Partick Thistle Reserves Season 1910-11
PTFC Kit 1910-11
1910-11 (Reserves)
The 36th season of Partick Thistle F.C.
scorers in CAPS
1. Sat-03-Sep-1910 [h] L1-2 Rangers (Scottish 2nd XI Cup 1st Round)
SR 5/9/1910. GLENDINNING. Line-up as yet unsourced.
Glendinning opened the scoring with a fine shot but Rangers fought back only to find Thistle's defence too strong for them. The second half was keenly contested but Rangers had the upper hand and scored twice.
2. Sat-17-Sep-1910 [h] L0-2 Beith (Scottish Reserve League)
SR 19/9/1910. Campbell, Wilson, Stephen, Taylor, Glendinning, McLellan, Steel, Robertson, Lowry, Morgan, Thomson. Thistle's first ever SRL match.
Thistle had loads of the play but couldn't find the net. Beith were only dangerous in short spells. As the second half wore on Beith came much more into it as Thistle faded and two goals late on saw the points go to Ayrshire.
3. Sat-24-Sep-1910 [a] L2-3 Rangers (Scottish Reserve League)
SR 26/9/1910. Campbell, Dunsmore, Wilson, McLaren, Allan, Taylor, Steel, LOWRY, Glendinning, ROBERTSON, Thomson.
Thistle forced the pace and Robertson gave them an early lead. Despite the Rangers response, Lowry put them further ahead by half-time. Rangers reduced the lead then scored (86). Worse was to come with the winner (90).
4. Sat-01-Oct-1910 [a] L1-3 Beith (Scottish Reserve League)
SR 3/10/1910. LOWRY. Line-up as yet unsourced.
Lowry gave Thistle a quick lead (5) but it only served to make the home team double their efforts. They duly equalised following a corner. Thistle had a few good spells after half-time but Beith were certainly the better team and scored twice more.
5. Sat-15-Oct-1910 [a] W3-0 St Mirren (Scottish Reserve League)
SR 17/10/1910. Campbell, Simpson, Dunsmore, Bowie, Allan, Lusk, Steel, Robertson, LOWRY (pen), McLELLAN, Robertson (A). Third goal not credited in report.
The homesters had the best of the first half. Thistle seldom threatened. St Mirren played the second half with 10 men (No 10 injured). Campbell saved a penalty then Lowry scored with one. McLellan scored a second. The task was too much for the 10 men.
6. Sat-22-Oct-1910 [h] D1-1 Dundee (Scottish Reserve League)
SR 24/10/1910. McLELLAN. (Predicted) Howden, Simpson, Dunsmore, Bowie, Allan, McGregor, Steel, Glendinning, Lowry, McLellan, Robertson (A).
A clever goal by Dundee (5) put them 1-up. Shots rained in on the Dundee keeper. Fittingly McLellan (the best man on the park) scored with “a brilliant shot”. It could have gone either way in the second half but defences were too strong.
7. Sat-29-Oct-1910 [a] W1-0 Clyde (Scottish Reserve League)
SR 31/10/1910. LOWRY. Line-up as yet unsourced.
Howden “kept a very clever goal” to repel Clyde's attacks. Thistle were seen occasionally in attack but Clyde had the best of things until Robertson set up Lowry for the only goal. The second half saw the Thistle defence play really well to hold the lead.
8. Sat-05-Nov-1910 [h] W2-0 Aberdeen (Scottish Reserve League)
APJ 711/1910. Howden, Fletcher, Dunsmore, Taylor, McLaughlin, Bowie, Robertson, Blair, LOWRY (2), McLellan, Thomson.
Thistle started brightly but things evened out and it was 0-0 at half-time. Slowly they managed to get on top although the forwards were not that effective. Lowry finished off a Thomson cross and he scored at a corner just before the final whistle.
9. Sat-12-Nov-1910 [h] W3-1 Rangers (Scottish Reserve League)
SR 14/11/1910. Howden, Fletcher, Dunsmore, McLaughlin, Davidson, ?, Steel, ROBERTSON, LOWRY, McLellan, THOMSON.
Play swung from end to end throughout the match and Thistle were a little unfortunate to trail at half-time. The second half was keenly fought and Lowry equalised. “A splendid goal” by Thomson soon followed and Robertson secured the points late on.
10. Sat-26-Nov-1910 [h] W4-1 St Mirren (Scottish Reserve League)
GH & SC 28/11/1910. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced. The St Mirren keeper broke his ankle when he collided with a post.
11. Sat-03-Dec-1910 [a] D1-1 Dundee (Scottish Reserve League)
DC 5/12/1910. ROBERTSON. Line-up as yet unsourced.
There was nothing between the teams. Both keepers were on top form - particularly Howden. Robertson got Thistle's goal, knocking the ball out of the keeper's arms. A poor quality but equitable draw.
12. Sat-10-Dec-1910 [h] L1-2 Wishaw Thistle (Scottish Reserve League)
SR 10/12/1910 & Wishaw Press 16/12/10. THOMSON. Line-up as yet unsourced.
Thistle got off to a good start through Thomson but it soon became evident that the visitors were the better team. They soon equalised and only poor finishing denied them going ahead. The winner came after half-time, Thistle's attacks constantly beaten back.
13. Sat-17-Dec-1910 [a] L1-2 Wishaw Thistle (Scottish Reserve League)
SR 19/12/1910. Howden, Fletcher, McLaughlan, Barr, Allan, Bowie, Steel, Robertson, KING, McLellan, Thomson.
The scores were level at half-time, King having equalised. It was a tighter match that the previous meeting but the score was the same. Howden was beaten once in the second half when he parried his diving save only to have it tucked away.
14. Sat-24-Dec-1910 [h] W2-0 Clyde (Scottish Reserve League)
SR 26/12/1910. Howden, Fletcher, Dunsmore, Manuel, Davidson, Bowie, ALLAN (2), Robertson, Lowry, McLellan, Thomson.
The closest Thistle came in the first half was when Lowry hit the post. Allan opened the scoring then Clyde lost their No 5 to injury. Their keeper kept Thistle at bay until late on when Allan scored his second.
15. Sat-31-Dec-1910 [a] L0-7 Aberdeen (Scottish Reserve League)
APJ 2/1/1911. Howden, Fletcher, Dunsmore, Manuel, Davidson., McLaughlin, Lowry, Robertson, Allan, McLellan, Steele.
The rout started after a few minutes Howden going off injured attempting to save. He was immobile when he resumed for the second half. Fletcher went into goals. Adopting the “one back” ploy to catch Aberdeen off-side clearly didn't work. It was 5-0 at half-time.
16. Mon-02-Jan-1911 [a] L2-3 Falkirk (Scottish Reserve League)
FH 4/1/1911. LOWRY (2). Line-up as yet unsourced.
Lowry gave Thistle an early lead but it was 1-1 soon after. Hamilton had some fine saves as play swung in favour of Falkirk. Robertson went close then Lowry got his second. Two penalties put Falkirk ahead then Lowry hit the underside of the bar.
17. Tue-03-Jan-1911 [a] L0-2 Heart of Midlothian (Scottish Reserve League)
SC 4/1/1911. Line-up as yet unsourced.
The Hearts had matters almost all their own way from start to finish and simply toyed with their opponents whose only redeeming feature was their capital defence”.
18. Sat-07-Jan-1911 [a] L1-5 Queen's Park (Glasgow 2nd XI Cup Semi Final)
SR 9/1/1911. Hamilton, Fletcher, Drummond, Lamont, Davidson, Bowie, Robertson, "Jamieson", Allan, McLellan, BRANSCOMBE. Quarter Final bye.
The Queen's keeper had nothing much to do. Thistle's shooting was from distance and wayward but Branscombe scored against the run of play. The second half saw Hamilton save a pen but it was a temporary reprieve. Queens rattled in five.
19. Sat-25-Feb-1911 [a] L0-1 Renton (Friendly)
SR 27/2/1911. Howden, Fletcher, Dunsmore, Bowie, Davidson, Manuel, Steel, Robertson, Ellie, McLELLAN, Fairlie.
Thistle gave “a clever display” - but it didn't win the game. Renton missed a first half penalty and they got their winner on 65 mins. Renton were good value for their narrow win.
20. Sat-04-Mar-1911 [h] W3-0 Third Lanark (Friendly)
SR 26/3/1911. BRANSCOMBE(2), ROBERTSON. Line-up as yet unsourced.
Thirds had the early pressure but Thistle took over and offside denied them the first goal. Branscombe did however give them a half-time lead beating the keeper all ends up. Play after half-time was more even but Branscombe and Robertson scored for 3-0.
21. Sat-18-Mar-1911 [a] D0-0 Queen's Park (Scottish Reserve League)
SR 20/3/1911. Howden, McKenzie, Dunsmore, Manuel, McLaughlin, McLellan, Thomson, Robertson, Allan, Fairlie, Branscombe.
Queens had a lot of the early chances but their shooting was poor and Howden was seldom concerned. In contrast Thistle were seldom seen in attack until the second half with the wind but their shooting was also poor. Little wonder it was 0-0.
22. Sat-01-Apr-1911 [a] D1-1 Dykehead (Friendly)
GH 3/4/1911. Line-up and scorer as yet unsourced.
23. Sat-08-Apr-1911 [a] W1-0 Lanemark (Friendly)
SR 10/4/1911. LOWRY. Line-up as yet unsourced.
This friendly (probably arranged as part of the transfer deal for Steel and Dunsmore the previous season) was a tight affair in front of a good crowd. A header from a corner by Lowry (3) proved to be the only goal.
24. Sat-15-Apr-1911 [a] D2-2 King's Park (Friendly)
GH 17/4/1911. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
25. Mon-17-Apr-1911 [h] L0-3 Heart of Midlothian (Scottish Reserve League)
SC 18/4/1911. Howden, Fletcher, Dunsmore, Davidson, Allan, McLellan, Steel, Johnstone, Travers, Bain, Keenlyside.
After a spell of fruitless activity around the Hearts goal a “grand shot” put Hearts 1-up (20). Two minutes later it was 2-0 then a Fletcher og soon after made it 3. Hearts lost a defender to injury after half-time and although Thistle improved they couldn't score.
26. Sat-22-Apr-1911 [h] W3-0 Falkirk (Scottish Reserve League)
FH 26/4/1911. Hamilton, Fletcher, Dunsmore, McLachlan, Davidson, McDonald, BRANSCOMBE (2), Robertson (A), Travers, Robertson (J), KEENLYSIDE.
The match was nicely balanced, Thistle's wingers and Falkirk's full-backs were in good form. The loss of their No 2 injured swung the game in Thistle's favour in the second half and goals by Branscombe (2) and Keenleyside won the points.
1910-11 Reserves summary notes

P26 W9 D5 L12 (1.231 ppg)

Historical PT Reserves average: 1.462 ppg (@ 22-Aug-2023)
  • The points-per-game measurements (ppg) above are calculated on the same principle as the first-team's all games category, and are based on 1 point for a draw and 3 points for a win across all eras.
  • Final League Position: 6th of 11, 18/40 pts. To the best of our knowledge, Queen's Park [h] was not played, and Thistle played 19 of 20.

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PTFC Kit 1910-11

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