Partick Thistle 1881-82
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PTFC Kit 1881-82
The seventh season of Partick Thistle F.C.
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1. Sat-03-Sep-1881 [a] (?-?) W2-1 Jamestown (Friendly)
2. Sat-10-Sep-1881 [a] (2-0) W3-1 Mavisbank (Scottish Cup 1st Round)
3. Sat-17-Sep-1881 [a] (0-2) L1-6 Clyde (Friendly)
Sat-01-Oct-1881 [h] (?-?) V3-1 Pilgrims (Scottish Cup 2nd Round - voided game)
4. Sat-08-Oct-1881 [h] (?-?) W3-0 2nd Queen's Park (Friendly)
5. Thu-13-Oct-1881 [h] (?-?) W12-1 Strathmore (Friendly)
6. Sat-15-Oct-1881 [h] (?-?) W7-1 Pilgrims (Scottish Cup 2nd Round)
7. Thu-20-Oct-1881 [a] (3-1) W4-1 Strathmore (Friendly)
8. Sat-22-Oct-1881 [a] (?-?) D2-2 Petershill FC (Scottish Cup 3rd Round)
Sat-29-Oct-1881 [h] (2-0) V2-0 Petershill FC (Scottish Cup 3rd Round replay - voided game)
9. Sat-05-Nov-1881 [h] (1-2) W3-2 Petershill FC (Scottish Cup 3rd Round replay) aet
10. Sat-12-Nov-1881 [a] (1-0) W1-0 Glasgow Thistle (Scottish Cup 4th Round)
11. Sat-19-Nov-1881 [h] (1-0) W3-0 Mavisbank (Friendly)
12. Sat-26-Nov-1881 [a] (0-4) D4-4 Blackburn Olympic (Friendly)
13. Sat-03-Dec-1881 [a] (0-6) L0-10 Queen's Park (Scottish Cup 5th Round)
14. Sat-31-Dec-1881 [h] (?-?) W2-1 Glasgow Thistle (Friendly)
15. Mon-02-Jan-1882 [a] (1-1) W5-1 Strathmore (Friendly)
16. Tue-03-Jan-1882 [a] (1-0) W4-1 Angus (Friendly)
17. Sat-21-Jan-1882 [h] (2-1) W5-2 Partick (Friendly)
18. Sat-28-Jan-1882 [h] (5-0) W10-0 Britannia (Yoker Cup Semi Final)
19. Sat-11-Feb-1882 [h] (4-0) W10-0 King's Park (Friendly)
20. Sat-18-Feb-1882 [a] (2-1) W3-1 Partick (Friendly)
21. Sat-04-Mar-1882 [h] (0-0) W2-0 Cowlairs (Friendly)
22. Sat-11-Mar-1882 [a] (1-0) W5-0 Yoker (Yoker Cup Final)
23. Sat-18-Mar-1882 [h] (0-1) W5-1 Vale of Teith (Friendly)
24. Sat-25-Mar-1882 [a] (3-0) W4-1 Middlesbrough (Friendly)
25. Thu-06-Apr-1882 [a] (1-2) L2-5 St Bernard's (Friendly)
26. Sat-08-Apr-1882 [h] (2-0) W3-0 Clarkston (Friendly)
27. Thu-13-Apr-1882 [h] (2-2) W4-2 Dundee Select (Friendly)
28. Sat-15-Apr-1882 [h] (?-?) W8-3 Kilmarnock (Friendly)
29. Sat-22-Apr-1882 [h] (?-?) W6-0 Clyde (Friendly)
30. Sat-29-Apr-1882 [a] (0-1) L0-1 Vale of Leven (Friendly)
31. Sat-06-May-1882 [h] (?-?) D2-2 Cartvale (Friendly)
32. Sat-13-May-1882 [a] (?-?) W3-2 Partick (Friendly)
33. Wed-24-May-1882 [h] (?-?) W1-0 Partick (Friendly)
note: abandoned (A) or voided (V) competition matches are listed on the Archive for posterity, but the stats are excluded from all streaks, tallies & milestones. The full list of 33 excluded matches can be seen here.
1881-82 summary

P33 W26 D3 L4 (2.455 ppg)

Historical PT average: 1.409 ppg (@ 14-Jun-2024)
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PTFC Kit 1881-82

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