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Since we launched The Thistle Archive in September, 2020, we've increased the number of live pages from 6,834 to 7,869. We have around 6,000 new pages in store, and roughly about the same number which need editing in support of these, one of the main ideas being that we'd like to deeply interlink the site for the best user experience.

The main bulk of the pre-prepared pages requiring upload are detailed here →, and we're looking for Jags fans (or any other fans for that matter!) to join our team and help with this labour of love. No previous experience is necessary, and clear, easy-to-follow instructions will be given. An ability to concentrate would be a helpful trait, as these are repetitive and somewhat boring tasks in themselves. Also, you need to have Microsoft Excel (or something which can open Microsoft Excel) on your computer.

Boring the upload tasks may be, but the end results will be satisfying. So, if you love the Thistle and you've got an interest in preserving the club's history then please do get in touch → and help us to build an Archive for all of Jagskind to use and enjoy.

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pin.png07-Jun-2021 update.png Freddy Frans (video chat with the Jagscast, Euros '21 Special)
pin.png05-Jun-2021 media-report.png Following on from the publication of our Thistle managers section in May, the Thistle Archive is now very pleased to present the companion section - the Opposition Managers, with almost 700 new pages having been created. We examine every opposition manager/caretaker that Thistle have faced from 1903-04 onwards, with results summmaries, every game managed and an overall comparison table. For added interest, a matrix of Thistle managers at the time is included within each of the match lists. Attentive users will note that every match hub (accessed via the result as usual) is hyperlinked. This is a statement of intent; we are now committed in the very near future to uploading at least a stub page for every single match in the club's history. At the time of writing, the links for matches between 1924-25 to 2012-13 are not populated, so bear with us and we'll get to them during this close season.
pin.png04-Jun-2021 media-report.png Another 1,000 match hubs (1903-1924) have just been re-upped in the last couple of days, again bringing all ages, stats, and photos up to date. That's now nearly 2,000 hubs re-upped lately, accommodating almost 3,000 individual team-sheet slots which have been filled in with player ages for the first time, and hundreds more slots which now benefit from newly found player images. Also for the first time, this latest batch of match hubs includes the Thistle manager and the opposition manager in the line-ups section.
17-Jun-2021 update.png Ian Cameron [ii] (first-time photo added to profile)
17-Jun-2021 update.png John Connelly (first-time photo added to profile)
17-Jun-2021 update.png Hope Robertson (first-time sketch added to profile)
17-Jun-2021 update.png James Docherty (first-time photo added to profile, thanks to Andy Boyd)
16-Jun-2021 update.png James Docherty (renamed from 'James Doherty', with birth & death details now added, thanks to Andy Boyd)
16-Jun-2021 update.png Thistle's player connections with Oxford United (now incorporating Headington United)
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During this close-season, we keep an eye on the build-up for 2021-22…
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n.b. squad numbers subject to change

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As well as the past, we're very much about the present and future… season 2021/22 →

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