Partick Thistle Reserves Season 1958-59
PTFC Kit 1958-59
1958-59 (Reserves)
The 84th season of Partick Thistle F.C.
scorers in CAPS
1. Sat-09-Aug-1958 [h] D2-2 Dundee (Scottish Reserve League Cup section game)
ET 9/8/1958. Renucci, Muir, Thomson (R), Henderson, Hogan, Brown, THOMSON (L), Robertson, Mallon, Wilson, FLEMING.
The defence was outstripped and Thistle fell behind (3) but after a few near misses Fleming equalised. Two minutes later Dundee went ahead again but 10 mins from half-time Thomson made it 2-2 and that's how it remained. Report only to h-t.
2. Wed-13-Aug-1958 [a] D1-1 Queen of the South (Scottish Reserve League Cup section game)
GH 14/8/1958. Line-up and scorer as yet unsourced.
3. Sat-16-Aug-1958 [h] L1-2 Motherwell (Scottish Reserve League Cup section game)
MT 22/8/1958. BELL. Line-up as yet unsourced.
Keenan and Mallon squandered two golden chances in the first 5 minutes. A weak clearance by keeper Harvey led to the opener (11) and he blundered again for 2-0 (17). A flying header by Bell (30) reduced the lead but the result was fair.
4. Wed-20-Aug-1958 [h] L0-2 Motherwell (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 21/8/1958. Line-up as yet unsourced.
5. Sat-23-Aug-1958 [a] D1-1 Dundee (Scottish Reserve League Cup section game)
ET 23/8/1958. Ledgerwood, Muir, Thomson, Henderson, Harvey, Wilson, McKenzie, Bell, KEENAN, Robertson, McGill.
Dundee fired an early penalty wide. Keenan had already hit the crossbar before he gave Thistle the lead with an unstoppable shot (23). He was later carried off injured (shin) but came back on. Report only to h-t.
6. Wed-27-Aug-1958 [h] L1-2 Queen of the South (Scottish Reserve League Cup section game)
GH 28/8/1958. Line-up and scorer as yet unsourced.
7. Sat-30-Aug-1958 [a] L1-3 Motherwell (Scottish Reserve League Cup section game)
ET 30/8 & MT 5/9/1958. Renucci, Muir, Thomson, Harvey, Collins, Wilson, McGill, HENDERSON, Mallon, Crawford, Fleming.
Thomson cleared off the line then a block tackle ricocheted off Henderson and over the keeper for 1-0. Poor defending let Motherwell score with a run through the middle of the defence (11) and 2 goals (66 and 83) saw the homesters take the points on merit.
8. Wed-03-Sep-1958 [h] L0-2 Kilmarnock (Scottish 2nd XI Cup 1st Round)
GH 4/9/1958. Line-up as yet unsourced.
9. Fri-12-Sep-1958 [h] L2-5 Rangers (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 13/9/1958. KEENAN, WILSON. Line-up as yet unsourced.
10. Sat-20-Sep-1958 [a] L0-3 Falkirk (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 20/9/1958. Renucci, Muir, Thomson (R), Henderson, Crawford, McGill, Thomson (L), Harvey, Mallon, Wilson, Fleming.
Falkirk should have scored early on but they did so in 13 minutes. Thistle rallied towards the break but couldn't find an equaliser. Report only to h-t.
11. Sat-27-Sep-1958 [h] W3-2 Queen of the South (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 27/9/1958. Newman, Thomson (D), Muir, Collins, Crawford, Brown, THOMSON (L, pen), McGill, ROBERTSON, Wilson, FLEMING.
A 30-yarder in the 1st minute put Queens ahead but Thistle equalised when Thomson's free-kick rebounded to Robertson who scored (23). The keeper saved Brown's penalty (32) then Queens went ahead before the break. Report only to h-t.
12. Sat-04-Oct-1958 [a] W2-0 Aberdeen (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 4/10 & AEE 6/10/1958. Newman, Muir, Thomson (D), Collins, Harvey, Brown, Thomson (L), McGill, ROBERTSON (2), Wilson, Keenan.
Aberdeen lost their No 9 to injury early on. McGill's shot was saved full length by the keeper then Aberdeen "scored" but the goal was ruled off-side. Robertson got the opener (36). Report only to h-t.
13. Sat-11-Oct-1958 [h] L1-2 Raith Rovers (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 11/10/1958. Freebairn, Muir, Thomson, Collins, Crawford, Brown, Anderson, McGill, Keenan, Bell, Fleming. Scorer as yet unsourced. First sighting of new signing Freebairn.
Thistle had most of the play but couldn't capitalise on their being on top. McGill, Keenan and Bell all went close in a goalless first half. Report only to h-t.
14. Sat-18-Oct-1958 [h] L2-3 Heart of Midlothian (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 18/10/1958. Freebairn, Muir, Thomson, Collins, Harvey, Brown, Mallon, McGill, KEENAN, Wilson, EWING (pen).
Keenan went inches close on three occasions after excellent support form Ewing (back from a long injury). Ewing himself converted a penalty on the half-hour. Report only to h-t.
15. Fri-24-Oct-1958 [a] D2-2 Kilmarnock (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 24/10/1958. KEENAN, FLEMING. Line-up as yet unsourced.
16. Fri-31-Oct-1958 [h] L2-6 Third Lanark (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 31/10 and GH 1/11/1958. (Predicted) Renucci, Collins, Muir, Thomson, Crawford, Brown, Anderson, Harvey, Mallon, Bell, Fleming. Scorers as yet untraced.
17. Sat-08-Nov-1958 [a] L3-6 Airdrieonians (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 8/11/1958. Renucci, Muir, McGill, Robertson, Harvey, Brown, Thomson, Anderson, Mallon, WILSON, FLEMING. Remaining scorer illegible.
A header put Airdrie ahead (21) but Fleming equalised shortly after. Airdrie were 3-1 up at half-time and looking in a strong position. Report only to h-t.
18. Sat-15-Nov-1958 [h] W4-2 Stirling Albion (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 15/11/1958. Renucci, Muir, McGill, Newman, Harvey, Brown, Thomson (L), ANDERSON (2), Kerr, Wilson, FLEMING. Remaining scorer as yet unsourced.
Fleming opened the scoring for Thistle then Albion had a spell. Renucci tipped over a ranging shot for a corner. Anderson dribbled past two defenders and scored for 2-0 then he made it 3-0 by half-time. Report only to h-t.
19. Sat-22-Nov-1958 [a] L0-4 Celtic (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 22/11/1958. Renucci, Muir, McGill, Brown, Harvey, Thomson (R), Thomson (L), Anderson, Mallon, Bell, Keenan.
Renucci was injured try to prevent Celtic's opener (18) and had to go off. A 20-yarder made it 2-0 then Brown was carried off although Renucci came back on. McGill was carried of (34) and Celtic scored again. Report (and casualties) only to h-t.
20. Sat-29-Nov-1958 [a] W2-0 Dundee (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 29/11/1958. Ledgerwood, Muir, McGill, Collins, Crawford, Thomson, Keenan, Anderson, MALLON, Robertson, FLEMING.
Dundee had the best of the chances early on and some desperate defending was called for. Thistle gradually got going but rather against the run of play Fleming's solo run produced the opener. Report only to h-t.
21. Sat-06-Dec-1958 [a] L0-2 St Mirren (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 6/12/1958. Renucci, Muir, Thomson, Collins, Crawford, Calder, Roche, Anderson, Mallon, Roberts, Fleming.
A penalty put St Mirren ahead (10). The frozen pitch was making it difficult for both teams as Thistle tried hard to get on level terms but the Saints keeper kept them at bay. Report only to h-t. Thistle remained second bottom.
22. Sat-13-Dec-1958 [h] W3-0 Hibernian (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 13/12/1958. Ledgerwood, Muir, Thomson, Crawford, Davidson, McGill, Thomson, Anderson, Mallon, Wilson, FLEMING. Remaining scorers as yet unsourced.
The Hibs keeper was glad to see Davidson's 25-yard free-kick go narrowly past (4). Fleming deservedly put Thistle ahead following neat play by Mallon (16). Report only to h-t.
23. Sat-20-Dec-1958 [a] W6-0 Dunfermline Athletic (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 20/12/1958. Ledgerwood, Muir, Thomson (R), Collins, Crawford, McGill, Anderson, BELL, THOMSON (L) (3), McParland, Fleming. (2 og.)
Dunfermline had missed an easy chance before Thomson scored (5). The Pars fought back and hit the bar but Thomson increased the lead then Dunfermline's left-back scored two own-goals to make it 4-0 at the interval. Report only to h-t.
24. Thu-25-Dec-1958 [h] D3-3 Clyde (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 26/12/1958. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
25. Sat-27-Dec-1958 [a] D3-3 Motherwell (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 27/12/1958 & MT 2/1/1959. Renucci, Muir, Thomson (R), Collins, Crawford, McGill, Smith, Robertson, THOMSON (L), BELL, FLEMING.
Thistle trailed 2-0 at half-time, having shown little in attack but they fought back and Thomson scored (60) then a brilliant header by Bell levelled things (65). A goal at a corner (78) looked to have secured both points but Fleming scored (90) for a share of them.
26. Sat-17-Jan-1959 [a] W3-0 Queen of the South (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 17/1/1959. Ledgerwood, Muir, Thomson (R), Mathers, Crawford, McGill, Anderson, BELL, THOMSON (L), Robertson, Fleming. Remaining scorer as yet unsourced.
Thistle coped with the icy surface the better and after constant pressure Bell scored after Fleming had hit the post (20). Ledgerwood had little to do as Thistle dominated and Thomson made it 2-0 just on half-time. Report only to h-t.
27. Sat-07-Feb-1959 [a] D1-1 Raith Rovers (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 7/2/1959. Ledgerwood, Collins, Thomson (D), Brown, Davidson, McGill, Anderson, Bell, Thomson (L), ROBERTSON, Keenan.
Thistle took the lead when a rising shot by Bell hit the bar and Robertson headed the rebound home. Rovers drew level when Davidson pulled a forward down and the penalty was converted for 1-1 at half-time. Report only to h-t.
28. Fri-13-Feb-1959 [a] L0-2 Heart of Midlothian (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 14/2/1959. Line-up as yet unsourced.
29. Sat-21-Feb-1959 [h] L0-2 Kilmarnock (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 21/2/1959. Ledgerwood, Muir, Thomson (L), Robertson, Collins, McGill, McKenzie, Anderson, Newman, Bell, Waugh.
Thomson grazed the bar from 40-yards but it was Kilmarnock who took a half-time lead when Ledgerwood (who had a fine save earlier) seemed easily beaten by a "feeble shot". Report only to h-t.
30. Sat-07-Mar-1959 [h] W1-0 Airdrieonians (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 7/3/1959. Ledgerwood, Muir, Thomson (R), Brown, Collins, McGill, Dougan, CUNNINGHAM, Keenan, Robertson, Thomson (L).
Ledgerwood was in action early on then Thistle got going. The Airdrie defence got into a tangle at a Thomson cross and Cunningham grabbed the only goal of the game. Airdrie hit back and Ledgerwood had a fine one-handed save. Report only to h-t.
31. Sat-14-Mar-1959 [h] D1-1 Aberdeen (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 14/3/1959. Fleck, Muir, Thomson (R), McIntyre, Kennedy, Brown, Anderson, Thomson (L), Keenan, Robertson, Fleming. Scorer as yet unsourced.
Both teams had chances. Thomson headed a Brown cross over the bar and Keenan shot a Fleming pass wide. Fleck had work to do at the other end but he was well beaten with the opener (43). Report only to h-t.
32. Fri-20-Mar-1959 [h] L1-4 Celtic (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 21/3/1959. ROBERTSON. Line-up as yet unsourced.
33. Mon-23-Mar-1959 [h] L1-2 St Mirren (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 24/3/1959. Line-up and scorer as yet unsourced.
34. Sat-28-Mar-1959 [h] L1-2 Dundee (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 28/3/1959. Freebairn, Collins, Thomson, Robertson, Crawford, McGill, Patton, BAIN, Keenan, Ferns, Anderson.
Keenan's shot was blocked and Bain scored from the resultant corner. Dundee hit back and applied the pressure. They hit the post and scored soon after for 1-1 at half-time. Report only to h-t.
35. Wed-01-Apr-1959 [a] W1-0 Clyde (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 2/4/1959. GOLDIE. Line-up as yet unsourced.
36. Sat-11-Apr-1959 [a] L3-4 Hibernian (Scottish Reserve League)
ET. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
37. Wed-15-Apr-1959 [h] W4-2 Falkirk (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 16/4/1959. KERR (2 - 1 pen), McPARLAND, ROBERTSON. Line-up as yet unsourced.
38. Wed-22-Apr-1959 [a] L1-5 Third Lanark (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 23/4/1959. GOLDIE. Line-up as yet unsourced.
39. Sat-25-Apr-1959 [h] W4-1 Dunfermline Athletic (Scottish Reserve League)
ET 25/4/1959. Fleck, Collins, Baird, Harvey, Crawford, Donlevy, MacKENZIE, Heatley, Kerr, SMITH, Ewing. Two games played on the same day.
Dunfermline flashed a shot across an empty goal in the first minute then Kerr and Smith brought out fine saves by their keeper. Smith and MacKenzie gave Thistle a 2-0 lead at half-time. Report only to h-t.
40. Sat-25-Apr-1959 [a] W3-0 Stirling Albion (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 27/4/1959. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced. Two games played on the same day.
41. Mon-27-Apr-1959 [a] L0-2 Rangers (Scottish Reserve League)
GH 29/4/1959. Line-up as yet unsourced.
42. Wed-29-Apr-1959 [n] D3-3 East of Scotland Junior XI (Bathgate Community Centre Fundraiser)
EEN 30/4/1959 Ledgerwood, Wilkinson Thomson (R), McIntyre, Davison, Kennedy, Anderson, Goldie, Thompson (L), McGILL (2), KEENAN.
1958-59 Reserves summary notes

P42 W12 D9 L21 (1.071 ppg)

Historical PT Reserves average: 1.462 ppg (@ 22-Aug-2023)
  • The points-per-game measurements (ppg) above are calculated on the same principle as the first-team's all games category, and are based on 1 point for a draw and 3 points for a win across all eras.
  • Final League Position: 13th of 18, 29/68 pts.

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PTFC Kit 1958-59

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