Partick Thistle Reserves Season 1974-75
PTFC Kit 1974-75
1974-75 (Reserves)
The 100th season of Partick Thistle F.C.
scorers in CAPS • used subs in brackets
1. Sat-10-Aug-1974 [a] L1-3 Arbroath (Scottish Reserve League Cup section game)
MP 17/8/1974. McDOWELL. Line-up as yet unsourced.
Thistle dominated the 1st half and a McDowell hooked shot gave them the lead. Poor defending let in Arbroath just on h-t however. A soft goal and a pen when Arrol was forced to pull down the home No 9 (short pass-back) did the damage.
2. Wed-14-Aug-1974 [h] D2-2 Clyde (Scottish Reserve League Cup section game)
APJ 15/9/1974. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
3. Sat-17-Aug-1974 [a] W3-0 Dumbarton (Scottish Reserve League Cup section game)
AEE 17/4/1974. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
4. Wed-21-Aug-1974 [a] W3-2 Clyde (Scottish Reserve League Cup section game)
APJ 22/8/1974. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
5. Sat-24-Aug-1974 [h] W3-0 Dumbarton (Scottish Reserve League Cup section game)
AEE 24/8/1974. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
6. Tue-27-Aug-1974 [h] D1-1 Arbroath (Scottish Reserve League Cup section game)
MP 31/8/1974. McDOWELL. Line-up as yet unsourced but included Rooney, McCarthy, Whittaker, Gibson. Lochrie, Trialist. Final Position: 2nd of 4, 8/12 pts. Goal difference was equal with Arbroath, but they scored 1 more goal.
McDowell lobbed a defender then spun and shot home on the volley to give Thistle a h-t lead. Joint table leaders Arbroath went through on goals scored thanks to a goal on the break - Arrol injured while trying to save the shot.
7. Sat-31-Aug-1974 [a] W5-3 Dunfermline Athletic (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 14/9/1974. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced. 6-2 or 5-3? SFHA says 6-2, but AEE says 5-3. MP report says “took their tally to five”. We go with the 5-3 which also ties in with the AEE league table after 2 matches.
A flying start to the new season with Thistle outplaying Dunfermline. They took a 3-goal lead but let the Pars in to score two soft goals but they scored twice more to win comfortably.
8. Fri-06-Sep-1974 [h] L0-2 Rangers (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 14/9/1974. Line-up as yet unsourced. Line-up included Arrol.
The young Thistle side (including one trialist) faced a "star-studied" Rangers side with at least seven 1st XI pros. They were under pressure from the start but held out until Rangers scored (44). McDowell went close but Rangers scored again to clinch the points.
9. Sat-14-Sep-1974 [a] W1-0 Hibernian (Scottish Reserve League)
AEE 14/9/1974. Line-up as yet unsourced. 1-0 or 0-1? AEE says 0-1 but SFHA says 1-0. We go with the former as it agrees with their published table after 3 games.
10. Fri-20-Sep-1974 [h] W2-0 Morton (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 28/9/1974. KELLY, McDOWELL. Line-up as yet unsourced, but also included Rooney, Matassa, Hansen (A), Rae, Lochrie, Gray.
Tight defending and wasted chances were the order of the day until Kelly's left foot shot and McDowell's header late in the 2nd half secured the points in a Friday night match that had looked like to end stalemate.
11. Sat-28-Sep-1974 [a] L1-2 Heart of Midlothian (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 30/9/1974. Line-up as yet unsourced. KELLY.
12. Sat-05-Oct-1974 [h] W3-1 Ayr United (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 12/10/1974. CHALMERS, KELLY, McDOWELL. Line-up as yet unsourced, but also included Rough, Rooney, Holmes, Whittaker, McCarthy.
The best performance of the season to date came courtesy of an unsavable volley by Chalmers, Kelly's shot from a McCarthy cross and the 3rd from McDowell. A late pen proved to be Ayr's consolation.
13. Sat-12-Oct-1974 [a] L3-4 Dumbarton (Scottish Reserve League)
AEE 12/10/1974. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
14. Sat-19-Oct-1974 [h] W6-4 Arbroath (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 21/10/1974. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
15. Thu-24-Oct-1974 [a] L0-4 Celtic (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 2/11/1974. Line-up as yet unsourced. Timing of Celtic's 4th goal unreported.
A bright start came to nothing then Celtic (with several 1st XI players in their team) took over. Ex-JAG Bone made one just before h-t. Arrol was left helpless (54) and Bone scored near the end.
16. Sat-02-Nov-1974 [a] D1-1 Kilmarnock (Scottish Reserve League)
ET. Line-up and scorer as yet unsourced.
17. Sat-09-Nov-1974 [h] D0-0 Aberdeen (Scottish Reserve League)
AEE 9/11/1974. Arrol, Holmes, Whittaker, Docherty (I), McCluskey, Kennedy, Lochrie, Chalmers, Rae, Docherty (J), Kelly. (Trialist.)
Both sets of forwards had spells of chances but good goalkeeping and (in Aberdeen's case) the woodwork kept it goalless. Strangely both teams played best into the wind. It was a good performance however against a must stronger Dons XI.
18. Mon-18-Nov-1974 [h] W2-2 Airdrieonians (Scottish 2nd XI Cup 2nd Round)
MP 7/12/1974. AET. Won 3-2 on penalties. McDOWELL, RAE (T). Line-up as yet unsourced. First round bye.
Keeper Arrol pulled off two miraculous saves in the pen shoot-out.
19. Fri-22-Nov-1974 [h] L0-2 Airdrieonians (Scottish Reserve League)
APJ 23/11/1974. Line-up as yet unsourced.
20. Sat-30-Nov-1974 [h] W6-0 Dundee (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 7/12/1974. CHALMERS, RAE (T) (3), KELLY, LAWRIE. Line-up as yet unsourced, but also included Arrol, Lochrie.
A 30-yard drive by Chalmers, a Tommy Rae header and a free-kick by Kelly before h-t put Thistle well ahead. Rae's pen, a Lawrie shot from distance and a header by Rae emphasised their superiority. However the score flattered Thistle. A very young Dundee side were better than the score suggests.
21. Sat-07-Dec-1974 [a] L0-4 Motherwell (Scottish Reserve League)
AEE 7/12/1974. Line-up as yet unsourced.
22. Sat-04-Jan-1975 [h] W3-1 Hibernian (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 11/1/1975. RAE (T) (2). LOCHRIE. Line-up as yet unsourced, but also included Rough, McIntosh.
Lochrie was in fine form and he laid on a perfect pass for Rae. He scored himself soon after. A third goal came from Rae before Hibs pulled one back following lost possession at the back.
23. Sat-11-Jan-1975 [a] D1-1 Morton (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 13/1/1975. Line-up and scorer as yet unsourced. AEE says it was 6-1 to Morton, but GH/SFHA say it was 1-1, which seems more likely.
Sat-18-Jan-1975 [h] A2-1 Heart of Midlothian (Scottish 2nd XI Cup Quarter Final - abandoned)
McCARTHY, RAE. Hearts FC prog report says 18/1/1975 2nd XI cup abandoned 53 minutes (fog) Thistle leading 2-1. SFHA says 18/1/1975 2nd XI cup abandoned 53 minutes (fog) Thistle leading 2-1. AEE 18/1/1975 says Reserve League Thistle x-x Hearts. More likely to be a cup match we think.
24. Sat-25-Jan-1975 [h] W1-0 Heart of Midlothian (Scottish 2nd XI Cup Quarter Final)
HMFC. LAWRIE. Line-up as yet unsourced. Original tie 18 Jan abandoned 53 mins (fog) with Thistle leading 2-1. We can be confident this is the cup match as Hearts FC prog report / SFHA / AEE agree unanimously, and being played the following week would seem to be the right directive in terms of the governing body. However, see the carry on of 8th February!
Hearts could reasonably consider themselves unlucky. They were the better team and had several near misses then they hit the post before Lawrie scored the only goal on the stroke of half-time.
25. Sat-01-Feb-1975 [a] D0-0 Ayr United (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 3/2/1975. Line-up as yet unsourced.
26. Sat-08-Feb-1975 [h] W1-0 Heart of Midlothian (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 22/2/1975. LAWRIE. Line-up as yet unsourced. League or Cup game? Contradicting their report of 2 weeks earlier, AEE (8/2/1975) says 2nd XI cup Q/F Thistle won 1-0. MP (22/2/1975) says “the week previous to St Johnstone (i.e. 8/2) … the lads met Hearts in the reserve cup quarter final”. Confirms 1-0 scorer Lawrie too. GH (10/2/75) says Thistle 1-0 Hearts in the Reserve League and SFHA re-affirms. Hearts FC prog report says they were at home to Dundee Utd that day! Clearly these cannot all be correct. Two matches same venue, result, almost identical reports / scorer seems suspicious but who’s correct? Can’t take this much further at the moment, but we've gone with our gut instinct!
Hearts had the bulk of the play but never looked like breaching a solid defence. The only goal came from a defensive mix-up and Lawrie hammered the ball home.
27. Sat-15-Feb-1975 [h] W2-0 St Johnstone (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 22/2/1975. GRAY, KELLY. Line-up as yet unsourced.
Gray scored early on from a Lawrie cross and Kelly ran on and volleyed in a long ball out of defence. Scottish internationalist Jim Heriot made his debut in goal.
28. Sat-22-Feb-1975 [a] W1-0 Arbroath (Scottish Reserve League)
AEE 22/2/1975. Line-up and scorer as yet unsourced.
29. Tue-25-Feb-1975 [h] D3-3 Dumbarton (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 26/2/1975. COULSTON (2), KELLY. Line-up as yet unsourced.
30. Sat-01-Mar-1975 [h] L0-3 Celtic (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 1/3/1975. Thomson, Holmes, Whittaker, McCarthy, Clark, McCluskey, Lochrie, Chalmers, McIntosh, Mitchell, Kelly.
McIntosh saw his shot scrambled clear then Kelly shot narrowly past. It was a false dawn as Celtic took a grip of the early play and a shot that Thomson failed to hold put them 1-up. A second goal (15) put them well ahead although McCluskey "scored" but was off-side. Report only to h-t.
31. Tue-04-Mar-1975 [a] W3-1 Clyde (Scottish 2nd XI Cup Semi Final)
MP 15/3/1975. CHALMERS (2), MARR. Line-up as yet unsourced.
Clyde knocked the ball around well but lacked any penetration. Chalmers fired home off a defender then headed past the keeper for 2-0. Marr made certain with a low shot just as Clyde looked like getting back into it.
32. Sat-08-Mar-1975 [h] L0-1 Kilmarnock (Scottish Reserve League)
MP 15/3/1975. Line-up as yet unsourced.
Neither side mastered the heavy conditions and showed their inexperience tying to play short neat passes. A defensive mix-up let in Kilmarnock for the only goal.
33. Sat-15-Mar-1975 [a] L1-2 Aberdeen (Scottish Reserve League)
AEE 15/3/1975. Thomson, Holmes, Whittaker, Marr, McCluskey, Gibson, Chalmers, Newman, Newman, McCarthy, COULSTON. (Kelly, Lochrie.)
It was all Aberdeen early on and Holmes headed off the line. Thomson had some fine saves. His opposite number had nothing to do until he saved a Marr effort (30). A loose ball in the box was despatched for 1-0 (39). A header (66) put Aberdeen 2-up but Coulston reduced the lead (86).
34. Tue-18-Mar-1975 [h] L3-4 Dunfermline Athletic (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 19/3/1975. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
35. Sat-22-Mar-1975 [h] D0-0 Dundee United (Scottish Reserve League)
AEE 22/3/1975. Line-up as yet unsourced.
36. Tue-25-Mar-1975 [a] D0-0 Dundee (Scottish 2nd XI Cup Final, 1st leg)
MP 29/3/1974. Line up as yet unsourced but most likely to be from Thomson, Holmes, Whittaker, McCluskey, Marr, Gibson, Lochrie, McIntosh, Kelly, Rae, Lawrie, Coulston.
Thistle were under pressure early on and Thomson had some fine saves. Just on h-t Kelly and a defender clashed. He was booked and the defender was sent off. Although down to 10 men Dundee had all of the pressure and it was a case of holding out for the 2nd leg.
37. Sat-29-Mar-1975 [a] L2-3 Airdrieonians (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 31/3/1975. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
38. Fri-04-Apr-1975 [a] D1-1 Dundee (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 5/4/1975. Line-up and scorer as yet unsourced.
39. Mon-07-Apr-1975 [h] W2-1 Dundee (Scottish 2nd XI Cup Final, 2nd leg)
MP 19/4/1975. Agg 2-1. AET. Thomson, Holmes, Whittaker, Kennedy, Clark, Gibson, Rae (T), Coulston, MARR, Chalmers, LOCHRIE. (Kelly, McCluskey).
Marr pounced on a loose ball in the penalty area for 1-0 but a mistake by Thomson led to an equaliser. There were no more goals after 90 mins. Thistle had most of the pressure in ET and Lochrie scored the winner.
40. Wed-09-Apr-1975 [a] L0-1 Rangers (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 10/4/1975. Line-up as yet unsourced.
41. Sat-12-Apr-1975 [h] W1-0 Motherwell (Scottish Reserve League)
AEE 12/4/1975. Line-up and scorer as yet unsourced.
42. Wed-16-Apr-1975 [a] L0-3 Dundee United (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 17/4/1975. Line-up as yet unsourced.
43. Sat-19-Apr-1975 [a] W5-2 St Johnstone (Scottish Reserve League)
AEE 19/4/1975. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
44. Thu-24-Apr-1975 [a] L0-4 Heart of Midlothian (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 25/4/1975 and HMFC. Line-up as yet unsourced. Having already played Hearts (A), the reason for this "extra" match remains a mystery. The answer could well tie in with the debacle surrounding the matches of 25/1 and 8/2.
It was an easy win for Hearts. A tremendous shot (9) and a second goal (39) put Thistle well behind. The third goal game on 80 minutes and when a penalty rebounded off the Thistle keeper, the ball was fired home for 4-0 (89).
45. Sat-26-Apr-1975 [h] D3-3 Clyde (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 28/4/1975. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
46. Mon-28-Apr-1975 [a] D2-2 Clyde (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 29/4/1975. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
1974-75 Reserves summary notes

P46 W19 D12 L15 (1.5 ppg)

Historical PT Reserves average: 1.462 ppg (@ 22-Aug-2023)
  • The points-per-game measurements (ppg) above are calculated on the same principle as the first-team's all games category, and are based on 1 point for a draw and 3 points for a win across all eras.
  • All games where the outcome is unknown (U) are excluded from the game count / stats summary.
  • Final League Position: cannot be verified due to incomplete/inaccurate tables and an “extra” match (Hearts away, 24 April). Probably in the bottom third of the table with 31/68 pts - excluding the additional fixture (0-4).

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PTFC Kit 1974-75

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