Partick Thistle Reserves Season 1986-87
PTFC Kit 1986-87
1986-87 (Reserves)
The 112th season of Partick Thistle F.C.
scorers in CAPS • used subs in brackets
1. Thu-31-Jul-1986 [a] L2-6 Heart of Midlothian (Friendly)
LH. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced. Featuring future-JAGS Malcolm Murray & Wayne Foster as well as former-JAG Colin McAdam who scored twice.
2. Mon-11-Aug-1986 [a] W2-0 Ayr United (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 20/8/1986. KELLY (2). Line-up as yet unsourced. Line-up also included McIntyre, Brough and Carson.
3. Mon-18-Aug-1986 [a] D2-2 Clyde (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 30/8/1986. Trialist, Spittal, Trialist, Trialist, McIntyre, Cairns, Law, NELSON, KELLY, Trialist, McDonald. Played at Maryhill Juniors FC.
Thistle went 2-up in 9 minutes thanks to a fine drive by Nelson and a second from Kelly. They faded as Clyde got into their stride. They reduced the lead just on half-time and pinned Thistle back for most of the 2nd half, scoring 3 mins from the end.
4. Mon-01-Sep-1986 [a] D0-0 Kilmarnock (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 13/9/1986. Stewart, Cairns, Trialist, Law, Trialist, McIntyre, Kelly, Trialist, Logan, Nelson, Mullen.
It was entertaining enough except for the lack of goals. With the wind Thistle looked solid at the back and in midfield but their shooting was very poor. The second half was similar although Kilmarnock had more of the play. Their forwards were no better.
5. Wed-03-Sep-1986 [h] D2-2 Dumbarton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 13/9/1986. Trialist, Cairns, Trialist, McIntyre, TRIALIST, Nelson, Trialist, Law, MULLEN, Logan, Nelson.
Trialist No 5 prodded home a corner for a 1-0 at half-time. Mullen took the ball round the keeper to double the lead (52). The wheels came off when Dumbarton scored twice (65 and 72). They were awarded a penalty but the trialist keeper saved it to earn a lucky point.
6. Mon-08-Sep-1986 [h] L1-2 Morton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 13/9/1986. Stewart, Cairns, Trialist, Trialist, Nelson, Workman, Law, Johnstone, MULLEN, Trialist, Trialist.
Mullen drove in a poor clearance by the keeper for 1-0 (1). Thistle manged to hold on to the lead until half-time but Morton took over. Stewart saved a penalty (hand ball) but a goal from a corner (60) levelled the score and a waltz through the defence brought the winner (75).
7. Mon-15-Sep-1986 [a] W2-1 Queen's Park (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 27/9/1986. Trialist, Cairns, Walker, Trialist, McIntyre, Nelson, Kelly, Law, TRIALIST, Trialist, TRIALIST. (Trialist, Trialist.)
A lovely header by trialist No 9 put Thistle ahead (20). It remained 1-0 until 72 mins when trialist No 11 capitalised on a defensive lapse and raced through to double the lead. A floating header deceived the Thistle defence 2 minutes later.
8. Mon-22-Sep-1986 [a] L0-1 Queen of the South (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 30/9/1986. Trialist, Trialist, Workman, McIntyre, Mackin, Trialist, Trialist, Trialist, Nelson, Trialist, Mullen. (McQuade.)
Bottom of the league Queens (playing 5 first team regulars) won with comparative ease. Thistle had no luck in front of goal and Mullen hit the bar with a header but, in truth, the finishing was very poor. A goalkeeping error led to the goal on the half-hour.
9. Thu-02-Oct-1986 [h] W1-0 Albion Rovers (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 8/10/1986. Trialist, Walker, McQuade, McINTYRE, Mackin, Nelson, Trialist, Mullen, Logan, Kelly, Trialist.
McQuade rolled a free-kick to McIntyre who smashed it home from 25 yards (7). After that Rovers had long spells of dominance but couldn’t finish. Thistle were a shade lucky to take both points.
10. Mon-06-Oct-1986 [a] L0-3 Airdrieonians (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 18/10/1986. Brodie, Walker, McQuade, Trialist, Trialist, Trialist, Trialist, Mullen, Gallagher, Trialist, Kelly. (Trialist, Trialist.)
A dreadful performance in the first half-hour was punished with a blatantly off-side goal (12), a 20-yard free-kick (25) and a clear run on goal having gifted possession 40 yards out. There was some improvement in the second half but no dent on Airdrie's 3-goal lead.
11. Mon-13-Oct-1986 [h] L1-2 Clyde (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 29/10/1986. Stewart, Trialist, McQuade, Nelson, Mackin, Johnstone, KELLY, Trialist, Mackie, Gallagher, Trialist. (Trialist, Trialist.)
Clyde were slicker and Thistle were well beaten. They opened the scoring (30) when Gallagher was off getting treatment and doubled it (67). Trialist No 8 was carried off and Mackie was crocked. Kelly scored a consolation goal for the 10 men (88).
12. Mon-20-Oct-1986 [a] L0-1 Dumbarton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 1/11/1986. Stewart, Mackie, Trialist, Trialist, Mackin, Trialist, Kelly, Gallagher, Mullen, Trialist, McQuade.
Thistle didn't play that badly. But for terrible finishing it could have been a better story. A low drive on 22 minutes proved to be the only goal. Mullen was fouled in the box (30) but Gallagher found the terracing with his spot-kick. The second half was joyless.
13. Mon-27-Oct-1986 [h] L1-2 Kilmarnock (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 15/11/1986. Stewart, Trialist, McQuade, Nelson, Mackin, Trialist, Trialist, Kelly, MULLEN, Trialist, Trialist. (Logan.)
A cracking drive put Killie in front (7). Thistle dominated and eventually a deflected shot by Mullen found its mark (65). A magnificent save denied him a second (83). Killie cleared the corner, ran up the park and scored Thistle appealing for an obvious off-side.
14. Tue-04-Nov-1986 [a] D2-2 Morton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 15/11/1986. Stewart, Trialist, McQuade, Trialist, Walker, Trialist, KELLY (pen), Mullen, GALLAGHER, Trialist, Trialist. (Logan.)
Gallagher's hooked a shot over the bar was the best chance of the first half. Morton led 1-0 at the break (defensive mistake). Gallagher equalised (65) then trialist No 4 dallied and had to pull his man down. 2-1 from the spot but Kelly converted one as well for 2-2.
15. Mon-17-Nov-1986 [h] W2-1 Queen of the South (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 6/12/1986. Stewart, Trialist, Trialist, Johnstone, Walker, McQuade, Kelly, Trialist, LOGAN, Trialist, GALLAGHER.
It wasn't as close as the score suggests. It was goalless at half-time despite some fine play then a slip by Walker and Queens were 1-up (55). Gallagher fired home a minute later and Logan got the deserved winner 5 minutes from the end.
16. Thu-27-Nov-1986 [a] D0-0 Queen's Park (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 6/12/1986. Trialist, Trialist, McQuade, Trialist, Johnstone, Spittal, Kelly, Trialist, Gallagher, Trialist, Logan.
If anything, Thistle had the better of the outfield play at Lesser Hampden but the old failing of not converting chances proved to be the drawback.
17. Tue-09-Dec-1986 [h] W3-0 Ayr United (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 20/12/1986. Stewart, McQuade, Trialist, Spittal, Walker, Trialist, Kelly, Mullen, Trialist, Trialist, LOGAN (3).
A personal triumph for Logan who scored a hat-trick. He finished off a parried save from Kelly for the first and a 1-goal lead at half-time. Two more in the second half made for a convincing win despite the heavy Firhill surface.
18. Thu-29-Jan-1987 [h] L1-2 Airdrieonians (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 7/2/1987. Brough, Trialist, McQUADE (pen), Mullen, Trialist, Spittal, Kelly, Johnstone, Gallagher, Logan, Mackie. (Trialist, Trialist.)
Thistle probably edged the goalless first half then Airdrie took the lead rather against the run of play (67). Kelly was fouled in the box soon after and McQuade converted the penalty. Slack defending let in the visitors for the winner near the end.
19. Thu-05-Feb-1987 [a] L0-1 Stirling Albion (Scottish Reserve League Cup 2nd Round)
MP 14/2/1987. Brough, Trialist, Trialist, Johnstone, Spittal, McQuade, Kelly, Mullen, Connelly, Logan, Mackie.
Great saves, shots cleared off the line, bad luck in finishing and Albion's effective off-side trap all combined to keep the match goalless. At least it was until the homesters had a rare trip out of defence and as the Thistle defence stood waiting for off-side, they scored.
20. Thu-12-Feb-1987 [a] D2-2 Ayr United (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 7/3/1987. Stewart, Cairns, Trialist, Trialist, Spittal, McQUADE, Logan, Kelly, Connelly, MULLEN, Gallagher.
An open, entertaining match. A poor first half-hour resulted in Thistle going 2-down but McQuade's rising shot just before the break reduced the lead. The equaliser came (69) when Gallagher was fouled and Mullen scored close in from the free-kick.
21. Mon-23-Feb-1987 [h] D1-1 Dumbarton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 7/3/1987. Stewart, Cairns, Trialist, Mullen, Trialist, McQuade, Trialist, Kelly, CONNELLY, McDonald, Gallagher. (Trialist, Carson (A).)
Neither team was clinical enough in front of goal and a draw was a fair result. Thistle were caught square (37) and the Sons opened their account. Their defence was solid until a dazzling run by Kelly saw his shot parried and finished off by Connelly (75).
22. Thu-05-Mar-1987 [a] L0-1 Kilmarnock (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 21/3/1987. Stewart, Trialist, Trialist, Trialist, McAdam, McQuade, Spittal, Trialist, Kelly, Connelly, Mullen.
Thistle failed to make any impression and a defensive slip let in Killie for 1-0 (20). Connelly "scored" but instead was booked for allegedly kicking the ball out of the keeper's hands despite claims he didn't touch him. A better 2nd half saw chances made and missed.
23. Mon-16-Mar-1987 [a] W4-2 Queen's Park (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 4/4/1987. Stewart, Trialist, McQUADE (pen), Trialist, Spittal, Trialist, Mullen, TRIALIST, Connelly, CARSON (A), LOGAN.
Logan bulleted in a header from a Mullen cross (3) then McQuade converted a penalty after Logan had been grassed (32). Queens scored (48) then trialist No 8 rounded the keeper for 3-1 (55). Carson scored then Queens scored from the spot but it was a comfortable win.
24. Mon-23-Mar-1987 [a] W2-1 Queen of the South (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 4/4/1987. Stewart, Trialist, Workman, LAW, Cairns, Trialist, Carson (A), Mullen, Connelly, Trialist, McQUADE (pen).
Connelly was fouled and McQuade converted the penalty (10). Thistle couldn't make their pressure count and Queens levelled just on half-time. Law cut inside and smashed home a left foot shot from 20 yards (70) and it proved to be the winner.
25. Thu-26-Mar-1987 [a] L1-3 Clyde (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 27/3/1987. McQUADE. Line-up as yet unsourced.
26. Sun-29-Mar-1987 [a] L0-1 Cumbernauld United (Friendly)
KC 1/4/1987. Line-up included Mackie (ex-Cumbernauld) and Logan.
A goal from a through ball beat Stewart 12 mins into the 2nd half in this "hard-fought if uninspiring" friendly. It was Cumbernauld's only real chance of the match.
27. Mon-30-Mar-1987 [h] L1-3 Albion Rovers (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 31/3/1987. MULLEN. Line-up as yet unsourced.
28. Mon-06-Apr-1987 [a] W2-1 Airdrieonians (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 25/4/1987. Stewart, Trialist, Trialist, CAIRNS, TRIALIST, Carson (A), Connelly, Trialist, Gallagher, Mackie, Trialist.
After both teams had chances at corners, trialist No 5 headed in the opener (28). Cairns increased the lead in spectacular fashion with a free-kick from 35 yards (65) and although poor defending let in Airdrie 8 minutes later, Thistle held on for the points.
29. Mon-13-Apr-1987 [h] D1-1 Morton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 25/4/1987. Stewart, Trialist, Trialist, Law, Trialist, Workman, MACKIE, Connelly, Trialist, Mullen, Carson (A).
A good move saw Mullen hit the bar but Morton took the lead (15) when a long ball out of defence found three Morton forwards in the clear. Mackie lobbed the keeper after a defensive blunder to take a point (85).
30. Tue-28-Apr-1987 [a] W2-1 Albion Rovers (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 29/4/1987.GALLAGHER (2). Line-up as yet unsourced.
1986-87 Reserves summary notes

P30 W9 D8 L13 (1.167 ppg)

Historical PT Reserves average: 1.462 ppg (@ 22-Aug-2023)
  • The points-per-game measurements (ppg) above are calculated on the same principle as the first-team's all games category, and are based on 1 point for a draw and 3 points for a win across all eras.
  • Final League Position: unable to verify, no table found. Played 27, Won 9, Drawn 8, Lost 10. 26/54 pts.
  • Season 1986/87 saw the Reserve League (West) comprise 10 teams each playing each other three times. Thistle played 11 at home and 16 away – including Queen’s Park away all three times. The first fixture was “reversed” but neither of the remaining two seems to have been.

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