Partick Thistle Reserves Season 1984-85
PTFC Kit 1984-85
1984-85 (Reserves)
The 110th season of Partick Thistle F.C.
scorers in CAPS • used subs in brackets
1. Sat-04-Aug-1984 [a] L0-1 Stirling Albion (Friendly)
MP 18/8/1984. Line-up as yet unsourced. Team comprised McLaren, Hutchison and Scott + 8 inexperienced youth players.
The Stirling Albion team was virtually their 1st XI and the young Thistle side did well to restrict them to one goal which came two minutes after half-time.
2. Fri-17-Aug-1984 [h] D1-1 Falkirk (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 1/9/1984. Cassidy, Orr, Cameron, Scott, Mills, Hernon, Hamill, Moore (E), Workman, McKENZIE, Moore (G). (Mullen.)
A fine sweeping move was finished off by McKenzie (15). Slowly Falkirk got on top and a fine save by Cassidy maintained the lead but a minute later it was 1-1 (66). Moore (E) hit the post and McKenzie hit the bar late on but Falkirk held on for the draw.
3. Mon-20-Aug-1984 [a] D1-1 Hamilton Academical (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 1/9/1984. HAMILL. Line-up as yet unsourced.
An entertaining game with lots of good football played by both sides. A goalless draw was looking increasingly likely until a shot from an oblique angle deceived Smyth (55) but Hamill earned the draw with a well-taken goal (83).
4. Mon-27-Aug-1984 [h] D0-0 Kilmarnock (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 15/9/1984. Smyth, Doyle (G), Scott, McLaren, Mills, Hernon, Mullen, Moore (E), McKenzie, Watson, Clark. (Hughes, Law.)
As the score suggests, defences were on top and there were few clear-cut chances going. Hernon went closest when he hit the bar (22) but it ended in stalemate.
5. Wed-05-Sep-1984 [a] L1-4 Motherwell (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 15/9/1994. Cassidy, DOYLE (G), O'Hara, Hernon, Mills, Law, Mullen, Moore (E), McKenzie, Scott, Clark. (Moore (G), Hughes.)
There was nothing between the teams until Hernon was sent off after a tussle with ex-JAG McDonald (25). Motherwell took the lead (37) but Doyle scored with a low drive (47). Cassidy was deceived by a swerving shot and after that it was all Motherwell.
6. Mon-10-Sep-1984 [h] L2-3 Falkirk (Scottish Reserve League Cup 1st Round)
MP 6/10/1984. Smyth, Doyle (G), O'Hara, Hernon, Mills, Moore (E), Doyle (J), Law, MULLEN, McKENZIE, Herd.
Future-JAG McCoy put Falkirk ahead against the run of play then a cross-cum-shot by Mullen went in via the bar (50). Falkirk went ahead again but McKenzie levelled with a low drive (70). Future-JAG Purdie grabbed the winner with an open goal tap in.
7. Wed-12-Sep-1984 [a] L0-3 Stirling Albion (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 6/10/1984. Cassidy, Doyle (G), O'Hara, Hernon, Mills, Trialist, Doyle (J), Law, McKenzie, Herd, Moore (E).
Thistle failed to take any of the few chances they made and individual errors were punished.
8. Mon-17-Sep-1984 [h] D2-2 Queen's Park (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 6/10/1984. Drummond, Hernon, O'HARA, McLaren, Mills, Moore (E), Mullen, Law, McKENZIE, Doyle (J), Dalziel. (Christie, Hughes.)
Thistle were good value for their half-time lead through McKenzie (12). A great solo goal by O'Hara made it 2-0 (50) but a penalty (60) and a goal from a free-kick (65) made it 2-2. Drummond received a nasty gash and was replaced by an outfield sub Hughes.
9. Mon-24-Sep-1984 [a] L0-5 St Johnstone (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 6/10/1984. Trialist, Doyle (G), O'Hara, Murray, Mills, Hernon, Moore (E), Herd, McKenzie, Trialist, Workman.
On overall play, the score was anything but one-sided. A suspiciously off-side goal and a bad pass out from defence let in Saints twice. Thistle's failure to take chances when on top after half-time was punished and Saints scored 3 in the last 15 minutes.
10. Wed-03-Oct-1984 [h] W2-0 Airdrieonians (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 13/10/1984. Trialist, Murray, Workman, LAW, Mills, McLaren, Moore (E), Hernon, McKenzie, Clark, KELLY. (Mullen, Moore (G).)
Against an Airdrie side with some seasoned pros, Thistle played some good stuff. A combined move was finished off by Kelly (55). Law hit the bar (70) but wasn't to be denied and he went through on his own and smashed home a drive off a post (85).
11. Mon-08-Oct-1984 [a] W3-0 Ayr United (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 27/10/1984. Smyth, Murray, Workman, McLaren, Mills, Clark, Moore (E), LAW, McKenzie, HERNON, KELLY. (Mullen, Moore (G).)
Thistle made nothing of the strong wind and rain in the first half but they took the lead (59) with a delicate chip from Kelly. A low drive by Law (66) and rising shot by Hernon finished off an excellent second half.
12. Mon-15-Oct-1984 [h] W4-3 Clyde (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 27/10/1984. Smyth, Doyle (J), Workman, Mills, Law, Doyle (G), Moore (E), Hernon, McKENZIE (3), Hamill, KELLY. (Clark, Mullen.)
McKenzie lobbed the keeper (12) but injuries disrupted Thistle's play and Clyde went in 2-1 up at half-time. A blatantly off-side third put them 3-1 up but a 25-yarder from Kelly (70) and two more for McKenzie capped a fine fightback.
13. Tue-23-Oct-1984 [a] L2-3 Clydebank (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 10/11/1984. Smyth, Hernon, Workman, Doyle (J), Mills, McLaren, Law, Hamill, Cochrane, KELLY, Gilmour. (1 og.) (Moore (E).)
An og put Thistle ahead (20) but poor defending let in the Bankies for an equaliser (35). With a hint of off-side it was 2-1 (47) but Kelly lobbed the keeper (off his line) for 2-2 (57). A draw looked about right until poor defending led to a late winner.
14. Wed-31-Oct-1984 [a] L0-1 Airdrieonians (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 10/11/1984. Trialist, Hamill, Shields, Law, Mills, Murray, Mullen, Hernon, McKenzie, Kelly, Workman.
A goal midway through the first half was enough to take the points. Thistle had lots of the play - increasingly towards the end - but late pressure was soaked up comfortably by the Airdrie defence.
15. Mon-05-Nov-1984 [h] L1-2 Hamilton Academical (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 24/11/1984. Wilson, Doyle (G), Shields, Hernon, Mills, Murray, Gilmour, Hamill, McKenzie, Law, KELLY.(Moore (E).)
Two-down inside 10 minutes, Thistle never really recovered from that setback. Missed chances by Hamilton meant it wasn't worse. Kelly scored from a close-in scramble (58) and despite dominating the second half, a second goal couldn't be found.
16. Mon-12-Nov-1984 [a] L1-4 Kilmarnock (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 24/11/1984. Wilson, Doyle (G), Shields, Murray, Mills, Hernon, Gilmour, Law, McKenzie, KELLY, Workman.
There were some early chances for Thistle then the defence was caught square twice (7 and 15). Kelly reduced the lead close-in 2 minutes later then McKenzie missed a good chance. A 25-yarder made it 3-1 at half-time and a 4th finished the scoring (50) before Mills was sent off.
17. Wed-21-Nov-1984 [h] L1-2 Motherwell (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 1/12/1984. Trialist, Doyle (G), Workman, Hernon, Mills, McLaren, Gilmour, Moore (T), McKENZIE, Law, Mullen.
In atrocious conditions top of the league Motherwell hit the post then Workman cleared off the line. A scramble (possibly an og) put them ahead (40). A glorious header by McKenzie made it 1-1 but poor defending led to the winner (80). All 3 goals came from corners.
18. Mon-26-Nov-1984 [h] W1-0 Stirling Albion (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 22/12/1984. Trialist, Doyle (G), Shields, Murray, McLAREN, Hernon, Gilmour, Law, McKenzie, Workman, Kelly.
A 6th straight defeat was avoided courtesy of a hooked shot by McLaren (73). Kelly hit the post, Hernon hit the crossbar and several other chances shaved the posts. It should have been more emphatic.
19. Mon-03-Dec-1984 [a] W2-1 Queen's Park (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 22/12/1984. Trialist, Trialist, Workman, McLaren, Mills, Hamill, McKenzie, LAW (2), Kelly, Hernon, Gilmour.
Law finished off his parried shot (12) and his low drive (30) put Thistle well ahead. A penalty (off the post, along the line and in) reduced the lead (75) but Queens never really posed a threat and it was a welcome win.
20. Mon-10-Dec-1984 [h] L1-2 St Johnstone (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 29/12/1984. Trialist, Hernon, Workman, McLaren, Mills, Law, McKenzie, Hamill, TRIALIST, Gilmour, Kelly.
Thistle struggled to get into the game and St Johnstone deserved their half-time lead (40). Gilmour hit the keeper when clean through. Worse followed from a header (70). The trialist No 9 scored a consolation goal (90).
21. Wed-19-Dec-1984 [h] W1-1 Airdrieonians (Scottish 2nd XI Cup 1st Round)
MP 29/12/1984. AET. Won 4-3 on pens. Brough, Murray, Workman, McLaren, Mills, Hutchison, Law, Hernon, McKenzie, Kelly, GILMOUR. (Mullen.)
Hutchison headed against the bar (10) but 3 mins later he split the defence for Gilmour to score. The Airdrie keeper went off injured and an outfield sub took over in goal. Airdrie scored (90). Extra time saw Hutchison hit the bar but it remained 1-1 and went to pens.
22. Tue-05-Feb-1985 [a] L0-2 St Mirren (Scottish 2nd XI Cup 2nd Round)
MP 23/2/1985. Brough, Hernon, O'Hara, McLaren, Mills, Law, Hamill, Mullin, Dalziel, Kelly, Shields. (Moore (E).)
A strangely low-key affair for a cup-tie. Thistle never got into the game and made a meek exit. Poor defending let in St Mirren (6) and it should have been 3-0 at half-time. A fightback was never on the cards and a hand ball by McLaren saw the pen tucked away late on.
23. Mon-11-Feb-1985 [h] D1-1 Ayr United (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 23/2/1985. Drummond, Moore (E), Shields, Stevens, Mills, Donnelly, Trialist, Law, Kelly, MULLEN, O'Hara.
Thistle struck woodwork twice yet went in at half-time 1-down thanks to a scramble following a defensive mix-up. They kept at it however and were rewarded when hesitancy on the part of the Ayr keeper allowed Mullen to nod home (87).
24. Mon-18-Feb-1985 [a] L1-3 Clyde (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 2/3/1985. Trialist, Trialist, Shields, McKenzie, Mills, O'Hara, Moore (E), Law, Moore (G), Stevens, MULLEN. (Hamill, Hernon.)
There was little to enthuse over on a bitterly cold night. Clyde opened the scoring in 30 secs (the defence full of holes) but Mullen headed home (20). The trialist keeper blundered a min later and it was 2-1. A close-in header from a free-kick secured the points (80).
25. Mon-04-Mar-1985 [h] L1-2 Clydebank (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 16/3/1985. Trialist, Trialist, Shields, Stevens, Mills, LAW, Donnelly, Graham, Moore (E), Trialist, Mullen. (Hamill.)
A good move down the left saw trialist No 10 head against the bar. Thistle fell out of the game and two 2nd half goals put them up against it. Law scored with a 25-yarder (83) then Donnelly had the keeper scrambling but there was no equaliser.
26. Mon-11-Mar-1985 [h] W3-0 Falkirk (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 6/4/1985. Drummond Trialist, Trialist, Law, Mills, Stevens, Dalziel, TRIALIST, HERD, Donnelly, MULLEN.
Trialist at No 8 gave Thistle the best possible start with a fine goal (1) then Mullen slotted home (35). He was hacked down just outside the box and when the keeper couldn't hold the free-kick Herd tapped in (55). Thistle were well on top and it could have been more.
27. Mon-18-Mar-1985 [h] W2-0 Caledonian Select (Friendly)
GH 19/3/1985. "JUNIOR", McKENZIE. Line-up as yet unsourced.
28. Mon-25-Mar-1985 [h] W3-1 Ayr United (Supplementary Spring League)
MP 6/4/1985. Trialist, Trialist, O'Hara, Stevens, Mills, Law, Trialist, HAMILL, McKenzie, Dalziel, MULLEN (2). (Hernon, Moore (E).)
A poor pass back by O'Hara caused the opener (10) but Hamill knocked in a parried save for 1-1 (15). Two goals by Mullen (20 and 42) put Thistle in control at half-time. Neither team made any impression in the 2nd half which is best forgotten.
29. Thu-11-Apr-1985 [h] L0-3 Clyde (Supplementary Spring League)
MP 20/4/1985. Brough, Walker, O'Hara, Stevens, Mills, McDonald, Law, Murray, Moore (E), McKenzie, Mullen.
A poor first half saw a penalty save by Brough the only highlight. Thistle had a good spell after half-time but gradually Clyde got on top and ran out comfortable winners.
30. Mon-15-Apr-1985 [h] L0-2 Queen's Park (Supplementary Spring League)
MP 4/5/1985. Trialist, Walker, Hernon, Stevens, Mills, McKenzie, Kelly, Law, Trialist, Hamill, Mullen.
Kelly hit the bar (10) then Queens broke and opened the scoring. They went ahead (35). Both goals identified huge gaps in the centre of the Thistle defence. They hit back after half-time but poor shooting and good goalkeeping ensured in remained 2-0.
31. Mon-22-Apr-1985 [a] W3-0 Kilmarnock (Supplementary Spring League)
MP 4/5/1985. Trialist, Hayes, O'Hara, Stevens, Mills, Hamill, Dalziel, MURRAY, McKENZIE, Law, MULLEN. (Hernon.)
Kilmarnock deserved better luck. They hit the woodwork three times. Goals by Murray, Mullen and McKenzie saw the points safe.
32. Tue-30-Apr-1985 [a] L0-3 Clydebank (Supplementary Spring League)
GH 1/5/1985. Line-up as yet unsourced. Final Position: 5th of 6, 4/10 pts.
1984-85 Reserves summary notes

P32 W10 D5 L17 (1.094 ppg)

Historical PT Reserves average: 1.462 ppg (@ 22-Aug-2023)
  • The points-per-game measurements (ppg) above are calculated on the same principle as the first-team's all games category, and are based on 1 point for a draw and 3 points for a win across all eras.
  • Final League Position: 9th of 12, 17/44 pts.
  • Early in the season the SFL announced that the mid-season break would not be as long as first planned and fixtures were rearranged accordingly. A new (as yet untitled) competition was to be added at the end of the league fixtures. MP reports call it the “Supplementary Spring League”. The SFHA calls it the “Spring League Cup”. The GH calls it the “Scottish Reserve League”. Supplementary Spring League has been used here.

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