Reserves summary notes

P41 W23 D6 L12 (1.829 ppg)

Historical PT Reserves average: 1.462 ppg (@ 22-Aug-2023)
  • The points-per-game measurements (ppg) above are calculated on the same principle as the first-team's all games category, and are based on 1 point for a draw and 3 points for a win across all eras.
  • Final League Position: 2nd of 18, 47/68 pts.

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PTFC Kit 1991-92

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