Partick Thistle Reserves Season 1888-89
PTFC Kit 1888-89
1888-89 (Reserves)
The fourteenth season of Partick Thistle F.C.
scorers in CAPS
1. Sat-11-Aug-1888 [a] W4-3 Helensburgh Victoria (Friendly)
GH 13/8/1888. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
2. Sat-18-Aug-1888 [h] W7-0 Cowlairs (Friendly)
GH 20/8/1888. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
As the score suggests Thistle had the best of things throughout. They led 2-0 at half-time and the second half performance was emphatic.
3. Sat-25-Aug-1888 [h] W4-0 Cambuslang (Friendly)
GH 27/8/1888. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
4. Sat-01-Sep-1888 [a] L2-4 Alloa Rangers (Friendly)
NBDM 3/9/1888. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
5. Sat-08-Sep-1888 [h] L2-3 Maryhill (Scottish 2nd XI Cup 1st Round)
GH 10/9/1888. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
6. Sat-22-Sep-1888 [a] W4-1 Alloa United (Friendly)
AJ 29/8/1888. Urquhart, Leckie, McGagam (?), Rankin, Hill, Wright, McKay, Meldrum, Wood, McFarlane, Gunn. Scorers as yet unsourced.
It was 1-1 at half-time. The second half saw the Thistle defence under pressure but Urquhart was in fine form. In contrast the home keeper (their regular keeper failed to turn up) had a poor game and “scarcely kept a shot out” and Thistle went on to score three more.
7. Sat-29-Sep-1888 [h] W4-1 Glasgow Thistle (Friendly)
GEP 29/9/1888. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
8. Sat-06-Oct-1888 [h] W7-0 Third Lanark (Friendly)
GH 8/10/1888. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
Thistle had Thirds on the back foot from the start and their defence was no match for the forwards. It was 6-0 at half-time. The second half was (understandably?) an anti-climax.
9. Sat-13-Oct-1888 [a] W2-1 Rangers (Friendly)
EC 13/10/1888. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
10. Sat-13-Oct-1888 [a] L2-4 Ardrossan Ensign (Friendly)
ASH 19/10/1888. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced. Thistle reported as "Partick Thistle Strollers".
Thistle booked the wind in the first half and led 1-0 at half-time but in the second they were hemmed in by the local team, conceded four and scored once.
11. Sat-27-Oct-1888 [a] L1-3 Vale of Leven (Friendly)
GH 29/10/1888. Line-up and scorer as yet unsourced.
Thistle took a 16-minute lead but Vale levelled before half-time. They had more to offer in the second half and ran out comfortable winners.
12. Sat-15-Dec-1888 [a] L1-2 Cowlairs (Friendly)
GEP 15/12/1888. Urquhart, Flannelly, Mathie, Hill, ?, Rankin, Lawrie, Bennett, Anderson, MacFarlane, Dougall. Scorers as yet unsourced.
The teams were evenly matched, each enjoying spells of pressure in turn. Cowlairs took a 1-0 half-time lead. Report only to half-time.
13. Sat-22-Dec-1888 [h] D2-2 Albion Rovers (Friendly)
CE 26/12/1888. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
14. Sat-05-Jan-1889 [a] L0-3 Vale of Leven Rovers (Friendly)
NBDM. 7/1/1889. Line-up as yet unsourced.
15. Sat-12-Jan-1889 [h] L1-2 Northern (Friendly)
GEP 12/1/1889. Line-up and scorer as yet unsourced.
16. Sat-02-Feb-1889 [h] W6-3 Albion Rovers (Friendly)
CE 6/2/ & LUWE 9/2/1889. Rovers arrived at Govan to play Elder Park who were nowhere to be seen. On the way home they "dropped in" at Inchview and played Thistle Swifts instead! Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
This high-scoring match was sitting at 3-3 at half-time. Then the elements aided Thistle. The second half was played with a snowstorm blowing in Rovers' faces and they conceded another three goals.
17. Sat-09-Feb-1889 [a] L2-3 Kirkintilloch Rob Roy (Kirkintilloch Sick Poor Fund Benefit)
KRH 13/2/1889. IRVINE, HULL. Line-up as yet unsourced. In aid of Kirkintilloch Sick Poor Fund.
With the wind at their backs, Thistle got off their marks quickly through Irvine - the only goal of the half. Rob Roy equalised then an og put them ahead. Thistle rallied but it was soon 3-1 then Hull scored near the end.
18. Sat-16-Feb-1889 [h] D4-4 Abercorn (Friendly)
GH 18/2/1889. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
19. Sat-16-Mar-1889 [h] D2-2 Renton (Friendly)
LNH 23/3/1889. MORGAN (2). Line-up as yet unsourced.
Renton took an early lead and seemed to have scored again but the goal was disallowed. Morgan levelled the scores just after half-time and he scored again as did Renton for an evenly matched draw.
20. Sat-30-Mar-1889 [h] W8-1 Alloa United (Friendly)
GH 1/4/1889. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
21. Sat-06-Apr-1889 [a] L0-2 Maryhill (Friendly)
GH 8/4/1889. Line-up as yet unsourced.
22. Sat-13-Apr-1889 [a] W4-2 Dalmuir Thistle (Friendly)
GH 15/4/1889. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
23. Sat-20-Apr-1889 [a] L1-5 Limavady (Friendly)
GEP 19/4/1889. (Predicted) Urquhart, Raeside, Lyons, Flannelly, Hill, Crawford, Rankin, McFarlane, Clark, Woods, MacKay. Confirmed line-up and scorer as yet unsourced.
24. Sat-04-May-1889 [a] W2-1 Old Kilpatrick (Friendly)
NBDM 6/5/1889. Line-up and scorers as yet unsourced.
25. Sat-18-May-1889 [h] D3-3 Renton (Kilsyth Charity Cup 1st Round)
DH 22/5/1889. RAESIDE, BENNETT (2). Line-up as yet unsourced. No information about replay nor subsequent participation found. Either or both teams may have scratched.
Renton took the lead but No 2 Raeside showed the poor forwards how to do it by equalising - only for Renton to lead 2-1 at half-time. Thistle were unlucky in attack at times and Renton went further ahead before Bennett scored twice for 3-3.
1888-89 Reserves summary notes

P25 W11 D4 L10 (1.48 ppg)

Historical PT Reserves average: 1.462 ppg (@ 22-Aug-2023)
  • The points-per-game measurements (ppg) above are calculated on the same principle as the first-team's all games category, and are based on 1 point for a draw and 3 points for a win across all eras.

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PTFC Kit 1888-89

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